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The Reader

Brown eyes roved over the creamy white pages, taking in every line printed onto the book in front of her. Skilled fingers danced over every word, taking in the little details that made up each and every unspoken story in the masterpiece. A soft whisper spoke to her as she memorized with her eyes and hands. Fingers weaved through stories told in silvery-blonde lines and caressed the painful words etched into the pages. The words that only she has the privelege of knowing. The words that were hidden in the enigmatic book that chose to let her in.

The book spoke a foreign language. A language of love and romance. But the book hid more than just that.

Hermione learned the book with her heart.

She took in every curve, every detail; every slash, every mark. Every blemish of word that contributed to the painting on the once unmarred book.

The marks filled her with sadness, pain and joy. Sadness in empathy, pain in knowing and joy in having. They made her feel human in embracing the vulnerabilities presented to her. They introduced to her a life that she never knew before.

Hermione worshipped the stories and their protagonist with whispers of her own.

Whispers of thanks for the trust bestowed on her.

Whispers of the promises that she vowed to keep.

The brunette took in all that were laid out in front of her, in the pristine and delicate book that so little understood. Silken lips joined in the telling of the stories; stories of a dark and distant past. Stories that spoke of pain. Stories that were forced to the very back of memories; stories that refused to be forgotten.

Hermione Granger embraced the stories, just like how she embraced the woman in front of her. The protagonist of the stories; the protagonist whose silent body spoke volumes.

The woman who chose to let down her walls for her.

The woman who chose her as her reader.

"Hey, Hermione."


"Where were you?"


"Finishing off work?"

"No. Reading."

A smile played at the corners of the brunette's lips.

Harry caught the shadow of a smile. "Must be a good one, I guess?"

"The best."