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Chapter 9: This is Going to Involve a Lot of Explaining

Hiccup POV

Even in sleep, I could still feel the pain.

Nagging pains in my chest, and the constant pounding in my head. But as soon as the dream started, all of it faded away.

I was standing in…nowhere? It was whiteness and fog all around me. I got the impression that I would normally be scared out of my mind right now, considering I was literally surrounded by nothing. But honestly, I felt safe here.

"Hiccup…" a voice called softly. Great, now I'm hearing voices! Although, I thought it sounded like it was coming from a bit of a distance in front of me. I wandered toward it. Eventually I came across a woman. She was completely white. It seemed like her eyes stared off into nothing. Her eyes and her lips were the only parts of her (that were visible, anyway. Ahem…) that was not white. Her eyes were cloudy and grey. They looked like they had actual clouds in them, swirling around behind the pupils. Her lips were pitch black. Flowing robes covered her, and she slowly came towards me. I was sure she was a goddess, but I didn't know which one she was.

"Hiccup, I am-," When she tried to tell me who she was, only whispers came out. She huffed, rolling her cloudy eyes. "Damn you, Odin. I apologize, Hiccup. It seems that I am strictly forbidden to reveal my identity to you. But we can put that aside, can't we? I understand you are quite confused about how Iratze is human."

I nodded. "Yes. I don't understand it. Aren't only Night Furies supposed to have that power?"

"They are," She confirmed. "But Toothless…she is a unique dragon. We assumed she would need help in the future. Or rather, she would need help to be able to help someone. We understood why she wanted to turn human. Actually, she didn't really want to. I saw that you two were so in love, that we let her power overtake her and turn her human. You would have never told her that you loved her if she hadn't changed."

"Okay, but what does this have to do with Iratze?" I asked.

"I just thought I would explain that to you since you two never really figured out why she had turned human." She shrugged. "But when she turned human, she never fully changed. We made it so she didn't use all of her power. She wasn't a complete human."

My head was spinning. "Wait, how? How was she not a full human? It's not like she had a tail coming out of her butt or anything."

"Think about it." She smiled.

I did what she said and thought. She hadn't been a complete human…so that means that she still had something dragon about her when she changed…

"Oh!" I felt my face light up. "She still had all those dragon traits. Like the scales on her hands, her ability to shoot fire out of them, and her strength!"

"Yes. That's exactly right," she said. "So since she still had some power left, she was able to transfer it to Iratze. The reason why Iratze has nothing dragon-like about him is because he used every bit of power he had. Toothless didn't use every ounce of power she had."

"I get it now," I said. I noticed that I was starting to drift away. "Thank you!"

"You are welcome, Hiccup. I hope that helped." She grinned.

And then I woke up.

Astrid POV

"Uh…" I stared at Hiccup and Toothless. Hiccup was mumbling 'Thank you' and 'I don't know', while Toothless was over on the floor flipped over onto her back, growling and moaning. She started kicking her legs.

All of a sudden Hiccup decided to wake up, putting all of his effort in to sit up. Toothless did the same. They boy next to me, who's name I couldn't remember, was looking at the two of them with an odd expression on his face.

"Whoa," Hiccup breathed.

"Well, that was just about the weirdest thing I've seen in a long time." The boy next to me said.

"I'm with you on that one," I agreed. "What the heck were you two dreaming about?"

"For me," Hiccup said first. "I was being talked to by some creepy white goddess."

Toothless growled. I looked at the boy next to me.

"Um, she said, 'Me too, except she was in black clothing with black hair.'" He translated.

"I can't think of what goddess she is." Hiccup groaned, coughing and laying back down. "She told me how you were able to become human." He gestured to the boy next to me.

Toothless apparently said something again, because the boy translated for me. "She said, 'Same here.'"

What snapped my attention away from the boy was Hiccup gagging and becoming extremely pale.

"Oh gods…" I muttered, going to grab a bucket. I got one to him just in time for him to throw up in it.

"Well, isn't this fun?" the boy said.

"It's not his fault he's sick!" I defended Hiccup, glaring at the boy. "I'm going to see Stoick and the medicine man. Take care of him!" I stormed out.

"Um…okay? Bye?" The boy said.

Technically, he's a dragon. But still, he was considered a boy.
A fairly good looking human boy who seemed like he cared…

Toothless POV

So now we knew why and how Iratze was a human. Some goddess visited us in our dreams. Why do all the weird things keep happening to us? Why not someone else? I couldn't think of the goddess's name, and neither could Hiccup. We had never seen any drawings of her. But we were pretty sure we got two different people. The one who visited me had black clothing and hair. The one who visited Hiccup had white clothing and hair, although they told us the exact same things.

When Hiccup had woken up from his dream at the same time I did, he had seemed healthier and stronger. But within a few minutes, he was throwing up and having more chest pains. I felt so bad. We both went through that storm together and he was the only one to be effected by it! But at least I was healthy so I could help take care of him.

In other news, I wasn't entirely sure, but I was starting to think that Iratze liked Astrid. He had only known her for what? Fifteen minutes? But the real question is:

Will Astrid like Iratze back? I just hoped that she would within the next fifteen days. Then our problem with Iratze would be solved.

"Toothless?" Hiccup rasped. I went over to him, putting my head underneath his arm. "I'm sorry."

"For what?" I asked, not understanding why he was apologizing.

"For getting sick and making you worry." He whispered.

"That's not something to be sorry for, Hiccup." I grunted. "I should be saying that I'm sorry. If I had gotten you out of that storm faster…"

"Either way, we always have something to apologize to each other for. Seeing as I'm me, and you're you, it's going to have to be that way." He winced and starting coughing again. It didn't seem like this sickness was going to depart anytime soon. With it being near the end of springtime, a lot of people were bound to get sick. Maybe not this sick,but still sick.

Maybe if I had been paying a little more attention, I probably would have noticed that Iratze wasn't in the room…

Iratze POV

Hiccup and Toothless were busy, so I decided to give myself a tour of Berk. I had only been here once before when I was a dragon dropping off human Toothless and Hiccup.

I like Hiccup and all, but it still bugged me that Toothless chose a human over me. Astrid said that I will get over it soon, but I've been trying to get over it for more than three years! I'm pretty sure I'm in love with Toothless, but how am I supposed to know? Aren't you only supposed to…really fall in love once in your whole life? Maybe I'm not really in love with Toothless.

Anyway, Berk looked about the same since the last time I was here. Every time I passed by someone they just stared at me, probably wondering I was. I gave awkward waves in a few peoples directions.

"Ahh!" I hear someone yell. There was a loud crash. It seemed that it was coming from one of the smaller buildings. I walked over to it, peeked in, and saw a large man on the floor underneath a bunch of pots and pans and some weapons.

"Are you okay?" I asked, walking over.

"I'm alright." He said, a heavy accent in his voice. Heavier than Stoick's. Did all the adults in Berk have these accents?

I pushed some of the pots and pans off of him, being extra careful with the weapons. After that I grabbed his meaty arm and pulled him up. "Thank ya, lad."

"No problem," I replied. He was large, with a peg leg, and a prosthetic hand. His chin jutted out, and he had a long braided mustache.

"And who might you be? A friend of Hiccup's?" he asked.

"My name's Iratze, and yes I am." I confirmed.

"Haven't seen you around before." He eyed me suspiciously.

"Yeah, my first time here as a human." I chuckled.

"You're a dragon?" he asked.

"Toxic Nightshade. Don't ask," I sighed. "I didn't want to be a human. But apparently I didn't have a choice! Anyway, who are you?"

"Gobber," he stated. "Hiccup works for me."

"Oh, okay." I nodded.

"Where is the lad?" he disappeared yesterday." He wondered.

"He's sick," I said. "I don't remember what he's sick with, but he's in bed and his girlfriend is up there with him."

"Girlfriend? Last time I checked he was trying to kill me for almost telling Toothless he loves her." Gobber told me.

"That's who is girlfriend is. Well, mate…I don't know! All I know is that Hiccup and Toothless are 'together' now." I grumbled.

"Finally! They've come to their senses!" Gobber exclaimed.

"More like lost them," I said, kicking one of the weapons.

Not the best idea.

"Ow! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!" I grabbed my foot and started jumping all over the place. The thing I had kicked had been a spiked ball, and my toes hit the part of it that wasn't spiked, but one of them scraped across the side of my foot, cutting open the boot and reaching my skin.

"Yep, yer definitely a friend of Hiccup's." I heard Gobber mutter.

"I'm not supposed to be this clumsy! Hell, I'm not even supposed to be a human! I'm seventeen! I should be a dragon and have a mate by now!" I cried. "How do I even know how old I am as a human? I'm not supposed to know this!"

"All right, all right!" Gobber shouted, grabbing my shirt with his good hand. We earned a few odd looks from Viking's passing by. "You're gonna have to learn to deal with this, lad! Toothless did, so I think a boy that's older than both her and Hiccup can get through this!"

"But I'm not a boy!" I screamed. "I'm a male dragon for crying out loud!"

"You sound like an old man! Young people don't say 'for crying out loud.' What are you?" Gobber asked, putting me down.

"I don't know! Did we not just go through this?" I asked feeling annoyed. I straightened out my shirt.

"Calm down!" he ushered. "I'm gonna tell ya somethin' lad. You're a male dragon. But for right now, you're a human boy! There's nothing you can do about it until whenever it is that you turn back into a dragon. And you need to forget about Toothless, she's never going to like you as more than a friend. Hiccup already took the position you wanted."

"How did you know that I liked Toothless?" I asked.

"Lucky guess," he smirked.

"Seriously, how did you know?" I pestered.

"Are you really that stupid, boy?" he sighed.

"I'm not stupid!" I defended. "You know what? I'm just gonna go. Have fun cleaning up."

"Are you kidding me?" He called after me. "You help me up and then you just leave me to clean…" I didn't hear anymore after that.

"Wasn't that fun." I said to myself, rolling my eyes.

"Watch it, kid!" I heard a gruff voice say to me. I looked to my right and saw a guy heading towards me riding a Monstrous Nightmare. I jumped back, missing the gigantic claws by inches.

"I'm not a kid!" I shouted at him. He only laughed and kept moving. "Jerk."

I turned back to my right, not looking in front of me. I found myself stumbling backwards, catching and steadying myself, then looking back to see who or what I had crashed into. I hiccupped a little at the sight of Astrid on her butt looking up at me with an annoyed face.

"Astrid!" I gasped. "I'm sorry! I wasn't looking where I was going!"

"You better be sorry," She muttered. I reached down to help her up, but she swatted my hand away. "I can get up on my own, smart one."

"I just thought that…"

"That I'm a girl so I need help standing up after getting knocked down by some idiot dragon-boy?" she scoffed.

"Shut up!" I snapped. She raised her eyebrows. "Just shut up! I'm not an idiot, I'm not a kid, and I most certainly am not a human! So don't you dare tell me that I am! I don't care how tough you think you are!"

She stared at me. After a moment of silence, she spoke. "Nice job. Most people wouldn't stand up to me and tell me to shut up. I'm not saying it was the smartest idea. But I will give you credit for that, dragon-boy."

"My name is Iratze." I told her.

"So?" she shrugged.

"So can you called me Iratze instead of dragon-boy?" I urged.

"Nah, I like dragon-boy better," she smirked.

"Why?" I groaned.

"'Cause it's fun to annoy you, but fine. Iratze." She winked, walking away.

"Thanks...Astrid…" I stared after her, looking at how she walked. She was beautiful.


Just thinking of her name made my heart pound.

That can't be good.

Astrid POV

I don't really know what it was, but something about that boy…I mean, dragon, was…I can't find the word for it.

It should be a good word, but I'm not sure if that's such a good thing. I hardly know him! And he hardly knows me. I gotta say, I respect the fact that he can stand up to me. Most people are smart enough not to. He looked pretty pissed off, so I didn't tease him anymore after that, except for the whole 'dragon-boy' thing.

He really was kind of attractive. The only person I had ever thought was cute was Hiccup. But this guy…

"Iratze." I mumbled. I liked his name.

"Dude!" I heard someone call. It sounded like Ruffnut. I turned to my left to see her sprinting across the dirt toward me.

"Uh…yeah?" I blinked.

"Did you see the new guy?" she asked, skidding to a stop in front of me.

"Yes, Ruffnut." I groaned.

"Really? When?" she asked, looking surprised.

"I know him personally. He's a close friend of Toothless." I said, giving an annoyed smile.

"But he's a human!" she gasped.

Overdramatic much, Ruffnut? What's wrong with you? Never seen you this worked up about a guy before. Hell, I've never seen you act this girly about anything! I talked to her inside my head, knowing she couldn't hear me. "Actually, he's not. He's a dragon. But you didn't hear that from me." I hissed. I started to walk away.

"Wait!" she called. I turned. "At least tell me his name!

I sighed. "Iratze." I, once again, walked away. I heard Ruffnut's foot falls getting farther and farther away as she ran to go find my cousin, Camicazi. I hardly ever made contact with her. I really hated her. Everyone thought she was perfect. She hates me for no reason. When she was little, she didn't need training for the dragons. She taught herself, when I had to be taught by someone else. I'm a few months older than her, with the same good looks. I'm honestly surprised that Hiccup never liked her. I think it's because she was always horribly mean to me, and he was convinced he was in love with me. He didn't care that I hated him, even though I had a bit of a soft spot for him when we were little. I knew what it was like to loose a parent. My dad died a while before Hiccup's mom passed. I also knew what it was like to have a cousin bully you. What with Snotlout always picking on him, I felt bad for him. Camicazi's behavior towards me is what made me the tough Viking girl that I am today, so I guess I should be thanking her. I won't, though. I hated her more than I used to hate Hiccup, and still do. Nobody talks to me about her, and I would really like it to stay that way.

When I reached the chiefs house, I opened the door and stepped inside. Before I closed it, I saw Iratze still standing where I had left him, staring at me.

With that stupid expression on his amazing face.

Goddess POV

To Odin, it was a good thing that I never revealed what goddess I was.

But to me, I didn't like having no one know who I am.

Since I am the goddess of dreams, I have a very childish and imaginative personality. I am able to split my personality, like I did with Hiccup and Toothless when I visited them. I visited Hiccup as the part of me who is calmer and nicer, while I visited Toothless with the opposite, so she probably got snapped at a lot by me.

I wanted to tell them who I was, but Odin refused to let me. I ask him why constantly, but he just will not tell me! Every time I open my mouth to say my name, I choke or only whispers come out.

Not a lot pf people know who I am because most people forget their dreams a minute after they wake up. But I think Hiccup and Toothless are much more unique. I have a feeling they will figure out who I am soon enough. Not only did they bring peace between dragons and Vikings, but they did what was thought to be impossible.

They fell in love.

Toothless POV

Well, this is going great.

What's that, Toothless? I'm sensing a little sarcasm, there.

Oh, really?


Someone give me a prize, I'm officially a genius!

Shut up.

Actually, why don't you shut up?

This is what happens when I dragon's mind becomes a bit scrambled.

And right now, my mind isn't exactly…in order.

So I'm stuck here with Astrid, Stoick, and a screaming Hiccup Haddock. His chest pains aren't getting any better, his head hurts, he coughs up mucus or blood, and he won't stop shivering even though he's sweating.

It's been about three days since me and Hiccup had the dreams with the weird lady in them. So that means three days since we cam back to the village, and three days since Iratze became human. Twelve days left for Iratze. But I'm really hoping that he will have a lifetime left to be a human. Astrid should be able to win him over by then.

That is, if she wants to win him over.

I'm still not entirely sure if she likes him. I'm 99% sure Iratze likes her, but there's always that 1% hanging there in front of my face.

Another loud cough erupted from Hiccup as he hunched over in pain.

"Are you kidding me?" Astrid groaned. I growled at her.

"Like you said, it's not his fault he's sick!" I knew she couldn't understand me, but I thought she would get the message. She looked like she was going to say something back, but then seemed to think better of it. I nodded defiantly.

"Would you two stop bickering?" Stoick demanded. "My son, your boyfriend," he looked at me, "And your friend," looking at Astrid, "is sick!"

"Really?" I mumbled to myself. "I haven't even noticed."

"We've only ever had to deal with pneumonia once," said Stoick. "And it lasted a couple weeks. The boy who got it almost died."

"Who was the boy?" Astrid asked. Stoick's eyes took on a pained expression.

"It's…it's nothing. He's long gone now and isn't ever coming back. Forget I said anything." He looked like he was about to cry.

Whoever this boy was, Stoick must've been really close to him.

I glanced at Astrid, who was laying Hiccup's head back down on his pillow. She seemed to notice and glanced my way, too. She gave me a light shrug.

My To Do List:

Get Iratze and Astrid together

Make sure Hiccup survives

Find out who was in our dreams

Figure out who this boy is

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