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For the Love of Domination

Chapter Twenty-Eight

A Punishment Well Deserved...


If someone would have told me eight months ago that the woman of my dreams would one day be kneeling at my feet, while I hand fed her an array of fruits, meats and cheeses, I would have laughed in their faces and told them to fuck off.

Boy would I have been wrong!

"Open, pet," my fingers slipped pass her plump lips with a piece of cheese and I nearly came in my fucking pants when she sucked whipped cream from my fingers. Leaning in, I sucked the spot behind her ear, causing her to moan. "You, my naughty slut, will learn that I am a master of control." I pinched Isabella's nipple causing her breath to hitch. "There is reason why I'm in control, pussycat."

Keeping a tight hold on her swollen peak, I reached into my pants pocket with my free hand, pulling out the small bulb pump and two rubber bands. With Isabella's focus on the pleasurable way I was torturing her breasts, she was completely caught by surprise when I attached the pump to her nipple, elongated the rose-colored bud with the pump, and then slipped the rubber band on.

I repeated the action on the other nipple, and watched her squirm.

And, I enjoyed every minute of it!


I sent Isabella to her room to shower while I cleaned up the kitchen. Once finished, I headed to my room to take a shower and get dressed. If things went according to plan, tonight would be a very good night for both my little naughty sub and me.

This morning, while Isabella was at the spa with the girls, I took the liberty of preparing the playroom for tonight's scene. At my request, my pet had written in her journal about a scene she would like us to do. And, unbeknownst to her, we were going to incorporate a part of her fantasy scene in tonight's play.

Turns out, my little girl wanted to try suspension; it was one of her soft limits, but I, on the other hand, had all but mastered the technique. Three or four times a year, depending on my schedule, I gave classes and demonstrations at the club. I was hoping that, after tonight, my pet would love it just as much as I did.

Hmmm… maybe my pet would like to assist me in the next demonstration.

The front of my pants tightened at the thought of seeing Isabella's body trussed up in rope and hanging on display in my playroom. I'd even ordered some very expensive silk woven rope in very vibrant colors to cover my pet's skin. Imagining Isabella's skin adorned in her signature color, blue, had my dick leaking pre-cum. Isabella and I both shared an affinity for erotic photography, and I had some pretty state-of-the-art video and photography equipment in the playroom.

I couldn't wait to get some erotic shots of my pet, and a few videos of our playtime. That will be so fucking hot to watch. Damn, I told Isabella that I had control, but I never said that it felt good to have it. My balls were bluer than the fucking Pacific Ocean. The moment the hot water hit my body, my hand was around my swollen cock pumping it with vigor.

Satisfied, but not sated, I wrapped a bath towel around my waist and used a hand towel to dry my unruly hair. Cleaning the excess water from the mirror, I took a look at my reflection and decided forgo shaving, and put my day old scruff to good use later.

Dressed in a pair of black tailored Gucci slacks and a black Armani button-down shirt, sans neck tie, I headed down the hall to check on my naughty submissive. An automatic smile spread across my face as I leaned against the doorway and drank in my perfect girl. Isabella was naked, kneeling in her inspection pose.

She was absolutely perfect!

Once I let her squirm a bit, figuratively, I took her through our collaring ritual. I wasn't lying when I told Isabella how seeing her wearing nothing but my collar did such wicked things to me. Loathed to cover any part of her flesh, I helped her into her lingerie for the evening; and if I thought blue looked good against her skin, holy fuck. The contrast of the red lace against her natural translucence was striking.

Goddamn it, if I didn't get my cock into her pussy soon, I was going to fucking combust!

Down boy, all good things come in due time. My conscience reminded me.

Fuck, I hated when he was right.

I loved this thong; it gave me easy access to my pet's sweet pussy. With her attention focused on her nipples, which I was sucking and flicking, Isabella was completely caught off guard when I started fingering her sweet pussy and torturing her clit. Not going to lie, her reaction, though minute and only noticeable to the trained eye, made me fucking proud. I've had and seen seasoned submissives crumble under much less stimulation.

I used the momentary distraction to slip her clit jewelry on to her swollen flesh. Looks, like I wasn't the only one in dire need of a release, too bad we would both have to wait until later. Of course, that didn't mean I that I couldn't do a little teasing along the way. So far, my girl was working her way up to one hell of a reward.

And I was going to enjoy giving it to her.


The trip to Peter and Charlotte's was anything but uneventful, starting with the elevator ride. Bypassing the lobby, I took my pet straight to the parking garage, fingering and teasing her sweet needy little pussy all the way. To a bystander, it would only appear that my girl was just snuggling up to me, but Isabella and I knew otherwise. My touches were far from innocent, and the steady stream of arousal coating my pet's pussy lips and thighs was proof of that fact.

Breathing in deeply, I saturated my lungs with the heady scent of my pussycat's sex. The musky sweet aroma hung thick in the air as we made our way through the streets of Seattle; it's no wonder I didn't wreck with my attention otherwise occupied the way it was.

My goal was to get her to focus on how I was making her feel, and not her own selfish need to cum. Isabella was selling herself short by concentrating on the quick release and not the big picture. If we played my hand, and of course we would, Isabella would receive far more pleasure than one short-lived orgasm.

And, after a brief reprimanding and a not so subtle reminder of where her thoughts and concentration should be, my girl passed the test with flying colors. "Isabella, you're squirming again," I reminded her in a stern voice.

Having been given permission to speak, my girl tried to apologize. "Your girl is sorry Master. And she assures you that she is trying her best to keep still."

Unfazed by her placating words, my reply was terse. "Isabella, I don't want your words, I want your actions." Never taking my eyes off the road or my fingers out of my pussy, I continued speaking, but with a little less harshness to my tone. "Let your actions show your growth, pussycat. I know that you can do this. I believe in my girl's ability to control herself, now, she has to believe it too." Slowing my movements to nothing more than gentle, feather light touches, I spoke in a quiet cadence. "Close your eyes, pussycat, find a place in your mind, and go there. Allow your body to relax, and just feel..." I purposefully let my words fall away, not giving her anything specific to feel.

My voice took on a low, deep, soothing quality, and, of its own accord, her body heeded my command. No longer was she bothered by the slow-burning fire that I was stoking inside her. My pussycat was on the edge, but I refused to push her off. My girl's eyes rolled back in her head and her body seemed weightless, as if it was floating above the clouds.

By the time we arrived at our destination, Isabella was so far gone, lost in a thick haze of lust. I grinned wickedly as I came to a stop in front of my mentor's home. My girl was oblivious to her surroundings. "We're here, Isabella," I whispered against the shell of my ear, giving it a quick nip.

"Wh-what? Here?" she asked, dumbfounded.

Instead of answering, I simply hummed around the fingers in my mouth. "Exquisite." Her taste was euphoria. Unlike anything that had ever graced my taste buds. When I'd had my fill, I turned her way and gave her my panty-dropping, trademark grin. "Now that, my naughty little pussycat, is how you show me that you're sorry."

The look on Isabella's face was priceless. Her pouty lips pursed in a cute little 'o' of confusion. If my cock wouldn't have been so painfully hard, I might have found it comical. Instead of laughing, I hissed in discomfort as I readjusted my aching appendage. After which, I moved to the other side of the car to help my eager little pet.


Isabella's face and eyes were filled with questions as we made our way up the long drive to the rather large and imposing house. I graciously allowed her to drink it all in before I had her return her focus and attention to me. At my silent command, Isabella's head and eyes automatically lowered.

Inside, I was puffed up with pride at how well-trained my little pet was. I took a brief moment to just drink in her absolute beauty and servitude. All too quickly, it was back to the business at hand. I reminded Isabella of her safe words, and checked to make sure my girl was green and ready to proceed.

After taking a moment to get myself in the right frame of mind for what was about to take place, I spoke to my submissive again. "Okay pet, you will remain in your position to the right and just behind me, unless otherwise instructed." Needing to touch her, I caressed the apple of her cheek. "You are to keep your eyes cast down and your mouth closed unless you are given permission to speak. Not one sound, pussycat, understood?" I continued to stroke her flushed cheek, and when I was met with silence, I said, "You may answer, pussycat."

"Yes, Master, your girl understands, and she will not let you down." That was all I needed to hear in order for me to proceed.

"Good girl," I breathed against her neck.

Leaning in, I laid my forehead against Isabella's. I just needed a moment to be close to her; this woman was my entire being. Contrary to what she may believe, Isabella Marie Swan had the power to make or break me.

Never had I opened myself up so fully to woman – outside of my family of course – the way that had done with Bella. That alone should have scared the shit out of me, but, for some inexplicable reason, the thought didn't frighten at all. Quite the opposite actually, I was elated and excited to see where our journey would take us. Ready to get this over with, I kissed Isabella chastely and knocked on the door.

Peter and Charlotte had been out of the country for quite some time, so Char was chomping at the bit to be formally introduced to my new little pet. I knew that she would be a wealth of information and a potentially good friend to my girl. I was also hoping that Isabella would consider letting Charlotte mentor her as well.

Despite Alice being a seasoned and well-trained submissive, she was first and foremost my little sister, and realistically, Isabella would not feel comfortable speaking openly about our sex life. And having never been a sub, Rose wouldn't be much help in that area either.

Charlotte had been Peter's wife and submissive for the past ten years. Like me, Peter was over ten years Charlotte's senior. Having both suffered a traumatic loss, the two met at a bereavement support group. Naïve to the lifestyle, much like Isabella, Charlotte turned out to be a natural submissive.

After losing his long time collared sub to a car accident, Peter swore he would only train and never collar another sub again. But it seemed that fate had other plans, because a little brown-haired, blue-eyed girl from Kansas City knocked him on his ass. And the rest, as they say, was history.

Charlotte and I spoke briefly in the foyer about her little boy, and my godson, Benjamin, before she showed me to Peter's study. I could feel Char's enthusiasm and excitement towards my pet rolling off of her in waves. And it pained me to deny her access to my pet when she asked if she could speak to Isabella. Unfortunately, keeping Master Peter waiting would not bode well for me or his excited little pet.

Before knocking on the door, I took a moment to get in the right head space. Once I walked through that door, I would no longer be the confident Dom I professed to be, my submission would belong to my mentor and former Master. Resigned and ready, I wrapped the heavy wooden door three times. "Come in," Master Peter's deep voice called from inside the room.

As if walking before a firing squad, all three of us entered the room with our heads tucked to our chests, and our hands clasped behind our backs. At first glance, one would think that we were three naughty students summoned to the headmaster's office.

"Edward," Master Peter said solemnly. "As good as it is to see you again; I am by no means pleased at the circumstances. Do you have anything to say for yourself?" Master Peter and I had already had this conversation, but he was still following protocol for the sake of the others that were present.

"Master Peter," I started, swallowing around the sudden lump in my throat. "This one has failed to remember his teachings, and in doing so, has failed his collared submissive. This one comes before you fully aware of the ramifications of such an offense, ready to receive whatever punishment Master sees fit to dole out upon him."

Try as she might, Isabella could not help but to react to my revelation. Her sharp intake of air came as no surprise, and did not go unnoticed by Master Peter. "Isabella," Master Peter asked, addressing my submissive for the first time. "Is there something you'd like to say?" Just like I knew she would, Isabella remained as quiet as a church mouse. Peter, who had yet to get up from his chair, hummed in appreciation of her obedience before saying, "Well, Edward, you haven't failed her too badly; she's quite the respectful little one." He then returned his attention to my girl. "Thank you for your obedience and respect for this Dom, Isabella. Now, little one, you may look at me and speak. Having heard your Master's declaration, do you have anything you'd like to say?"

"Yes, Sir, Master Peter," Isabella said in a quiet yet respectful tone. "This girl would simply like to say that she trusts her Master blindly, and if Master has chosen to bring this girl here with him tonight, for this purpose, then so be it. Master knows best, and would never knowingly or purposely put his girl in harm's way. Master knows what is needed for this girl to become a better submissive, and this is it."

"After hearing that, Edward, there should be no doubt in your mind that this little one is meant for you." My heart clenched at his words; I couldn't have said it better myself. "Come; let us not waste any more time." With that, Master Peter led us all downstairs to his dungeon.

No stranger to Master Peter's playroom, I made my way to the large ensuite bathroom to change. A single, modest black leather thong that would leave my ass bare, but my cock and balls covered was lying on the counter. Not wanting to make matters any worse, I wasted no time shedding my clothes and encasing my now deflated dick in the less than comfortable black pouch. As I solemnly made my way to the whipping bench, I could see Isabella and Charlotte kneeling on each side of the room on large pillows.

Master Peter didn't speak a word as he tended to the cuffs that would hold my wrists and ankles. Since we previously discussed what my punishment would be, Master Peter's explanation was for his audience's ears only. "First, I will warm up the flesh with my leather paddle, and then the real punishment will commence. Edward has already chosen a rattan cane for his punishment, so once the skin is warmed and ready, I will administer ten licks which Edward will count out loud." Returning his attention directly to Isabella, Master Peter gave her a command. "Isabella, you are, for no reason, to take your eyes off of this whipping bench. If at any point and time you feel unable to continue, you are to use your safe words. And they are…"

"Red, yellow, and green, Sir," was Isabella's quiet response.

"And what color are you now, Isabella?"

Silence hung thick in the air and for a moment, I thought she was going to say red.

Trust me, Isabella!

You need this!

I need this!

We need this!

I was having a mini meltdown when a sudden calm washed over me, almost as if I could feel Isabella touching me from the other side of the room. But it was her strong and steady voice that sealed the deal. "Green. I'm green, Sir. My Master knows exactly what we need."

My girl was fucking awesome, and would rival any seasoned submissive with the way in which she carried herself. There was nothing left to do, but take our punishment and put this whole unfortunate ordeal behind us; if nothing else, Isabella and I had definitely grown in our relationship, both vanilla and D/s.

"Very well," Master Peter said matter-of-factly. "Shall we get on with it?"



That smarted!

Some things never change; Master Peter was never one for much preliminary and fanfare, even when I was in training as a sub. Punishments were delivered swiftly and we moved on. I gritted my teeth as the building of a searing pain crept up my thighs to my ass. Each time the wooden paddle connected with my heated cheeks, Master Peter increased the intensity, sooner than immediately, I was feeling that shit rattling my teeth.

By the time Master Peter set down the paddle, my breathing was labored and the pain was barely fucking bearable, but I would continue to take my punishment like a fucking man. Ever the efficient and responsible Dom, Master Peter brought a bottle of cold water to my lips. "Drink," was his lone command.

When he was satisfied that I'd had my fill, Master Peter walked over to the wall to retrieve his rattan cane. "What color, Edward?"

"Green, Sir," I replied without a second's hesitation.

"Very well then," moving in position, "then count."


"One, thank you, Sir," I hissed between clenched teeth.


"Two, thank you, Sir..."

Thwack ... Thwack ... Thwack...

The whirring sound of the cane zipping through the air was all I could hear. Closing myself off to the pain, I tried to focus my mind on other things. I counted out each lick of the cane and thanked Master Peter monotonically, having set myself to run on autopilot.


Lost inside my head and a dark swirling vortex of pain, I jumped, hissing when I felt something cool against my backside. "Shh... it's over Master," Isabella sniffled softly. "Master Peter and Charlotte have left us with everything I need to take care of you." I groaned as I felt her kneed and massage my aching flesh.

Isabella continued to speak as she worked on me. "Sir, Master Peter and Charlotte have left for the club. He said that your girl is welcome to take her time and care for her Master. Master Peter told me not to worry, because you would lock up when we were done."

"Mmmhmm..." was all I could muster.

For a moment, I lost myself in the feel of Isabella's hands on my body. Like a pro, she took care of my arms and legs, as well as my highly bruised ass. All too soon, my girl was telling me that she was done and it was time for us to leave. My muscles were a still a bit stiff from lying on the bench so long; I had to bite back a grown when I stood up. Inside the bathroom, I bit the inside of my cheek to keep from cussing when my pants and underwear rubbed against my sore ass cheeks.

I would definitely have to take some Aleve later on when we get home. It had been a long time since I'd been on the receiving end of someone else's punishment. Trust me; I had learned my fucking lesson. From now on, Isabella and I were going to communicate goddamn it. And instead of being an inconsiderate prick, I was going to be a better boyfriend.

Dressed and ready to go, I walked out of the bathroom to find that Isabella had cleaned and disinfected the paddle and the cane, and the room was restored to its original order. My eyes landed on my girl, kneeling in her waiting position. Isabella looked like fucking perfection. "Isabella, you never cease to amaze me." Pride filled my tone as I gazed down at the beautiful woman kneeling at my feet. "Come, pussycat, our friends and family are waiting for us at the club." I extended my hand, helping Isabella to her feet. "Master Aro and his slave will be doing a demonstration that I think you'll be interested in seeing."

I cut off all the lights and locked the door to the playroom, and we headed upstairs to leave. I smiled when I saw that Charlotte had left our things on the table in the foyer next to the front door. Once we were all bundled up and ready for the cold, I set the alarm and shut the front door. Peter had his own security company, and his set up was top of the line. With the punch of a few buttons, the entire house was locked up tighter than Fort Knox. As we made our way to the car, I could feel the questions burning inside Isabella. The way she was furiously nibbling on her lower lip was a dead giveaway.

I hit the hit the unlock button on the key fob before turning to my pet and consuming her luscious lips. My tongue ravaged every nook and cranny of her sweet mouth. The taste of my girl was addictive and all-consuming. I was an addict and proud of it. Unable to stop myself, I moaned into her mouth. The burn in my lungs became too much, and reluctantly, I moved my lips to the soft skin of her shoulders and neck. "Fuck, pussycat," I panted into her sweet-smelling flesh. "Can you feel what you do to me?"

I ground my rock-solid erection into her stomach for emphasis, and was rewarded with her sharp intake of breath. Using my knee to part her legs, I pinned her to the side of the car. "Tell me, pet, would you like to skip the club and go home?" I took my index finger and flicked her little clit bell, causing Isabella to cry out in surprise. "You may answer me, girl."

Isabella's fingers dug into my biceps. My girl was a ticking time bomb; it wouldn't take much to send her over the edge. Between the rubber bands on her nipples and the jewelry dangling from her clit, Isabella was in a constant state of arousal. "M-Ma-Master…" Isabella half panted, half groaned. "Your girl wants whatever pleases you. If Master wants to take his girl home, then she will gladly go, but if the club is where you want your girl to be, then the club is where your girl wants to be." Just like I knew she would, my naughty pet put her Master's needs above her own.

"Mmm… such a smart girl, my pussycat," I crooned while languidly stroking her wet pussy. "I assure you that you won't regret being such a good girl tonight." Removing my fingers from her hot center, I licked her essence from my fingers. "Fuck that's good," I moaned around my fingers. One more chaste kiss on the lips and I helped my little girl into the front seat of the car.

Little did she know that I had no intention of cleaning the seat she was sitting on any time soon.

The thought had me chuckling darkly as I headed back to the city.


By the time I pulled into my designated spot at Breaking Dawn, the club looked to be in full swing. I loved that the members here were a very elite bunch. Not to sound conceded, but you had to be pretty wealthy and prestigious to become a member. Hell, even the guests of members had money.

I nodded at Laurent and Demetri as I slipped my keycard into the elevator. "How is it going tonight gentlemen?" I asked, shaking both their hands.

"Edward," Laurent greeted me in his thick Caribbean accent. "How are you and your pet this fine Saturday evening?"

Any other time, Isabella would have been engulfed in one of Laurent's famous bear hugs, seeing as he was her personal trainer and one of our closest friends. However, our location called for a different type of decorum. A well-respected Dom in the community, Laurent would never disrespect me by addressing Isabella directly at the club. And she would not speak to him unless she was given my permission.

I cocked an eyebrow and smirked at my longtime friend. "We're doing just fine, but you already knew that since you keep my girl in such good shape."

Laurent grinned cockily, admiring my girl, but not in a distasteful way. He knew he was the best in town, and so did everybody else; cocky bastard. Fucker didn't even try to hide it either. Of course, I would have been pissed if it weren't for the fact that he was happily married to his submissive, Marcus.

To the average person that wasn't so obvious. Built like two linebackers, at 6'10" and 6'3"respectively, you would never think they were gay, but, in reality, they had been married five years and together eight. Just recently, they'd adopted Laurent's niece after her mother died giving birth to her.

"Cocky fuck," he teased playfully.

"Yeah, but you love me," I grinned right back at him. "Where's Marc, home with Gabriella?"

His eyes took on an adoring look at the mention of his husband and daughter names. "Yeah, our little jellybean is teething, so Marc didn't want to leave her with the sitter."

"Well, give them both a kiss for me, will ya?"

"Will do, E. Have a good night, man," he said just as the elevator doors closed.

I turned to see Isabella grinning. She was quite fond of Laurent and Marcus, and head-over-heals in love with baby Gabriella. Feeling generous I asked, "Would my naughty little pet like to have a visit with baby Gabby tomorrow after lunch? You may speak, pet."

Literally vibrating with excitement, Isabella's grin widened exponentially. "Oh yes, Master, please..." Her grin was so infectious that I couldn't help smiling as well. Kissing her on the lips, I promised to call Marc and Laurent in the morning to see if it was little Miss Gabby was up for visitors.


Stepping off of the elevator was like walking into another world. Tonight's theme of sorts was Cirque du Soleil. There were acrobats, contortionist, Ariel Silks, and a whole lot more. The club was housed in a renovated warehouse down by the pier. There were six floors including the playrooms, and with the exception of the upper level where all the private play areas are, each floor had its own bar, dance floor, lounging area, and VIP section. At twenty-five thousand dollars per year for a diamond membership, we were never disappointed.

Aro had recently acquired the building adjacent to this one, and was looking to expand. He had a few ideas about how he wanted to use the space, so he met with the board, of which I was a founding member, and wanted to know what we thought about turning the space into playrooms that could be bought or leased.

The playrooms that we had now, would still be available to the members for Wednesday and weekend play, but the new ones would be available to the owner at any time – day or night; it would be sort of like renting a storage unit. Many of our members are unable to reveal their lifestyles for one reason or another.

That being said, having a personal dungeon or playroom in their home would be virtually impossible. As a matter of fact, we already have personal lockers and storage space for them to keep their toys and personal fetish items. Be it for the sake of their children or the fact that their wife, husband, or significant other is unaware of their lifestyle, or their line of work, we all had our reasons for wanting our anonymity.

I was going to lease one, so that I could call my naughty girl up in the middle of the day for a lunchtime spanking. The club was about ten minutes away from both the hospital and Isabella's firm.

I took the time to greet a few Dom and Dommes on our way up to the VIP lounge. Not everyone paid the same membership fees, and the different floors and bars reflected that. Thanks to Peter, the upper floors were only accessible by retina and palm scan. That included submissives and other guests as well.

After scanning my hand and left eye, I waited for Isabella to do the same. The thermal reading on the security system could tell by the amount of body heat how many people were waiting to get on the elevator and it wouldn't open unless everyone was scanned and approved.

I took the time to remind Isabella about her behavior on the elevator ride up. "Okay, pussycat," I whispered huskily in her ear. "You've done such a good job at behaving tonight, and I expect you to keep it up. You are not to look, touch, or speak to anyone unless I give you permission.

When I'm standing, you are to be behind me to my right, always within my reach. And when I sit, you are to kneel at my feet to the right with your head resting in my lap. All drinks will come from my cup and all food will come from my hands, understand?" Like a good little girl she remained silent.

Wrapping her long silky locks around my wrist, I yanked. "Answer me, pet!"

"Yes, Master," she practically purred.

Cupping her hot pussy, I growled lustfully. "Good girl."


The night had been pure bliss thus far, and that was despite the constant pulsing of my bruised and stinging ass, such a small price to pay to be able to watch my girl flourish in her natural habitat. Isabella was perfection. I could not have chosen a better submissive to wear my collar.

Not one time all night did she step out of line or forget her training. Isabella ate and drank from my hands, and even remembered to ask for permission to go to the restroom earlier. My girl had managed to earn her reward and then some.

Jasper and I had both chuckled at the obvious excitement exuding from my sister. She was eager to speak to her best friend, but had to earn the right to speak with her silence. When Jazz tapped her chin and she looked up. Seeing his silent nod, I couldn't allow her to suffer any longer.

When Ali leveled me with her big baby blues, I was a fucking goner. So, after watching Aro's demonstration on Shibari rope technique and how to make the Karada Rope Dress, I allowed my pet to spend time with some of the other my sister and some of the more elegant and refined slaves and submissives that were present.

I was barely paying attention to the conversations going on around me as I observed my girl come to life and blossom in the presence of the other subs. Isabella was usually more of an introvert, always choosing to remain on the fringe of things. My mouth hung open in disbelief, watching as she and Charlotte hit it off; they were like two peas in a pod. Even more shocking was her feeling so comfortable with Master Aro and Master Caius's slaves. Sulpicia, who belonged to Aro, and Didyme, who was Caius's, were both well-respected seasoned veterans in the BDSM community.

Up and coming subs and slaves would give life and limb to get an audience with those two. Well-known in both the BDSM community as well as Seattle society, Sulpicia and Didyme were very particular with whom they held court with.

As a matter of fact, Sulpicia and Didyme were very good friends with Esme; they sat on a number of charity boards together. The two gorgeous older women were very well kept for their ages and could give any one of these young wannabe submissives a run for their money. There was no doubt in my mind that Isabella would be able to gain a wealth of knowledge from all three ladies and thrive under their expert tutelage.

As career women, wives, mothers, submissives, and slaves, Charlotte, Didyme, and Sulpicia had all mastered the art of balance. Despite the fact that I had attempted to rid my mind of any and all traces of this vile and despicable person, I couldn't help but laugh at the irony of it all. Tanya was on her head about me introducing her to the trendy trio. Especially, since Charlotte, Sulpicia, Didyme oversaw a very exclusive submissives group.

Tanya was always chomping at the bit to get an invite to one of their meetings or private luncheons. Of course, the ladies wanted no part of her. And there was nothing I could do about it, not that I tried or anything. My friends were very private people, and were wary of outsiders invading their inner circle.

Tanya just always seemed to exude a bad vibe. I'm just sorry it took me so long to see that. Of course, with a woman like Isabella warming my bed and kneeling at my feet, things didn't look so dim. Her presence in my life negated all my previous questionable choices. I hoped.

Thank God for second chances. I thought as I watched Sepulcia hug Isabella and hand her what looked like an invitation. I'm almost positive it was to their upcoming meeting.

Rosalie and Emmett, who had left us for the playroom earlier in the evening, stopped by to bid us all a good night and there was unmistakable look of satisfaction on my brother's face. That fucker was wearing a perma-grin and looked like he was floating on air instead of walking. I didn't want to fucking think about what had actually taken place in that room.

However, that didn't stop my mind from wondering to thoughts of my own playroom and the plans I had for my pussycat tonight when we get home. Yeah, it was definitely time for me to consider getting out of here and taking my girl home to play.

Ahh... the playroom!

My dick twitched at the prospect of playing with my pussycat. There were a few new things I wanted to introduce in our playtime tonight. My naughty girl was in for a real treat. Almost as if her thoughts were completely in tuned with mine, I looked up and my green eyes locked Isabella's heavy-lidded, lust-filled, brown ones. We had a silent conversation.

My pussycat was more than ready for her treat.

Well, damn... she didn't have to tell me twice!

Like a fire had been lit under my ass, I was out of my seat, and headed in my girl's direction. Sensing my approach, Isabella's head along with the rest of the women at the table, dropped and all conversation ceased. Don't get me wrong, I like a naughty slut as much as the next Dom, but obedience turns my dick into concrete.

Could it be possible for my cock to get any harder than it already was?

Y-e- and fucking-s!

"Isabella, come," was all I had to say before she was stepping in line behind me. "Ladies," I said in quiet dismissal.

"Gentlemen," I nodded at my fellow cohorts as I collected our things and helped my pet with her coat. "Let's set something up for the girls next week; I have a feeling that they're going to become the best of friends," I called over my shoulder and flipped them off, as they all laughed and chided me for my hasty departure.

Fuck it, and fuck them!

I was about to get my dick wet in Isabella's waters, I was the luckiest goddamn man alive!


"What color are we, pet," I asked, watching the muscles in Isabella's stomach contract and release as she panted wildly.

So fucking sexy...

"Green, Master," her voice sounded husky and filled with lust.

I grinned wickedly, watching as she writhed on top of my table. Satisfied that that she was ready to continue, I reached to the leather floggers that were laying on each of my shoulders and went to work on my girl's naked body.

Groan after lust-filled groan bubbled up from deep in Isabella's chest. My girl was going to fucking cum from the lick of my flogger, but not before I fucking ready for her to. "Isabella," I warned, seeing how close she was. "You better not fucking cum, little girl."

Rotating my wrists, and wheeling the floggers much like the flaps turning in the carwash, I was able to make contact with both sides of Isabella's body. I'd been working her over for the better part of an hour, and I was ready to let my pussycat cum.


Her first reward of the night was in the parking garage of our building.

And what a fucking reward it was.

Cutting the engine, I turned in my seat to address my sexy pet. "Pussycat, you are now in full sub mode. No talking or looking unless I tell you otherwise. Do I make myself clear? You may answer."

"Yes, Master." Her husky voice and sweat-laden brow betrayed her calm demeanor. I had been lazily toying with her clit the entire way home, and my girl had not even let out so much as a whimper.

Oh, Ms. Isabella, I love a good challenge!

Getting out of the car, I made it to her door in three long strides and tore it open. Swinging her legs roughly so that they were hanging out of the passenger side door, I squatted down between them. I made quick work of her short dress, bunching it around her waist, before burying my face in her pussy and taking a long, languid lick. "Mmmm..." I moaned unabashedly. "So fucking sweet." Inhaling deeply, I became lightheaded by her exotic and intoxicating scent.

"Here's the deal, pussycat. I'm going to feast on my pussy until I have my fill." I gave her another slow lick for good measure. "After which, I will allow you to cum. But only on one condition, you haveto remain quiet." After chuckling darkly, I added, "And still. The only reason you should speak is if someone is walking directly on this side of the car. And, only then, are you to quietly whisper the word red." My girl was a tiny bit of an exhibitionist, I could feel the excitement rolling off of her in waves.

Just thought of us getting caught had her about to cum all over the front seat. Our designated parking spaces were fairly concealed. With a concrete wall shielding my back from view, the only way to see me is if you walked over from the driver's side, and even then my actions weren't overly obvious to the naked eye. There could be any number of reasons that I'm kneeling on this side of the car.

After I positioned both of Isabella's hands on the handle above the door, and warned her not to move, I went to work on her sopping wet pussy. I ate and ate till I couldn't eat anymore. I was like a starving man with a Thanksgiving feast placed before me. Isabella's body quaked with her barely controlled restraint. Of course, I had to give it to my girl she was as fucking quiet as a church mouse.

Hell, maybe even quieter!

Not going to lie, I sucked and fucked her with my fingers, trying to entice a reaction out of her, but my girl refused to fail her test. My mouth and chin were drenched with her intoxicating juices, and her pure musky essence was making me lightheaded. "Fuck, pussycat," I panted breathless against her flesh. "Cum for me, pet," I ordered as I bit down on her clit.

And if I thought she was wet before, then the fucking dam just broke!


I paused our play to rehydrate my pet, and to make sure she wasn't cramping up or feeling any discomfort. Graciously, I had given her two more orgasms since the parking garage. The first, which was the absolutely glorious to behold, was when I removed her clit jewelry. The sudden rush of blood flow to her already over-sensitive nub had her quaking and mumbling incoherently.

Presently, my girl was strapped to my leather table. To be precise, Isabella's legs were bent, and her shins were securely fastened to her thighs with leather straps that I had attached to the D-rings on the outsides of the table. Open and spread out, Isabella was completely at my mercy.

And I planned to fuck her into oblivion.

Walking around to the head of the table, I lowered the headrest so I could fuck her pretty little mouth first. "Isabella..." I sang eerily. "You've been such a good girl tonight." Skimming my short fingernails over her luscious mounds, I watched as her skin pebbled with gooseflesh. "I think you deserve anther little treat, pet. After all, sucking my cock, little one, is a privilege, not a right."

Heat beyond measure coursed through my veins as I watched my cock vanish and then reappear inside my pussycat's mouth. "Fuck, Isabella!" I hissed when I felt her skilled little tongue swirl around the tip of my cock. My naughty little pussycat had some mad cocksucking skills.

Regaining my bearings, I remembered my original plan. Picking up the cold metal chain with the gator clips on the end, I bent down and pulled one of Isabella's dusty rose nipples into my mouth. "Mmm… I hummed in delight around the pert little bud. When I was satisfied with her level of readiness, I attached the clamps to her flesh.

Feeling the bite, Isabella's back arched off of the table and my cock slid deeper down her throat.

Thank God for her lack of gag reflex.

For a few more glorious minutes I fucked my girl's mouth with abandon. Each time I tugged the chain in my hand, pussycat's moans of pleasure reverberated through my cock and straight to every nerve ending in my body. I had to fucking have her … now!

Ripping my cock from her lips, I readjusted the top of the table and practically fucking glided to the other end. Rock hard and beyond ready, I stepped between my girl's legs and without preamble slammed my cock into her tight-as-fuck pussy. "Damn," I hissed, pausing to catch my bearings. "I want to fucking hear you, pet," I ordered as I pounded into her.

"Oh, God," she yelled, arching off the table.

"Uh uhh...," I shook my head in mock disappointment. "Nobody's here but me girl," I chuckled darkly. The chains rattled as Isabella struggled to get free. I stopped moving and just watched.

My girl wanted to close her legs, anything to gain more friction. "Please, Master, please..."

Drawing my hips back excruciatingly slow, I looked my pet in the eye. "Then hold still and let me fuck you." I slammed into Isabella, bringing my hips flush with hers.

In and out, I pounded my pet's pussy until the muscles in my stomach contracted. With the signaling of my impending release, I ordered my girl to cum. "Fuck yeah," I grunted with each thrust. "God, so tight … so wet … so..." The words got stuck in my throat as I put one foot on the table to change the angle. "Shit..." I hissed through clenched teeth. The new angle had me hitting Isabella's g-spot with each stroke of my cock.

I tugged on the forgotten chain dangling from her breast, causing her to scream. "Ahh … fuck! Master please … Please, may your girl cum?" Isabella yelled and screamed, her head thrashing from side to side. "I … ungh … can't … ahhh … hold it! Please, Master…"

"Cum for me, pet," I ordered at the same time I released the clamps.

In a manner that not even Linda Blair could pull off in the Exorcist, Isabella's back arched completely off the table, leaving only the fucking ends of her hair touching the black leather. Feeling her pussy lock around my cock, I could no longer hold back and came with a roar. "Goddamn, son- of-a-motherfucking-bitch!" I came so hard that all I saw were bright bursts of light.

Erratically, I thrust my hips, emptying my seed deep inside Isabella's body. Spent and sated, I unleashed the full weight of my body on hers as we both panted wildly. Rising up on my elbows, I looked down into the shining, glazed-over eyes of my pet. "Isabella Marie Swan, you are going to be the fucking death of me, woman." Hissing, I slipped from her body and got to work on her aftercare.


Monday morning when I walked back into the hospital, I was still sporting a shit-eating grin. Hell, you couldn't hit me in the ass with a red apple. After a long weekend with my girlfriend and sub, I was walking on a fucking cloud, number nine to be exact.

After an amazing night in the playroom, Isabella and I enjoyed a lazy Sunday morning with breakfast in bed, and then a little quality time with our friends and their beautiful little girl, Gabrielle, later that evening.

Needing her to be in the right frame of mind to hear me, I had Isabella sleep in her submissive room Saturday night. After giving her a full body rubdown, and a nice long hot bath, I tucked my girl into bed with tears in her eyes. "Master, will you hold me until I fall asleep, please?" She asked timidly, giving me a wide, doe-eyed look.

"Of course, pussycat," I said, settling on top of the comforter and pulling her to my chest. I hummed her lullaby softly, and watched her drift off to sleep.

The next morning before I removed her collar we talked about Saturday night's punishment, and the reason I chose to handle it the way I did. She didn't like it, but Isabella understood why I allowed Master Peter to administer our punishment.

This morning when we left the penthouse to return to the real world, I was confident that Bella and I were in a totally different place now. And that she will come to me, or I to her if we feel that work is getting in the way of any facet of our relationship.

I was sitting in my desk going over some charts when there was a knock on the door. "Come in," I called not bothering to look up from what I was reading.

"Uh … excuse me," a deep voice called from across the room.

Looking over my glasses, I regarded the man standing in front of me. I didn't recall seeing him before, so I was confused as to why he was standing in my office. "May I … help you?" I asked with a raised brow.

"Oh, allow me to introduce myself," he said, stepping forward with an outstretched hand. "My name Mack Jameson, I'm your new resident assistant."

"Oookay…?" I said, giving his hand a few quick pumps.

For the first time since he entered my office, I took the time to really look at the guy. His long blonde hair was pulled back into a low ponytail at the nape of his neck, and he was dressed in polyester slacks and a button-down shirt that looked as if it ran from the iron this morning. Hanging on the front pocket of his lab coat was a pocket protector filled with pins.

A fucking pocket protector … really?

The guy couldn't be that much older than me!

I didn't remember okaying a resident, but fuck, I wasn't about to turn down the help. Picking up a stack of files, I handed them over to him. "Alright then, Mack is it?" he nodded eagerly. "Let's get this show on the road. I hope you don't have a life outside of the hospital, because we tend to work around here."

Might as well make the most of it!

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