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Through the last few days that Maka and Soul had spent together, they had learned to love each other more and more. Soul realised how sweet and kind Maka really was and in turn Soul's dedication to Maka shone through. But now they were due back to Shibusen and would have to face their partnership exam to remain in the school. Maka paced around her bedroom, trying to remember all that she could about the rules of meisters. Yet try as she might, all that could come to her mind were the previous night's activities and a certain snowy haired guy who was currently trying to watch television before school. The night had been...interesting. Soul had allowed Maka to take control and the night had been an interesting investigation into the realms of foreplay. Maka smirked, she remembered how Soul had been taken back when she had grabbed hold of his manhood and...

Maka's thoughts were interrupted by Soul knocking on the door.

"Maka baby it's time to go" She loved it when he called her baby. It had started after their first 'intimate' moment. Soul had seen Maka watching a child's programme and Soul had remarked that Maka was a baby. When she had pouted, he kissed her and said "But you're my baby".

Opening the door, she kissed Soul softly on the lips and the pair left the house.

Back in Shibusen, a flurry of excitement had arisen. Rebels Maka and Soul were due back at school for the exam that could cost them their place. People were curious as to why Maka, infamous for loving to study, was even taking the exam in the first place , whilst friends knew the real reason.

"I really hope they have learnt something whilst they were off." Tsubaki pondered as she, Black Star, Death the Kid, Liz and Patty all sat nervously outside Deaths office.

"Father says he is sure that they made the necessary connection and should be fine" replied Kid, looking just as concerned. Liz turned to give him a quizzing look.

"Connection?" she asked "How did he know that?"

"I'm not sure. All father said was he felt that they had done it" Kid replied, now also curious.

"Maka and Soul are in looovvvee!" Patty shouted in a childish manor. The group burst out into hysterics. Little did they know the truth to Patty's words.

Meanwhile, inside Death's office, Maka was currently in the middle of her part of the test.

"Well done Maka, next I would like you to tell me which hand Soul prefers you to hold him in" Death said, sipping his tea.

"Ah that's easy Sir, the left. Soul is weakest on his left so I hold that side to ensure he is protected" Maka replied timidly.

"Correct" Death smiled, offering Maka another cup of tea. She declined and so he chose to pour himself yet one more.

"Lastly, if Soul were to name his most treasured possession, what would it be?"

Maka remained silent. There was so much to consider. His first ever hat? His lucky socks? His sex magazines? Maka just wasn't sure what Soul would say. She shut her eyes and tried to concentrate. An image of Soul, licking her intimate part flashed in her mind. She recalled the event, Soul had accidentally bitten Maka and she had flinched in pain. Soul had been so concerned about Maka that he had stopped what he was doing and rushed to get a bandage, even though she had insisted she was fine.

"Me" Maka whispered.

"Correct!" Death yelled, jumping out of his seat. "100% from Maka, as expected" Maka blushed slightly.

"Now for the last part of the exam" Death spoke as Soul reappeared. Maka had been separated from Soul during her part of the exam but she felt glad now he was back. They smiled at each other lovingly, but Death didn't seem to notice.

"You must successfully and fully open up the weapons soul to the meister. That means your soul Soul to Maka" The pair looked horrified. They had never done it before and neither of them had thought to practise it.

"You may begin when you are ready" Death said, moving out of the way.

"We can do this" Soul said, taking Maka's hand. "I know we can" Maka smiled. "I love you" she whispered before allowing her soul to surround her body.

Soul let Maka's last words sink in. She did love him and he loved her. They had had so many intimate moments, but Soul realised none of that mattered. He was dedicated to Maka, no matter how she felt about him and the fact that she cared about him too only intensified his devotion to her.

His soul practically oozed out of him as Soul allowed all his emotions to truly come alive. A connection was made instantly and Maka too felt all that Soul was feeling. She could feel the lust and the hunger but she could also feel much more than that. She felt as though they were one, the perfect pair who would never be apart.

"Congratulations! You have passed and are more than welcome to return to school" Death said, but neither Soul nor Maka heard him. They were too busy enjoying every moment of their new found connection. Death smirked, pleased that the two had finally connected.

Suddenly Maka's father, unaware of what was going on, walked through the door. "Sir I have brought you the...WHAT THE HEELLLL! MY BABY MAKA HAS HAD SEX WITH THAT MORON. NOOOOOO!"

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