Hi guys, it's Vivian. Long time no see to some readers, I guess, and to Merlin's readers - hello.

I promised myself and that we wouldn't be seeing each other again, owing to some failures on the part of the readerbase (or on me) but due to my obligation to Merlin, I'm here writing this message now.

For those expecting some updates to his stories, I'm afraid to say that won't be possible for the next month or so, because of a traumatic incident which Merlin was just recently involved in over a week ago. As he may have indicated (or not), Merlin's kinda...special, and witnessing two instances of death two times in less than the span of a year was bad - very bad for him. It was lucky that this time it wasn't anyone particularly close; I don't know if it'd have been worse should a close friend of his have been the one.

We are doing our best to support him in this tough time as he "recovers himself". Until then, we thank you all for your patience, and for being the few who actively care for what he produces. Truly, we thank you.