A/N: Sooo...I enjoy writing scripts and decided to write the scripts to the PL games, and I added this little scene into my script for The Pandora's Box, written into story form! It takes place just after they've found out that Flora's on the train, so Luke is helping her unpack her case. Read and review!

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What's This!

The two giggled happily as they unpacked the suitcases. It was nice to be together again, even if it had meant sneaking onto the train! "It's going to be nice having you with us, Flora! I felt a little guilty leaving you at home like that!" Luke said, smiling, before sniggering to himself. "What's so funny!" Asked Flora. "Well..." He started, whilst trying to halt his slightly girly giggle fit "It's just you...You! Sneaking on! I've never had you down as a rulebreaker!"

Flora frowned - "I didn't really break the rules! I did pay for my ticket! Spent all my savings on it, too!" But Luke wasn't listening - He was still laughing, loudly. 'It's not that funny' Flora thought. Luke's laughter fit died down..."And what's more," he said "I can't believe we actually fell for it!" This hit a nerve with Flora - She was angry. Really angry! (Which is strange, as he was insulting his own intelligence.) "There's nothing wrong with my disguises!" She moaned, with a sulky pout and tiny stomping of her foot. "Oh please!" Luke Luke said, in an unusually sarcastic tone. "Scarf and glasses? Again!" She was about to say 'Well, actually, you fool, they were sunglasses! And why are you being so mean to me, today?' when she noticed him rooting inside her suticase - He pulled out a yellow and pink floral scarf and wrapped it around his head. "Oooh! Can you recognise me?" He mocked, before jumping onto the setee. Flora marched over to him - "Luke Triton! You give that back right this second!" She shouted. "Oh, Flora!" He replied, "...No!"

She smiled. "Oh, okay!" Luke looked gobsmacked. "What! You mean you're not gonna cry and say 'Luuuuuke! Pleeeeease!'?" He got down from the chair as she giggled and said "Nope!" "Why?" He asked - She grabbed his flatcap and put it on. "Because I'm Luke Triton!" She ran out of the room - Luke followed her, not noticing the fact that he was still wearing a girl's scarf. Not even noticing the small old man in front of him...Too late! Mr. Beluga was sprawled across the carriage floor. "Oh, goodness!" Said Flora, flustered. "I'm so sorry!" Luke helped him up, too shocked to notice that Beluga was repeatedley hitting him in the leg with his walking stick! "Oh no - I'm sorry..." Said Beluga, "...Sorry you're such bloody idiots!" He got to his feet, stared at them both, then at Luke is his girly scarf and then at Flora in her boyish cap. "What's this!" He exclaimed, wide-eyed. "Cross-dressing teenagers! My, my! What on earth is this world coming to?" ...And with that, he walked away, mumbling and grumbling as he went. Flora removed her cap, and Luke removed his scarf.

"Do you think he'll forget this in a hurry?"

"No - I don't think he will, Luke..."

...And indeed he didn't.

A/N: So, that's it! I know it's short, but I wrote during a P.E lesson I was excused from, which meant I didn't have much time. Please read and review!