Disclaimer: I do not own the Ace Attorney Series or any of its characters, all elements belong to Capcom.

Notes: Just a little thing I thought of to explain a strange, yet amusing scene from the first game.

Gumshoe the Invincible?

It was almost instantaneous, Dee Vasquez had simply said the word and the trailer was filled with mafia suits and heavies all ready to do what she wanted, and Phoenix knew that, after he got her to admit to the accusations he just threw around about, that she was the one that killed Hammer instead of Mr. Powers, what she wanted was him and Maya out of the picture.

A bead of cold sweat dripped down Phoenix's temple, this really looked like this was the end. Suddenly however, the door burst open.

"Alright, I heard everything, Dee Vasquez, you're coming down to station with me!" It was Dick Gumshoe, and he looked like he meant business, but Phoenix didn't really see what he could do, against a room full of mafia enforcers without even having his gun out. Poor Gumshoe, he might have just punched his ticket to slam city, right along with him and Maya.

There was what felt like a really long silence there in the trailer, Vasquez continued to smirk and nonchalantly twirl her cigarette holder with her wrist. Yep, unimpressed, just as Phoenix had predicted, it was only a matter of time before the three of them were 'sleeping with the fishes.'

Then, however, something weird happened. The faces of the suits all started to change, from the intimidated glares they were wearing since the beginning to looks of sheer terror.

"Th-that's Detective Gumshoe!" One shouted, he was quaking.

"I-I-I heard he once took out an entire street gang by himself!"

"I heard he's got magical fire breath that burns your sins!"

"I heard he can look into your soul and if you've got an evil heart he can make it explode in your chest!" What in the world! Gumshoe?"

"L-Let's get outta here." As Vasquez looked on wide-eyed, all of her guys flailed and screamed and jumped out of the windows, scrambling up the security walls of the studio desperately trying to get away as if their lived depended on it.

The old Batman line about criminals being a superstitious and cowardly lot played through a couple times in Phoenix's mind.

"V-Very well." Vasquez grunted. "I shall do as you say."

"Th-thanks detective, you really saved us." Phoenix smiled as Gumshoe took the producer into custody.

"Don't mention it pal." The detective answered, rubbing the back of his head with his free hand in embarrassment. "I was just doing my job." Gumshoe led Vasquez out of the trailer.

When they were gone, Phoenix felt a tug at his arm, he looked down at Maya.

"Nick, that was really weird." Phoenix scratched the back of his head.

"Sure was."