Blue eyes stared from across the board though crimson were not intent on his own. Atem was weighing his options carefully- too carefully, in fact, for Kaiba's tastes. "Hurry up." The CEO growled lightly, lacing his fingers together, eyes narrowing.

The other gamer didn't lift his eyes to Kaiba's, instead still considering his options on the board. "It's not a race, Kaiba."

Really, the longer they drew this up, the more sales went up, the more people had time to tune in, the more money was made. Kaiba had nothing to lose here except his patience, it seemed. Finally, slender fingers moved across the board to wrap across a white chess piece and move it into just the right spot. He captured one of Seto's pieces with practiced, quiet grace. His head finally inclined upwards, eyes searching the brunet's as a light smirk appeared on his lips. "Check."

Not mate, not yet; in more ways than one. The loss seemed to barely touch the taller man. He considered it briefly, taking up a little of his own time before moving his King successfully out of check. The next few turns were dedicated to keeping it out of check. This was the way the game had been going on for quite some time, possibly hours, but both gamers had by now lost track. The only thing both of them were interested in was the game beneath their fingertips, the strategy of the other player, and their opponent. The game was full of stolen glances and simmering smirks from both players. Neither would give up, neither would concede; it was a beautiful tribute.

Continually Atem put him back in check, though Kaiba had found himself on the opposite side of that a good few times as well. Their strategies couldn't be any different. Kaiba led a vicious assault with his Queen, Atem played a careful defense while setting up traps. The room and the crowd around them had all but died out; the only thing that existed in their world was each other and the game. That's the way it always was.

Eventually, though, and almost inevitably, Atem moved his Knight into just the right position. "Check." He sounded off again, more confidently than any of his previous proclamations of this word.

Kaiba moved out.

Atem moved back in. "Check." His eyes didn't even leave Seto's form as he had moved his chess piece once more.

Maybe Kaiba had thought he'd seen another opportunity to keep the game going. It wasn't like him to prolong defeat when it was completely obvious. And yet he moved again. It nearly took Atem by surprise, too.


"Mate." Kaiba finished for him after the third time, scowling deeply, finally having come to his senses. There was no reason to keep this game going. He had lost. Both players stood and stared each other down for a few quick seconds. The stare was telling.

The crowd's applause finally faded in around them and they remembered where they were. Atem extended his hand forward. "Good game."

Kaiba snuffed the gesture completely, turning on his heel. "Don't patronize me." He gruffed before striding away, out of Atem's line of vision, and away from the crowd, the people, the microphones and the questions.

So he'd left the King of Games out there with him, but this wasn't the first time he'd done that. It wouldn't be the last. Atem graciously accepted questions, signed autographs, and posed for pictures for a half hour longer than he really wanted to. He'd been told a few times that he couldn't just shrug off his fans. He had an image to worry about, and god helped him if he was responsible for a plummet of Kaiba Corporation sales because he displeased a few people. Finally though the crowd dispersed enough for him to wave and saunter off as well.

The short gamer could have made the decision to leave the stadium all together. There was no real reason for him to be there anymore. But he found himself walking down the empty halls in the back. A tell-tale, and completely gaudy, star stuck out on one of the doors. Meant for stars. Celebrities. Important people. He chuckled softly with a shake of head as his hand reached for the handle and pushed the door open slightly.

In the blink of an eye he was grabbed inside, the door slammed shut, the lock clicked. A body pressed against his, lips and teeth finding purchase in the side of his neck. His breath hitched as his hand reached up to clasp tightly in the front of a black turtleneck shirt. Teeth nipped harshly at the point of his pulse, tongue working against the skin to bring the beginnings of a bruise to the surface of Atem's skin. The shorter grabbed closer, breathing becoming quicker.

"So desperate for me to mark you that you conveniently forgot to wear your collar? Or not feeling like you needed to dress so much like a masochist for our match today?" Kaiba's voice rumbled as he looked down at his rival.

Atem tried to pull himself together, grinning up at the CEO. "Perhaps I baited you into it, knowing you couldn't resist. You sure spent enough time staring at me the entire match. And look where we are." He taunted.

Kaiba growled, shoving him up against the door harder. "Shut up."

"You first."

Lips met for the first time in quite a few long days. It wasn't common that they found time for each other. Kaiba didn't participate in as many tournaments anymore, having to focus much of his time on Kaiba Corporation. Atem, on the other hand, had just as much of a reputation to uphold on his own merits. The King of Games was quite a trophy name to have earned and a much harder one to keep. But his opponents never held as much weight with him as Kaiba had, as Kaiba always would. The crimson-eyed man was very glad for the times that Kaiba could pull himself from his work to play this game with him.

"Come home with me tonight." Atem husked out, just shy of a moan, as Kaiba's hands found his skin.

Seto just rolled his eyes, pulling loose one of Atem's belts as his tongue found a nipple.

The silence was telling. His breath hitched, his body grasping for closer warmth as he struggled to stay coherent. Seto always knew just the right way to unwind him. "Please..." Sometimes asking appealed to the taller, whether because it was humiliating for Atem to do at times, or because simply commanding the man to do anything just never worked, Atem couldn't say.

Long fingers moved along those very pleasing hipbones. "I barely have enough time for this." He said as he pressed a kiss to Atem's chest. "Interrupt me again and I'll leave right now." No, he probably wouldn't. This already had gone too far for him to stop. But could his rival take the chance?

"I..." The word drew off into a moan as Seto finally had his pants on the ground and touched him. His hips rolled forward as his head hit back against the door.

Seto smirked, unable to help himself. "What was that?"

Atem's arm wrapped around Seto's neck, pulling him up and closer. "I miss you." He managed to say in Seto's slight confusion before drawing in for another kiss.

There was a slight heavy feeling all of a sudden in Kaiba's chest. One of those feelings that he damned for existing and thought didn't reside within him anymore. Guilt. And guilt over something like that. Not even Atem's begging way of asking for it had helped in the end. He still felt guilty. Though the man found he didn't have enough time to weigh his options of leaving or going, thankfully, due to Atem's neediness. The other duelist's hips had rolled against his own and he growled to bite back a moan of his own.

No more talking, Kaiba decided then. They were too far into this game to stop, and if Atem talked anymore about going home or whatever else he wanted to whine about now, Seto might really end up feeling bad. That was unacceptable. Seemingly Atem went with it as Kaiba's fingers had found their way inside him, losing all sense of coherency all at once. All he knew was the heat close to him and the pleasure surging through his body. It wasn't long after that that Kaiba had the shorter pressed tightly into the couch of the room, covering his body again, ramming inside of him.

Marks glistened new on Atem's skin, on his neck, over his shoulders, and one on his hip. But to the Game King's credit, Kaiba's skin wasn't completely untouched either. They moved together, sweat forming, Seto's lips covering Atem's to try and keep the illusion that he was trying to keep the other man quiet. It was really to hide his own moans as he completely lost himself inside Atem's movements and body.

When it was over their positions had switched somehow, Atem finding himself panting lightly as he laid atop Seto's body. The CEO's arm was very loosely draped over Atem's body. Crimson eyes looked upwards, finding blue hidden beneath a sheet of damp brunet bangs. What was Seto thinking about? He frowned to himself before slowly leaning up and then standing on shaky legs.

Kaiba looked confused. Atem usually indulged in the quiet moments as much as he could. Why was he moving so suddenly? "What are you doing?" His clothes were found as he disappeared into the bathroom. It was another few minutes before he reappeared, fixing his belt just so. Kaiba's eyebrow rose. "...Atem?"

Said man flashed Kaiba a soft smirk before he moved towards the door. "I'm going home. I said I was going home after this."

"No, you asked me to come home with you."

"You didn't accept my invite and aren't going to so why should I stick around?"

Oddly enough, Atem's tone wasn't touched with any bit of hurt. Just complacency and an eerie calmness that always had Seto questioning just what the hell was going through that mind. The CEO straightened himself up before striding quickly across the room and placing a hand on the halfway open door and shutting it. Atem was once again thrust up against the door.

"Can't go home with me but you can find time for another round?" It was a weak question, and now Seto could see some of the telltale signs that he'd upset his lover.

His hands went to Atem's shoulders, gripping tightly. "What's the matter with you?"

"Absolutely nothing is wrong with me." Atem quickly shot back, glaring up at Seto.

That word, the inflection. It implied that the shorter was upset. It wasn't ever a really good thing to face Atem's ire. "I have to work."

"I know."

What the hell? Atem knew? What did that even mean? If he knew why was he so upset? Kaiba felt like he was missing something important. He didn't like that feeling. It irritated him. His grip on Atem's shoulders tightened.

"What's the matter with you?" Kaiba repeated, hoping maybe it would help some how.

Wine-colored eyes narrowed as his hand raised, pressing against Seto's chest. "How did you know I'd come back here?"


"I could have just as easily gone home."

That was true, Kaiba realized. They hadn't had any previous plans to meet up after the game in some undisclosed room in the stadium to fuck. But he'd been banking on the fact that Atem would just... know. The man always seemed to know what the brunet was thinking. And for the most of the time, he complied.

Realization dawned on Seto's face. It was at that point that Atem took the moment to push Kaiba back as hard as he could. The CEO stumbled back a few steps but caught himself very quickly. His expression steeled over and darkened.

"Because you come to me when you want someone to dominate you, you think that makes me obligated to sate your loneliness?"


Shit, he hadn't meant that. Not really. Those weren't the words he wanted to use. But Atem's smug expression when he'd realized and the shove had angered him. But he wouldn't back pedal. He didn't do that. Unluckily, he found he didn't have to as Atem opened the door-

"Goodbye, Kaiba."

And slammed it behind him. Seto's fist moved hard against the nearest wall.