A/N: Well, this is a bit of a change of pace for me. It's NOT Amanda and Simon, and Richard is actually a human being. Oh my heavens, I know! Enjoy!

Set: Post season 1.


Richard had to sell his BMW after Caitlin left him. He couldn't be in the expensive German car without thinking of her – catching sporadic whiffs of her perfume, remembering kisses shared and brief but perfect touches; remembering always parking a block away from MDA so they wouldn't be discovered before they were ready to be, and even sometimes finding pens she'd dropped, or little notes she'd left him. Once he'd leant against the side and remembered her doing the same before being pinned against it by his body. He couldn't cope. He couldn't deal with those memories on a daily basis.

Yes, big, bad, heartless Richard Savage, Plaintiff's Solicitor extraordinaire, was almost physically injured by the memory of his ex-lover in his car, and had to try every method possible to replace her.

The truth was, he would never replace her. She would be followed by a long line of non-descript blonde women in various attempts to better her, perhaps even hurt her, but it never worked. He missed her. He missed her critiquing his art collection, his case notes, sitting on his pristine marble counter while he cooked dinner, but most of all sitting beside him while he drove, chattering away, teasing him about his driving and every now and then lightly touching him, kissing him before she got out of the car. He even missed how he would invariably spend the day waiting to see her again.

Now he sits in his new silver Mercedes Benz. It smells of nothing but leather and newness; it's history free, memory free, and best of all, Caitlin free. Because of this, Richard thinks maybe now he'll be able to move on with his life.