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Set: Post series.

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Ship: Amanda & Simon

Unwanted Associations

It's not that he's squeamish – he's a surgeon. He's quite used to blood and gore, quite used to being the one watching a thriller, or horror movie with a woman and pointing out inaccuracies in an attempt to comfort the woman only to make her feel more nauseated.

It's not that this movie is so good that there are no inaccuracies he can point out; it's that the woman in the movie has short blonde curly hair, and big eyes, and a bright smile, and he can't help but see his partner in her – and seeing his partner in a woman being brutally tortured in a movie is not something he's coping well with.

So, he pulls his partner so tightly into his arms that she good naturedly tells him he's going to break her and flinches each and every time the woman on screen is struck across the face by the heel of her captor's hand.

She turns in his arms – they're curled on the couch and she's sitting between his legs, his arms crushing her into his chest – and smiles cheekily at him.

"Are you scared, Doctor Lloyd?"

"I just – she looks – and I can't – because you're – and – " She cuts him off, saving him from blathering like an idiot about how he's so horribly in love with her that he can't cope with even thinking about something happening to her.

"I know! It's your caveman protective impulses." She concludes, victorious.

"She looks like you." He mumbles.

The woman in his arms scoffs. "She doesn't look like me!"

"She looks enough like you for me to not want to watch her being beaten to death."

Amanda reaches out for the remote control – it's no mean feat because the arms around her have no intention of loosening their grip. She stops the film and looks to him for approval. "Two A.M. showing of Scrubs? You can point out any medical inaccuracies." She offers.

"Thank you." He whispers, pressing a lingering kiss to her curls and closing his eyes tightly.

"Any time." She smiles, settling back into a comfortable position. "But if you're going to sook out, I'm picking the movies from now on."

"Always." He agrees, far too quickly, nodding his enthusiasm.

"And you're not allowed to complain if they have plot-holes."

He feigns innocence. "What's a plot-hole?"

"And you're not allowed to complain if they have Hugh Grant."

"Definitely. Underrated actor."

"And you're not allowed to complain if they have theme songs." She cautions.

"Theme songs? Amanda, you cannot be ser-" he breaks off as her finger hovers threateningly over the 'play' button. "Theme songs. I love theme songs." He resolves, and begins quietly humming the Love Theme from Titanic.

Amanda laughs hysterically. "All this just so you don't have to see an actress who vaguely resembles me playing a character who's going to die." She observes mildly.

His response is a simple "yes," and even though she could press him further, torture him more, make his life a living hell, she doesn't; and if it's possible he loves her a little bit more for it.

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