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The small village hidden in the hot springs was quiet and peaceful. It disgusted warriors like Hidan. Yugakure was his home and it made him sick. A steady stream of greenish blue color ran threw the little village. Bamboo and lush green plants towered over the little homes proclaiming dominance. This was supposed to be the village of warriors. The village, where the country's most brutal savage army men were to be raised. It was announced a little over a week ago that this little piece of sanctuary was now a tourist beacon. Hidan the strongest of men in his country was repulsed that his home would be of peace; a place of tourism. Whose fault would this be other then the new competing village Kentagakure.

They had raised a new era of warriors and challenged the villages encompassing itself. After Kentagakure chopped its opponents down to little more then nothing, Kentagakure extended to farther villages. Soon it was the leading village of the country that was challenged. Yes, Hidan's home Yugakure. Although Hidan was only a boy of six at the time, he fought like no man of his village did. He was son of the head clan's men nothing less was expected of him. However Yugakure, despite his incredible effort, was obliterated.

Hidan now, after many years, stayed in Yugakure. He was now a man of twenty-three. He was a normal height of 5"9. Hidan was also rather slim but nicely built. To his countrymen strength wasn't measured in how strong you were in lifting weight but how skilled you were in killing. Hidan, despite being of the country's most furious men, did not look as savage as a jaguar. Instead, he often smirked. His hair like a trademark of his once prestigious clan was silver. He always combed it back and let it grow half way down his neck.

They called Hidan the Silver Blade for his agility, strength, skill and more over for his two katanas he built himself. He was a very religious man who followed his kami's, Jashin's, every whim. He often dreamt of being Jashin's disciple. Today would be the day he called upon his lord for the journey to disciple hood. After all, his home was thrown to the dogs why stay?

It was barely sunrise as Hidan started to make his way to the Jashinist temple he built with his own two hands. The doors stood tall and dark built with maple wood imported. The temple itself was made from the dark wood. Only the beams were oak. The temple casted down a shadow reaching past the brick rode in front of it due to the peaking sun on the horizon. Hidan pushed the right door just enough for him to walk through. The uneasiness from the door alarmed a relatively short fit bald man looking between 20 to 30. "Ah my lord Hidan what is it that brings you here today?" The short man pressed forward with respect.

"Monk Atsuko," Hidan bowed giving greeting. "I am here to see the scripture. I wish to finally ask for disciple hood and take the journey."

"I see. I knew one day you would wish for the journey. This way lord Hidan." Atsuko turned to lead his priest." I take it your in a good mood today my lord?" Atsuko asked creating small talk.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that. Only reason I'm not swearing my head off is because this is Jashin's house."

"Hmm... Very good point however, you haven't held your tongue before. To add on your using proper grammar and you even gave courtesy!" The corridor narrowed as they got closer.

"Well, true, but I am taking THE JOURNEY!"

Atsuko finally came to a halt and turned to face the priest. "I believe you have the key?"

"Of course I have the key what moron would hunt without ammo?"

"A resourceful one or skilled. The scripture is down the hall. I hope to see you another time my lord." Atsuko bowed forth and pressed on back to wince he was.

"Hmph. Whatever. HEY! BY THE WAY YOUR IN CHARGE WHILE I'M GONE SEE YA LATER PALEY!" Hidan yelled back to the vanishing form. When he pushed the door open the room automatically lit up with fire torches triggered by the door. The Scripture took up most of the wall and was a stone tablet. The first Jashinist sculpted the tablet. The tablet for claimed that one who becomes Jashin's disciple received a journey to long for one human life. Thus, the first part of the journey is to become immortal. To most it's only legend even for Jashinist like Atsuko and doubtful to a high priest such as Hidan.

Hidan took in the scripture and the ceremony to achieve immortality. After an hour of mesmerizing the scripture Hidan rose." Annoying to mesmerize such a long scripture. I hope this works Jashin." He said to no one but himself walking to the exit.

Hidan walked back home to pack things of importance to his journey. Walking past compound abandoning his home, he gave his last farewell to his own house. There was no one to say good-bye to the warrior as he walked past the village gate. This would be Hidan's first journey away from his little village.

First on the list find sacrifices to Jashin. Morning turned to noon, which turned to evening. The sun disappearing leaving the night sky to dominate and not a cloud to block the show above. Hidan was lining his seven sacrifices to the symbol of his kami. The symbol was a circle with an upside down triangle.

Hidan placed three candles, he brought from home, where the ends of the triangle met the circle. Satisfied he began to paint his skin black and white. He placed white above where his bone would be and cover the rest of his skin black. He looked like a messenger of death as he took his place in the center of the diagram. In his right hand was his rosary and he began prayer.

Wind died down near the end of his prayer. Clouds began to form from nowhere. Once Hidan finished he looked to the sky. It began to crackle. Lightning was summoned up giving quite a show when it began to poor. Wind did not disturb the strait down poor of rain. The paint on Hidan was rinsed away and the candles were no more.

Hidan arose from his place on the grass. *SIGH* "I'm going to get a cold if I stay out here." Hidan picked his things up off the grass and began to make his way to one of his recent sacrifice's home. His recent sacrifice was living on his own so Hidan needn't worry about unexpected visitors.

"Hmm... So I'm immortal now eh? I guess I'll have to test this skill tomorrow..." Hidan lay upon the queen sized bed placed above wooden floor and centered. "Night Jashin-sama..." He gave his last prayer for the night content on his achievements for the day.


The sun rose allowing its luminosity to stretch across the land. The vibrant, lush grass sparkled in the light as the dew condensed. Birds each sang their own song. The small village wooden home, that Hidan rest in, lit to a light orange with the rising sun.

Light streamed into the room Hidan rested. Hidan wasn't the kind of guy who enjoyed waking early, unless his schedule demanded an early rise. Today just didn't seem to be the kind of day to wake early; however, the dead bodies aligned in a diagram disagreed. How long would it be before a passerby just so happened to catch sight or smell of the drenched corpses lying on the grass hilltop? Hidan was very aware that his lack of productivity would get him into trouble, but Hidan disregarded it as a way to test his new ability against the village's Shinobi. It was not until late noon that our warrior rose from his cocoon of comfort and sleep.

*Yawn* Hidan stretched as far as his limbs would allow, while small tears formed at the corners of his eyes due to the tired yawn. " Ahhh... I'm starving!" Just as quickly as he spoke, he ran to the kitchen to see what there was to eat.

Digging into the cupboards he brought up several containers of food. The refrigerator only contained one smoked salmon. Debating over eggplant and salmon it was obvious the victor would be the fish. Just as soon as Hidan warmed the stove, he heard a knock at the door. " Ah. It's about time I have some company around this joint!" Rising, Hidan didn't give much thought as to who was on the other side of the door. " How can I help you?" he asked addressing the men outside, as soon as the door swung open. One of the men was rather tall and gave a look that could kill a hundred men, if looks could kill. The other man was rather short and old but still gave his own death glare. Hidan easily brushed the evil glances off and gave a smile.

" Well... Are you two going to stand there all day? Come in. Come in. Can I help you guys to some water?"

" We're here to ask you a few questions." spoke the tall one.

"Well feel free! We're not strangers here are we?" Hidan's smile never faltered. The two men made themselves at home on a couch by the door as Hidan made his way back to the kitchen to obtain the two cups filled with water. He handed the water to the two strangers, and seated himself on an adjacent couch. After a few sips of water and some small talk, the men finally got back to business.

"So, Hidan was it? Did you hear about dead people above that hill behind this house?", asked the shorter of the two men.
"Oh... yeah those. Those were my sacrifices to Jashin-sama. I guess I forgot to clean them up after the ceremony. Heh heh... My bad. I was just really tired ya know?" Both men were taken aback by Hidan's honesty. The guy was smiling even! Both strangers rose and took their weapons from their holsters on their backs. It didn't faze Hidan in the least.

" Are you a stranger here? Where are you from demon?" demanded the taller man.
"Why yes of course I am not from here. I hail from the land of Yugakure. Let it be known that I carry a message of death from our people."
The two men lost all seriousness when they looked at each other and burst into laughter.
" You are from Yugakure? Ha ha ha!" exclaimed the tall man.
"Ha ha, they're nothing but a bunch of weaklings!", the smaller man smirked. " Is this a joke? Are you like, like a gay pretty boy? Heh heh."
Hidan's smile faded as he glared at the two men. They continued to laugh just to spite Hidan, so he walked to the side of the couch and put his hands behind it and gave the two his signature smirk.

"Oh no! Look out Bantu! He's got a flower behind that couch! Ha ha ha!"
" No Hikima he's got an eyelash curler behind the couch Ha ha ha!" laughed the tall man.
Hidan had heard enough. He pulled out his signature twin Katanas and sliced up the closest Shinobi which happened to be the short man. All laughter stopped and silence filled the room. Bantu jumped back readying his two knuckle blades.
"How dare you!" Screamed the tall angry man. At this Hidan's smirk widened.

Bantu kicked up the table and with his other foot aimed it in Hidan's direction. Flying in mid air, Hidan cut up the table with ease. The table fell into cut up pieces of wood on the floor. Hidan used the couch behind him as a platform to flip in the air. He executed his Katanas nicely as Bantu blocked with his knuckle blades. Hidan quickly used his other Katana and slashed deep enough to draw blood on his cheek. Hidan retreated backwards. Licking the blood off his blade, his skin rapidly changed to his painted form from last night.
" WHAT ARE YOU?", screamed Bantu in utter shock.
"Death." With that Hidan cut his wrist and allowed blood to drip on the hardwood floor. With his foot, he dipped it in blood and drew his God's symbol on the floor with it.
" NOW YOUR HEATHEN SOUL WILL BE SMITED BY JASHIN'S POWER!". Hidan smiled so widely he looked like a mad man. The ceremony to achieve disciple hood worked. He was given the powers of a death God and was excepted as Jashin's son. What else could make his day better?

That is when Bantu collapsed to the ground and blood soaked his clothing in the same spot Hidan had stabbed himself.
"What The?". It was the end and Bantu knew it. Bantu then threw his knuckle blade hoping that it would stop whatever it was Hidan did to him. Hidan; however, made no effort to dodge the blade that was meant to kill him. Piercing his lungs he laughed as the same effect took a hold of Bantu.
"You're going to kill yourself like that!" Hidan all the more smiled at his prey's efforts. Bantu grunted at the sheer pain that exploded in his left lower lung.
"Hmmm. Maybe I should end this early?" taunted the death reaper.
"N-n-no!" Bantu was absolutely helpless as Hidan picked up his Katana and stabbed himself threw the heart, slowly driving the blade in. Bantu was no more. The life in him faded away. The coloring of Hidan's skin faded back to his original skin color as Bantu's life faded to nothing.
"Ahh. Time for my fish." Hidan was never more pleased that his God gave him the gift in trade for loyalty.

The sun settled on the village next door to Yugakure as the stars rose to their place on the dark navy blue sky above. After he was done with his meal, Hidan left the house for abandonment. He did not however, leave the village quite as peacefully. He began his killing spree on the village and playing with his new powers. He left the village in complete chaos, having each building burnt to the ground.
"Ahh. I think I'm going to eliminate each village I pass for Jashin-sama."
The village collapsed as the fires luminescent light roared at it's fast pace increased. The next village would be the one he rested at for the rest of the night.


The streaming light of the next day filled the rich suite that Hidan believed he so rightfully deserved. He was now a one-man army who would bring back honor to his home. That meant all the more killings for his God. Picking up the phone, he ordered as much food service that was possible for the crew below. His schedule demanded he be up early today if he ever wanted to quickly achieve his goal. That means he would eat like a king and get on with the physical strain he will most likely suffer for today. Besides, the bill wouldn't matter if the people serving him were to die.
Hidan ate his fill and enjoyed a nice scalding hot shower. When all was done and said, he went down to the main lobby. "Good morning sir. Are you here to settle your bill?" greeted the young lady at the front desk.
"Oh no, me? Pay for such a highly accumulated bill? No. I'm here for something else much more important."
" Well how may I help you?"
"I guess you can start by killing yourself for Jashin-sama. Or, perhaps you would rather if I killed you?"
"Excuse me?"
" You heard me chick. Do you want me to kill you or do you want to do it yourself?" Hidan drew one of his Katanas to kill her himself. She turned around getting ready to run off but didn't get too far before the blade sliced right threw her neck. It cut with such ease; it was like cutting butter with a butter knife. Everyone instantly went into a state of panic. Another day, another killing spree. Village after village was destroyed. Hidan was unstoppable due to his immortality. One day equaled up to eight villages destroyed.
Week after week, day after day killing and more killing. There was only one obstacle that remained in Hidan's way. The ultimate off all obstacles, Kentagakure. Hidan agreed with himself that he would save Kentagakure for the next day. He would need much rest is he was to challenge the capital of his country. For tonight, he would indulge himself in food, comfort and sleep.


Light hit the dominant village stretching its reach past the buildings. Kentagakure was by far the biggest village in its country. It far outranked its brethren villages in numbers, skill, knowledge, and advancement. Homes weren't like the small-disheveled huts in Yugakure. Homes in Kentagakure had elongated walls towering over the streets and stood high and mighty enough to challenge the bamboo jungle that encompassed Kentagakure. The structures were made of brick and each designed elegantly to display architectural beauty.
Hidan scoffed at the village that ruined his life, which crippled his once glorious home. That extinguished his once notorious clan until nothing stood but him. It was their mistake allowing him to live, to reek his revenge. That is exactly why Jashin forbade half killing. Now Hidan was going to absolutely demolish Kentagakure.
Hidan walked forward, his sandals crunching on the dirt road below him with each step. Pressing forward with his life's dream, Hidan couldn't suppress his smirk. The very first person Hidan would spot would be the very first person to start the slaughter. Hidan whipped out his left Katana and mercilessly swung his sword to the very first person in his path of unleashing destruction.
Panic erupted through the defenseless villagers as Shinobi stepped up to face the threat. Shinobi was slaughtered. No one stood a threat in Hidan's path of destruction and revenge. Building after elegant building burning to the ground. The Kage or ultimate Shinobi finally rose from his throne.
"Who is it that challenges my people and I?" The Kage's voice roared out in a deep rumbling voice. The Kage was incredibly ripped, almost inhumanly and his skin a nice tan and he himself was amazingly tall.
"HMPH! I do! Hidan of Yugakure and the san clan!"
"Oh... yes the village that once held title high. I remember...soo you wish vengeance on your homeland? But why are you here all alone? Where are your people? Are they hiding in the bushes perhaps? Like the cowards they are?"
Hidan let out a snarl and lifted his two Katanas up ready to fight.
"No! I am here to challenge you myself, to show that it takes only one warrior to destroy your pathetic home!"
"Well can your village alone protect this entire country? We have. Can your home provide warriors? We did. What did you do?"
Hidan didn't give this much thought. How as his people, the weakest village known in his country supposed to defend and provide war for his country?
"I'm going to annihilate you!" Although it would be important to give thought to the matter, but since when did he stop blood shed to think?
"Fine! But you will be the evil who destroyed your home country. Let it be known that Hidan of the san clan destroyed his country by leaving the people of Yugakure to defend his home country from the nation of superior Shinobi!"
Hidan's rage burned and boiled underneath his skin. He had just about enough. Nothing else mattered more than destroying the greatest warrior of the biggest city.
Roaring out a battle cry, Hidan ran forward letting his Katana drag as sparks flew. When close enough, he began to lift his weapon of death still in mid air. This was it; his moment of glory. Why was the Kage closing his eyes? Why was he not defending himself? He was smiling even! SLICE! A clean swipe cutting the air and slicing his ultimate enemy. The Kage smiled even to his death. The Kage's head slid off as the body collapsed. His smile never faltered, even then. Did he know something? That smile. That stupid smile. It taunted Hidan's lack of knowledge. What was it that the Kage knew that Hidan may never acquire?
"Forget him! Who needed a weak Kage anyway? I'LL SHOW HIM BY BECOMING A KAGE MYSELF!"
With that he mutilated the village.
Never to look back Hidan continued onward to his own home to reproclaim righteous honor. Hidan single handedly had destroyed each village. Only his home remains standing in one piece. He couldn't wait to return home and announce the news.
Walking through each annihilated village to the next, he felt satisfaction. He did it all with his two bare hands. He remembered everything. Every detail of how every village was destroyed. Days of traveling back and the next stop would be home.


Walking over the horizon with the sun, Hidan looked at the new capital of his country. He told no one he was going to challenge the country and make Yugakure the new greatest village. He didn't even give word to Atsuko before he left. Atsuko only thought that Hidan was on the journey to achieve immortality. Ah, his people would be in for a surprise.
Walking on the familiar stone path, Hidan's excitement rose. Pressing the right door to the Jashin temple, and alarming his friend, made Hidan's excitement grow.
" Oh Hidan-sama! You have returned at last! I see that you must have achieved immortality with a smile like that." Atsuko was pleased with his priests high atone.
" There's more to it than that!" Hidan's sentence was oozing with excitement.
"Hmm? Then what else is there my lord?"
" We are the new capital!" Punching the air with his fist Hidan began a small dance of victory. Atsuko was shocked at the news and his pleased demeanor faded. At witnessing this discomfort in his friend Hidan slowly came to a halt with his dance.
"Ne? What's the matter? Your not happy about the good news?"
" Hidan... my friend. There is only one rule to becoming a capital city thru war. Did you not hear of it or read it in a text book or scroll?"
" Uh... No. What happened to alls fair in war?"
" The saying goes ' all is fair in love and war.' The rule is you must challenge a capital with ALL of your village." This brought up silence. Hidan often made mistakes; however, this may have been the biggest mistake of his life.
" What are the consequences of a mistake like that?"
" I don't know you must go to the feudal lord. He lives not too far from here considering we are at the heart of the country. Just head north and you will run into a palace with fort like walls surrounding it. Instead of Ninja guards they have Samurai."
" Huh? Samurai? Not particularly fond of them but whatever. I'm sure it means nothing if I went on my own to destroy villages."
" Oh I hope you are right. I will spread the word on what you've done while you are away. I wish you luck Hidan-sama."
" Alright see ya later buddy!" turning around Hidan wasn't too pleased that he would have to adjourn some more. Leaving his home, he headed off to the path in between the bamboo forest north.
The sun was rising mid sky claiming the time to be noon. Not one cloud disturbed the clear sky. Finally reaching the end of the path Hidan started on was a clearing. Several yards away from the bamboo forest was the fort wall Atsuko talked about. The grass in the clearing was a huge contrast to the wood fort walls. The grass looked new, fresh, clean and as vibrant green as the bamboo forest it was surrounded by. Walking around the fort walls, Hidan finally found the entrance and two Samurai. Both wore red armor and had holsters to hold their Katanas on a belt. Both Samurais looked to be six feet tall. The one on the left, closest to Hidan regarded him.
" Can we help you?"
Walking forward some more so that both Samurai could see Hidan he finally responded. " Yes, I'm Hidan of Yugakure. I am here to see the feudal lord."
" Ah, we hear you are the man who vanquished Kentagakure on your own." Answered the samurai standing to the right.
"Yeah, news travels fast like a hawk descending on his prey. A27, will you tell lord Ryuunosuke that Hidan of Yugakure has arrived and there's no need to send enforcements to detain him like originally planned." Responded the samurai on the left.
"On it A02." Samurai A27 turned to continue his quest pressing a fort door open and shutting it behind himself.
"Odd never knew samurai were called by letters and numbers."
"We are more uniformed as such."
"Meh, learn everyday." Silence formed between the two. After awhile samurai A27 returned.
"Lord Ryuunosuke wants to see him should I escort him A02?"
"Ya, he would get lost. I'll stand here for guard in the mean time will you send that lazy Nn2?"
"Alright come Hidan." Opening the door Hidan followed. Walking thru the compound the samurai leading Hidan came to a stop in front of a hey stack. "Nn2 wake up A02 has called for you."
"Ngh, A02? Ah... Where is he?" Nn2 wore similar armor only his was blue.
"He's guarding the front entrance to the palace compound."
"Alright, I'll be there in a minute." Nn2 got up and headed to the entrance. A27 continued to the palace Hidan following. The palace was tall, the structure elegant, and made from wood. Walking past samurai, thru corridors, hallways, and up many flights of stairs that reached a special door. The door was red and had four samurai in black armor guarding the door.
"092, 0A1, 01A, and 067," A27 bowed to the four samurai in greeting. "I have Hidan from Yugakure."
"Very well then proceed A27." 092 acknowledged. Each samurai moved to the side so A27 and Hidan could make it thru the door. Sitting behind a desk was the feudal lord Ryuunosuke. He was old but tall and skinny. He wore a light red hat the kind an important noble would wear. His robe was elegant and had a dragon designed on it.
"So you are Hidan of Yugakure. I've heard much about you."
" Yea, I didn't know I had broken a rule so does that mean isn't going to be the capital? Or is there a different consequence?"
" Yea. Well your village IS the capital. However...you set your country up for failure. Your village is weak and by destroying all the other villages you have made this country weak...our country will now model after your village. We will be a peaceful tourist country. You...you are banished. You are no longer a citizen of this country. You can leave peacefully or die now."
This upset Hidan.
" I NEVER DIE! OUR COUNTRY IS NOT GOING TO BE PEACEFUL!" Hidan jumped up on the desk ready to slice the feudal lord but the samurai didn't wait for that to happen and quickly sliced Hidan's neck. His head fell off and his body collapsed. Often samurai preferred a slower method of killing but the situation demanded immediate action.
" Hmm...will you dispose of him A27?" A27 walked closer to the head and froze.
" MORONS I'M STILL ALIVE!" No one could believe it. His head was plainly dethatched from his body but he was still talking.
" Get that demon out of my country! Knock him out or something!" The feudal lord was disgusted by the talking head beside his desk. A27 used a pressure point and knocked Hidan out cold.

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