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Chapter 1

It was yet another ordinary day in Shibusen and whilst many of the students had chosen to take the day off in order to celebrate Deaths birthday, Maka, Soul, Kid, Liz and Patty had stayed in to catch up on their studying. Black Star was currently in a duel with some kid and Tsubaki was assisting him. The five friends sat in the classroom, clearly struggling with the task at hand. Stein had set them the job of fully opening up the weapons soul to the meister. Whilst this may seem easy, the task was proving more than a little difficult.

"Soul, you need to let me in" Maka cried out after she was hit back by the broken wavelength. It had happened several times and was beginning to hurt.

"Shut it. Maybe if you didn't have such tiny tits there wouldn't be a problem" Soul replied, knowing the reaction it would cause. In truth, Maka had rather sizable breasts and Soul had often wondered what they would feel like in his large palms, but he wasn't going to admit that anytime soon. In fact, he was still in denial himself about the situation. The fact was… Soul was completely and utterly in love with Maka.

He wasn't sure why, and he certainly didn't remember when but Soul knew in the back of his mind that if he ever lost her, his world would end. However, for now, he would tease her mercilessly to hide his true feelings.

"MAKA CHOP!" With one swift movement, Maka had dug yet another hole in Souls skull with her latest novel, Death at Dawn. Soul rubbed his head, his sharp teeth no longer forming his signature smirk.

"YAHOO!" Patty shouted with a girly giggle. Maka and Soul turned in surprise to see Kid and Liz connecting their souls with Patty, all of which were completely open. They came down from the overwhelming power and Kid dusted his suit off.

"Well, we can go. Come on, I think my pantry needs rearranging. Soul are you coming?" Kid queried.

Soul shook his head, and with a disappointed sigh Maka added "We still haven't done it. We will have to catch you later".

"Alright, see you later and keep working hard" Liz shouted back as the three left the room.

"Again" Maka huffed, determined to leave the dim class room. They connected their souls but once again Maka was unable to completely access Soul. With a final push the bond shattered, sending Maka and Soul to opposite ends of the room.

"AARRGGHH" Maka yelled "Why can't we do this? Why?" She fell to her knees, tears streaming down her eyes. She wanted to be close to her partner but her refused to truly open up to her. What was she doing wrong? Did he really detest her that much? Maka couldn't bear that thought. She loved Soul more than he could ever know but she knew a cool guy like him would never go for a book nerd like herself.

She heard footsteps approach and looked up to see Soul coming towards her.

"Don't cry Maka, we will get it somehow."

Maka was about to respond when a sound came from the speakers.

"Ho ho, will Maka and Soul please contact Shinigami as soon as you can" came the familiar sound of Deaths voice.

"What will that be about?" Maka thought aloud, wiping the tears from her eyes.

"Dunno, but we better get on to it quickly" replied Soul as the two made their way to the nearest mirror.

"42-42-564" Maka recited as she entered the number for Death.

"Hi hi" came the familiar sound of Shinigami.

"Yo" Maka responded. "What's wrong?"

"Stein has noticed that you two have been struggling with your studies recently so we have decided that you are to take no more missions and must stay at home to study for the next week" said Death in a more than happy way.

"WHAT, a week. No way man, that's just not cool" cried Soul.

"It has already been decided. Go study hard and you will be back at school before you know it. Death out!" With that the head teacher was gone, leaving the two students in shock.

"Come on, let's go. We might as well start ASAP" Maka sighed. It was going to be a long week.

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