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Chapter 13: You Make Me Sound Desperate

"Bella," Elena whispers, her hand on mine, "I'm sorry."

I shrug, pulling back my emotions, I can't keep sobbing up like this, "We met at school, he was an animal… drinker, it didn't take long for me to find out what he was… He said he loved me…. But, I don't know if he was… lying or not."

Damon groans, "Let me guess, you two went all lovey dovey, then after a while he told you he was monster, you shouldn't be with him blah blah blah, he ignored you, you begged after him over and over again, practically grovelling at his feet until he let you back and then a while later, bam, he left," Damon rolls his eyes as he takes a small swing of his magical appearing drink.

I glare at him, "Urgh, you make me sound desperate," I scowl.

Damon raises his eyebrow, "Are you?"

Silence falls in the room and I go to counter back but I just can't get the words out of my mouth. I blink several times.

"That's a question, and according to the arrangement, it's my turn, not yours," I snap, narrowly avoiding the question I can't seem to answer.

I'm not desperate… am I? I did go half way around the world for him, to save him from a bunch of older vampires that could snap Edward like a twig. I risked my life, and then he just… left. I did grovel, and I did beg when he first left, I totally shut down, I couldn't function without him. Maybe I am needy, maybe I am… desperate.

Stefan gives a look, telling me that I should ask my question while Damon's shut up. I nod to him, and search my mind…. Werewolves. Jacob. Do they know?

"Do you know…. About werewolves?" I ask, shifting on the couch, crossing my arms across my chest.

Damon chuckles, but Stefan gives him a deaf stare.

Caroline suddenly appears beside Damon, takes a look at him then literally looks down at me, "Of course we do, humans that change into wolves on the full moon, bites are fatal to vampires, we aren't stupid."

Full moons? I go to come back when Jeremy's voice rings out, "Whose Jacob?"

I turn around on the couch, Elena following my movements. I raise my eyebrow at Jeremy, how did he know about Jacob?

Jeremy rolls his eyes as he leans against the wall, his arms crossed, "You said on the phone, you sounded sacred, You said 'Jacob' was coming, and something about a pack on a reserve, protecting against vampires etc. Whose Jacob?"

Silence engulfs the room and I look around at everyone, all of them intrigued, even Damon. I sigh, and kneel on the couch, facing Elena, but talking to everyone.

"I don't know what your rambling about Werewolves needing Full moons, but Jacob's a werewolf, and he can change anytime, same as the pack. Sam, Paul, all of them, they don't need a full moon, that's a myth," I announce, "Jacob is my friend, and Carlisle, a Cullen, just told me that he's coming down, that's why you got to get out of town for a while. Jacob hates vampires, they all do, and they can…. Lets just they snap them in half like toothpicks, and if he smells you on my clothes, your scent, he will track you down, and kill you. That's why you have to go, I don't want to see you die. I don't know anything about you, but somehow I can tell your not bad, in fact, you remind me of the Cullens but that's beside the point. Jacob's a werewolf, he's coming and that's why you have to leave for a while."

Silence falls as I stop talking and Everyone looks at each other. Stefan turns away from every one and looks at me, "So your saying that… The vampire you know are different… and the werewolves, they can change… anytime?"

I nod, scratching my arm involuntarily, "They aren't like normal sized wolves, they're huge, like three, four times bigger, and they're as fast as vampires."

Stefan looks behind him up at Damon and a silent conversation is passed. I watch as they exchange slight movements in the face and eyes.

Elena touches my arm and I turn to face her, "If your friends with … Jacob, and you… went out with Edward, how come, he never killed him, or the Cullens?" She mumbles.

Smart question, "Because of the Treaty, they made a Treaty a long time ago, Mainly because the Cullen's drink animal blood," I mutter, doing small hand movements.

"Bella, do you mind if we leave you alone here for a minute?" Stefan asks, his voice serious.

I nod and Stefan gestures to everyone to follow him. I watch as they all leave, Elena smiling at me as she follows Stefan out.

They're probably deciding whether I'm crazy or not. God, please let them believe me. I can't tell Jacob to go away, he'll know something's up, and if they stay here Jacob will kill them. Suddenly an arm drapes around the back of my shoulders. I jump slightly, but a hand holds my shoulder down. I quickly look over and find Damon sitting next to me, taking a sip from his drink, the alcohol's scent drifts into my nose.

"Damon, you scared me," I gasp, taking a sigh of relief.

Damon shrugs, his arm still draped around my shoulders. Heat rises to my cheeks. No Bella, No.

"Damon What-" Suddenly Damon presses me down into the couch, leaning over me as I lay there, frozen with fear. Oh my god he's going to kill me. I squint my eyes closed, hoping that Stefan will come in and stop him.

"Open your eyes," Damon coaxes, "I'm not going to kill you."

I open my eyes slightly and find Damon hovering over me, a big great dirty, yet extremely gorgeous, smile on his face.

"Damon, what are you-" Damon puts a finger over my mouth in a shushing motion.

"Shh," He orders, his eyes glowing, "Just look into my eyes."

I could do that all day. No, shut up Bella. I obey and look into his eyes, suddenly the pupils change and his stare becomes solid serious.

"You are going to tell me exactly what you are doing here, and everything you know," Damon whispers, his eyes on mine.

I chuckle slightly at Damon's expression, unable to help myself. Damon looks down in confusion and slight anger.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's just … your face was…" I fade away as I try and stop my giggles.

Damon growls slightly and holds my face, putting his inches away from mine. I gasp at the closeness. Damon's eyes change again and I watch as Damon's face becomes serious.

"You are going to …. Find Stefan and tell him that I want him here," Damon commands.

I raise my eyebrow slightly, chuckling, "And why am I going to do that?"

Damon's face suddenly bursts into confusion and slight anxiety, leaning away from me he sits up, and I follow. What is going on here?

"Why isn't it working?" Damon scowls.

"Why isn't what working?" I mumble. What is he talking about?

"Vervain!" Damon grabs my arm and looks me in the eye, but his eyes don't change, "Have you been in contact with Vervain?"

"W-What are you on about? Vervain, is that like… a flower, or something?" I burst out, heat flushing through my face at his touch.

What is going- Suddenly Stefan appears at the doorway, everyone behind him, peering into the scene.

"Damon, what's going on?" Stefan announces, his eyes darting between me and Damon.

Damon throws his glass across the room, "She's immune!"

I flinch at the breaking glass. Is he drunk?

"Immune?" Stefan mumbles, stepping into the room.

Damon growls slightly, "She's had no vervain, I can't smell it, or anything, but she's immune, she can't be compelled."

"Compelled? Vervain? What is going on here?" I snap, looking between Damon and Stefan.

The room has a second of silence until Elena steps up beside Stefan, looking at me like I'm a lost puppy. She looks down at me, her eyebrows drawing together in thought.

"What are you, Bella?"