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In a galaxy far far away there lived a silent, yet strong, hermit.

His home lay in Mt. Hilane and he had carved it from the rock with his bare hands.

It took him a hundred long years to carve it, during that time he didn't age a day.

Some would call it a curse, trapped eternally in the body of a twenty year old man, but this was his punishment.

This was his punishment for not protecting his cousin from death.

For shameless self-preservation in the line of duty, the Galactic Coalition banished him with two-hundred years isolation on an uninhabited planet in the third district.

Only when his sentence was over would he begin to age again.

Never again would he see the family and friend he'd cared for.

This would've driven a lesser man insane, but Takashi wasn't a lesser man, his pain only made him hungrier for revenge.

For he was not guilty of the crime, rather he was the victim of unhappy circumstances.

Someone had put poison in his cousin's cake. The only time Takashi didn't taste test it first proved fatal.

The guilt would have crippled him had it not been for his burning fire for revenge.

As luck would have it, two pirates with a spaceship landed less than a mile from his home. With their help revenge looked possible.

The Red-Headed Devils, as they were called, were universally known as cutthroats that pirated the sectors just outside the Galactic Coalition's control.

At the promise of a great reward once Takashi resumed his rightful place they jumped at the chance to help him.

For three days and nights they traveled out of third district, Takashi's comrades using their ship to effectively and subtly remove Galactic Coalition guards from a sector of the third district.

Once out of the third district they jumped to hyperspace and set a course directly for the scene of the crime, Luna.

Before landing on Luna, the three put on disguises so as to slip past any Galactic Coalition guards they may run into.

Luckily they had numerous fake identities, thus allowing them to get into the Ohtori Dome without incident.

Inside the Ohtori Dome little had changed during his one hundred year exile.

Kyoya Ohtori hadn't changed much either. Grey now streaked his hair and a few wrinkles lined his face, but there was still the same cold, hard look in his eyes.

Though the lust for revenge was beating in his ears, Takashi knew he must tread lightly, Kyoya was a formidable opponent.

A smirk crossed Kyoya's face as Takashi walked up with the Read-Headed Devils behind him. "I should call the special forces on you right know Takashi Morinozuka. You still have another hundred years left."

"The time has come for you to pay the price for your sins, Ohtori!" Takashi's voice rumbled through the dome.

Takashi pulled a katana out from under his cloak and charged Kyoya. He never reached Kyoya. A beautiful brown-haired girl stepped out of the doorway and into the spot between Kyoya and Takashi. She looked like Takashi's old fiancée, Haruhi Fujioka, except for the eyes, those were Kyoya's.

"Please stop," she said calmly, though her voice rang through the dome with power.

Kyoya chuckled evilly at the look of shock on Takashi's face. "Ah, Takashi, I'd like to introduce my daughter, Kimika Ohtori. I think you've met her mother."

Takashi's entrails went cold, how much more could this monster take from him?

"Oh, does that upset you Takashi? I'm sorry, but she was so alone and hurt after you killed your cousin. I just stepped in to comfort her." Kyoya reached forward and rested a hand on Kimika's shoulder as he spoke.

Sweat pooled in Takashi's palms and his grip loosened on his katana.

There were two clicks behind Takashi. He looked behind himself to see the Red-Headed Devils, laser pistols trained on Kyoya's head. "Oh Kyoya…" "We've got a bone" "to pick" "with you."

Lasers poised the Red-Headed Devils prepared to fire, until Kimika threw herself in front of her father, "please don't!" She pleaded in a tone achingly reminiscent of her mother.

"Move Kimika," Takashi said quietly. "These men don't care about you. They will shoot through you to get to Kyoya. Your father is a very bad man. I know I don't look it, but I've known him since we were in diapers."

Kimika look between Takashi and her father, obviously torn, "I-" her words were halted when an errant shot grazed her face hitting the wall behind her.

"Get down!" Takashi shouted as Kimika dropped to the ground. Kyoya didn't even stay to see if his daughter was alright. He turned and ran back through the doorway, locking the door behind him.

"Damn." One of the red Head Devils cursed, "he got away!" The other finished.

Takashi ignored the Red-Haired Devils as he rushed up the walk to Kimika's side. "Are you hurt Kimika?" He asked gently as he cradled her in his arms.

Kimika nodded, touching the single trickle of blood running down her cheek, "I think I'll be fine. But my father, he-" she stopped to look at the door where Kyoya had escaped.

"Your father ran like the black-hearted coward he is." The Red-Headed Devils grumbled as they began to work on overriding the door controls.

Kimika stared pensively at the ground until Takashi dropped his hand gently on her shoulder. "Come." He motioned to the door the Red-Headed Devils had opened.

As soon as they stepped inside they were attacked by the self defense system. Takashi pulled out his own laser pistol and helped the Red-Headed Devils take it out before Kimika got hurt again.

When the dust settled they were facing a long hallway with multiple doors.

Takashi turned to look Kimika in the eyes, "Kimika, please tell us where Kyoya is hiding. We need to find him before he can hurt more people or ruin more lives."

Kimika looked between her motley companions, resolution seemed to settle over here features, "The last door on the right is a false door, to the left of it is a secret passageway, that's where he'd go."

Bloodthirsty grins crossed the Red-Headed Devil's faces as they moved towards the secret passageway, Kyoya and Kimika right behind them. "Well, it looks like it's time for us to punish Kyoya for killing our blonde idiot of a friend."

The door swung open silently, to show a dimly lit hallway, yellowish light spilled from sparse electric sconces along the walls.

The Red-Headed Devils whistled, "Amazing, this hallway must be extremely old." "I know, I mean, who uses electric lights anymore?" "Doesn't Kyoya realize that bioluminescence has been the way to go for the last hundred years?"

The pair began to laugh before they were silenced by a sharp motion of Takashi's hand; once they stopped he motioned for them to follow him and Kimika down the corridor.

Takashi took point, his laser pistol in one hand, his katana in the other. Kimika followed, a look of fear hovering over another of firm resolve. The Red-Headed Devil's followed, covering the rear.

The hallway seemed nearly endless, they walked along it for what felt like hours, until finally they reached a locked doorway, blue-ish light leaked from beneath it. "That's it," Kimika said.

Takashi nodded silently and used his fingers to count to three. On three he kicked the door open and rushed inside, the Red-Headed Devils directly behind him.

In a frenzy of fire, the room was filled with crossing beams of lasers.

When the beams cleared only four remained standing in the room – Kyoya, Takashi, and the Red-Headed Devils.

Kyoya smirked, "I'm not so easily dispatched, Takashi."

Takashi opened his mouth to reply, but was stopped by a gentle hand on his arm. Looking down he saw Kimika standing there. Tears shimmered in her eyes despite the cold anger radiating from her face. "Father, what – did – you – do?" She asked in a tone so frigid Takashi felt ice form in his veins.

Kyoya stared coldly back at his daughter, "This doesn't concern you, Kimika. I advise you to leave -now."

Instantly the tears disappeared, causing her eyes to turn into cold, hard diamonds. "Don't you dare say this doesn't concern me! You left me to die up there! Is that what you did to mother? Was she really killed by a footpad down in New York, Earth?"

Kyoya leveled her with his gaze, "Your mother was a fool," he said cruelly "but she served her purpose, in the end."

A scream of unearthly pain ripped from Kimika's mouth. As the men froze in horror she grabbed the laser pistol from Takashi's limp grasp. She swung around and trained the pistol on Kyoya. "This is for mother." There was a ring of cold authority in her voice as she pulled the trigger.

Kyoya's eyes were wide as the laser from the pistol struck him in the heart, as if, even now, he couldn't believe what was happening.

The laser pistol clattered as it hit the floor. Kimika stood there silently for a moment, watching her father twitch, before turning and walking back down the hallway.

Takashi quickly followed her as the Red-Headed Devils went to inspect Kyoya's body.

Takashi caught up with her just as she was exiting the secret passageway. He reached out and grabbed her hand, "Wait, Kimika, I-" Takashi was abruptly cut off as she threw herself into his arms, sobbing.

Takashi held her to his chest, stroking her back consolingly, "I k-killed him-" Kimika sob, "I killed my own father!"

"He wasn't supposed to be your father," Takashi whispered softly. "I was engaged to Haruhi until Kyoya murdered my cousin Mitsukuni and framed me. He always wanted her, even when we were all kids playing around in school together."

Kimika nodded her head into his chest, "It doesn't change the fact that I'm a murderer..." She said equally soft.

"You aren't a murderer," the Red-Headed Devils said as they approached. "He had a remote in his hand. He was about to flood the room with poisonous gas and only he had a mask on. If you hadn't surprised him and shot him like you did we'd all be dead. It was self-defense. Though he did push it as he was twitching."

"They're right," Takashi said firmly as he tilted Kimika's head up to meet his gaze.

"That may be true, but I still feel horrible…" Kimika said softly as she pulled herself out of Takashi's arms.

"Not to be insensitive," one of the Red-Headed Devils said, sounding like he could care less as to whether or not he'd hurt anyone's feelings, "but we should get out of here before that poisonous gas starts traveling up this hall..."

Takashi nodded and picked Kimika up. The four of them raced down the hallway and outside. Once they were across the dome Takashi put Kimika down and the four of them walked calmly into the Ohtori Dome Spaceport.

In the spaceport they were mobbed by Galactic Coalition guards, in a hail storm of laser fire they managed to board the Red-Headed Devil's ship. "I'm sorry, Kimika, you're an outlaw now as well." Takashi said somberly.

"That won't last forever," Kimika said calmly as she buckled herself in. "My Godparents, Renge and Umehito Nekozawa will fix thinks." Upon seeing the mens' confused faces she elaborated, "Umehito is Vice President of the Galactic Coalition and Renge is an Admiral. They'll fix things once we tell them what happened."

"Well isn't that convenient?" One of the Red-Headed Devils drawled.

"Nothing's truly convenient. Admiral Renge is with the fleet in the twelfth district and Vice President Umehito is one of the hardest men in the universe to reach. This is going to be tricky." Kimika flashed them a brilliant, yet somehow sneaky, smile, "But it shouldn't be too hard, you do have an Ohtori on your side now."

"Well what are we waiting for! Let's get this show on the road!" The Red-Headed Devil's chorused as they guided the ship out of port.

As they cleared the thin atmosphere of Luna and prepared the jump to hyperspace Takashi felt a small, soft hand slip into his own.

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