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"Well, I guess this is it..." Lotso sighed before he and the other toys gazed over at the family in the dining room having their farewell brunch.

Today was the day Ruby and her family would go back to New York, meaning the toys only had a few moments with their new friends.

"It sure is, hon," Bo agreed with a hint of sadness in her soft voice.

"Oh, we're going to miss you!" Ritz exclaimed dramatically before she ran over and hugged Both Bo and Wheezy.

"Thanksgiving isn't too far away..." Wheezy assured her, though he gave a sad sigh.

"But still, our time here in France has been interesting..." Purry said with a chuckle, remembering all the trouble they had gone through to save the wedding. She casted a gaze over at Guido and Deb cutting the farewell cake. They looked so happy and totally in love...

She glanced back at Lotso and Bo, smiling and laughing. They looked happy...

"It was great meeting you guys," Lotso told their new friends, his eyes on Bo. "When the time comes for you to visit New York, we will have a heck of a time with playtime."

"You take care, you hear?" Bo told him softly, placing a hand on his arm.

And to Purry's horror...Bo planted a kiss on his cheek.

If the stuffed cat had actual claws, they would be popping out of her paws and she would be growling under her breath. She could not wait until they left this place...

Lotso felt his cheeks turn as bright as his fur. He gave the doll a nervous smile, chuckling like a little boy. "Well, uh..." He rubbed his cheek where she had kissed him. "Thank you..."

"You guys take care, alright?" Deb's voice said. The toys froze as the family came in and the servants took their luggages outside. Ruby still had her golden bag from the wedding, and she came over to the table where she left her toys so they could say 'goodbye' to Bo and Wheezy.

One by one, Ruby placed her toys in. Finally, Purry was left when Ruby placed her bag down and dug into her pockets to search for the Euros she had gotten during her time in France. This gave a little time between the stuffed cat and the shepherd's girl...

"You take care, alright pussycat?" Bo told her with a smile.

Despite her anger and jealousy, Purry managed to bring a smile to her lips, though her left eye was twitching. "Yeah..." She said through gritted teeth. "You, too...

Bo's smile faltered a bit. "And take care of Lotso..."

Purry rolled her eyes at the doll's kind but annoying concerns. "Like I'm not doing that already..."

Though the change in the stuffed cat's voice was surprising, Bo still gave her a delicate smile. "And don't worry..." She said quietly. "Someday he'll realize it..."

That brought Purry's full attention as she gazed at the doll with widened eyes. "Wha-?" But before she could say anything, Ruby picked her up and placed her in the bag with the others.

As Ruby followed her family out, Purry poked her head out just a bit from the opening of the golden bag. She watched as Bo, her sheep, and Wheezy waved farewell to their new friends.

And Bo winked at Purry.

This caught Purry off guard. But the more she thought about it, she wrinkled her whiskers at what was being implied.

That's when she smiled as realization dawned on her face.

And the stuffed cat actually waved back, particularly to Bo, before Ruby boarded the cab and they were now on the road to the airport.

"Well, so how was France?" A toy snake asked as soon as Ruby left her room.

The toys made it back to New York and Ruby had just finished unpacking her clothes and toys as well as souvenirs from France. The remaining toys had gathered around their four friends and bombarded them with questions.

"Well, Slips," Lotso chuckled. "I met this really gorgeous porcelain doll..."

Purry rolled her eyes and sighed.

"But to be honest, she's not really my type..."

That caught Purry's attention as she casted a glance at the stuffed bear. Lotso immediately dropped the subject of Bo as she gazed around the other toys.

"So, how's Sergeant Smiles been keeping you guys?" He asked.

"He's a smiley face ball with an army man attitude..." Slips sighed. "How do you think he's been keeping us?" He chuckled. "Still, we had fun."

"Ten-hut!" Shouted a voice. All eyes turned to see a yellow ball with a smiley face on it bounce toward Lotso.

The smile on the ball turned to a serious frown, which seemed pretty interesting for something manufactured to smile all the time.

"Lotso!" With no arms, the bouncing ball pretended to look as if he was saluting. "The base has been well-protected since your departure. I'm happy to say that no toys have been misplaced."

"At ease, pal," Lotso chuckled as he gave him a salute.

Soon, the toys gone about what they usually did when they were in Ruby's room. Gumby was obviously trying to show off in front of the Polly pocket mini dolls Ruby had gotten for her last birthday, Ritz was having Slips adjust her clock...

This gave Purry and Lotso some alone time.

"So..." Purry began as she lay on her stomach next to Lotso as he sat on Ruby's desk. "No dice with shepherd girl?"

Lotso chuckled. "Well, she was pretty cute, but..."

"But what?" Purry asked carefully.

Lotso rubbed his head. "Something tells me that she ain't the right girl," he said. "I mean, it's like I still need to look around for 'Ms. Perfect', if there even was one..."

Purry rolled her eyes, though she hid her smile. "Well, don't worry, Yogi..." She said with a slightly feminine giggle. "I'm sure you'll find her..."