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It was in District 11 that the Galactic Navy found them. Grandma Hitachiin began cursing a blue streak as she swung the Trickster into an evasive maneuver.

The shriek of the attack alarm brought everyone to attention and a mad rush ensued to prepare for what most likely would be a knockdown, drag out fight.

It took Kimika and Takashi a little longer than anyone else to reach their battle stations. She was still adjusting her spacesuit as she took a seat in the starboard gun turret.

"Where have you both been?" Grandma Hitachiin's voice crackled over the intercom.

"Resting!" They chorused together, completely in sync, without even meaning to be. Grandma Hitachiin chuckled at this response as the twins snickered in the background.

"Sure you were." The older of the twins drawled.

Before anyone could offer up a response to this tantalizing comment the Trickster gave a little shudder as a laser ricocheted off of it's shields.

Grandma Hitachiin swore enough to make the twins blush while slamming her fist down on the jet booster.

The next thirty minutes were spent in terse silence only punctured by Grandma Hitachiin's orders and cursing. This all ended when the Navy Battleship finally managed to lock the Trickster into it's tractor beam.

If they thought this was the end of Grandma Hitachiin's schemes, they had obviously never met a Hitachiin before. While the enemy ship was busy reeling them in like an overgrown space fish, they were devising a plan.

By the time the ship was docked the plan was in motion. Everyone was hidden in some of the hidden smuggling compartments – except for poor Yoshian. He was reactivated, reprogrammed, and relaxing in the cockpit with a knowing smirk on his face when the Marines rushed in.

The first to enter stopped cold in their tracks, wasn't Kyoya dead? The subsequent pile up resulted in twenty or so soldiers sprawled at Yoshian's feet.

"I'm glad you're so happy to see me, but, really, you don't need to bow at my feet." Yoshian said in a cold drawl.

One of the soldiers scrambled out of the pile and gave Yoshian a rigid salute. "Sir, we had reports you were dead."

Yoshian stood up and stretched with an easy, relaxed catlike grace. "Ah, so that's the problem. Well, I'll explain everything if you can take me to see whomever is in charge upon this vessel."

The guards stumbled over one another to do his bidding; Kyoya was infamous for his 'silent' temper.

In no time at all the Marines were off the ship and escorting Yoshian to wherever he wanted. As soon as the hatch closed everyone emerged from their hiding places. Kimika plugged her remote computer back into the Trickster so that she could control Yoshian from there, she wanted bigger controls.

Once everything was plugged in, a live feed from cameras in Yoshian's eyes, popped up a screen above the control panel.

The ship was deathly silent as Yoshian entered the Bridge. A second later Kimika grinned and had to use every ounce of control she had to not squeal in delight. The person in charge just happened to be Admiral Renge Nekozawa – her Godmother.

"Of all the good luck!" Kimika cheered.

Takashi frowned, "What luck? That Admiral looks rather tough and a little unpredictable. What's lucky about that?"

Kimika blushed. "That's my godmother, the one we've been looking for this whole time." Kimika pressed down the talk button allowing her to speak through Yoshian she said, "Aunty Renge!"

Admiral Nekozawa gave a jerk and looked at Yoshian as if he had just grown three heads. When she spoke there was anger in her voice, "Kyoya Ohtori, did you just call me Aunty Renge? I NEVER gave you permission to call me that!" She reached over and grabbed his ear and dragged him into her boardroom, right off the bridge as nervous chuckles from her crew followed them.

"Oops." Kimika said turning to her companions. "Perhaps I was a bit over excited." The red-headed devils rolled their eyes in unison, "Only a bit."

Kimika blushed as she watched the door between the bridge and the boardroom shut. Admiral Nekozawa turned to Yoshian, studied him for a moment, and then spoke. "Alright Yoshian, why are you here impersonating Kyoya? And where's everyone else that was on that ship with you? Someone was firing those turrets."

"It's kind of a long story," Yoshian said diplomatically, "and my associates were merely erring on the side of caution."

Admiral Nekozawa fixed a hard gaze on Yoshian, "Uh-huh. Cut the crap, Yoshian. Where the hell is my Goddaughter? She better be in one piece or so help me God I will set your artificial pain nerves on high and hand you over to a Robotic Testing Facility. You do know that they test robots using rather painful procedures, right?"

"Alright, alright," he held up his hands in defeat. Kamika on the other end was having difficult time stifling her laughter, really she should intervene but he kind of deserved it, even if it was a glitch that cause him to betray them.

Admiral Nekozawa raised one elegant eyebrow, "Well? I'm waiting…"

"Well... You see..." Kimika had enough of the torture, she had too much of her mother in her. She flipped a switch that sent Yoshian to 'puppet' mode and allowed her voice to come through his mouth. "I'm fine, we've had a long and crazy journey to find you. We need to talk is there any way for us to meet in private?"

Both of Admiral Nekozawa's eyebrows shot up to her hairline. "Kimika? Is that really you?"

"It is. And I'll prove it to you, when I was six you took me out for ice cream because Kikuko had broken my favorite doll and we pinky promised not to tell my dad because it would ruin my appetite for dinner."

Admiral Nekozawa grinned, "Well then, I suppose I need t go inspect Kyoya Ohtori's new ship now, don't I? Coming Yoshian?"

"Yes, Ma'am!" He snapped to attention following after Admiral Nekozawa as she headed towards the Trickster.

When Admiral Nekozawa boarded the Trickster Kimika let out a shouted, "Aunty Renge!" as she threw herself into her Godmother's arms, tears falling on the Admiral's uniform.

The Admiral was led to the galley where Kimika unwound their tale. By the end of it Admiral Nekozawa's were shining with intrigue, she resisted the temptation to take notes for her latest dojishin, gallatic moe-moe. "Well, you'll be needing my help I suppose." She said with a conspiring grin.

Kimika grinned right back, "Of course! Why do you think we took care of your Ohtori problem and took the trouble to find you?" Admiral Nekozawa laughed high and girlish. "You are more like your mother every day."

Takashi felt a sliver of ice pierce his chest at these words. Was Kimika really acting more like her mother every day? Was that the only reason they were together? No, he shook his head, Renge was just being Renge. Kimika shared as many traits with her mother as she did with her father. She was the best of both of them, and that's why he loved her. Shock ran threw him at that thought. Loved her? Did he really love her? When had that happened?

Kimika smiled at him, unknowingly sending a reassuring wave through him. He did love her, perhaps this entire time, call it fate, call it a fluke, he loved the daughter of his first love and his greatest enemy.

Admiral Nekozawa completely missed the exchange between her Goddaughter and Takashi as she began calling out commands over her headset to the fleet. But Grandma Hitachiin didn't. She smiled knowingly as her idiot grandsons ran around preparing the Trickster.

It seemed hard to believe, but their journey had nearly come to a close. Out of sight of the others, Kimika grabbed Takashi's hand and gave it squeeze, maybe once this was all over there'd be time to enjoy what she'd found along the way.

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