Ok before you read this story there a few things you shold know

It contains Twilight and House Of Night charaters

Bella Has over throwen the voltui and is now the vampire queen.

Alice is her assident and was crowned a queen too.

Lissa became morri queen after Tatiana was killed at set rose free

Rose Became Queen of the dhampers

Zoey became queen of the blue vampires

Steavie Rae Became Queen of the red vampires

Rose and Dimitri had a girl called Remeteia

Lissa and Christan had a girl called Clarissa

Bella and Edward do have Renesmee

Alice and Jasper have a girl called Jalice

Zoey and Stark have a girl called Zamberthf

Steavie Rae and Dallaice have a girl called Stellalooner

The girls are all 12 and are Very close friends

All the girls are princesses

Remeteia and Renesmee are best Friends

Clarissa and Zamberthf are best friends

Jalice and Stellalooner are best friends

Well that about it. Sorry for this boring intro but its nessary

I hope You guys like it.

And I promise to update at least once a day if not more.