Disclaimer: If I owned Jak & Daxter, would I REALLY be here? Enough said.

AN: Set during Jak 3, when he gets the power of flight.

"We grant you a new power, one that will help you reach new heights." The precursor Oracle intoned. Jak gently landed on the balcony, his body still glowing white. What new power had he received this time, Jak wondered to himself.

Jak stepped forward slightly and felt something on his back move. It wasn't a bag, whatever it was. For one thing, he hadn't brought a bag with him. Besides, this felt like it was physically attached to him. He looked over his shoulder and gasped.

Thinly translucent and as white as the rest of him, sat a pair of big, beautiful wings. Almost in disbelief, he shrugged his shoulders and gave them a little flap. Yes they were definitely real. A sudden burst of recklessness came over Jak. Taking a deep breath, he took a running leap off of the edge of the balcony and flapped his new wings. But just before he did, a nasty thought occurred to him.

'I hope this isn't the Precursors idea of a joke.'