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Argentine never thought that Risa would ever smile in his presence. How could he have known how wrong he would turn out to be?

A Maiden's Smile.

"Sacred Maiden-"

"It's Risa!"

"What is wrong?"

Risa glared at him, in part because he had ignored her, but, mostly, because of the idiocy of his question.

"Nothing, I'm fine."

Argentine frowned.

"You are not fine. I sense that you are stressed about something."

Risa blew out a frustrated breath. Could she hide NOTHING from him? He seemed to know everything she was feeling. 'And yet,' she thought, 'He can't figure out his own emotions.' This irony was not lost on Risa. At last, she answered him.

"It's just that I miss Dark, my sister, and my friends. Not that you could understand."

Argentine sighed a soft, inaudible sigh, and sat on the bed next to Risa. He did not, in fact, understand what she was going through. This was partly because of his lack of emotions, and partly because of the years he had spent in isolation. He wanted to help the Sacred Maiden, but he did not know how. They sat in silence for an indefinite time. Surprisingly, It was Risa who broke the silence.

"I-I'm sorry. It's not your fault; you couldn't possibly understand because no one taught you about emotions. I'm sorry that I was so cruel."

"There is no need for an apology. You are right - I could never comprehend human emotions. My Creator did not give me that knowledge."

Risa stared at him with pity. He had lived his entire life without knowing what it was to feel. She couldn't imagine what it must be like - spending every day in confinement, having only a piano to break the dark, heavy silence with, growing hard-hearted from the hollow space in his chest, borne from a lifetime of loneliness. Thinking about it brought tears to her eyes. Risa slowly wiped them away with the back of her hand. The brunette wanted to do something for Argentine. Surely he wasn't all bad. He was just dejected, and misunderstood because of his ignorance of the world and people. A shy, timid smile made its way to her face.

"I could teach you. I'll help you understand emotions; but, in return, you have to free me. Deal?"

Argentine nodded.

"Teach me about you humans and your emotions, and I will release you."

Risa closed her eyes, and her smile grew. She opened them and her eyes showed all of her pent-up longing for wanting to leave. The emotion made her eyes sparkle. Argentine let out a quiet gasp. The Sacred Maiden was so lovely. He never dreamed she would smile at him like that. A strange fluttering in his chest confused him. He did not understand what he was feeling. The maiden continued to smile radiantly, and Argentine felt a vague smile tug at his lips. Having the Sacred Maiden teach him about emotions would be interesting. He couldn't wait to begin.