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For the Love of Domination

Chapter 26

Mishaps... Misunderstandings... & Make-Ups...


Tired eyes had me setting the chart in my hand down on my desk. The numbers and letters printed on the page were starting to move around, resembling ants scattering at a picnic.

I ran a hand roughly over my face and sighed.

Damn, I was tired!

A cursory glance at the clock told me that it was just after midnight, and I missed having dinner with Bella. I'd sent her a text earlier stating that it might be a possibility, but I had fully intended to surprise her by making it home in time to sit down and have dinner with her and maybe... you know; get my dick wet a little. But, no, I'd managed to fuck things up!



This was becoming a habit that I could no longer ignore.

A sharp knock on the door, disrupted the little one-man pity party I was currently having. "Come in," I called out to the knocker, breathing easy when I saw it was just my father.

"Edward," Carlisle said in greeting, eying me with concern. "What are you still doing here, son? I thought you were headed home hours ago?"

Motioning to the chair in front of my desk, I urged my father to sit. "I was, Dad, but this case...it´s stumping me. But..."

"Your heart´s not in it," Carlisle said, finishing my sentence. "That's usually what happens when you have a beautiful woman at home warming your bed at night."

"God," I groaned, tugging at my hair in agitation. "Am I that transparent?"

"Yes, and no, son," he answered somewhat diplomatically. Wanting to know more, I inclined my head, encouraging him to continue. "Edward, my boy, you are my son, and besides that, like your mother, when you do something, you don´t do it halfway." Smirking, he picked up the picture frame that was sitting on my desk in front of me; it was a picture of Bella and me at the Valentine´s Day Ball.

My girl was fucking gorgeous.

I couldn´t keep my eyes off of her, and I made sure to stay close all night. The vultures were circling, and I didn't want anyone getting any ideas. That weekend marked many firsts and changed things for both of us.


Images of me taking my pet anally flashed through in my head.

"I swear to God, Isabella, if you don´t stop me now... I won´t be able to fucking quit!"

"Ahhh... fuck..." she screamed. "Please, Sir... please... I need you to move! Please...holy shit! I need to feel your cock... please Sir... pleeeeeasssseeeee!"

Never had I felt so connected, not just physically, but also spiritually to another person in my life. And what came next was a shock, even to me. I didn´t remember consciously dialing, but I knew as soon as heard his gruff voice, I had to fucking man up.

The conversation went something like this:


Swallowing the seriously large lump in my throat, I managed to choke out, "Uh, Chief Swan... sir... we need to talk!"

"Cullen, is that you?"

"Uh... yes, sir."

"What´s wrong," he asked, sounding panicked. "Is it Bella? Is she okay?"

God, I´m such a fucking idiot!

Of course, he would automatically assume something was wrong with his daughter!

"No, no, Chief, it´s nothing like that," I quickly scrambled to get out.

"Well, boy, what the hell are you calling me for at one o´clock in the morning if not for a damn emergency?" I swear, no matter how old I got, the man still had the power to bring me to my knees with his harsh way of speaking.

"I´m sorry, Char... I mean Chief Swan, I didn´t realize it was so late. I just really needed to talk to you about something," I confessed, running a nervous hand through my hair. "You see, tonight, Bella and I attended the Valentine´s Day Ball and God, Chief, I had the most beautiful woman in the room on my arm."

"Cullen, as much as I love hearing you compliment my baby girl, I´ve got to get up in four hours to take my boy fishing. Is there a point to this little pillow talk we´re having? Cause if it´s only about the yakking, Sue´s quilting circle could use another lady, that´s if you´re interested."

I face palmed myself, God, I´m such a fucking idiot!

I´m a goddamn world renowned neurologist, graduated top of my class, youngest department head in the history of Seattle Children´s Hospital, and I can´t manage to have a decent conversation with my girlfriend's father.

I´m a goddamn lost cause!

Clearing my throat, I pulled my balls out of my ass and put my big boy shorts on. "Charlie, the reason I called was to ask you for your blessing."

"Oh yeah, and what the hell would you need that for?" Charlie all but growled. "You´ve already defiled my little girl and convinced her to live in sin. It´s a little late to be asking for my approval, don´t you think?"

"Look, Chief," I said, getting irritated with myself. "I want to ask Bella to marry me, and I´d like to get your blessing, but, with or without it, I´m going to ask her. I´m in love with your daughter and I want to spend the rest of my life showing her just how much she means to me. So, what do you say, Charlie, do I have your support or not?"

The line went quiet, so much so that you could hear a pin drop. And then, out of nowhere, Charles Swan, Forks' fearless, no-bullshit-taking chief-of-police, started laughing. I´m talking gut wrenching, knee-slapping, tear-inducing guffaws. I had just poured my heart out to the man and all he could think to do was laugh?

What the fuck?

"Edward," Charlie hiccupped between chortles. "I´m just giving you a hard time, son," sobering, he continued, "I could tell when you and Bells where here a few months ago that you were a goner and it was only a matter of time before I received a call like this. Personally, I thought you´d at least make it to summer, but Sue disagreed. Guess, I lost that bet," he chuckled to himself.

Releasing the breath I´d been holding, I asked, "So, for clarity's sake, was that a yes?"

"Hell yeah, son, you have my blessing," Charlie confirmed soundly. "Any man that can tell me he´s planning to marry my daughter with or without my blessing is man enough in my book to take care of my little girl." That was all the fuck I needed to hear.

After thanking Charlie profusely, we ended our call, but not before he threatened to dismember my body and hide the parts if I ever hurt his little girl. Bella was mine, and I was hell bent on keeping it that way.


So far, you're doing one hell of a fucking job!

How much time have you spent with her this week?

Fucking conscience... I hated that it was always right.

I had been letting my work come between Bella and me all week. I knew it was bad when I had to cancel our Wednesday playtime; the sadness in her voice devastated me, especially since her period was on last weekend and we were limited as to what we could do. I knew my girl needed a good release, but by the time I made it home at night, she was sleeping peacefully and I was fucking exhausted.

My father´s voice broke through my reverie. "She´s perfect for you, Edward. You have no idea how long your mother and I have waited to see that look in your eyes. You've been alone for far too long, son. But, now, I know why you waited; Isabella was made for you."

Feeling my cheeks heat up, I nervously shuffled some papers around on my desk. "Well," looking down, "Bella´s easy to love. She´s the most important thing in my world, Dad; well, her and those spoiled mutts we have at home." My tough guy act was just that, an act. Marley and Mojo owned me just like their mother did.

"Tell me about it," Carlisle chuckled loudly. "I still owe you one for giving your mother that dog. She's been cockblocking me at every turn. I´m afraid that if I don´t get my freak on soon, I´m going to start taking my frustrations out on everybody else."

"Jesus, Dad," I balked nearly choking on my saliva. "TMI, old man, TMI..." Inwardly, I cringed at the thought of my parents having sex. Of course, being a doctor, I knew they still had very healthy and active libidos, but, as their son, I didn't want to hear about it. That was my mother he was talking about for Christ´s sake. "Gee, Dad, thanks for the visual," I groaned, covering my face with my both my hands.

"Oh please, Edward," Carlisle said incredulously. "Don't be such a prude. Besides," Carlisle cocked a brow and regarded me with a smirk. "It's not like I'm clueless as to what my children are up to when their mother and I aren´t around." I nearly swallowed my tongue at that last comment.

Gaping like a fish, I didn't know whether to feel relieved or mortified. It's not like I was ashamed of being a Dom, but I seriously didn't think that my parents would understand that I got off on tying women up and turning their asses red.

"Wh-w-what?" I sputtered, choking on my words. "I have no idea what you're talking about, Dad." Okay, so, maybe evading wasn't the best tactic.

I'm sure I resembled a scared little boy. Sitting there all wide-eyed and nervous brought me back to my childhood when Emmett would do something stupid that we both paid the price for.

My dad took one look at my scared expression, and fell over laughing. I mean doubled-over, slap-your-knee, tear-inducing guffaws. I just sat their staring at him like he'd grown another head, wondering what the fuck was so funny.

I was not falling into his trap like I did when I was little, he would have to come out and say it, before I owned up to anything. Carlisle and Esme Cullen were quite resourceful when it came to turning their children against each one other. All my parents had to do was allude to knowing what happened, and I sang like a damn canary.

Not this time, damn it; I was not falling for it!

Gaining a little more confidence, I sat up straighter in my chair, and repeated with conviction, "I don't know what you're referring to, Dad. You must have me confused with Emmett." There, that ought to convince him. Number one rule of survival in the Cullen home had always been, `throw thy sibling under the bus´.

Hey, Emmett has done it to Alice and me for years, so payback's a bitch!

Take that, big brother!

Drying his tear-stained cheeks, Carlisle sobered. Cocking an all-knowing eyebrow, he said, "So, you mean to tell me that Emmett's behavior at Sunday dinner, Alice's calm demeanor, and Isabella's sometime overtly quiet presence has nothing to do with my children´s involvement in the BDSM community?"

He'd hit the nail on the fucking head, and I'm sure my expression told him as much.

Leaning back in his chair, Carlisle regarded me with a look of incredulity, almost as if he was shocked that I was trying to deny it. "Edward, I know my damn children. Your mother and I may not say anything about it, but we do know what´s going on." Carlisle´s looked softened, and he held his hands up in surrender. "Son, not going to lie, it was a bit of a shock to our system to find out that all of our children were participating in such activities, but, that being said, your mother and I want you and your brother and sister to be happy, and if this is what makes you happy, who are we to judge? I´ve seen the way Bella looks at you, and it reminds me of the way your mother looks at me when I come home from a long shift at the hospital; Jasper and Rosalie aren´t much different. I have faith in your upbringing, and I know that you would never put Bella in harm´s way. Besides, she's completely and utterly enamored with you."

"Maybe not physically," I grumbled, reaching for my hair again and tugging.

"What do you mean, son," Carlisle asked, looking confused. "Is something going on between the two of you? Are you guys having problems?"

Sighing, I slumped in my chair. "Not like that, Dad; it´s not what you think. It´s just this new clinical trial I´m working on has been taking up a lot of my time, and lately, when I make it home, Bella´s already asleep. And I leave before she gets up. She hasn´t complained, but I just feel guilty for neglecting her so much." Looking up into my father´s concerned blue eyes, I finally admitted my fears. "With everything coming between us, Dad, I´m just afraid that she´ll get tired of waiting around, and realize that I´m not worth it...we´re not worth it."

"First of all," Carlisle started. "Bella is crazy about you, and has been since she was a teenager. Second, you need to find a balance, son. For years, it was just you; so, naturally, you would put in more than your fair share of hours here. But, now, you have a beautiful young woman waiting at home for you to keep her warm at night." Sitting back in his chair, Carlisle rested his ankle on his knee. "Use your team, Edward, that´s what they´re here for, to help! Delegate responsibilities and go home to your girlfriend. That is an order! I don´t want to see you back in this hospital until Tuesday morning, and even then, you are not to be found in this hospital past six o´clock. As your supervisor, do I make myself clear?"

Grinning, I responded without hesitation. "Crystal! Thanks, Dads; I owe you big time," I said while gathering up my shit and heading for the door.

Carlisle stood, and straightened his lab coat and tie. "Just be happy, Edward, that´s payback enough. Now, get out of here, I´ll see to it that everyone knows what they need to do over the weekend. Just short of a natural disaster, I don´t want to see you in this hospital until Tuesday morning. I mean it, son," Carlisle warned with a cocked brow and a mock glare. After giving my father a one-armed man hug, I headed for my car. I was so excited to be going home, I didn´t even bother to change out of my scrubs.


Sooner than I thought possible, I was pulling into my designated parking spot next to Bella. Home. That was the only thought floating through my mind. Anywhere my girl was would always be home to me.

With a renewed pep in my step, I boarded the elevator, my stiff cock leading the way like a beacon in the night. No sooner than the doors slid open was I out and seeking the whereabouts of my girl. Hopefully, I could convince her to go into work late tomorrow, so we could take our time reconnecting.

Stepping off the elevator into the foyer, the place was quiet, save for some soft music coming from the bedroom. Over in the corner, Mojo and Marley whined from inside their cage. Hmm… odd, Bella usually lets them sleep with her. This is cannot be a good sign. Bending down, I reached through the bars of the obnoxiously large contraption to give them each a pet. "I don't know what you two look so sad about," I said, scratching behind first Mojo's ear then Marley's. "You two little vermin are living the good life." Standing, I smirked wickedly, knowing that Bella usually put the dogs away when we had sex, so I was hoping this was the case and not that she was waiting to kill me. "Well guys," I said, standing up, "I've got a beautiful – hopefully naked – woman waiting for me in the bedroom, so, guess I'll see you tomorrow, hopefully, not too early. Wish me luck," I threw out over my shoulder, already heading for the bedroom.

I had an extra bounce in my step as I opened the halfway closed door ready to surprise my girl. Too bad, I was the fucking one left with my mouth hanging open. It appeared that Bella couldn't be bothered to wait for me, and went ahead and got the party started all on her own.

On the one hand, the Dom hand, I was fucking livid. While on the other, the asshole boyfriend, I was jealous that she was doing what I had neglected for days to do.

My cock, who was an every-man-for-himself type of fucker, was already running a metal cup over the bars trying to get out. For a moment, I just stood there, stunned. My jealously was somewhat squelched as I watched my girl struggle to get herself off. Knowing her better than she knew herself, this was subconsciously bothering her.

Those were my nipples she was pinching...

My pussy she was fingering...

And the sad part was – she knew it too.

I just stood there drinking her in. Jesus... my girl was a vision, sprawled out on our bed teasing her tight little uncooperative cunt. "Oh...oh...oh..." she chanted squeezing her eyes shut in concentration. "Yes...yes...so close...I need...ungh..." Bella's hips bucked wildly, seeking pleasure that was dangling just beyond her reach.

Wanting, but not, to stop her, I quietly slipped off my shoes and padded across the room to the bed. "Tell me, Isabella, tell me what you need." I demanded before pushing her fingers out of the way and replacing them with my own. "Like that," I asked. "Is that what you need, Isabella?"

Momentarily caught off guard, she screamed. "Yes... yes... harder, Edward, please! I need it harder!" I pumped one, two, and then three fingers in and out of her tight little hole.

Lost in the bright haze of euphoria that only I could bring her, Isabella allowed her body to give in to her baser needs and overrule her good judgment. It didn't matter that I was helping her along, this was wrong, and, somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew it.

Needing to see her fall apart at my hands, I leaned in to whisper in her ear, "Cum for me, Isabella."

Her eyes shot open.

And she finally found her voice, but, of course, it was too late.

The damage had already been done.

Her body, knowing who controls it, betrayed her, just as in a small way, she had betrayed me her Master!

"Nooo..." she cried, while her body wracked with spasm after spasm. "Please, no... Make it stop!" She tried to close her legs, but Bella was no match for me.

I used my forearms to hold her open, while I continued to massage her g-spot, prolonging her ill-gotten release. Despite Isabella's protests, I could tell that her body was relishing in the pleasure my fingers were giving her.

Bringing her to orgasm, watching her fall apart from my touch was something I needed see just as badly as she needed to feel. But I could see the war in her mind raging, she was dreading the outcome. "Yes…yes…oh God yes…" she screamed, only to change her mind in the end. "No… I... no… stop, stop... please!" I knew it was only the submissive side of her wanting me to stop, but she'd already earned her punishment, so why not take it all the way. It broke my fucking heart to see the look of sadness and defeat in her eyes over what she'd done.

I had to get away.

Escape that look.

Especially, since I was responsible for putting it there.

So many things I could have done differently, if only I had taken the time to pull my head out of my ass, and pay attention. I knew that this was all new to Bella. The only relationship she'd ever been in was with that fucking douche bag, Jacob Black. And that shit was comedy at best.

My girl's only heart's desire was to please me, but her need for stimulation and release overrode her good judgment. Bella's job was just as stressful as mine, and what I should have done was explain to her that, although all of her orgasms belonged to me, all she needed to do was call me and I would give her the go-ahead to please herself.

I may not be new to the whole Dom scene, but this was the first time that I'd been romantically involved with my submissive. This shit was proving to be a lot harder than it looked.

Defeated, I stood up to leave, hoping that Bella wouldn't see everything that she felt mirrored in my expression, that and so much more. I was fucking angry and I needed some type of distraction. The fact that my cock was hard as granite wasn't helping either. "Edward, wait! Let me explain," Bella begged, with tears of remorse burning her eyes.


She'd seen!

She'd seen all things that I'd tried to hide from her, all the things I blamed myself for, but, already, I could see that she was interpreting it wrong. Bella had mistaken that the anger and pain in my expression was aimed toward her, which pissed me off even more. "No, Bella," I said firmly, exhaling a deep breath. "I´m going to take a shower now," involuntarily, my jaw clenched and unclenched in restraint, "then, if you´re up to it, I´d like something to eat," I beseeched, knowing that a cold shower would give me the time I needed to get my shit together.

Not wanting to mar our reunion any further by dealing with this tonight, I asked her to fix me something to eat while I took a shower. I was hoping to give us both a moment to regroup. Turning, I looked Bella in the eyes, "Tonight," I cupped her cheek and stroked it with my thumb, "tonight, I just want to hold my girlfriend. Let's just take care of Edward and Bella," I said before heading towards the bathroom. But before closing it I added, "We´ll just let tomorrow take care of itself." I knew by the quiet gasp that fell from her lips she knew exactly what I was referring to.

The soft click of the door sounded loud in my ears. Leaning against it, I waited until I could no longer hear Bella moving around outside to reach in my pocket and pull out my phone.

Pulling up the number, I pushed send and waited. "Cullen, tell me this is not about what I think it is."

Yes, I answered in my head, unable to get the words past my lips. I was calling that line; there was no sense in lying about my reasons.

My silence was as good as any verbal confession.

I was guilty as charged.

"So, the usual then, and Edward... please don't add insult to injury by being late." With that, the line went dead.

Turning on the shower, I shed my clothes and stepped under the frigid spray. "Gah..." I hissed as the needles of ice cold water hit my back. As painful as this was, it was by no means all that I deserved.


By the time I exited the shower stall, my body had gone numb and my lips were on the verge of turning blue. Let's not even talk about my cock. That fucker had run for the hills five seconds after I stepped under the water.

Prepared to head out of the bathroom naked, I was momentarily stunned when I saw a towel on the warmer just above my sleep pants, which were also warming. Gripping my hair, I sighed, "My sweet and beautiful, Bella, always taking care of me, even when I fail to take care of her."

Once my mess was all picked up, I headed out of the bathroom in search of my girl. The soft jazz music was still flowing from the iHome in our room and, if I hadn't been privy to what had just happened less than half an hour ago, I would bet my life that my girl was trying to seduce me.

Now, not so much...

Unable to hide out any longer, I took a deep breath, found my balls, and walked into the kitchen.

As soon as I crossed the threshold my stomach rumbled at the delectable aroma coming from inside. On the island was a single place setting with a steaming bowl of Bella's homemade tomato soup. Immediately, I could feel the saliva pooling in my mouth.

Aside from being the sexiest woman in the world, Bella was an awesome fucking cook.

Tearing my eyes away from the bounty set before me, my attention was instantly drawn to my girl. Standing in front of the stove was a vision of pure perfection. Flipping a grilled cheese on the griddle, in nothing but my old baseball jersey and a pair of red boy shorts, was mybeautiful Bella. "Yes, mine," I growled under my breath. Swallowing another feral growl in the back of my throat, I moved forward with the stealth of a panther stalking its prey.

I was on a mission and refused to be deterred.

Molding my back to her front, Bella purred deep in her throat and melted into me as my hand reached around and took hold of hers. Without a word shared between us, I removed the skillet from the fire and cut it off.

"I'm sorry I haven't been around, Baby," I whispered into the crook of her neck, running my nose back and forth delighting my senses in her smell. "I've neglected my duties as your significant other."

Bella turned in my arms, and stared deeply into my eyes. "Edward, no," she started and before I could stop myself, I cut her off with a kiss. My lips moved against hers swallowing her words.

For a minute or two, I just lost myself in Bella.

Her taste, her smell, her touch, everything to do with Isabella Marie Swan totally consumed me in that moment. Panting and breathless, I let my forehead fall against hers. Intoxicated by her mere presence, I closed my eyes and just breathed her in. "Baby, I know I don't deserve you, but I need you so fucking bad right now." Holding on to her just a little tighter, I buried my face in her hair when I felt an overwhelming surge of emotion wash over me. "Please, Baby, please say yes, I need to have my dick buried inside you."

Stepping back, she took her thumb and gently ran it under my eye to catch the moisture. Never had I felt so naked and vulnerable in my life. My emotions were raw and visible by the evidence of my tears. Needless to say, I felt safe, safe enough to bare my soul to this woman without fear of her using my weakness against me.

Entwining her fingers with mine, Bella tugged me toward the tabled, pushed me down into a chair, and straddled my lap. "Edward," kiss "you never" kiss "have to"kiss "beg me for what's yours." Taking my mouth, she kissed me breathless.

And, when air became a necessity for us both, Bella's swollen luscious lips moved to the spot right behind my ear that drove me fucking wild every time. Her tongue peeked out and swiped across my earlobe causing me to shiver. "Fuck me, Babe. I need to feel your cock inside me." My dick did a fucking happy dance in my pants.

She didn't have to tell me twice!

Grabbing the hem of her shirt, Bella lifted her arms so I could remove it with ease. "Fuck," I moaned when her perky tits came bouncing out from underneath. I wasted no time latching on, sucking her nipples in earnest.

I devoured and worshiped my girl's breasts like the starving man I was. How I'd ever gone this long without having Bella I didn't know. "Edward, please..." she panted, tugging tightly on the hairs at the nape of my neck. Bella's pussy was so wet she'd soaked through her panties and my sleep pants.

Slipping my fingers under the waistband, I came in contact with her slick, swollen lips. "Goddamn it, Babe," I growled into her neck. "You're so fucking wet and ready for me."

Toying with her swollen clit, I had Bella mewling and whining wantonly in no time. Wanting to send her over the edge before I fucked the shit of her right here on the kitchen table, I doubled my efforts. Pushing two fingers inside her tight, wet heat, I curled them in a come-hither fashion and I pumped out a vigorous rhythm while applying just the right amount of pleasure to her swollen jewel. Before long, Bella was screaming out in pleasure, gushing sweet nectar all over my hand. "Ah... ah... Edward..." she cried out, digging her fingernails painfully into my shoulders as she rode out her high.

Needing to be inside her, I shifted the seat of her boy shorts out of the way, freed myself from my pants, and impaled Bella with my rock hard cock. "Son-of-a-bitch," I hissed, fighting off the need to cum prematurely; it had been a while since I'd gotten my dick wet, and, like an alcoholic getting that first taste of liquor, I was on a high.

"Shit, Babe," I breathed into her shoulder where my face was buried. Sucking and nipping at the spot just below her earlobe, I gripped her hips, keeping them still while I pumped in and out of her, hard. "Feels so fucking good... my pussy... my fucking pussy..." I continued to rant nonsensically as my cock pistoned in and out of her tight heat.

"Yes... yes... God yessss…" Bella moaned. Swiveling her hips, Bella caused a fierce growl to escape my lips and my dick to twitch and grow harder inside of her, if that was even possible.

"No, Baby, there's nobody here but me and my cock giving you pleasure right now. Tell me what you need. Say it, Bella." I implored, sucking on the tender flesh behind her ear. I knew that, by not moving, I was driving her wild, but I wanted to hear her say it. Hear her say that she wanted me to fuck her. Raw.

Squirming in my lap, Bella whined, "Edward, please..."

No way, sweetheart, not good enough!

"Please what, Bella," I taunted, flexing my hips just enough to tease her. "If you can't say it, Sweetheart, then you can't have it." Determined that I wouldn't make this easy on her, I continued to lick and nip at the heated flesh of her neck. Though, one day, this would come in handy in the playroom; I wanted Bella to give in to her baser desires.

We were all about the taboo around here...

The more I taunted her, the more she fought against it. Why she felt the need to hold on and not let herself go was beyond my comprehension, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying the buildup. Soon, my little pussycat would give in and let her claws come out, and I was going to damn well enjoy the show. Moving to her breasts, I could feel her pussy gush and clamp down on me as soon as I latched on to her taut dusty-rose peak.

"Jesus," she hissed low and long.

Releasing her nipple with a pop, I cocked a brow and regarded her with a smirk. "Well now, that's the second time you're giving my credit away," I said with a mock pout. Making to push her off my lap, I continued, "maybe..." I paused for dramatic effect, "I'm not the one you want... Isabella..." I whispered, dragging out her name in a way that made her tremble.

"What? No! You, I only want you!" she screamed, locking her arms around my neck like a vice.

One thing was for sure; my girl was not letting me go anywhere until I fucked her good and proper.

Losing all form control, Bella screamed, "Fuck me! I want you to fuck me, Edward!" Her mouth overtook mine in a hungry, almost punishing kiss, and I could no longer hold back.

Oh, how the tables had turned.

Digging my fingers into her hips to get a good solid grip, I lifted her up and slammed her down to meet my rising hips. Within the first three strokes of me power driving into my girl's sweet pussy, she was trembling and gushing her sweet nectar all over me. "Oh... oh... ooh... fuck! I... yes, Edward, yes..." she cried over and over, stroking my fucking ego in the process.

To know that it was my dick that was making her sing, making her gush, making her cry out in euphoric ecstasy, and, most of all, to know that my cock was the only one that would ever have the pleasure and privilege of being inside her made me even harder.

My fucking dick was like a drill pounding into concrete. I couldn't get enough of Bella's pussy. Nothing was going to come between me and reclaiming my girl tonight. Bella hadn't recovered from her first orgasm before I was swinging her legs around, putting her back to my front and watching her bounce up and down on my dick like a pogo stick.

"Fuck, Baby," I panted, leaning back in my chair so I could watch my cock slide in and out of Bella's pussy. "Babe, you look so fucking sexy riding my cock." Pressing a hand to the small of her back I urged her to bend over. "Hold on, Sweetheart this ride's about to get a little bumpy."

With my back pressed firmly against hers, my hips began to beat out a punishing rhythm. And, let it be known, my girl was just as eager as I was, Bella's rocking body met me thrust for thrust. In mere minutes, we were both covered in sweat, panting our way to a very explosive release.

"Motherfucker!" I growled, feeling the familiar burn race through my loins. "My pussy... my fucking pussy," I panted, loving the feel of my balls slapping against Bella's clit. "Won't last… need to... ungh… cum, Bella... need you to cum..." I spit out through clenched teeth.

Reaching around, I vigorously rubbed her swollen pleasure nub before giving it a slight pinch. "Jeee… holy shit, I'm... gah..." Bella screamed just before her sweet pussy clamped down on cock. "Edward, I... I... I'm... gah... I'm cummingggg..."

Feeling her body spasm against and around mine sent me spiraling off into the abyss. "Ung huh... Ung hug... fuck yeah…" I felt lightheaded as my cum filled my sweet girl's hole. "Ungh... ungh… yeah… ahh..." I breathed out when my body finally stopped releasing.

Spent, and thoroughly sated, my body collapsed on top of hers. Never could I remember cumming so long and so hard in my life. As good as it felt to have her body pinned under mine; I needed to move before I crushed my tiny beauty.

With a grunt and a hiss, I pushed away, breaking our connection. Bella whined, mimicking my displeasure; which let me know that she didn't approve either. My legs felt like jelly and there was no way that I was going to be able to move anytime soon, so I flopped back into the chair behind me, pulling Bella into my chest as I did.

"Edward," Bella whined after a few minutes of just cuddling, "I need to go get cleaned up." She struggled to get out of my grasp, but I just tightened my arms and wiggled my hips for good measure. It didn't bother me in the least that I could feel our combined juices seeping from her body. "Eww... Edward, that's so gross!" I Bella laughed, swatting playfully at my chest.

"What, Babe?" I asked in mock hurt. "Don't you like having my juices drip from your sweet, tight little pussy?" I whispered huskily into her ear and licked the outer shell for good measure.

Rewarding me with a shiver, Bella buried her face in my neck and moaned. "Edward..." was all she had to say before I was scooping her up bridal style and heading for our bedroom, where I proceeded to take my time in worshiping and loving my girl's sexy body.

All... night... long...


"Ungh... ungh..." I grunted in pleasure. "Ahh shit... ahh shit... fuck Babe that feels so..." All coherent thought left my mind as I shot my morning load down Bella's tight-as-fuck throat.

Falling back against my pillows, I threw my arm over my eyes as I fought to catch my breath. "Now that was a fucking wake-up call," I panted heavily. "Come here, Baby, and let me thank you... properly."

Grinning slyly, she shook her head, "Not happening, I let you distract me last night, but you will not deter me this morning; you need to eat, Babe." As soon as the word 'eat' left her swollen lips, my nostrils took notice of the decadent smells permeating the room.

Turning rogue, my stomach decided that it was the perfect time to growl and remind me of my missed dinner last night, blushing, I conceded. "Guess I could use a little nourishment," I said sheepishly. "What are we having?"

Bella's face lit up at my question. She was absolutely beautiful and completely in her element she as the laid out the spread before us. My girl was a natural submissive through and through, and found great pleasure in caring for me, both in the playroom and out.

Scooting up against the headboard, I relaxed while Bella grabbed a tray full of delicious foods from the dresser. We spent the next hour or so feeding each other little bits of Danish, deliciously sweet fruit, eggs, and various meats while sipping on Mimosas.

Not bad for our first make-up, I thought as I prepared my pet's room later that afternoon.

My girl was on the terrace with Mojo and Marley writing in her journal for later. She'd already checked in with Angela, and was confident that all was running smoothly in her absence, which helped her to relax a bit more, which was surprising to me because her punishment was looming in the air. After a brief discussion this morning, we mutually decided that play time would start at two today, since we would be going out tonight.

Stepping into the oversized closet that housed my pet's submissive attire, I carefully went through the drawers of skimpy, barely there pieces of lingerie to find what I was looking for. "Ahh haa... here it is," I said, smirking to myself as I held up the pale pink lacey crotchless thong in one hand and the matching shelf bra in the other. My pet was going to look exquisite in these, not to mention, it would display her new little trinkets perfectly.

Satisfied with the soft pleated leather skirt and the matching leather vest I'd laid out for my pet to wear, I placed her leather play collar and thigh high leather boots alongside them. Everything was perfect, and my pet was sure to be the envy of every sub in the club tonight, well, with the exception of her best friend, and my sister, Alice. Now, if only Sir could be as successful in his attempt to make up with his pet tonight as Edward was with Bella.

Regaining my pet's unwavering trust would make all right in my world again.

Well, I'll just be over here twiddling my thumbs in anticipation of what you guys think. If you are so led, leave me some love. And I'm going to be seeing you a lot sooner next time. I may move slow, but I always finish what I start,and my stories are no different.