Time ticked by. The silence in the room was too much. Time was killing me by the second.

"I'm going to kill her" I finally whispered "And I'm going to make it hurt so bad"

Vic met my eyes. I've never seen him so disappointed and hurt like all the happiness had faded from the surface of the Earth "Charity?" he asked but he knew. I nodded.

Lucas was in my arms lying lifeless. His blond hair fell over his intoxicating blue eyes that were now closed and still. He was getting colder and paler by the second. His lips, the lips that I'd kissed so many times that brought nothing but warmth and happiness now were dry, pale and chapped. He was in my arms but was it was still miles away to me. I missed him. I missed his smile. That grin that made my knees shake. I missed his laugh, the best sound I'd ever known. I missed the way he ran his fingers through his blond hair and how he entwined his fingers through mine. How he made everything alright, perfect. I brushed my fingers across his forehead. I held back for a moment, his skin was freezing. His skin used to be warm, so warm that it now hurt to think about. I brushed my lips on his forehead. I could feel Vic's eyes on me and Ranulf's but it didn't matter.

"Bianca" Ranulf said quietly "Let's go back to Vic's" I looked up from Lucas's face "Please. He'll wake up soon and don't you thing he might want to be somewhere more… welcoming and pleasant?"

I would've laughed but I couldn't find the strength. There wasn't anything pleasant about being dead but Ranulf had a point. This place. This theatre, room, whatever it was, was nothing but pleasant. This is where Lucas died. Where he said his last words as a human. Where he took his last breath, where he last was alive. I wouldn't want this for Lucas so I agreed.

The drive back was silent. I was in the back seat with Lucas in my arms. Live I prayed. He would never live as a human again. This is what he feared his life to become and this is the path fatelead him down. That fate lead us both down. I finally believe that life really sucks.

We pulled up in Vic's driveway. I got flash backs of how Lucas and me walked up and down this very place. "You alright?" Vic asked. I just nodded as he lifted Lucas from my arms and carried him into the house.

So… how'd it go? Maxie's voice interrupted my thoughts

Can't you see?

See what?- she gasped oh Bianca, I'm so sorry

He's going to be vampire

Well that's just perfect

Maxie please I begged.

There's nothing I can do

I know but-

"Bianca!" Vic's voice stopped my sentence short. I ran down the hallway and into the basement. I hesitated at the door way. My eyes scanned the room. It was just like before. The kitchen were we made and shared our means, the couch that we lay on watching movies, the bed… I didn't even want to think about what happened on that very bed. I could still fell him around me. Lucas's presence still lingered everywhere.

That's when I heard a groan. I ran to the bed. Lucas's was walking up! He had survived the transformation. He squirmed and I knelt by his bed holding his hand. Then his eyes fluttered open and met mine.