Everything was lost, everything gone. What would happen now? I looked around. We had probably just missed her. She had probably relocated, but I had had a new dream. She's in Bridgeview still. But on the other side of the city somewhere. We're leaving now. I don't want to go yet there is just so many things that we most do, but there will never be enough time to do it all and I'm just so scared. Why did she have to run off? Why do I keep having these dreams? Why do I feel that I have a feeling that I have to do this? Why do I feel so alone, even though I have people all around me? Why? I hope that this is over soon. after all this is over. alone again Then I can rest Why can't we find her? I really, really hope that this is over soon. All I ever seem to do is ask questions, questions, and more questions. Maybe we'll find her this time. Maybe after this the questions will stop. Maybe. Just maybe.