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"Ah!" I was screaming as I flew through the air, hurtled against a wall, and slid to the floor. I shook my head and looked up to see Ben and Michael fighting Kevin. I reached my hand up and wiped away the small trail of blood that was coming from my forehead. I blinked away the fuzziness just in time to put up a tentacle to catch Ben in Heatblast form.

"Thanks!" Ben called before hopping to the ground and creating another flaming rock to fly on so he could get back into the fight.

"No problem." I said getting back up and throwing waves of Manna toward Kevin. I cringed every time he was hit and let out a growl or hiss of pain, I hated to see him suffer, but there was no way to help him unless he was worn down. When my manna was about to hit him he snapped his head in my direction and gave me a spin chilling smile before swatting Michael away like a fly.

"Hello Gwen, nice of you to give me snack." He said as the manna hit him and he absorbed it. My eyes widened in shock before I brought out my spell book looking for something that would have an affect on him, but I had to be honest with myself, I couldn't do anything.

Before I could do anything Michael appeared behind him throwing his dark energy at him, I could hear Kevin snicker before spinning around and cracking the ground and making a dark hole where Michael was running. My eyes widened as I quickly put a platform beneath him, Michael was the only person that could cure Kevin.

"How are we exactly planning on stopping him?" Michael hissed angrily as I pulled him over and Ben came up using him flamethrower all over Kevin before turning into Humongosaur and slamming him into the pavement. I flinched but turned to Michael with a grave expression.

"I have an idea; I have a spell that could possibly stop him, but only for a short amount of time." I said watching as Kevin threw Ben off and he started to run at Michael and me. "Keep him busy." I said pushing Michael away and running into the abandoned building so I could look through my book and find the right spell.

I let out a sigh and began to leaf through the worn pages. I jumped when there was a huge explosion from outside that made the windows shatter and send shards of glass all over. I put up a shield to block most of the shards but a few got through. I hissed in pain as I pulled out a small shard from my arm. I bit my lip and threw the glass away and found a spell that might help.

"Hiatious plorioum winliod." I closed my eyes and focused on Kevin. From outside I heard large gusts of wind begin to pick up and I felt the building shake when something hit into the wall. "Sorry Kevin." I whispered looking for the original spell. I gasped as Kevin went flying through the wall and landed a few yards away from me with Ultimate Swampfire close on his heels.

"Gwen, we need your help." Ben coughed as Kevin sliced off one of his arms before it grew back.

"Working on it, now go get Michael!" I called memorizing the selected spell.

"What about you?" He asked as Kevin got up and punched him into a nearby wall.

"I will take care of myself!" I yelled throwing manna at the ceiling above Kevin's head. I smiled when the cement started to fall onto him, slowly at first but gradually faster. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Ben run out of the building to find Michael.

"Gwen, stop fighting, you know you can't win." Kevin laughed mercilessly as he burst out from under the rubble and ran up to me. I put up a shield but Kevin smashed through it as if it were nothing. I gasped when Kevin wrapped a claw around my waist and sent a wave of electricity through my body. I could feel it all over, my toes, fingers, hair, and even my teeth.

"Kevin." I whispered as I fought the urge to scream.

"This is your fault, if you hadn't come than you would be fine. I've been trying to stay away, but your energy is to delectable to resist." He said softly as he gave a distorted bark of a laugh.

"I'm not giving up on you." I breathed as Kevin threw me to the floor like nothing.

"Than you are a fool." He hissed making his Diamondhead arm into a sharp point and placing it right above my heart. "This is your reward for loving me." He said pulling his arm up about to plunge it through my heart. There was a loud explosion as one of the nearby walls was blown out and Michael and Ben came in.

"Kevin, stop! That's Gwen!" He yelled as he turned into Loadstar and brought pieces of metal flying toward Kevin. It was enough of a distraction for me to roll out of the way and get to my feet before Kevin could skewer me to the floor. I quickly ran to Michael as Ben fought Kevin.

"This is it. I will stun Kevin long enough for you to get to him. This is our only shot." I said pleadingly. Michael nodded.

"Alright Gwendolyn, do what you have to." I nodded and I quickly mumbled a stunning spell under my breath and hoped it would at least have some affect on him. When I opened my eyes I saw Kevin still moving and my stomach dropped. It wasn't working. I quickly whispered the spell again as Kevin shot Ben with radiation and shot Michael with electricity. He glared at me and quickly ran over to me. I jumped back as he slammed a fist into the ground right next to me, but when I jumped back I ran into the wall. I squeezed my eyes shut waiting for the next hit, but it didn't come. I opened one eye and came face to face with a stunned Kevin. I let out a sigh and quickly side stepped away from him.

"I can't…move!" He roared in a primal voice.

"Michael, now!" I yelled as Michael ran over and jumped onto Kevin back and placed his hands on both sides of Kevin's head. I watched as I saw Michael begin to absorb Kevin's excess energy, it was golden, like a pure light. Kevin screamed as Michael continued absorb, I could hear his evil laugh echoing through his helmet. I flinched as Kevin roared in pain and agony but I began to smile slightly as I saw Kevin's form begin to waver and shrink. Yes, it was working.

"What's happening?" Ben asked as he turned back into himself.

"It's working; Michael is taking away his excess energy." I said giddily as I watched Kevin's arms shrink and his skin become peachier like normal. I saw as Kevin's mismatched eyes closed and he fell to the floor. I ran over when Kevin's mutation was fully gone and Michael had tumbled off, he was high on the power he had just received from Kevin. I quickly fell to the ground next to him and rolled him over lightly so his head was on my lap. I felt tears of joy enter my eyes when I saw Kevin's face, it was normal, human. I softly caressed his face as Ben came running up.

"Did it work?"

"Yeah, it worked." I said as I felt Kevin's pulse, it was a steady and normal rate. I looked over to Michael as I saw him take off his helmet and reveal his normal face, not shriveled and dead, but smooth and alive. I looked back down at Kevin when I heard a soft moan escape his lips. "Kevin?" I whispered softly as I brushed black bangs from his eyes. His eyes lightly fluttered open and focused up on my face. I smiled when I saw they were their normal dark chocolate color.

"Gwen?" He whispered hoarsely. I quickly nodded and felt my tears stream down my cheeks.

"Hey." I whispered as Kevin slowly sat up. I kept my hands on his shoulders because I could tell he was very weak. Kevin blinked wildly and looked around with wide eyes.

"Oh god." He whispered looking at Ben and then at me.

"It's alright." I whispered into his ear as I wrapped my arms securely around his shoulders. "You're safe." I felt him nod slightly as he placed a hand on my hands.

"Hey man, nice to have you back." Ben said with a smirk.

"Nice to be back." He said rubbing his head. When Ben looked over his shoulder to find Michael he was gone.


"Leave him." I said. "He got what he wanted; let's leave him alone for now." I said pulling Kevin to his feet.

"I am so sor-"

"No." I said placing a hand on his cheek. "It's alright, you weren't yourself, and you don't need to apologize."

"But I hurt you." He whispered.

"And I hurt you, we are even." I said pulling his face to mine. I felt Kevin relax and slowly wrap his arms around my waist as I wrapped my arms around his neck. Our lips relished the sensation of the kiss, it was like the long lost sensation of parched man finding drinking water. It was as if Kevin had been gone for longer than a few weeks, the kiss was amazing. We really didn't want to part but we had to. We both slowly pulled away and smiled. "Good to have you back." I joked.

"Come on man; let's get you to the car." Ben said slinging an arm around his shoulder and I did the same. We slowly made our way out of the destroyed building and toward the car as the sun slowly began to rise on a new day. Each of us was feeling emotions of happiness and fulfillment, we had won and our family was back together. As the sun rose on a new day it brought new possibilities for the future along with it.

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