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Chapter 1: Contemplation X Hot tea X Shopping nightmare

It had been a week since Senritsu and Kurapika left York Shin to return to the Nostrad Manor. It had also been a week since Kurapika recovered from his sickness and yet, Senritsu felt that something was still off about him. His eyes told her that he was void of happiness, his energy drained. His heartbeat confirmed for her that he was still feeling unsettled and confused over something she had no idea about. Whatever it was, Kurapika would never be the same.

Senritsu sighed. She had promised LeoRio that she would watch over Kurapika in his place, but it was getting rather challenging. She could figure out his emotions through his heartbeat, but Kurapika guarded his thoughts well enough to prevent her from reading all that he was holding back and torturing himself with.

Senritsu sighed again and got up from the window seat in her room. She knew that whenever she had a headache from intensive thinking, she needed to play music for relaxation. She headed over to the lounge, sat down at the piano rather resignedly and began to play.

Kurapika sat up abruptly from his bed, breathing as if he narrowly escaped drowning. He had been having the same nightmare, of killing the two Genei Ryoudan members, the blood on his hands. He knew he wanted to take revenge and retrieve the scarlet eyes ever since his tribe's annihilation five years ago, but actually taking away their lives, smelling the metallic odor of blood on his clothes and face made him shudder slightly on the inside. How the Genei Ryoudan managed to murder hundreds of thousands of people and not bat an eye was a mystery to him. He sat on his bed and closed his eyes, as he attempted to stabilize his heartbeat and unwilling to continue in that line of thought; it just shows that he was weak, right? Then, he heard it. Someone playing the piano.

Most likely Senritsu, he thought, as he got out of bed.

As he was dressing in his usual clothing, he noticed a cup of steaming black tea and a neatly cut sandwich on a table next to the door. Kurapika smiled to himself. He had to admit, Senritsu really knew what he needed before he ever spoke. She is too kind and thoughtful.

Senritsu sighed in relief as she played the final dramatic chords to the piece she was playing, leaving the notes reverberating across the room. She looked down at the floor as she let her fingers slide off the keys and onto her lap. She gave up trying to figure out what Kurapika was thinking. It was too hard to understand what he was going through. Besides, that would be too nosy of her. She would wait for him to tell her at the right time, when he's ready.

Well, she concluded to herself, I guess I will go check on the others and Neon-sama. She stood up and absentmindedly dusted off the front of her slightly tattered and unattractive shirt, before heading to the door leading to the hallway. Just as she reached for the knob, the door opened, revealing Kurapika and Bashou. She quickly side-stepped to prevent being hit in the face.

"Oh! Sumimasen, Senritsu! I didn't realize you were still here!" Bashou loudly exclaimed as he stepped into the room.

Senritsu smiled softly. "It's alright. I was about to head out to see how you all were doing, and check on Neon-sama. Are you all well?"

"Ah… yes." Kurapika murmured, smiling. "Thanks for the sandwich and tea, Senritsu… and sorry about the door."

Senritsu laughed lightly. "I did say it's quite alright. I am in one piece. And you're welcome, Kurapika. I hope you enjoyed it." She glanced at the clock. "Well. I better see to Neon-sama."

"Oh! We'll go with you." Bashou said, winking. "We were looking for you to go with us to report to head boss anyway. A small stop to ojou-sama is not much."

"My, what a coincidence!" Senritsu chuckled.

It was a whole hour and a half before the three were dismissed from their boss' presence and allowed a half day off. With the auctions' finish and their team leader dead, Kurapika was appointed temporary leader at the last second during the emergency. However, now that the incident was over, the boss needed to regroup more Hunters, thus, there were few to no assignments given to them other than to protect and guard Neon-sama. This left them with hardly anything to do.

'Well, all we have to do is accompany ojou-sama to shop for an hour before we have the rest of the day off, right?" Bashou pondered aloud.

Senritsu sighed, "Indeed. However, she usually ends up taking more than an hour during her shopping sprees."

And I think it's about time I got back on track with finding the Sonatas of Darkness… She thought to herself. And Kurapika, I am sure, would want to get started on recovering the rest of his clan's scarlet pupils.

Senritsu shook her head and sighed again. "I suppose I will get myself ready for this last task. I will meet you both in the lobby, I assume?"

Kurapika glanced at her, deep in thought, before he answered. "Yes. We'll meet in the lobby with Neon-sama, in three minutes."

With that, they separated, each to prepare for an hour plus of shopping torture.

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