Doorway To My Dreams Chapter 3-The Break Up

Jenny and Abby were waiting for Gibbs in the lab. But he didn't come back.

"I can't believe it. He's offended." Said Jenny. "And why did you want him to get out of your lab?"

"I... I... nothing special... he just..."

"He just what?"

Abby couldn't tell Jenny about her feeling for Gibbs. She was Gibbs' former lover and it would be very odd.

"Nothing, really... it's okay."

"Alright Abby, I won't ask you about it anymore."

Now what Abby didn't know was going to change her life forever

In the bullpen...

Gibbs was sitting at his desk and he called Abby and Ducky to meet him and the team at his desk

A few minutes later...


The elevator sounded as it stopped at its destination. The doors opened to reveal Ducky and Abby walking out into the bullpen to meet the team at Gibbs' desk.

"So, um, Boss why did you call us to your desk?" Said DiNozzo as he was sitting at the edge of his own desk

Gibbs looked up from his computer to his team

"3 hours ago I got a call from Mike Franks and they need my help for their mission in Indonesia." Said Gibbs, sighs and speaks again "I have to leave in 2 days"

After that, Abby just stood there; she didn't know what to say. So, she just walked out of the bullpen and went to the elevator. She started pressing the 'down' button so hard that she could feel tears coming out of the corners of her eyes.

The rest of the team wished him good luck and to come back safe whenever the mission was finished. Gibbs was about to stand up and go after Abby but the team stopped him.

A little bit later...

With Tony and Ziva

They are standing behind the stairs that leads Director Shepard's office and MTAC.

"Look, I don't think this is working out Tony and Ziva said at the same time

"No, you first" Said Ziva while leaning on the wall

"I thought this is what I wanted but..."

"But what?" Said Ziva as she raised an eye brow

"I just didn't think that I was ready for a relationship like this and I think we were moving too fast."

"I agree. Except I think we were moving too slow and I think we were better off as friends." Said Ziva as she looked down at the floor

"So, I guess this is it?" Said Tony as he was looking around to see if anyone was listening to their conversation

"Yeah. I guess so." Said Ziva, with a hint of sadness

With that, Tony leaned in and kissed her on the cheek.

They have been together for almost 5 months and now they we're breaking up. Were they making the right decision?

With Abby down in her lab...

While the evidence was going through test, Abby was by her desk on the floor crying. How could this be happening? She held Bert, her farting hippo close to her chest.

'You know what? I shouldn't be crying over him if he doesn't know that I love him. So, I'm just going to wait to tell him before he leaves and see what happens.' Thought Abby


One of the machines sounded saying that it found something from the blood on the bullet. Abby stood up and walked to the other side of the room where the machine is.

"Now lets see what we got" Said Abby as she looked at the screen on the right hand side of the machine

The screen of the machine indicated that the victim had B positive for their blood type and it also had traces of alcohol in the victim's system.

"Alright... it's time to call Gibbs."

Suddenly she heard someone knocking on the door.

"May I come in?"

"Oh... hey Gibbs... what happened to you? You never have to ask for permission to come into my lab."

"I know, but look Abs, I couldn't refuse it. Mike really needs me there"

"Do I look like I wasn't OKAY with it?" Sniffed Abby

"I know you're not, Abby."

"Nope, I'm completely fine." Said Abby as she was trying to persuade him even though Gibbs could see that she has been crying

"Sit down, Abs."

She did and he sat next to her. He put his arm over her shoulder

"Listen to me, Abs. I'm leaving tomorrow but I promise that I'll be back as soon as possible. I will miss your sunny character."

"What if..."

"What if what, Abs?" Said Gibbs, raising a eyebrow with a questioning look

"What if... you get into an explosion and you slip into a coma again?"

"Well I'll try not too but I can't promise that Abs. Is there something you're not telling me? Said Gibbs

"No, not really." Said Abby, quickly

Gibbs raised his eyebrow again

"Is somebody bothering you?" Said Gibbs, thinking that Abby has another stalker

"No. Why would you think that?" Said Abby, getting a little annoyed

"I don't know. Lately, you've been acting a little not yourself" Said Gibbs

"Well you haven't been acting like yourself either!" Said Abby, getting a little loud

"What do you mean by that?" Asked Gibbs

"Well... I don't know... you're secretive and nervous... and..." Said Abby

"Abby! I'm still the same, nothing changed, you have to trust me on this! Even when I'll be in Indonesia, I'll still be protecting you. Don't worry that you're going to loose me or something."

"Oh, Gibbs! She gave him a hug "take care of yourself."

"Look, Abs. I have to go now, I've got some work to do. I'll come and say goodbye, don't worry." He smiled and kissed her on the cheek

The next day...

The whole team was standing in the bullpen saying goodbye to their boss

When Abby stopped hugging Gibbs, she stepped back in front of the team

"Be safe." Said Jenny from standing on the stairs

"I'll do my best" Said Gibbs

"Bye, boss." Greeted DiNozzo and McGee

"Goodbye, Gibbs." Added Ziva

"If this is the last time that we are together, I have to say that I'm very proud. You are all very good agents" Affirmed Gibbs and left

What do you think is going to happen next?