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The small daggerlike sword lay in Rex's hands. "You know what we oughta do?" he asked Six, a quiet enthusiasm ringing in his mahogany eyes. A smile curled the corners of his lips upward. The teen stared at the man in the green suit with eager eyes.

Six just raised an eyebrow, afraid to outright ask what the kid was thinking. Rex was always onto some crazy scheme and Six was horrified of what it could be this time.

"We should be blood brothers!"

Six rolled his eyes. Rex couldn't see it through the dark tinted glasses. He let out a quick little sigh, hardly audible. "Rex-"

"Here, I'll start." Rex drew the small dagger from it's deep black sheathe, the blade glinting softly in the faint light of the teen's room. He put the sheathe off to one side and before Six could get in a word to stop him, Rex had already run it across his palm, deep red spilling from the fresh gash.

"HOLY SHIT, THAT HURT!" Rex tucked his hand into his shirt, hoping to at least slow the violent flooding of his blood from the wound he had sliced across the center of his hand. He let out a little moan of agony. "SIX, WHY DID YOU LET ME DO THAT?"

The man in the suit shrugged before letting out another sigh and watching Rex struggle to try and stop himself from bleeding to death. The teenager just kept bouncing around like a bunny rabbit. Every few seconds, another cuss slipped his lips and he kept on holding his hand as if it would fix anything at all.

"THIS WAS A TERRIBLE IDEA, SIX! WHY DID YOU TALK ME INTO THIS?" Rex kept clutching his hand as Six stood there and watched him. He didn't even bother trying to help.

"I didn't," he said, defending himself without even trying to.


Six rolled his eyes yet again. He had figured Rex would use the sword to fight with or to defend himself, but that clearly wasn't the case. "Rex, hold still."

"HOW'S THAT GONNA DO ANYTHING?" Rex kept on yelling and jumping and trying to keep the blood from leaving his wound. His shirt was already saturated in the sticky red fluid.

"You started it," reminded Six before pulling the emergency medical box off the wall that was clearly labeled 'First Aid Kit'. How Rex had failed to see that, Six had no idea. He was just going to let the poor kid go on screaming and bleeding. But it was his birthday. The man in the green suit couldn't let him die on his birthday.

Six grabbed a lollipop from the small white and red box. He pulled off the wrapper and stuck it in Rex's mouth.

He couldn't let the kid die on his birthday without a lollipop at least.

Rex spit it out. The candy made a hard little cracking sound against the floor. "YES, SIX, YOU'RE A GENIUS!" He began to rifle through the kit before pulling out about five more lollipops and then the bandages and some ointment stuff that looked helpful.

Six shook his head and shoved his own sword back under his green jacket. "Rex, you're an imbecile."


"Can you be quiet?" hissed the one in the black-tinted glasses. "You're annoying me with all the yelling." He quietly began to tend to Rex's wound since the teenager clearly wasn't getting around to it any time soon.

Rex stood in a stoic silence for the longest time. His deep mahogany eyes were quiet as he watched Six. "So do you want to be blood brothers or not?"

Six gave him a cold glare. Rex didn't notice.

"Here, I'll star-"

Six took away the small sword. Rex's facial features expressed his level of being upset with a big fat pouting lip. "So you don't want to?"


"'kay, 'cause just so you know, it hurts."

"I figured..."

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