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Love Will Keep Us Alive- The Eagles

Forever And Always- Shania Twain

The Only Exception- Paramore

When I Look At You- Miley Cyrus

The snow around Lucas was stained crimson with his blood. New flakes had begun to fall. A sharp, cold wind gusted past us, ruffling his hair. I held my hand out to Maxie; after a moment's confusion, she understood and handed me my jet brooch, so that I could be wholly solid once more. I needed that now. The sharp edges of the flower's carved petals cut intomy palm.

I thought of how much I loved him, how badly I wanted him to be a part of me.

A part of me...

Vampire and Wraiths, we were the two halves of life.

So if you put our blood together, we could form life.

Maybe this could work after all- well, I hope it did.

Leaning my face down to his, I felt the tip of Lucas's icy one brushing against mine as I placed my hands almost strategically on his broad shoulders that lay against the soft white snow.

Snowflakes landed like butterflies to the tips of his ruffed bronze hair.

I lifted my hand up and brushed away the snow that had fallen softly on the side of Lucas's ice pale neck before closing my eyes and pressing my mouth right against his skin. It felt like velvet brushing against my teeth.

I flexed my jaw wider, recalling the memories that gushed through my mind like a nightmare and I felt the slight tinge as my fangs emerged from their gums. Breathing in deeply, I bit down hard, the skin split beneath the bite and I felt the salty and rusty taste of Lucas's blood flowing from the open wound.

I felt his body go rigid in my arms for a split second before his mesmerising emerald eyes fluttered open and met my pale ones.

Bianca? His beautiful angel-like voice echoed through my mind.

I clenched his body tighter in my arms and bit down harder into his skin.

Don't leave me, Lucas. I wasn't exactly sure if he could actually hear me. I think I was speaking to him through my mind.

What- what's happening? His voice sounded brittle, vibrato lacing the end of it.

I need you to trust me. I brought my arm up to press the skin of my forearm against his bruised, swollen lips. Drink from me, Lucas.

Confusion dawned in his eyes and I caught the hint of hesitation and confusion flash within them.

Drink. I said again, pushing my arm a little harder to his mouth causing his teeth to graze against a vein.

Resting up weakly on one elbow, he leaned forward, the sharp points of his teeth brushed against my soft skin. I gasped in my chest when a sharp jolt of pain shot through my veins as his teeth pierced their way through my flesh causing a million emotions to explode like fireworks within.

It felt like our spirits were mingling their way together to make us one.

The moment Lucas's eyes met mine I felt myself getting lost in a never ending sea of forest green as his teeth pierced harder into my skin.

It was like time had stopped ticking altogether and it was just Lucas and I, nothing else.

Looking in his eyes right now, I felt like I had the key to his soul.

A beam of blinding light wrapped around us, embracing us in its halo as every moment that I'd spent with Lucas- every memory of and with him flashed through my mind in the speed light.

The first time we'd met in the woods near Evernight. He tackled me to the forest floor, thinking he was protecting me from being chased by someone, giving me the first impression that he was a psycho killer.

Another memory passed through my mind. It was the time when I'd caught him standing in the gazebo with a pair of binoculars, spying on the party. I remember how I'd fought back laughter when he told me that the first time we'd talked had meant something only to him, obviously not realising that I'd liked him back.

Every recollection of our time together passed through my mind in a blur, just as quick as they really happened.

The first time we'd kissed in the gazebo.

The first time I'd tasted his blood.

Our first date together in Riverton.

Kissing him behind the racks in the antique shop; the same shop where we'd both laid eyes on the brooch for the first time. The antique ornament had cost two hundred dollars but Lucas still bought it for me. Back then, it was the best gift anyone had ever bought me.

I smiled slightly at the memory, remembering how my back felt from being pressed roughly against the old floorboards in the abandoned attic of Evernight. The enticing feel of Lucas hands dancing over my body, caressing it in the most delicate way as if it were something so very fragile and precious. It was a moment that I swore never to forget in my entire life because it was the first time I revealed to Lucas who I really was.

All these memories, felt so far away right now.

The first time Lucas told me he loved me before sprinting out the door.

When I'd found him in the same antique store, hiding away. I still remember how it felt looking at him through the tinted panes of glass; how the stain glass window made it seem that his face was cut into four squares of colour. Still remember how hauntingly dark his eyes were.

The relief in them when we'd passed over bridge.

The hotel we'd stayed at and shared a bed together for the first time. My legs tangled in his, his chest pressed against mine, the faint touch of his fingertips on my skin. I still remember the horror in the morning after, walking up to his mother standing in the doorway. I'm sure I made a lovely first impression on her.

As the memory came back to me, I realised that it may have seemed like a long time back then but the six months that had passed between Lucas and I after the blaze in the Black Cross, went by quicker than I imagined.

As the memory passed, I took a second to relive the moment in my mind, imagining myself holding that letter Lucas had risked his own safety to send to me. The letter asking me to meet him at Amherst, promising that he'd find the right words to say to me there- not that we ever needed words.

Of course Amherst held some surprises for us and I can still remember clearly how we'd fought Charity together for the first time in the train station.

Another crystal clear memory was of being completely alone and together with Lucas in the enclosed space of The Black Cross first aid room, finally completely alone with him after six whole months apart. It was a moment that I can still remember like the back of my hand.

Just like our time in the observatory tower when Lucas told me having me change him into a vampire was the one thing he wouldn't do for me. His every word felt like a bullet straight through my heart and even though we'd sat side by side that night, I could swear that never had I felt so distant from him.

The memory of him risking his own life to see me in the gazebo in the night of the blue moon, just because he couldn't leave things the way they were between us after our fight. I can almost envision the moment happening all over again. How he asked me to runaway with him for real and how we decided that we really would on the last Friday of May.

I could feel the tears forming in my eyes as these distant memories came back to me one by one. They happened so quick making a day long event seem barely a few seconds.

Like the first Black Cross attack on Evernight that later led and took Lucas and I for the wildest ride of our life.

I closed my eyes softly as the memory of us together in the hotel after escaping the clutches of the Black Cross, flashed through my mind. I still remember it like it was only yesterday. Lucas's sweet fiery mouth moving against mine, kissing me so hungrily and desperately yet being so gentle at the same time. The moment of pure ecstasy when we felt like we really were a part of each other. He made me feel so beautiful and so loved all over that night.

As the memory went by, the magical moments of us hiding away and living together in the unoccupied wine cellar of Vic's house, I could truly see and make out the pure determination in his eyes.

Those endless days and sleepless nights Lucas had spent by my bedside as I got sicker by the second. If we'd only known what it really meant back then.

Those painstaking moments in the movie theatre. How Lucas's body felt so fragile and limp in my arms as we waited for dawn to arise.

Even the memory of those times when the hunger drove him wild, my friends and I watching him fight for self control to diminish the hunger, seemed so far away.

The heartache and frustration for Lucas and I, realising that it was too dangerous for us to be together but even though it drove me mad sometimes that we couldn't be together in that way, I knew that we would get through it because we still had each other.

Every moment I spent with him was magical, going by way to quickly.

Just lying with him in silence, the feel of his cold skin against mine sent tingles up spine.

Every moment he'd saved me from a trap that Mrs. Bethany had set.

Those fevered and chaste kisses as we fought against the fiery desire within us.

All of those moments led us one step closer to where we are now.

Inhaling heavily, Lucas and I pulled back from each other at the same time. Our eyes were locked together, studying each other with intense curiosity.

His stare was intense and so intimate that I could feel goose bumps prickling my skin.

Lucas's bronze hair was tousled, tiny snowflakes nesting and hanging of a few loose strands. Faint red splodges tainted his pale copper skin and small scars were edged along his chin, one running right down the side of jaw. They were faint, barely even visible now as the skin kitted together, the open wounds healing super fast.

My eyes travelled down the slender, razor sharp outline of his cheekbones to the curved surface of the tip of his nose. Stubble layered his upper lip.

His lips were swollen, the shade of cherry. The line in the middle of his lower lip were his skin had been torn barely a few seconds ago had faded away.

Unable to control myself, I raised a hand up and traced an invisible line along his lips, closing my eyes at how soft and warm his skin felt under the pad of my finger.

Lucas brought a hand up to my face, cupping the side of it in his palm before drawing an invisible line down the edge of my jaw, trailing his finger down my neck to the hollow of it. He placed a hand on my chest, right over my heart. The touch sent shivers spiralling through me.

His eyes widened in shock and I could hear that loud intake of air that he drew in from the back of his throat. I smiled at him softly, placing my hand over the back of his to lift it from my chest and to press it to the right side of his.

We could feel the steady beat drumming through the closed cavern of his ribs just like mine was.

"This is not possible" his voice was barely a whisper as he lowered our hands to the snow layered ground. "This isn't real. It can't be" his gaze was fixed to the ground where our hands were pressed palm to palm.

"Lucas..." I reached up with my free hand to cradle the side of his face in it. "This is real"

His eyes travelled down my face, lingering on my lips "But..."

"You're alive" I whispered, twining our fingers together, bringing them up to my heart "I'm alive"

And it felt so damn good.

Everything around me felt suddenly so reenergised and just so... alive.

I let the brooch go from my hand, watching it fall gracefully to the soft snow, landing against it lightly.

The look in Lucas's eyes was expectant, I didn't blame because I too was expecting something to happen. In the worst case, disappear but I didn't.

"This is real... This is really real" disbelief mingled in his tone along with relief and happiness.

I felt a smile tugging at the ends of my lips as I nodded. "It's real"

His smile started at one end of his face and ended at the other. His cheekbones were raised and all the tiredness seemed to have faded away, making him look more vibrant and youthful than I had ever seen him.

Lucas's excitement was almost infectious as his arms fell to my waist, pulling me against him as he fell back against the snow. He reached up with one hand to cradle the side of my face in it before bringing it down to his.

"I love you, you know that?" Lucas whispered softly, his thumb tracing tantalizing circles across my jaw.

Leaning in closer, I looped my arms around his neck and brought my body closer to his. He felt so warm. He felt alive. "I think you've mentioned it"

His teeth grazed the soft skin layered on the edge of my jaw as one of his hands came to my waist, caressing it.

"Hey Lucas?" a whisper was the best I could manage with his mouth so close to mine and his deep, rich forest smell engulfing me.

"Mmmm?" his warm breath washed against my skin.

"I love you too" Leaning down, I crushed my lips hungrily to his, unable to control the burning desire within me. He reached up and tangled his fingers through my windswept hair.

I could hear him let out a groan in the back of his throat as our kiss deepened, both of us wanting dominance over the other.

He was mine and always would be.

I could taste the salty rustic taste of the blood- my blood- burning on his tongue and lips but I didn't care, knowing that this was our moment right now and had every intention of living it to the fullest.

I moaned loudly in my chest, feeling his teeth nipping at my skin, sure to create a little bruise.

Someone cleared their throat harshly causing Lucas and I to break away from our embrace regrettably, chests heaving heavily as shallow gasps escaped through our lips.

Lucas smiled warmly, placing his hands on my shoulders to push me back carefully so that he wouldn't hurt my feelings.

I soon realised the several people still surrounding us, their wide eyed gazes fixed on Lucas and I, looking right at us with speculation in their eyes.

I looked down at the snow, feeling a blush creeping up my cheeks, heating the flesh and probably turning it the softest shade of red.

"I'm confused..." A deep voice broke the airy silence. A voice that I instantly recognized as Vic's. "Was that some kind of crazy vampire CPR or was that- something?"

Lucas looked at me, smiling warmly- encouragingly- before he took my hand in his, fingers slipping easily and perfectly between mine, strength and courage travelling between us like electricity from that one simple touch.

He helped me up, steadying me with arms when I accidently stumbled forward.

I took a deep breath in, facing our spectators. Balthazar shot me a bittersweet smile and I smiled back at him, unclear as to why there was a hint of sadness in his eyes.

"Bianca" my mum's soft voice caught my attention, drawing my attention to her. Realization dawned over her face almost hauntingly. Her hand was wrapped so tightly around my dad's that I feared that her grip might just break one of his bones.

"This is what I want, mom" I said, my voice stronger than I thought it would be. "It's who I am now"

"Can someone please tell me what's going on?" Vic said, confusion echoing and wrapping around his words.

"Bianca brought us back" Lucas said, clenching to my arm tighter. I blushed at how strong and proud he sounded. "I'm alive; we're alive"

Everything went still and quite around us. Nothing moved; no one moved.

"You're part of the living again?" Vic was the first one to break the silence. He had an eyebrow raised up at us.

Lucas smiled, nodding slowly as his hand slipped out from mine to sneak it's way around my shoulder, pulling me to him.

All of us stared at each other, exchanging awkward gazes, unable to say anything.

"This is so freaking awesome!" Dana's enthusiasm took us all by surprise. Lucas and I exchanged a baffled look before bursting out into fit of laughter as she threw her hands up in the air and cheered.

It wasn't long before Lucas and I were surrounded by people's cheers and laughter that rang through the frosty air. Everyone gathered around, locking us between a tight embrace but even through the happy cries and cheers, there was only one sound that I cared about.

The sound of Lucas's heart beating in time with mine.

Rubble. That's what was left of Evernight Academy.

Just pieces of old, broken stone.

I might have hated Evernight to the high heavens once but it was a school that truly was a blessing in disguise because it brought me to Lucas and I couldn't ask for anything better.

I will miss it.

Oh who am I kidding?

I will miss it a hell a lot.

It brought me laughter, it brought me tears but I'll have to let it go because life keeps moving forward, no matter what.

This is living at last and with everything that's happened over the past year, I'm glad to let Evernight go and keep moving forward with life, no matter what fate has planned for Lucas and I because I know we'll get through it together because we're in it together; we've always been in it together.

"Thought I'd catch you here" A husky voice came up from behind me, footsteps thudded heavily against each stair.

I turned around, my heart missing a beat as I watched Lucas making his way towards me.

"Well you caught me" I grinned, leaning my back against the railings.

Lucas shoved his hands into the front pockets of his jeans, casually strolling over to me, his gaze wandering around the gazebo. "This place brings back so many memories"

I let out a deep sigh, nodding my head in agreement as I studied the structure of the small building. "It does"

This was the place where we had first kissed. The kiss that started it all and taken us on the wildest journey.

It was also the first place I'd tasted Lucas's blood- a human's blood.

Lucas smiled that beautiful lopsided grin that I'd fallen in love with so many times over and over again as he walked towards me, resting his elbows on the railings of the gazebo beside me. "When we were still at Evernight, would you have ever imagined that any of this would've happened and we'd be standing here today?"

"Not in my wildest dreams" I replied honestly, breathing out heavily, watching my breath flow as fog through the air.

Lucas looked at me, his face suddenly serious "Does it... does it feel weird?"

"What?" I frowned.

"Being here. Being human again?"

I chuckled softly and shook my head. "No. It feels like I'm... alive" a grin cracked on his lips. "You?"

Lucas looked into the distance, a faraway look gleaming in his green eyes. "Like I've lived my worst nightmare and never want to go back. Ever"

"You know,]" I swallowed, exhaling softly. "My dad said that even though we're human now, we will live longer than most people-"

"And have sharper senses than a normal person would" Lucas finished. "Yeah, I got the one on one"

I rolled my eyes, letting a few momentary seconds pass before I asked. "But after everything we've been through, it was all worth it, wasn't it?" I paused "Because it brought us to where we are now- together and this time for real"

"I guess" Lucas shrugged.

I bumped my shoulder against his playfully "It was worth it"

"So you say..." He trailed, looking ahead at the remains of our school. "It looks like its seen better days, don't you think?"

I laughed, leaning my head against his shoulder. "Definitely"

We stood there; silence enveloping us but it wasn't the awkward kind of silence. It could never be awkward with Lucas.

"Bianca?" he sighed, breaking the stillness.

"Hmmm?" I craned my head up to look at him.

"You know, whatever the future has planned for us, I want you to know that I love you. I love you today and I swear to God that I will love you tomorrow-"

"I love you too"

"Shhh" he placed a finger over my lips. "You know I still suck at this stuff so just hear me out" he swallowed almost nervously. "We've come so far, Bianca. You took me on the wildest ride of my life and created miracles that I never thought I live to see. I can't bare it if I were to lose you ever again so I swear to you that I will always be there for you-protecting you, being there for you whenever you need me and loving you" he cupped his hand on the side of my face, caressing it so gently and delicately. I could feel tears welling in the brim of my eyelids, threatening to fall. "Bianca, you're my miracle worker. You're my guardian angel. You've given me more than I could ever ask for in a thousand years. Especially bringing me back; bringing yourself back"

"Lucas..." I reached up with one hand to touch his face but he caught my hand halfway, bringing it down to his chest level, holding it between both his hands.

"You have my heart and soul, Bianca and I love you more than a million words can say which is why, when you're ready- we're ready" he held my hand as he got down on one knee in front of me. His dazzling emerald eyes met mine, burning with sincerity and honestly. "I'm going to get down on one knee just like this and I'm going to ask you to be my wife"

It was like his words made everything go still, including me.

"And when that day comes" I whispered, feeling the tears rolling freely down my cheeks as I used my arms to pull him up from the ground. "I'm going to say yes"

Lucas smiled softly at me, satisfaction in his eyes as he wiped away the tears from my face with the back of his hand, before letting his fingers trail down my moist cheek, everywhere his fingertips touched, it felt like my skin was being set on fire.

"I love you" I reached up and cradled his face between my hands, lacing my fingers through the thin strands of his dark golden brown hair. "I love you so much, Lucas" I kissed him on his mouth before placing butterfly kisses all over his face- his forehead, his cheeks, his lips.

His arms snaked around my waist, slowly pushing me back step by step till my back was pressed against one of the gazebo pillars.

Breathing heavily- almost desperately- his mouth opened mine further, fighting me for dominance.

He pulled me closer, his hand squeezing my waist tight while the other knotted its way roughly through my hair causing me to let out a deep moan, twining my arms tighter around his neck.

"You know what kinda sucks though" Lucas pulled away, his chest heaving heavily against mine. "We're both going to get old one day... We won't live forever and have a forever-"

I shook my head, stopping him from even finishing the sentence. I smiled at him softly, dropping my arms from his neck to loop them around his hips before leaning my forehead against his. "As long as we're both alive, Lucas, that's our forever"


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