WARNING! Crackfic ahead. XD Inspired by the picture of Riza and Winry grabbing for the bouquet... I wish I could post links, sorry. =/
Roy, Riza, Ed, Winry and Al have all come to a military officer's wedding party. It's pretty unexciting until the bouquet is thrown...then? Chaos.

"They're good together."

"Yeah. I guess."

Edward and Roy mulled around, sipping their glasses and taking small bites of the food that had been provided; Ed the spaghetti and Roy the Salisbury steak. Winry and Riza also wandered, though keeping less to themselves than the boys. Al arrived late, and the extent of his 'dressing up' was some long bowtie that had an extra piece of string attached to allow room to tie it. Edward and Roy were envious; They were stuck in tuxedoes all day. However, when Al asked if the food was good, they both shoved their jealousy down their throat with the wine.

Eventually, the girls joined back up with their 'dates', chided them on lack of social skills(Riza's involved a long, drawn out explanation of politics that Roy tuned out to balance a spoon on his nose, Winry's involved a wrench) and shifted feet carelessly along with them. It was incredibly boring, waiting for the garter and bouquet throws. Eventually, the bride decided to cancel the garter toss, because all the single men there were ether a suit of armor, or too stubborn to stand up and try.

But god, when the bouquet was held up, a rush of women went after it. In the panic, Riza and Winry knocked the boy's food all over Roy's best tuxedo. Ed laughed and pointed, and his hair caught fire mysteriously. They were both quickly distracted, though, by the girl fight going on a few feet away. An all out boxing match had begun, hair pulling and all the other illegal moves thrown in. Roy nearly shouted 'VICTORY!" when Riza was the only one standing, and Ed felt forced to when Winry rose from the pile of black-eyed women to face her. Then the bouquet was actually tossed.

Riza yanked at Winry's skirt, tugging her backwards. Winry stamped on Riza's heels, forcing her to fall over and lose her shrug. Consequentially, Riza took Winry's hair with her, which resulted in them both falling directly under the bouquet. They reached toward it, gasping.

Two inches away…..One inch…Half an inch….An eighth…


Rebecca, clutching the lily bouquet with both hands, pulled Jean Havoc from the crowd and kissed him full-on the lips. Riza helped Winry up, the both of them dusting their dresses. They walked back to their dates.

"That was fun, huh?" Riza said with a smile.

"Yeah. Tons of fun!" Winry replied.

Roy and Ed simply stared, covered in food and burnt hair. Then an echoing, metallic voice broke the silence, accompanied by a meow.

"BROTHER! Can we get a cat….?"