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A/N: I don't know if this is canon or not but from what I read in website and manga all Gold saint... most of them except those with Greek nationality trained in their country mostly, except Camus who train in Siberia even though he is French, and Milo who train in Milo island. Saga, Kanon, Aiolos and Aiolia trained in sanctuary I presume. I am not sure of this info so don't sue me if it's wrong DX he he he
But for the sake of plot the set is even though they already gained their armor Gold saint still continue their training on their own respective training ground, according to some website Shaka went to DQ island to punish black saint group, he departed from India... not sanctuary so~ I assume they are allowed to stay in long period in training ground, Camus also the same case with his training in Siberia with Hyoga and Isac. For those who also read episode G, I am trying to follow what hinted from this series about gold saint's life but then again I am not sure this manga followed Kurumada sensei's or not... especially since in that manga obviously hinted that Aiolia never know or meet Mu before he went to repair Leo cloth, which in my opinion is odd. Mu is Shion's disciple, and as the Pope is it possible he never introduce his own disciple whose duty to repair cloth to other gold candidate? Almost as stupid as gold saint didn't aware of each other in anime~

Anyway.. Golden Hall in episode G is a luxurious hall where Gold saints having their meeting with Pope and Athena.

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Prologue, "Routine of Fate?"

The eighteenth century (previous holy war)

Sasha's teardrop fell one by one to mother earth's embrace, soaking the ground. She just lost her brother because of holy war, not even his remain left for her mourning or proper burial. Athena even didn't know if this bloody war deserved to be called as something holy, why it called holy? So many cause that might caused it called that way, Athena and her saints was fighting against God for the sake of human race, or because it was war between gods over mother earth? She didn't know and never want to know, each shaky step she took felt heavier and heavier as she tried to support Tenma's body. The Pegasus saint can barely stand, his eyes were unfocused and as much as he didn't want to lean on his goddess he needed it. Tenma can feel how his will waver like candlelight; pain was one thing he used to feel but his mortal body almost beyond repair to simply move.

He opened his mouth slightly, trying to send a mere whisper to Athena. "Sa…sha… rest…" He whispered in shaky voice, "You… used all cosmos to teleport us out from the castle… rest."

Sasha shook her head, "No!" She objected, "I have to get you to safety! We have to tend your wound!" Much to Athena's surprise the Pegasus saint lifted his arm away from her shoulder then leaned on to the nearest ruin. "Tenma!"

Tenma panted heavily as blood oozed again from his wound, "Sasha… you know my body already at its limit, and as for why I still alive it's because my soul is…" He tried to find the correct word, "Peculiar…" He finished with a voice that laced with irony. "What I am now… is no different from living corpse. This body is crumbling… it's already dead!"

Tears pooled again on her lavender orbs, she of all people knew what Tenma meant with that statement. "I… you still have time! We can save you!"

"Athena!" Tenma called her harshly yet with respect, "Time for what? Why you want to fix this mortal body?" He asked. "I am Pegasus saint… my duty and life is to fight by your side in holy war." He stated sternly, locking his gaze to her eyes.

Sasha bit her lower lip, Tenma rarely called her by the name of goddess despite of Yato's daily sermon of how disrespectful he was to her. Tenma was serious; he didn't want her to be delusional and blinded herself from truth. " I… I just want you… for once to be happy… to be able to enjoy period of peace…" She admitted as embraced him gently, "Since the age of myth… you always stay by my side, fighting for peace but… you never…" She trailed off with regret, her hands cupping his cheeks. "Never live through that peace… all your life… since long time ago… it's not fair…"

The Pegasus saint chuckled, "Life and unfairness… why you sounded so human my goddess? Pallas… Athena…"

Athena smiled sadly at him, "You haven't call me that for so long… Pegasus…

"Athena! Tenma!"

Both of them turned to familiar voice that called, from afar they could see Dohko and Shion walked shakily to their direction. Shion's arm was on Dohko shoulder, both of them full of bruise, from its looks Shion's left leg was fractured and he barely could stand. Dohko despite looked slightly better broke several ribs. Once their goddess and Pegasus saint entered their field of vision, their pain was forgotten as they rushed to their comrade's side as fast as their bodies allowed them.

"I know you guys are still alive!" Tenma said cheerfully, Athena looked at him with shock painted on her face. He looked so much better in the surface when Dohko and Shion approached them, he also hid chaotic cosmos of his that signaled his death carefully, and his cosmos that burned violently like candlelight that almost died. Why?

"Milady… " Shion bowed slightly as his leg didn't allow him to kneel, "Are you alright?"

Sasha jerked away from her though at Shion's question and hastily replied, "Yes… I am fine…"

Shion being an observant persona caught how tense Athena was, and he was sure both of her and Tenma were far from fine. "I am glad to hear that milady…" He said with serene voice, "As battered as I looks like I still have enough power left to teleport all of us back to sanctuary."

"Shion… are you really alright?" Dohko asked unsurely.

The Tibetan nodded, "My leg is fractured but that wouldn't bother my physic ability… I am healthy enough to do menial task such as teleporting us back to the entrance of sanctuary."

"Shion… please don't force yourself." Athena advised softly. "But thank you… we have to get back soon, Tenma and all of you are badly injured so we have to get all of you to physician as soon as possible."

The Aries saint shook his head, "Off course milady." And without further word all of them vanished.

Twelve Temple's entrance

Dohko can's be more relieved once they were out of enemy's territory, even though they had won the war he still felt uneasy to be anywhere near Hades' territory in such battered condition. "We make it!" He cheered but soon groaned when he saw stairs that led to White Ram Temple, "Oh… why did we have to go up to get home?" He whined in low voice, but loud enough for Tenma to hear him.

The Pegasus saint grinned, "Want me to fly you up to Libra, Dohko-nii?"

The Libra saint can't help but grinned, then strangled Tenma playfully by his neck, "Aren't you a cocky brat once you grow a pair of wings huh?" He cooed playfully, "You sure you will not drop me?"

"I am sure I will drop you… right on Libra's roof." Tenma quipped.

The Libra saint tightened his hold as if almost choking his little brother, "Hoo… it's been a while since last time I saw you dear brother, and I can see you have developed some rebellious streak."

Shion sighed at childish argument between his comrades as he helped Athena to sat on one of rock nearby for some rest, "Quit it you two… " He said in desperate tone, "We are injured quite badly so sit down and rest! I already asked some of soldier to fetch our healer and servants to assist us later so save your energy please!"

"Yes mom…" Dohko released Tenma from his hold reluctantly but flinched when his arm brushed against Tenma's skin that wasn't covered by his armor collar, "Tenma? Your neck is so cold!" He exclaimed in panic.

Sasha bit his bottom lip when she heard what Dohko said; her eyes ran away from the sight of her beloved saints. On her mind Tenma's word echoed like a mad bell.

"This body is already dead.



Tenma in the other hand looked calm, "What did you expect? It must be only my sweats cooling down my skin… I am so tired and weather in Greek around this season is freaking hot!" He whined as fanned himself with his hand.

Dohko raised an eyebrow, he was not convinced but he would let it slip for once. "Okay… and it seems they are here…" He said as jerked up him thumb at a hoard of servants and soldier who undoubtedly worried about their goddess and saints they had left.

Tenma suddenly walked away from Dohko ignoring his warning to be careful of his wound, eager to be by his goddess' side as fast as he could. Shion looked warily at Tenma who approached them and as if Tenma's eyes managed to send him a silent plea to leave them alone Shion walked away to join Dohko to give them privacy. Athena knew Tenma now was only a step away from her but she didn't dare to look up to his face, "Sasha… please…"

She knew what he wanted from her, she had heard the same request many times in their previous life. "Do I have to…?" She asked indignantly.

"Do you want to see me dying?" He asked back.

Sasha bit her bottom lip as tears once again threatened to pool on her eyes, "You are always like this… so considerate of me." She muttered in shaky voice, "And at the same time so cruel… to ask me to leave you dying each time."

"Athena…" He began, "I never want you to see me in such state, beside… remember that…" He trailed off as looked at Dohko and Shion who was being given emergency first aid by healers, they had had told the servants to give him privacy for a while. "Those two… you have to pass them duty they would shoulder from now on as the last survivors, just like we did Hakurei and Sage two centuries ago."

She nodded hesitantly, "I know… " And then the goddess of wisdom stood up shakily, then looked back at the Pegasus saint for the last time in this life, "See you again in the next life, Tenma… my Pegasus saint…" She muttered softly as walked away to where Shion and Dohko stood.

Tenma followed her example as he walked away to opposite direction without looking back, "Farewell… my goddess, see you again in the next war."

Dohko stood up hastily ignoring the physician's warning when he saw Tenma walked away from them, when he looked at his disciple's retreating back he dreaded the worst. He snapped out of his mind when Athena was few feet away from him and Shion, she seemed had something to say to them. "Lady Athena? Where is he going to?" He asked as looking at direction Tenma went off to.

"There is no need to worry…" She assured, "Tenma have something to take care of, and I have to talk with you and Shion…" Athena said as looked at the Aries saint.

Shion waved peoples who crowded around him as a sign for them to leave, "May I know what is it, milady?"

Athena took a deep breath, her eyes closed and when she opened it all peoples around her could feel her determination and charisma as a goddess, her voice echoed with power. "Aries Shion… Libra Dohko… let's speak in Golden Hall…"


Dohko and Shion can't help but became nervous once they were alone with Athena in Golden Hall where they usually held important meeting between Gold Saints, Pope, and Athena herself, the hall was a very secluded space where no one from lower rank can enter, and anyone who dare to enter would be punished. The hall was rarely used especially since holy war began, they would speak in throne room so when any important report came lower ranked saints could inform them as soon as possible. The Aries saint and Libra also can't help but depressed when they saw empty chairs that used to be occupied by their comrades, it kept reminding them that they were the only one left.

'Hasgard, Defteros, Asmita… Kardia… Degel...' Dohko though as looked at the empty seats painfully, his friends! They would never see them again. In the other hand Shion also though the same as his purple eyes locked on remaining seats, 'Albafica, Regulus, El Cid, Sishypus, Manigoldo… everyone.' They didn't cry when their comrades fell one by one just like petals of Twin Sala, because war had not ended yet. But now when war had ended and on their face laid reminder of what they had lost, it felt so hard to hold back their tears. But they will not show it, as Athena herself was also sad more than they were and she had to endure this again and again since the age of myth. They at least had to maintain strong facade in front of her.

"Shion… Dohko, I will leave everything to you from now on." She stated firmly as her eyes locked on them.

Their eyes widened, "What do you mean Athena?" Dohko asked.

Sasha took a deep breath, "As you know… when hold war ended and Hades sealed, I shall return to Olympus therefore…" She trailed off, "Both of you shall be the one who maintain order in sanctuary during my absence till the next two centuries just like what Pope Sage and Hakurei did."

Dohko and Shion were shocked, even though they were gold saint they were so young. They were not sure they could shoulder such responsibility; Sage and Hakurei were so much older when they took mantle as Pope and duty as the last survivors to maintain order. "But Lady Athena…" SHion reasoned, "We are not sure… we…"

Athena shook her head, "Don't worry Shion, I see potential in both of you… therefore I will bestow position as Pope upon you Aries Shion." The Aries saint can't help but gasped, Dohko in the other hand though his heart would jump out of his mouth when Athena locked her eyes firmly at him, "And Libra Dohko… you will assist Aries Shion as his right hand untill sanctuary recovered from this war and new saints are chosen."

"Untill sanctuary recovered milady?" Dohko can't help but repeated Athena's sentences.

Sasha nodded, "Yes… after order in sanctuary restored, I will have you to guard Hades' seal, Libra Dohko." At widened eyes of her saints Sasha can't help but felt guilty to separated them from each other,"I am sorry Dohko… but I would like you to have Hakurei's mission, we can't let our guard down till my seal wearing out… someone might trying to undo the seal before then."

Shion and Dohko contemplating what Athena had said, no matter how much doubt they had on themselves, they were the only one who can do it. "I am understand milady…" Shion said with respect, then he looked at Dohko who nodded at him. "We will do our best for you, earth, our fallen comrades and… future."

The goddess of wisdom smiled as she let single tear rolled down from her eye, "Thank you… Shion, Dohko…"

Before they left the room Athena asked Shion to leave them as she had further instruction she wished to give to Dohko. The new Pope nodded then left the room quietly, and then the goddess of wisdom began to explain what Dohko should do for the next two centuries and Misopetha-Menos gift she would bestow upon him.

Dohko can't believe Athena would leave them so soon as if she was rushing and run out of time, but the goddess herself was indeed running out of time. Unlike other deities who chose to incarnate themselves via borrowed body, Athena usually reincarnated herself with descending to sanctuary as a baby. She didn't want to rob any human off of their life like Eris, Poseidon or Hades did, but in exchange she had to return to Olympus as soon as her task was done, she had no privilege to dwell on earth as long as she wanted like other deities. So she was standing right in front of her statue accompanied by Shion and Dohko, ready to return to her home in Olympus. That night was serene, stars and full moon were out in it's brilliance as if celebrating her victory against Hades.

Athena raised an eyebrow when she spotted Dohko looked around him as if looking for something so does Shion but only his eyes rolling left and right once in a while. "What's wrong?" She asked even though she knew who Dohko and Shion were looking for.

They were silent for a while then asked, "Where is Tenma?" Dohko asked nervously, "Of all people I am sure he should be here to send you off milady."

Athena flinched, but she quickly schooled her face as calmly replied, "Dohko… Shion… we… have said our goodbye to each other so there is no need to wait for him."

"What?" Dohko almost raised his voice but quickly apologized for his rudeness, "But milady…!"

Dohko looked at Shion when he felt the Aries saint's hand on his shoulder, he shook his head, "Dohko… it's Lady Athena's decision… It's Tenma's decision… we are not allowed to interfere." He stated firmly.

The Chinese saint was confused but he knew better than questioning his goddess' decision, so without further argument both of them paid their last respect with kneeling before their goddess as blinding pillar of light enveloped her, "Farewell… my saints, may we meet again in the next two centuries…" And with that her form disappeared in pillar light after shone brightly to the point the two saints had to shield their eyes before they went blind.



"She is gone…" Dohko stated the obvious.

Shion nodded, "She is…" they flinched when they felt familiar cosmos suddenly appeared out of nowhere so near.

"So… she has return."

Shion and Dohko spun 180 degrees quickly when they heard that familiar voice, startled when they found Tenma walked toward them gracefully like a veteran warrior. Shion didn't get a good look at Tenma's god cloth before but when he did, Shion could feel enormous power emitted by it. He noted that unlike previous form of it, Pegasus god cloth almost wrapped the whole body of Tenma just like gold cloth and it also shone with ethereal beauty that can't be compared with any cloth that less than Athena's. "So this is the legendary cloth of Pegasus saint…" He can't help but commented to himself but quickly turned his attention to the owner, "Where were you Tenma?" He asked.

"I am just around here…" He replied softly.

Shion's eyes widened, "But I didn't feel your cosmos around at all!"

"Never mind that Shion!" Dohko snapped as walked closer to his blood brother, "Tenma… why you didn't come to sent her off?"

Tenma smiled sadly at Dohko, "I already said my farewell Dohko…"

Dohko can't believe what he just heard, of all people he though Tenma would be the one who saddened the most with Athena's departure but he took it so lightly! "Tenma you…"

Before he could finish Tenma cut him in, "It's okay… it's our decision to not see each other in the last moment." He muttered sadly.

Shion put his hand on Dohko's shoulder when he was about to talk Tenma back, shaking his head as gesture of warning. "What did I say Dohko? It's their decision."

Dohko sighed, he can't argue with the new pope, can he? "Yes my lord… " he quipped, ignoring his best friend's glare Dohko smiled at Tenma. "So… you know our dear friend here is now our honorable pope?"

Tenma nodded as smiled gently, "I do… Sasha told me, congratulation… Pope Shion. May her guidance be with you… in your duty as Pope."

Dohko and Shion can't help but though there was something odd with Tenma, the cheerful boy they know would jump in excitement as yelling 'That's awesome Shion!' or something along that line, not a polite and so unlike Tenma's reply. "Tenma…?"

"Shion, Dohko… thank you." Tenma muttered as his signature smile formed on his face. "For everything…"


Dohko can't help but confused, "What do you mean…? By the way you have to help us to maintain new order in sanctuary Tenma." He said cheerfully, "Don't you dare slacking off… now you are god saint, I can say that you more or less is in the same rank as us so prepare to work your hand till it numb on paperwork like we did!"

Shion groaned when he heard 'paperwork' because he knew after this he would be buried by those, "Don't remind me…"

Much to their confusion Tenma once again didn't behave like they expected him would. The Pegasus saint was smiling at them with sadness painted on his brown orbs, "That sounds boring…" He muttered weakly.

"Tenma…" Dohko began, "What's wrong… you are so weird."

Shion in the other hand observed the Pegasus saint calmly as his friend asked Tenma what's wrong with him, and then Shion's eyes widened in realization. Faster than speed of light Shion grabbed Dohko's hand when he was about to reach out for his blood brother, "Dohko don't!"

Dohko frowned in annoyance, "What's wrong with you two…? Especially you Tenma… you were acting like you will go somewhere far away!" He snapped.

Tenma chuckled softly, "I am indeed will go somewhere…"

"Don't speak nonsense!" Dohko growled angrily.

Tenma shook his head, "I didn't."

"You did!" Tenma didn't reply instead his sad smile torn Dohko's heart in two, "Tenma… I am understood you have gone through so much, but so are we… and you still have us! You have not lost everything!"

"I know…" Tenma admitted sadly.

"Then… why you?"

Shion can't take it anymore and snapped at Dohko, "DOHKO OPEN YOUR EYES!"

The Chinese saint was shocked at Shion's sudden outburst, "What do you mean?" He asked confusedly.

The Tibetan gritted his teeth, "Dohko… stop lying to yourself! There is no use to deny this… just accept it!" He yelled as closed his eyes, tears began to leak as he can't hold it anymore. He lost his master, fellow apprentices, comrades… and now this? This was too much even for him, "Dohko… can't you see?"

"See what?" Dohko snapped back, "I see nothing that…"

"Dohko…" Tenma called, the Libra saint turned his attention back at Tenma. "I am sorry… and once again thank you… for being a good mentor and brother for me."

Truth dawned on Dohko painfully, he couldn't move as his mind searching for reason to deny what he realized just now. "Tenma… you… no!"

Tenma closed his eyes, "I also need to thank Shion…" He said as turned to the new Pope, "Thank you for sparing your time once in a while to lecture me about cosmos theory and history of sanctuary." He said as grinned widely." Sorry for sleeping through half of it. You will be a great Pope! I know you and Dohko can do it!"

"Tenma! How can you…" Dohko asked sadly, stammering on his words. "I can't accept this… you… of… all people. You just… can't be!" He denied, "You died once and return back from hell unscatched! You…"

Shion nodded in agreement, he didn't want to lose more than he already had. "Tenma… you… how could this happen?"

Tenma laughed softly, "Shion… let me tell you this…" he began, "Pegasus saint… the god slayer… great sinner of heave, Athena's guardian…" He recited mockingly, "Never survived holy war since the age of myth even once."



Dohko fell on his knees, "That can't be… how do you know?"

"Seal of my ancient memories always weakened when I was on the brink of death… thanks god for this seal, I would be mad in no time with such heavy memory on my brain permanently." He informed helpfully, "I never survive holy war… because just like Athena, once my duty is over… I am no longer needed in this world till the next two centuries."

Dohko stood up shakily, "That's absurd! You deserve better Tenma!" He said as reached out to hold him only to pass through the Pegasus saint's body, and once again Dohko fell on his knees behind Tenma. Dohko stared at his empty palms as his body shook slightly, unable to believe he had just passed through Tenma's body.

"Only my soul remain in this world Dohko…" he pointed out.

Shion's eyes widened in realization, "What did you have done to your body Tenma?" He asked in panic.

Tenma gave him a sad smile, "A dead body should be none of your concern Pope Shion." He replied.

"Your body is not dead yet!" Dohko denied, "You looked so healthy few hours ago! It's not the first time your soul left your body!"

Tenma shook his head, "My body was cold… isn't it?"

The Libra saint was taken back at sudden question, "But you said…"

"It's just a lie… that body is already dead by then, it's just my soul that managed to hold on a little longer on that broken body…" He explained in lofty tone, "As I never want Athena to see me dead, I never let her see me dying if I can help it."

Shion walked closer to Tenma, his hand reached out to touch Tenma's shoulder but it was impossible to touch soul. "Tenma… is died after your confrontation with Hades a destiny?" He asked.

"Perhaps… maybe that's the only reason fate never allow me to die before he was sealed." He replied unsurely, his form had began to crumble to light fragment and he knew that his time was almost up. "Oops… seems my time is almost up."

Dohko encircled his arms around Tenma as if he could touch Tenma's soul, "Tenma… my little brother…" His tears streamed down his cheeks, Shion watched his comrades as tears pooled on his eyes.

He gritted his teeth, "Will we see you again Tenma?" Shion asked sadly.

The Pegasus saint nodded, "You will Shion… niisan" He said as looked at Shion then Dohko.

The Libra saint sniffed as he broke the embrace, then looked straight at his brother's face. "You better be back to earth in the next two centuries, Tenma! And I will give you a very painful beating so you can remember me again!" He exclaimed with a wide smile.

Tenma nodded in agreement, "I will… that's a promise." Then he took a few steps back away from them, "Once again thank you Dohko… Shion… and as the last gift I would like show you…" He said as angelic smile painted on his lips, then slowly his metallic feathers fell like angel's feathers as he floated, blinding white light enveloped his body, and his armors departed from his body and back to it's bronze state. His form turned to a body of a mighty steed of God and descended back to the ground.

Dohko's and Shion's eyes widened at the sight of Pegasus spreading his regal wings wide before them with its ethereal beauty, and his golden eyes locked firmly on them. "Tenma…" They can't help but gasped, "You really are…"

Pegasus's voice echoed through their cosmos, it sounded like Tenma's but sounded much deeper. "Farewell my friend…" He said as his body elevated higher and higher.

Shion and Dohko nodded, "We will work hard to prepare our future Tenma! We promise will not let you and Athena down!"

Pegasus flapped his wings stronger as raised his hoofs, and then he flew in circle right above them. "I… Pegasus vow that we shall meet again and when the time comes… once again we will fight together to protect Athena, earth and human kind… this is my vow for you my dear friends… farewell…"

And with that he was gone and replaced by shooting star that flew away from sanctuary to who knows where. Shion and Dohko looked at where Pegasus was, their eyes widened when few tiny spheres of light fell and landed on their palms revealing two pure white feathers glowed in the dark. They smiled at the last gift they had as memento, "That boy really…"

"Look Dohko!" Shion exclaimed as pointed to the east where sun had began to rise.



"How beautiful…" Shion commented as another tear fell from his eyes, "We and our fallen comrades fought till the last drop of our blood for this… to see tomorrow sunrise… to see our future…"

Dohko nodded in agreement as he looked down at spiritual feather he held, "Yes… and we will make sure… they would be proud of future we build together!" Dohko exclaimed as raised his fist, and wind blew their mantle away as scenery of sunrise mesmerized them as it was sign of the new future.

Sanctuary (20th century)

The night was serene just like two centuries ago, silence reign the dark night and moon shone brightly as if celebrating Artemis' good mood. Far away from anyone's ears in sanctuary a man was kneeling in one of the peak of cliff in Star hill. The mad had long blue hair that came all the way to his waist; tears of regret kept streaming down his blue eyes. Prayer to gods, begging for guidance and mercy recited endlessly, it was just few nights after he had committed a grave sin that he would never be able to atone, not even in exchange of his life. He had killed Pope Shion, marked Aiolos as traitor and ordered his execution, and foremost was he attempted to kill Athena! The goddess he swore to protect, she was just a baby and he raised a weapon against her!

"What have I done…" He muttered sadly.

His regret and despair became deeper when Mu, the disciple of Shion came barging in to throne room. Mu had come from his training ground in Jamir, demanding to see his master but his guard can't grant it even to Gold saint because Pope ordered him not to. Mu was a calm and reserved child but he dared to go as far as barging in when the false pope was in the middle of his meeting with his advisors, ignoring Shaka's plea.


Saga froze on his track when he saw Mu barged in the throne room with Shaka in tow. He snapped back from his mind when Shaka tried to convince the young Aries to leave, "Mu! This is not what I have in mind when you called me from India to accompany you back to sanctuary!" Then the Indian turned his attention to the false pope then bowed apologetically, "My apologize for our rudeness Pope Shion… we will be back later." He said politely as trying to drag his friend back but failed as Mu's feet as if nailed to the floor. "Mu! Come on…"

Saga gulped under intense gaze of Mu, the young Tibetan as if was boring hole through his mask. "Why you return to sanctuary, Shaka… Mu. You know that… you should inform us beforehand of your return."

Shaka stammered an excuse, "I… we… it's just Mu suddenly have something important he need to talk about with you Pope, and we were in hurry… so we didn't think clearly." The Indian reasoned in panic.

Mu gritted his teeth, "Shaka is not the one at fault, and I am the one who asked him to accompany me since his training ground is the closest." He muttered softly as trying to restrain himself of anger that consuming him; Mu had come from Jamir when he felt Shion's cosmos vanished. He had expect something happened and right to his guess the news of Aiolos' betrayal at least was saying that much. In his panic he only can call Shaka who was training in India, which was the closest from Jamir, he needed all support from his friends in case something did happen. He wanted to call Aldebaran too but he was in Brazil and that was far away.

"Is that so…" Saga replied as calm as he could.

Mu nodded, "I am willing to receive punishment for my rudeness Pope, but please let Shaka go. I am the one who ignore his advice to be patient and waiting for your meeting to finish."

Shaka was confused, since when Mu called his master with only Pope? They were in front of outsiders but there was nothing wrong if Mu called him Master Shion like usual, he wondered why Mu behaved so strange since he suddenly contacted him in India to ask his company. "Mu?" he turned his attention back to the false pope, "Please master… don't punish Mu, I am sure whatever Mu need to talk about with you is important enough for him to go this far…"

"I don't need to talk about it anymore." Mu muttered calmly, "I am sorry Pope but please decide whether or not you need to punish my insolence, because I am sure I better go back to Jamir as soon as possible." He drawled.

"There is no need for me to punish you, and you can go as you wish…" Saga commanded as waved his hand.

Mu nodded and turned on his heels to the exit, "Excuse me then…" He muttered without looking back. "Shaka, let's go back to Asia continent…"

Shaka looked back and forth between the false pope and retreating Mu, he bowed slightly as muttered an excuse then sprinted to follow his friend, "Mu, wait!"

Shaka slowed down as he kept the same pace as Mu, "Something is wrong Mu? It's not like you to behave so strange…"

Mu looked down sadly, "I am so sorry Shaka… but nothing is wrong." He can't involve Shaka in danger like this.

"Mu… are you alright? You look so pale." Shaka asked worriedly.

Mu shook his head, "It's nothing." He denied.

The Indian saint sighed, "You are never good in lying Mu, but I will let this slip… are you sure you will be alright alone in Jamir like this? Stay with me for a few days in India… at least till you are well." Shaka offered.

Mu chuckled, "I am fine Shaka… there is no need for you to be worried about me."

Shaka became silent at Mu's reply then asked, "Well… then can I ask you this? I… sense something wrong in the throne room but I am not really sure… it's feels like…"

Mu panicked at Shaka's question, "It's just you being too paranoid Shaka… I assure you there's nothing wrong."

"Are you sure?" Shaka asked, Mu after all was a better sensor than he was at this rate.

Mu smiled hesitantly, "Yes… nothing wrong… everything is fine." He lied and silently planned to report this to Roushi, he should know what to do.

Shaka shrugged, "Well… if you say so."

End of flashback

Saga can tell that Mu at least knew his master was dead, and someone had replaced him. At this point he didn't care if Mu dare to reveal his identity at risk of labeled as traitor, but his green eyes that flashed anger for a brief second burned on his mind as constant reminder he had rob a young saint off of a teacher and father figure. Not to mention his evil side would think of Mu as a threat and looking for a way to get rid of him or at least labeled him as traitor.

"Ugh… this foolish ambition of mine… has ruined so many lives." He muttered in regret then looked up to the night sky, "Please tell me! How can I atone my sin? Please…" he repeated again and again desperately, "Please…" Then as if weighted down by regret and despair Gemini Saga looked down, ashamed to raise his face to gaze at sky, to heaven where all Gods reside.

Unknown to him one of shooting star flew closer to his direction, the orb of light stopped in front of him, Saga slowly raised his head when his eyes caught the sight of the blinding light. "Who are you?" he asked out loud, the Gemini saint can feel an enormous cosmos within the sphere of light, a pure yet in the same time blazing fiercely like Sun.

The sphere of light was silent before a voice echoed though Saga's cosmos, "Demand someone's name after you tell them yours…"

Saga gasped because of shock, then answered nervously. "I am Saga… Gemini Saga."

"Gemini saint of this era…" The voice muttered thoughtfully, "You looked just like him.." He commented.

"Who are you?" Saga asked slowly.


The sphere of light shattered to many fragments of light as a form of steed descended to the ground before Saga, "I am… Pegasus, Gemini saint…. Gemini Saga is it you, whose soul crying tears of blood yearning for salvation?" At silent reply he got, asked again, "Are you the one who killed my friend, Shion?"

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