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Luke looked out the window and saw his son Jake with a girl teaching her how to play football and what surprised him more was that Jake looked like he actually cared.

"Jake what are you doing?" Luke yelled letting Jake know he saw.

"Oh hi dad this is Sam. I am teaching her how to play football because the guys are giving her a hard time and she is really good at sports so I am helping her out by training her so she can kick their butts." Jake answered with a smile.

"Oh okay well good luck and just have her play against Quinn and if she can beat him then she is pretty good." Luke said and Quinn yelled "I heard that!"

Jake rolled his eyes and nodded knowing that Quinn was going to love playing against Sam. Luke left leaving the two of them and Sam threw the ball and it was low and a spiral.

"Jake did you see that I did it!" Sam asked doing her own little happy dance that caused Jake to laugh and Quinn come up behind her.

"Hey Sam can you do that dance again because I already got half and this is going on youtube for sure." Sam turned around and saw Quinn and turned bright red. That brought out her shy side came out. She went behind Jake and whispered "Please no. No youtube." Sam was scared that Quinn would just make fun of her but when Jake glared at him and got the video camera from him and deleted that video Quinn came over and apologized.

"Sam I am so sorry. Please forgive me."

Sam nodded and then Jake and his brothers got called in for dinner and Sam looked at Jake.

"Thanks for teaching me how to throw good passes bye. I will go so you can eat dinner." Sam walked away and was just about to get Ace from a pasture when Jake said

"Sam my mom wants you to stay for dinner and I don't think she is taking no for an answer so come on." Sam looked at Jake and then nodded her head after a minute of thinking about it.

Everybody was already seated and as soon as Jake and her sat down everybody immediately dug into the food that was on the table piling their plates high even Jake.

Mrs. Ely looked at Sam and smiled "You get used to this but go right ahead and elbow people if you need to."

Sam smiled but waited until everybody got what they wanted and then she served herself she barely filled up her plate and started eating what she had on there.

"Sam is that all you are eating because there is plenty more food mom only put some on the table for us." Jake told her worrying that she wasn't eating enough.

"Jake this is what I normally eat. I was never the type of person that eats a ton." Jake nodded and everybody looked at her like she was an alien because she did not eat a lot.

"So Sam since we are new here any people that we should stay away from?" Quinn asked wanting to know about the people here.

"Well most people are jerks to me so I am not really sure how the people act around you. I bet they act like they are so nice around you guys. But one person is Rachel. She is Linc's daughter and one of the brattiest people you will ever meet. She hates people that aren't rich and don't look up to her. Then the football captain and the rest of his team hate me. Do you guys like it here so far?" Sam asked them not wanting to name ALL the people that hated her.

"It is really nice here. I love the land here and the school and I think the rest of my brothers agree with me right guys?" Quinn asked and everybody said yes after that.

"Know I think it is fair that we quiz Sam to get to know her more. I mean you never know when we would need to help her." Bryan said with a smile on his face knowing that this was going to be the worst dinner for Sam.

"YES!" All the boys yelled and Sam looked like she wanted to throw her food at them.

"Okay I call going first." Yelled Quinn. "Have you ever had a boyfriend?"

Sam looked at him for a minute to see if he was serious and when she say he was she replied "No I have never had a boyfriend. None of the guys at our school like me. Some of them are just all jerks. There is one guy that is really nice to me and he doesn't pick on me at all and sometimes smiles at me in the hallways."

Everybody whistled and Sam blushed if they asked how it is she would be dead because it was Jake and there was no way she would admit that. It was just a tiny crush nothing like she was totally in love.

"So how is the lucky guy?" Bryan asked watching as Sam blushed even more.

"I am not going to tell you that! You don't need to know that." Sam said looking down at her plate her cheeks as red as a tomato.

"Now boys no more questions for Sam I think she has had quite enough." Maxine scolded her sons. They all nodded but Sam could see that they still wanted to ask her more questions. Sam noticed that it was dark and remembered that she had to run home. Sam stopped eating after she ate only a little bit so she wouldn't get stomach trouble while she was running home. Since it was a Friday night her Dad didn't worry about her getting home late. After everybody was done eating Maxine went and did the dishes. Sam offered to help but she refused and told her to go in the living room with the guys. Sam sat down and watched football on the t v and then noticed it was nine.

"Well thank you for everything but I have to go." Sam stood up and waved to everyone then walked into the kitchen where Maxine was.

"Thank you so much for dinner it was wonderful. I have to go back home but thank you for letting me come over. I might see you tomorrow if we are working on football tomorrow though." Sam said hoping that Maxine wouldn't notice that she had to walk home. Sam didn't want to call her Dad because that would show her weakness and she didn't want to ask them to drive her home because they had spent all evening with her and might have gotten sick of having her around.

"You are very welcome honey come over whenever you want to. The guys will never admit it but they like having you around." Maxine winked at her and Sam smiled. Sam walked out of the door and walked out. As soon as she made it out of there driveway she started to run. Sam was running on the side of the road when a tuck pulled up next to her with the whole football team but Jake in it.

Great thought Sam.

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