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The deafening roar of the crowd was music to his ears. He was sick of being told what to do, how to live his life. He couldn't stand the colonists being punished for absolutely nothing at all. He was sick of tea, the bitter aftertaste constantly burning through his lips. England was out of control, the seemingly permanent power- hungry look in his eyes was something he was not used to. He did not recognize this England anymore, this English tyrant, who'd become so self- centered and utterly unbearable. America just wanted to free his colonies.

"No more taxes!" America cheered with his men. He watched as the British man was grabbed by his collar. America jumped in to help the others strip the clothes off his body. Leaving them on the ground in a dirty heap, he lugged the man onto the platform, his heels bumping against the edges. America loved this, this feeling of high energy and adrenaline.

He threw the man against the surface of the platform, watching with hunger in his eyes as a large cauldron of liquid tar was produced, steam sputtering from the top, along with a bag of feathers and a bucket of tea.

Hey, England. This'll show you. Are you watching? I hope you are. I want you to feel the pain of this man and live through what you've put me through. I want you to feel like this every day, just like I have.

America grasped the edges of the cauldron and help the others- ever so slightly- tip the top. The agonizing screams from the man writhing in unmistakeable misery as the tar covered another ounce of bare skin made America smile with sadistic glee. As he watched the feathers being dumped on the British man, half- dead on the platform, an ironic thought appeared in his head.

Hey, England… how does it feel? We've both become monsters.

America picked up the bucket of tea as one of the colonists forced the Brit's mouth open. As he stepped forward, the look in his eye was unmistakeable.

Hey, England, are you watching? I hope you are.

"Hey, Britain, tea is served."


Yeah... so... I have no idea where or how they got that tar, the feathers, or the tea, it just kind of appeared? GAWRSH GUYS IT'S JUST A STORY. STOP PRESSURING ME.

...I showed this to my history teacher. Yes, I really, truly did. He loved it. Absolutely loved it. He wants to re- read it again this coming Monday and wants me to write more.


Yeah. Should I be scared?

This was inspired by my history textbook~ :D HISTORY TEXTBOOKS FTW I might write a different version, one where he's against the tarring and feathering. Loyalist!America might be interesting.

I wonder what communist!America would be like... *looks out into the distance*

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