Hey, NinjahRose here. This is my first crossover, and first twilight, it's basically just putting Bella in Mystic Falls... So Twilight fans, idk if you'll like it that much. :/ . Sorry, but if your kind of interested anyway enjoy it. If your a Damon/Elena Fan you should check out my story 'The Better Brother' Its A D/E Love story. But back to this one, if you read the summary you know what it's about... enjoy.

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Chapter 1: First Glance

Bella's POV.

Something deep inside twisted with pain as I watched the scenery fly past my window, my eyes grazing over them slightly, only recognising blurry pictures and fuzzy objects. Something touches my arm, sending me out of my daydream and back into reality. I turn to come face to face with Alice, a smile tugging up at one corner or her beautiful face.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" She whispers, her eyes full of pain.

I nod, unable to speak. This is the right decision, even though it hurts… Oh god does it hurt. I turn away from Alice and look back out the window unable to look at the face that reminds me so much of Edward. I shiver at the name. He left you Bella, I mentally slap myself, Get over him. I feel Alice shift beside me and I steal a glance her way, she has her phone out and is facing away from me to talk into the mouthpiece. Something hammers into my heart as I realise why she turned away. A name runs through my mind but I push it away, along with my tears that start to bubble under my eyes. I look back out the window of the bus as a medium sized sign zooms past. Mystic Falls… we're here.

I step off the bus, gazing around with curiosity.

"We're definitely not in Forks anymore," I mumble to myself.

Someone softly elbows me in the ribs, I turn to find Alice smiling, "Don't go all homesick Bella you said you wanted to do this, come on, I got a taxi, I'll help you grab your bags."

I follow the excited Alice, her short brown hair bobbing in the crowd of people surrounding the area where the luggage is laid out. I drift through the maze of bags and boxes, searching for my coloured name tag. I spot my first bag, I go to grab it when Alice gets it before me, three other bags already hanging from her shoulders.

"There's two left," She winks, walking towards the pick up zone.

I sigh, picking up my two last bags, swinging them around my shoulders as I follow Alice over to the already waiting taxi. I almost throw them into the boot of the taxi just to let out some emotion. I take a deep breath, your over him. I shut the boot door just as Alice climbs into the taxi. I take a second to gaze up at the cloudy sky; It won't always be like this, I remind myself mentally, Alice can't come out in the sun, and she's only staying for little while anyway, your on your own Bella, better get used to it.

I slide into the back of the taxi as Alice leans back to her seat after talking to the driver, she smiles one of her signature Alice smiles as the taxi pulls onto the road.

"What is it?" I mutter, raising my eyebrow.

"What are you going on about Bella?" Alice jokes, still smiling brightly.

"I can tell with you Alice, you have something planned don't you?" I sigh, taking quick glances outside.

"Maybe," She teases, extending the vowels in 'maybe'.

I roll my eyes and take a better look outside, we're passing into the town. I look over the historic buildings and the people surrounding them. The taxi stops at a light and I take the time to look over the seemingly local bar; Mystic Grill. At least this place has places to go I sigh. I sit up in my seat higher as my gaze catches onto a small group of people standing outside of the Grill. A brown haired girl is arguing to a tall handsome black haired guy whose back is facing to me, another handsome guy standing beside her, his stylishly messed up light brown hair glistening in the sunlight, his eyebrows brooding. A small petite dark girl with brown locks steps up the black haired boy and glares at him, her arms crossed. A blonde girl stands up next to her, her eyes less mad but more of a challenging glint. Something about the black haired guy draws me in, my eyes eager to see his face. Turn around, I chant, surprising myself.

The taxi jolts to a start and curves into a corner, the small group disappearing from my view. I groan loudly to myself and sit facing the front. Something about those people send shivers down my spine, something intriguing. I glance over at Alice eyeing me suspiciously. I shake my head at her, she looks over me again but sighs and gives up, returning to her own window. She misses Jasper. Something inside me twists in guilt. I'm keeping her from him for my own selfish needs, she needs him and he needs her, just like… no, I don't need him. I'm going to fix this, I nod to myself.

The taxi takes a graceful turn into another street. I watch Alice's face transform back to her usual, happy overly-excited self as the taxi pulls up outside a small white house. Alice steps out of the car and I follow, a small jolt in my step. I'm actually excited. A new life, I mumble to myself. Alice smiles up at me as she grabs some of my bags from the boot. Her smile is so contagious that I smile to myself, shutting the boot behind me. Alice pays the driver and the taxi fly's out of my view, my eyes darting after it as it disappears down the street. I turn back to the house and follow Alice through the tiny white gate out the front of the house, my feet padding softly against the small pathway to the house, flowers on either side of me. I walk up the small steps to the porch of the house, white railing around the edge. I drop my bags to the ground, my arms tingling. Alice knocks lightly on the door and I step up beside her. The door opens slowly and a girl around my age peeks out, her long blonde hair curling down her shoulders as her hazel eyes take me and Alice in.

"Hey," I smile, "You must be Ange. I'm your new room mate, Bella."