Uh hey guys. Been reading lots of Danny Fanfics lately and finally got up the guts to submit my own. I don't own Danny Phantom or any other items described by name in this story. Yada yada and so on...so yeah...ENJOY! Oh and please tell me about any mistakes I've made.

"I bet he's gay."

"Who?" The blond jock asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Danny of course." The shallow Latina replied, filing her nails.


"Yes." She said uninterested in her own topic of conversation.

"What makes you think that?" Asks the Asian jock.

Paulina does not stop from observing her nails for any faults. " I saw him and this white haired guy holding hands at the park. Danny didn't seem to mind and I can't blame him, the guy was hot."

"White haired guy?" Dash repeats dumbly.

" Were they alone?" Kwan asks between sips from his soda.

"Yeah. " She paused, "At least I think so. The computer geek and the goth chick were nowhere in sight".

"That doesn't mean he's gay." Retorted Kwan picking up his double cheeseburger and taking a large bite. "They could just be really good friends. Right Dash?"

Dash didn't respond. He was too busy thinking about the possibility of his human punching bag being interested in the same sex. Could Danny really be gay. Why is the thought making my heart race? He isn't...is he? I would know if he was...wouldn't I?It's not possible. I would know. I mean, come on I've been watching the kid since freshmen year. How could I not know if he was g-gay?


"Um? What?"

"I was just saying that they could just be really good friends. Like we were in elementary school. We used to hold hands all the time back then too, remember?"

"Yeah but we were kids and you got lost easily. Fenton is a teenager, practically an adult, he shouldn't be doing things like this at his age. At least not with boys."

"Maybe geeks age differently." Paulina added.

" I guess they could mature slower."

"...I didn't get lost easily..."

"Yes you did."

Danny let the warm shower water run down his body a bit more before he shut it off and reached for a towel. The towel acted like a thermos as he wrapped it around his body, keeping the heat in and the cold out if only for a moment. After the heat had faded Danny wrapped the towel around his waist and made his way to his bedroom.

Dressed and mostly dry, he sat at his desk, logged onto his computer and checked for any messages in his in-box. A 'You Got Mail' icon blinked on the screen.

Hey D,

Need a ride? I'm at the Winchell's down the street. Be there by 7:45 and you've got one.

Hurry Ok?

Danny looked down at his watch. Shit! 7:42! Being car-less sucked big time. His parent's refused to get him a car, even a used one, for his sixteenth birthday claiming that since the human brain wasn't fully mature until the age of 25 he shouldn't have a car until then. Danny turned off the computer, grabbed his backpack, and put it on as he ran down the stairs and out the door as if his life depended on it. And he didn't stop running until he had reached the Winchell's and could see Warren sitting on his motorcycle with a doughnut in hand.

Warren Reed. Eighteen years old. White hair (originally a brownish color if you look at his roots), hazel eyes, tan skin, and a strong build. Rides a midnight blue Harley-Davidson 1200 Low. He also happens to be Vlad's nephew. Yeah Ouch. Danny met him when Warren became an intern for Vlad to earn some extra cash (cue the $9,899 motorcycle) and visited during Christmas break a year earlier. He and Danny ended up hitting it off and still kept in contact.

"Let's go." Danny said between pants, his hands on his knees.

"Hm, I don't know D" Warren looked at his wrist watch ,"it's 7:46 and you know how precise I am"The older boy smirked.

The younger boy looked at him in frustration ,"Ren."

The smirk spread. "I don't even get a 'hi' or a 'how's it going Ren?'or anything?" The boy feigned disappointment.

Danny rolled his eyes and stood on his tip toes before planting a soft kiss on the other's cheek. A gesture he had long since gotten used to due to the other boy's constant need for physical contact. Warren wasn't gay, just clingy. At least that's what his current girlfriend claimed. "Can we get going now?"

"Sure"The older boy said planting a kiss on the raven's head before handing him the chocolate glazed doughnut which Danny took gratefully. "Hold on" Warren commanded when they were both on the bike. Danny did as told and they were off with a low zoom.

"Where to my liege?" The older boy asked jokingly.

"To Casper High, home of friendly ghosts, not so friendly populars and a totally peeved jock!"



Several minutes later they arrived at their destination. Danny got off the bike and tried to leave Warren with a quick "Thanks. Call you later." and a one armed hug. The other boy wasn't having it and pecked Danny on the cheek completely unaware of a certain blonde jock watching from his place against the wall. Danny groaned in disapproval and turned to see if anyone had seen him. Great it's Dash. Not gonna live this one down. He turned back to the pecker with a peeved expression and growled a "Gee thanks." Which the oblivious older boy replied to with a joking"Anytime, Babe." Clearly not having seen the blonde, he pulled away and rode off. Danny waited until he could no longer hear the zoom of the bike's engine before he started up the steps that led to his doom.

"You are aware that Dash is in love with Danny right?" Questioned the pink clad Latina from where she sat leaning back on a lunch table.

"Yeah. Kinda figured it out when he refused to let anyone else pick on him and beat up anyone who did." Responded Kwan. "Besides what was the point in telling Dash about Danny and that other guy? Won't that just make it worse on the geek?"

Paulina sighed sitting herself upright. "Dash needs to know that he has competition out there. He can't just keep deluding himself forever. He seriously believes that the only reason he always seeks Danny out is to beat the crap out of him. I mean come on, anyone with eyes can see he has the hots for the kid. Whether or not they choose to ignore it is a completely different thing all together."

The Asian boy sat down next to her "I guess but are you even sure that the other guy is interested in Danny? They could really just be friends you know. Plus even if they aren't it's not like there's dozens of guys with the hots for Danny so he isn't likely to get snatched by another guy anytime soon."

"You guys are seriously blind sometimes," she rolled her eyes,"Believe it or not Danny is pretty popular around the popular groups. Both boys and girls."

"What are you talking about?"

"Look Danny's no dog, hell, given the proper make over he could be really hot. He's already a lot better looking than he was freshman year. Any guy who's seen him in the locker room can testify to that because they've probably already thought of boning him."

"But then why hasn't anyone tried to take him yet?"

"Do you know how hard it was to make it look like he and that goth chick were dating?" Paulina said shaking her head. "That got rid of the nice ones. Dash's over-protectiveness towards his 'punching bag' got rid of the rest. For now that is."

"What if Danny doesn't like Dash back? I mean he has been beating the crap out of him since freshman year. Then what?"

"But he DOES like Dash. Even if he doesn't know it yet. Why else would he keep quiet about the beatings?"

"So what now?"

"Now, we play the waiting game."

Me: "Ok so there you go, the first chapter. Any questions?"

Paulina: "How will Dash react to seeing Danny and Warren's kiss?"

Dash: "What are Paulina and Kwan planning?" (Well that one's pretty obvious:))

Kwan: "Does Warren like Danny as more than just a 'friend'?"

Danny: "Will Danny ever be violated?"

Warren: "Do you want to be violated?"

Danny: "..No."