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Episode Summary: Elizabeth has started school and already made some new enemies. Stuck up Cassidy and her twin brother Tomas. But she's not the only new girl. And exchange student from London named Patricia is attending also. However, Morgan fears the Patricia is not at all what she seems.


Opening Credits

'Listen my child, you say to me'

A young girl with blond hair looks up to see a young woman.

'I am the voice of your history'

The girl looks through a ancient book with strange writing.

'Be not afraid, come follow me'

The girl rides a horse across a sea cliff, then a beach. In front it the woman also riding.

'Answer my call, and I'll set you free'

The girl walks around an old store. She sees a old wooden box. She takes it off the shelf and brings it home. She then takes a key and opens the box. A golden light fills the room. Four wooden figurines move within the box. A unicorn, a dragon, a phoenix and a sea serpent.

'I am the voice in the wind and the pouring rain'

The girl stands on a sea cliff during a storm. Wind and rain whip around her. She holds the box close to her chest and turns to face a man in dark clothes. His red eyes pierce her gray ones.

'I am the voice of your hunger and pain'

The girl and the man battle. Gold light comes from the girl, black light from the man. Magic shoots out of each.

'I am the voice that always is calling you'

The girl turns to see a ancient book glowing softly. She gently takes in down.

'I am the voice'

The wooden figures talk to her.

'I am voice of the past that will always be'

The girl and woman ride through a forest and stop in front of a old, abandoned castle.

'I am the voice of your hunger and pain'

The girl runs through a dark castle hallway. Fire races towards her. The box is pressed against her chest.

'I am the voice of the future'

The girl is surrounded by a golden light.

'I am the voice'

The girl watches the night sky, her eyes following a shooting star.

'I am the voice'

The girl rides a unicorn through a forest, running from giant wolves.

'I am the voice'

She hugs a woman with blond hair and gray eyes.

'I am the voice'

Quick videos of the girl. Ending with her opening a very ancient book. A golden glow shines from the book. The glow fills the screen and disappears.

The Book of Angulais

End Credits

With People like these who needs Enemies

Elizabeth Penndra groaned as her alarm clock beeped. She rolled over and tried to hit the snooze button. But instead she ended up hitting a small sleeping bird with red, orange and yellow feathers. And who seemed to be on fire.

"Ouch! Hey, Elizabeth, watch where you're hitting. Some of us are trying to get some sleep still." Peter shook himself and began to fall back to sleep. Elizabeth looked at the others. David the dragon, Sean the sea serpent and Lorilie the unicorn. They all nodded and started to turn the clock speakers towards Peter. Then Elizabeth turned up the volume and pressed the on button. A blast of sound rang through the room. Peter's eyes snapped open and he got up immediately. "I'm up, I'm up!" He walked around in a bit of a daze and ended up falling over edge of the bedside table. Everyone snickered. Elizabeth got out of bed and pick up the phoenix, placing him on the table. She got out some clothes and put the animals into the box, locking it. She then got dressed in a some-what privacy. She had put on her school uniform which came in the mail the day before. It was a red plaid skirt, matching sweater vest, long socks, black shoes and a white blouse. Elizabeth brushed her hair and took the animals back out.

"How do I look?", she asked, twirling around.

"Great", said Lorilie. The others nodded in agreement.

"So, Elizabeth", said David, "about this school." Elizabeth sighed.

"Guys, I already told you. I can't take you with me. If anyone saw you, or worse, Mordred did, it would a disaster. So no, you can't come with me." She heard her dad calling for breakfast. "Be right there! Remember, no hitch-hiking." Elizabeth then ran downstairs, leaving her backpack right underneath the animals. They looked at one another with the same sneaky look. Lorilie just sighed and shook her head. 'Elizabeth is not going to like this one bit', she thought.

Downstairs, Elizabeth was eating some oatmeal and toast while her dad listened to the BBC radio. When she was done, she ran up stairs and grabbed her back pack. Inside it, four animals were being jostled around. She got on a coat and waited for her dad.

"Have fun at school, Lizze", he said, kissing her on the forehead. He then got into his car and drove off. Elizabeth locked the door and began to walk to her bus stop. When she got there, someone else was waiting. As Elizabeth got closer, she saw it was the girl she met a few days before, Lauren.

"Lauren!", she called out as she got closer. Lauren turned and waved.

"Hey Elizabeth, how ya been?"

"Okay. I'm a little nervous."

"Aw, the only thing you need to worry about is the math teacher and the snooty kids. Other then that, you should be fine."

"Uh, thanks, I think." They waited another 5 minutes or so before the bus came. Elizabeth felt sure that her backpack was heavier then usual, but ignored it. She sat beside Lauren and they talked. Lauren had grown up in Welford her whole life and lived down the street from Elizabeth. She had an older brother and a cat. Her brother went to the high school in Walton. When they arrived at the school, Elizabeth suddenly felt even more nervous. There were kids running around everywhere or sitting on benches and the school steps. One group that stood out was a girl with raven-black hair and dark-brown eyes. Next to her was a boy with the same hair and eyes, twins. A group of boys and girls were around them as they pushed a boy around. The boy then grabbed his backpack, dumped all his stuff out and threw his backpack into the trash. He then pushed him to the ground and they just walked away laughing. Elizabeth leaned over to Lauren. "I take it those are the snooty kids."

"Yep", said Lauren, popping the P. "They're Cassidy and Tomas Tompson. Just stay out of their way and you'll be fine." A bell rang, signalling school. Elizabeth walked, wondering whether to go to the office or just her first class. Lauren, however, had a plan already and dragged her to her first class, English. She got a seat beside Lauren and waited. Soon, a woman Morgan's age with blond hair tied back in a bun came in.

"Okay class, settle down." Students sat down immediatly. "Now before we begin, we have a new student. Elizabeth Pendra, will you please come up here." Elizabeth got out of her sit and walked up to the front, ignoring the stares. "Class, this is Elizabeth Pengra. She just moved here from Montana." A few kids snickered and Elizabeth swore she heard the girl, Cassidy, whisper, "Cowgirl". The teacher, Ms. Fontana, cleared her throat. "I expect you to treat her like everyone else. Thank you Elizabeth." Elizabeth went back to her seat and continued with class. The class had started on mythology, mainly King Arthur. Elizabeth was a bit embarrassed because she knew a lot about this. Ms. Fontana took out her text book. "Alright, class, please turn to page 15. Now, before we begin, can anyone tell me where we left off? Joel." She pointed to a brown haired boy behind Elizabeth.

"When King Arthur is going to the Lady of the Lake."

"Correct. Now can anyone tell me why? Elizabeth." Elizabeth had raised her hand.

"Well, um. Because he had challenged a knight and during the duel, broke his sword which was the one he had pulled from the stone. So Merlin took him to the lake to get a new one." The class was silent.

"Well, Elizabeth. You do know your mythology. I'm sure you'll do very well in this class." Cassidy mumbled, "Teacher's Pet", but Ms. Fontana gave her a stern look. They then continued with class. Elizabeth answered questions from time to time, but didn't want to seem like a nerd who spent her time reading everything she could get her hands on, which is what she did. For her, the bell couldn't have come any sooner. She rushed out of class, ignoring the stares. Lauren called after her.

"Elizabeth, wait up!" Elizabeth stopped when she got to her locker. "What's the rush?"

"Didn't you see all the stares I got every time I answered a question? They think I'm a freak!"

"Maybe now, but hey, come project time, everyone of them will be begging on their knees for your help."

"Thanks Lauren, come on, we can't be late." The two then raced down the hall, not noticing someone was watching from the shadows.

Elizabeth was just coming out of math and opening her locker to get her lunch when Tomas and his friends came up to her.

"Hey new girl!" Elizabeth rolled her eyes before turning to face him.

"What do you want?" He smiled to his friends before coming closer.

"Well at this school, we have a little rule. Every new kid has to give me their money for a whole year, starting now." One of the boys walked up and grabbed Elizabeth, preventing her from stopping the other while he took off her backpack. He handed it to Tomas who began to rummage through it. He pulled out books, pencils, a calculator and just dropped them on the ground. Finally, he felt a smooth, piece on money and began to take it out. But before he did, something bit him and he jerked his hand, dropping the money back into Elizabeth's backpack. "Bloody! What the heck have you got in there? A rat!" A very small bit mark was on his finger. Elizabeth smiled.

"Ya, I do. Everyone does where I come from. Helps keeps away pick pockets." Tomas glared at her.

"Whatever. Here, probably wasn't much anyway. That's what I expect from someone poor." He slammed Elizabeth's backpack into her. She grunted and knelled down, picking up and placing her stuff into her backpack. But she stopped when she heard a grunt and someone mumbling. She looked into her backpack and quickly closed it. She picked up her remaining stuff and walked quickly to the far end of the school. She sat on bench and dumped out her backpack. The usual things fell out. But then four wooden animals fell onto the bench.

"Ouch! You could at least warn us next time! Gosh!", Peter grumbled as he picked himself up. But he backed up a bit when he saw Elizabeth glaring at them. "Oh dear."

"We're dead!", said Sean.

"Sean, shut up!", snapped David. Lorilie just shook her head.

"Guys!", snapped Elizabeth. The bickering animals looked up at her. She shook her head. "What are you doing here? I'm pretty sure I told you to stay home. You could have been caught back there! What were you thinking.?"

"Um, that you would need help?", suggest David. Elizabeth gave him a look that said she was not convinced. "Well, at least we stopped that boy from stealing your money, right." Elizabeth just sighed. Lorilie walked up.

"Yes, and in the progress, nearly got us all caught!"

"Thank you Lorilie. Look, I'll keep you in my backpack for the rest of the day. Just no more biting people. Okay." The animals nodded. Elizabeth was just placing them in when a voice from behind caught her attention.

"Elizabeth!" She turned to see Lauren waving. "Come on! We got to get to the cafeteria before all the good seats are taken! Hurry up!" In her hassel, Elizabeth had ruffly dropped the animals and they were now moaning and rubbing their heads.

"Be more careful, would you?", snapped David. Lorilie again rolled her eyes.

"Sorry", whispered Elizabeth. "I'm coming!", she called to Lauren while zipping up her backpack and running to her friend.

The rest of school went well for Elizabeth. Despite starting school a month later, she did very well. Now, at the end of the day, she was waiting for Lauren. The two had become fast friends. As she sat on the school steps, Elizabeth didn't notice Cassidy and Tomas walking up, Tomas's posy following. They stopped in front of Elizabeth, who was reading about King Arthur for her homework. She looked up calmly at their sneering faces.

"So you're from Montana?", said Cassidy, "Where's your Cowgirl outfit?" The boys and girls from Cassidy's posey laughed at this. Elizabeth stood up calmly.

"I don't have one." With that she began to walk to the bus stop. But what she said next made her stop.

"What, did you it at your old home with your mommy? Oops." Everyone laughed at this. Elizabeth turned around and glared.

"How did you know about that?"

"I heard you talking to that nerd, Lauren. Duh." Elizabeth walked up to her.

"You had no right to say that."

"It's just as well. I mean, I feel sorry for your mom for having to put up with you." Elizabeth began to walk away.

"Same here." A few girls gasped. Cassidy glared at her. She whispered to a boy who nodded and began to walk to Elizabeth. At that moment, Lauren came out and saw the boy walking towards Elizabeth, who had her back turned.

"Elizabeth!", she shouted, "Look out behind you!" Elizabeth turned just in time to see the boy push her. She landed an the pavement hard. Everyone laughed. Cassidy glared at her as they walked past.

"That was just a warning." Lauren ran up and helped her up.

"Are you okay?" Elizabeth didn't answer at first. Instead, she closed her hand into a fist and concentrated on the firehighdrent. Her necklace began to glow gold, but no one noticed. Then, just as Cassidy, Tomas and their friends walked past the firehighdrent, she flicked her wrist and water spouted from it, drenching them. They gasped, shouted and shrieked. Elizabeth smiled turning to her friend.

"Much better." They walked to the bus and got on. A few minutes later, they got to their stop and got off. Lauren began to walk to her house. She looked back and saw Elizabeth was looking a little lost.

"Hey, Lizze!" Elizabeth turned. "Aren't you coming?"

"Um, well. I was hoping to see the rest of town." Lauren shrugged.

"No problem. See you tomorrow." Lauren walked away waving. Elizabeth did to before getting on her bike and heading towards Morgan's shop. She parked her bike and walked into the store. A bell rang as she entered.

"Morgan", she called. A voice answered from the back.

"I'm right here. Uff! Think you could help me?" Elizabeth placed her backpack on a chair and walked to the back. Morgan was carrying some boxes and a few tilted. Elizabeth grabbed a few and carried them to the front. "Thank you, dear", said Morgan as she placed the boxes down. "So, how was school?" Morgan talked to her like they were mother and daughter, but Elizabeth didn't mind. She loved talking to Morgan like this.

"Okay. I made a friend and a few enemies." Morgan was pouring some tea. She handed Elizabeth hers and sat down across from her.

"Oh. Well, they can't be as bad as Mordred." Elizabeth smiled.

"No. I guess not. Although one tried to take my lunch money." Morgan shook her head.

"There's always someone. How did you stop them?" Elizabeth glanced at her backpack.

"I had a little help, you could say." Morgan gave her a confused look before looking at the backpack and saw a small head duck. She smiled knowingly.

"Alright, you four. Come on out." The animals climbed out and looked at Morgan, wearing cheeky smiles. Morgan just shook her head. "What were you thinking? You could have been caught."

"I tried to tell them that, but would they listen, no, of course not", said Lorilie. Peter looked to her.

"Why would we listen to a girl? We had everything under control." Lorilie rolled her eyes.

"Oh course you did. Especially when that boy nearly found us and and you bit him." Peter glared at her. Morgan sighed and shook her head again, smiling.

"Alright you two, calm down. Look, I have no problem with it if Elizabeth doesn't." All the animals looked to Elizabeth hopeful, the boys more so. Elizabeth sighed.

"I guess so." They all cheered. Morgan smiled.

"Now Elizabeth, do you have any homework?" Elizabeth thought for a moment.

"Yes, I think I do." She took out her English. "We're studying Arthurian legends. Maybe you could help me." Morgan came over.

"Of course I can. Lets see." She read the question. "Who was Morgan leFay?" Everyone looked at one another before laughing. "I think you should write what's in the book." Elizabeth nodded. She did her homework with Morgan's help. As she finished her math, she realised how late it was.

"Of shoot! I've got to get home before my dad does." She quickly packed up everything, including the animals. "Thanks again Morgan!" She waved as she left. Morgan waved back.

"Anytime dear. See you tomorrow." Elizabeth got on her bike and raced home, not noticing the dark figure watching her every move from the shadows.

"Dad, I'm home", called Elizabeth when she entered her house. She had seen their car in the driveway, so she knew her dad was home. A voice answered from the kitchen.

"I'm just making supper." Elizabeth began to walk up the stairs.

"Okay, I'll just finish my homework." She closed the door when she got in and went to her desk, taking out her books and her friends. "Okay, lets see. Question 6..."

An hour later, Elizabeth was done her homework, thanks to her friends.

"I just don't get it", said David as Elizabeth put away her homework. "In our time, girls never went to school. My, how things have changed." Lorilie sighed.

"If you remember, Lizard-Boy, King Arthur made it so girls could go to school in Camelot. Duh." David snarled at "Lizard-Boy". Elizabeth just shook her head.

"What was school like in Camelot?", she asked, hoping to stop an argument. Lorilie thought for a moment.

"Not at all like your school. It was smaller and only one teacher. We learnt the necessaries, language, math, reading, writing. But at 12, when we four began to study under Morgan, we learnt herbs, science, medicine, ancient languages, Latin mostly, and of course, magic." She sighed, as if she missed those days. "I do miss those lessons, espcailly with Morgan. But now she has a new student." They all looked up at her. Elizabeth felt sorry for them.

"But I'm sure you can still learn. I mean, you can still say spells and stuff. Just because you aren't human, doesn't mean you can't learn." The animals looked at one another.

"She has a point", said Sean, "we can still learn our languages and medicine." The others nodded in agreement. Then a voice called Elizabeth down.

"Lizze, supper's ready!" Elizabeth up from her desk and walked to her door. She looked back one last time.

"Now, you four, stay here. I don't want to see you running around." With that she left.

The next few days were the same for Elizabeth. Get up, go to school, put up with the Tompson Twins, go to Morgan's and then come home. But a few days later, something new happened. Elizabeth was just getting out her English when Ms. Fontana came in with a new girl. She had long, curly red hair, hazel eyes and freckles. She seemed a little nervous as the teacher told everyone to calm down. Elizabeth leaned over to Lauren.

"Who's that?", she asked her friend. Lauren just shrugged.

"Alright class", said Ms. Fontana, "We have a new student." Elizabeth heard a few people moan and Tomas whisper something like, "Another one?" Ms. Fontana glared at him. "Yes we have another new student. This is Patrica Nadrig, she's and exchange student from London and will be staying here for a while. Why don't you go sit beside... Elizabeth!" Lauren gave her a look but Elizabeth just shrugged. Nadrig just nodded and walk over. She gave Elizabeth a friendly smile and took out her books. "Alright class, if you could turn to page 30, we can go from where we left off. Now, who was King Arthur's cousin? Yes, Patrica?" Patrica put her hand down.

"Mordred." Ms. Fontana looked a little shocked.

"Yes, that is correct. Now, if everyone could please take out their sheets, we'll go over your answers."

Patrica seemed to be fitting in to the school. At lunch, all the girls wanted to sit with her and ask about life in London. Elizabeth couldn't help be feel a little jealous at this. When she first came, no one wanted to talk to her, except Lauren of course. She and Lauren were eating their lunch on the benches outside, underneath an old oak tree. Lauren looked up from her lunch and saw her friend was only picking at hers. She frowned.

"So, what do you think of the new girl?", she asked. Elizabeth looked up.

"Huh?", she said, confused.

"I know you're jealous of her. Why?" Elizabeth sighed.

"It's just... When I first came here, everyone, but you of course, either ignored me or treated me like last week's turkey. So when Patrica comes, they act like she's the next best thing since, designer shoes." Lauren laughed.

"Don't worry. This time in a few months, things will be back to normal. You'll see." Elizabeth nodded and took a bite out of her sandwich.

After school, Lauren and Elizabeth were waiting for their bus when they saw Tomas and Cassidy walking towards them.

"Oh boy, here comes trouble." Elizabeth turned around and groaned. The twins had those smiles on their faces that said "we're-better-than-you-and-there-is-nothing-you-can-do-about-it." The twins stopped and crossed their arms.

"Well, well. Look at what we have here. What do you think, Tomas?" Cassidy turned to her brother, who laughed and cracked his knucles.

"I think that if this nerds don't move soon, I'll have to do it by force." He began to walk towards them when a voice stopped him.

"Now Tomas, is that really necessary?" They all turned to see Patrica walking up to them. "Come on. They're not doing any harm." Elizabeth and Lauren's jaws dropped and the twins just stared. "Hey Cassidy, think you can help me with my clothes for this weekend? I'll meet you after school." Cassidy just nodded, thinking about those beautiful London designers. She grabbed Tomas's jacket and pulled him away.

"Come on Tomas, these losers aren't worth our time." Tomas just glared at the two girls. Elizabeth and Lauren turned to Patrica.

"Hey thanks for the save", said Lauren as their bus came up. Patrica smiled.

"No problem. Hey, if you two take this bus, think you could tell me what stop to get off on?" Elizabeth and Lauren looked at one another and nodded.

"Sure", said Elizabeth, "come on." The three girls then got on.

"So you're telling me that you spent a week at Loch Ness and didn't see any Nessie. What's with that?" Elizabeth, Lauren and Patrica were sharing a seat on the bus to Welford as Patrica told them about her visit to Loch Ness last summer.

"I know, right. But we did visit Tantallon Castle." Elizabeth thought for a moment.

"That's where the famous Michael Scot lived, right?" Patrica nodded. The girls looked up when they saw they had reached their stop. They all got off and began to walk their separate ways. Lauren turned when she noticed Elizabeth wasn't walking with her.

"Lizze! Aren't you coming?" Elizabeth looked back.

"My dad wants me to pick up somethings at the general store. Sorry!" Lauren just shrugged.

"That's okay! See you tomorrow!" She waved. Elizabeth began to walk towards Morgan's store, not noticing the strange look Patrica was giving her, like she was memorising her every move. When she entered the store, the bell chimed. Elizabeth looked around and saw Morgan sitting on a red velvet chair, reading a book. Elizabeth walked over.

"Hi Morgan." Morgan looked up and smiled.

"Hello Elizabeth, how was your day?" She got up and hugged Elizabeth. Elizabeth sat in a chair next to her.

"Pretty interesting. We have a new student. A girl named Patrica Nadrig from London. She's an exchange student." Morgan smiled.

"A new friend, perhaps?" Elizabeth shrugged.

"Maybe, she did stick up for Lauren and I." Morgan nodded.

"Well, I guess you'll have to wait and see. Has she ever been anywhere else?" Elizabeth nodded.

"She went to Scotland once. Visited Tantallon Castle. That's where the great alchemist Micheal Scot lived, right?" Morgan straightened up.

"Yes", she said slowly, as if remembering something. Elizabeth leaned closer.

"Morgan, have you ever met him?" Morgan seemed a little lost.

"You could say that. Now, let's practice some of your skills, shall we?" Elizabeth got up and followed Morgan to the secret backroom. When they entered it, Morgan turned to face her. "Okay, let's start on controlling the elements." She brought a glass of water over. "Try and control the water." Elizabeth nodded. She closed her eyes and concentrated, imagining that the water was rising out of the glass. She reopened her eyes, which were now a sea-blue, and held one hand out to the glass. She slowly brought her hand up and the water followed, rising out of the glass. "Yes! That's it!" Elizabeth made it rise higher and began to play with it. First, she molded it into different shapes. She then would throw somewhere, only to stop it suddenly. The animals watched in amazement.

"Show off", mumbled Sean. Elizabeth heard this and made the water shoot towards him. Sean saw this and ducked just in time. However, Peter, who was right behind him, wasn't so lucky. He was now a ticked and soaked pheonix. Everyone was trying hard not to laugh. Even Morgan looked pretty amused. The blue had died from Elizabeth's eyes, they were again gray, then green. Elizabeth smiled. Morgan finally stopped laughing.

"Okay, I think that's enough water practice for now. Let's try something else." For the next hour or so, Elizabeth practiced her magic. She used fire, earth, water and air. She also practiced a little levitation. She made almost four thick books float through the air before they came crashing down. Morgan then decided it was time to stop. They went upstairs where they cleaned up the store a bit. Finally, Elizabeth decided to go home. She placed the animals in her backpack and walked out the door.

"Bye Morgan! See you tomorrow!" She waved as she left. Morgan waved back. She shivered a little as she went back to her work. 'That's strange', she thought, 'it's usually warm this time of day.' The chill ended and Morgan went back to her work. But the strange feeling she got was still on her mind.

The next few days were the same thing, however, ever since Patrica had arrived, Elizabeth kept getting a feeling like she was being watched or something. And it was not the friendly kind of stare, it was an intense, predator-watching-prey type stare. But Elizabeth tried to ignore it. Patrica soon became a pretty good friend, just like how Morgan had predicted. She seemed really interested in Arthurian legends and loved to talk about them with the two girls. And everyday after school, Elizabeth walked to Morgan's store to practice her magic skills. She often walked with Lauren and Patrica to the bus stop. One day, Morgan was just looking out her window when she saw the three girls. She smiled, glad that Elizabeth had made some more friends. But Patrica suddenly looked her way and seemed to stare directly at her. Morgan felt a sudden chill and swore the girl knew her. She closed her eyes and shook her head to clear her thoughts. When she looked again, Patrica was talking to the other two. A normal person would have ignored it, but Morgan began to think that something was wrong. There was something about Patrica that worried Morgan and she was determined to find out what it was. To top it off, Morgan could not find Mordred. Normally he would attacking by now, but it had been almost a week since they last saw him, and that was when Morgan was kidnapped. This was not like him, and it had Morgan even more worried. One day, when Elizabeth came over, Morgan decided to talk to her about it, to see if she had seen anything. Morgan turned when her store bell ran, announcing Elizabeth's arrival. She smiled as she came in and set her backpack on a chair.

"Hi Morgan."

"Hello Elizabeth. How was your day?"

"Great! Patrica is so cool! I wish you could meet her!" Morgan frowned a bit. "Morgan, what's wrong?" Morgan sighed.

"Elizabeth dear, I'm a little worried about this Patrica girl." Elizabeth frowned as she sat down.

"What is it? Do you think she's in danger?"

"No, I think she is danger." Elizabeth just stared at her for a few moments before laughing her head off.

"You think - that - Patrica - is - dangerous? Morgan, that ridiculous! Patrica isn't evil! What gave you that idea?" Even the animals were a bit surprised at this.

"I haven't been able to find Mordred for almost a month and he hasn't made any attempt to attack. Now this girl appears out of nowhere and I have been getting a bad feeling from her. Almost like she's hiding something. I just don't feel comfortable with you being around her alone."

"Morgan, I'm not alone. I have Lauren with me." Morgan sighed.

"But Lauren is a mortal. If this is some sort of trap set by Mordred, then she won't be any protection. Worse, she could be hurt."

"But Patrica isn't evil."

"Elizabeth, I just don't like the feeling I'm getting from this Patrica."

"Look Morgan, just because you can't find where Mordred is does not mean that every new kid is some sort of spy!" Morgan didn't say anything. Elizabeth just got up and grabbed her backpack before heading to the door.

"Where are you going?", asked Morgan.

"Home, unless you think my dad is some sort of evil spy sent by a wizard who's trying to destroy me!" With that, Elizabeth left, almost slamming the door as she left. Morgan sighed and sat in her chair, her head in her hands.

Outside, a figure watched as Elizabeth left the store in anger. They smiled before pulling out an amulet with a snarling wolf head. They muttered something and a man's face appeared.

"Well", he snapped, "anything?" The person smiled even more.

"I have good news, Master. Everything is going according to plan." The man smiled.

"Excellent. Now, do you have a plan for getting that girl alone?" The person smiled even more evilly.

"Oh yes Master. I have the perfect plan."

Elizabeth sighed as she flipped through her math book. Her backpack laid on her bed, unzipped. She couldn't believe what had just happened at Morgan's store. She and Morgan had gotten into a fight! Elizabeth didn't even think that was possible. But it was true, and it upset Elizabeth. As she sighed once more, the animals came out of the backpack and jumped onto the desk. Lorilie walked up to her.

"Elizabeth, are you alright?"

"No! Why wouldn't I be? I can't believe Morgan would accuse Patrica of being evil! That's crazy!"

"True. But Morgan has never been wrong about this type of things."

"Oh, so now you're accusing her also!"

"No, I'm just saying..." Elizabeth heard her dad come up the stairs and commanded the animals to fall asleep. Her dad came in a second later.

"Hey hon, you okay?"

"Yeah dad, I'm fine. Really."

"Okay. By the way, someone called earlier, asking if she could see you. Think her name was Patrica." Elizabeth looked a little shocked. Why would Patrica want to see her?

"She's a new girl. Can I go?" Johnathan thought for a moment.

"Sure, I don't see why not. Just be back before dinner." Elizabeth grabbed her backpack and coat and began to bike to where Patrica had said her house was. She parked her bike and rang the door bell. Patrica opened the door a few seconds later and smiled.

"Elizabeth! Thanks for coming over! Follow me, my room is up here!" She lead Elizabeth up the stairs and into a dark purple and black room. Elizabeth looked a little shocked at the room. This didn't look like something Patrica would be living in. Patrica saw her expression and gave a little laugh. "Sorry about the room, my folks haven't found the time to repaint it."

"Oh, that's okay. It just, surprising, that's all." Patrica gave another laugh.

"You'll find that a lot of things about me will surprise you." Elizabeth gave her a confused look and wondered what she meant. But she decided that since she was new, she didn't know a lot about her. "Hey Elizabeth, do you think the woods are haunted?"

"No, I've even been there before. If you want, I could show you."

"Would you? It's just, I'm not going to be here much longer and I would love to go there before I have to leave." Elizabeth just shrugged.

"It's no problem, really."

"Oh thank you Elizabeth! Lets go!" Elizabeth smiled as she followed her out. 'Morgan was wrong', thought Elizabeth as they left the house, 'Patrica isn't evil.' What she didn't notice as they entered the woods was the giant creature that was following the two girls, coming closer to its prey.

Morgan sighed as she looked through one of her many books. She could not believe that she had just argued with Elizabeth. The last time she argued with someone was. 'No', thought Morgan as she closed her book, 'don't think about her.' She was just getting up when she fell back down as a vision hit her. It was Elizabeth, something was stocking her in the forest. A girl her age was in front, telling her to hurry up. Morgan knew she had seen that red hair and dark brown, almost black eyes before. Suddenly, the creature that was hunting Elizabeth leaped towards her. Elizabeth turned and screamed. But instead, Morgan heard two words come out.

"Patrica Nagrid!" Morgan snapped out of it and shook her head. What had she just seen? And what did Patrica Nagrid mean? Morgan knew the girl's name was Patrica, so maybe her last name was Nagrid. But Morgan had never heard of any Nagrid's in town. She then knew what was bothering her the whole time. No one new was in town. She had never heard of any exchange students coming! Morgan realised that the name Nagrid seemed familiar to her. She summoned some paper and a pen and began to write. She began to rearrange the letters. Dangri, Dagrin, Rangid, Gridna, Grinda. Grinda! That was the name of Mordred's female apprentice! That's why she seemed so familiar! And now she was in town with Elizabeth! 'Wait, Elizabeth is alone with her! She's in serious danger and doesn't realise it! And if what I saw is true, she's going in even more danger!' Morgan got up and grabbed her cloak before racing out to the back. She ran to the forest behind Elizabeth's house towards the corral. There, both Cloud and Storm looked up at her. Morgan quickly saddled Storm and left the corral, praying she wouldn't be too late to save her.

Elizabeth began to feel uneasy as they walked deeper into the forest. Almost like someone was watching her.

"Hey Patrica."


"Is it just me or is something following us?"

"Oh relax Elizabeth. Now come on!" Patrica began to walk again, but the feeling grew. Elizabeth suddenly ran up and grabbed Patrica's arm.

"Wait! I have a really bad feeling about this!" Patrica was about to say something when something growled from in front of them. Elizabeth gasped as two giant wolves leaped in front of them, snarling and blocking their way. Dark Hounds! "Oh no! Patrica get back!", she yelled as the girl struggled from her grasp and began to walk towards the Dark Hounds. "They'll kill you!" But Patrica still walked towards them. Elizabeth gasped as the Dark Hounds did not attack her. 'What is going on?', she thought. Patrica turned around, an evil smile now on her face. Her voice was cold and hard when she spoke.

"They wouldn't dare attack me! You, however, are a very different matter!" Elizabeth began to feel very bad about this already dangerous situation. She had a feeling it was about to get worse. A snarl nearby made her turn around just in time to see a large Dark Hound leaped for her.

Elizabeth screamed as the Dark Hound lunged for her. She had no time to do anything else, so she just covered her head and waited. But a sudden shout and a howl of pain forced her look. The Dark Hound was lying on its side, snarling. He got up and attempted to attack Elizabeth again. But just as he leaped, a flash of light forced him back again. Elizabeth heard a horse snort and turned to see a brown stallion not too far away, a woman walking towards her.

"Morgan!", cried Elizabeth. She got up and ran to her, hugging like she'd never let go.

"It's okay, I'm here now." They heard clapping and looked to see the once Patrica girl clapping.

"Bravo, bravo! Encore! What a wonderful performance Morgan! Excellent timing!" Morgan got in front of Elizabeth. "Now if you excuse me, I have a job to get to, and, well, you're kind of in the way."

"If you think that for even one second I'm going to let you hurt Elizabeth, you are dead wrong. Now get out of here!" The girl, who now looked like a teenager, smiled.

"Silly, silly Morgan. You should know better than to get in my way. Oh well, at least I get to destroy you too. Dark Hounds, attack!" The two Dark Hounds leaped for them, but Morgan and Elizabeth moved out of the way just in time. The Dark Hounds went after Elizabeth, while the teen girl walked up to Morgan. "Mordred was right about you. You are pathetic! Now while my pets finish off your apprentice, I'll have the privelage of destroying you!" Suddenly black and purple lightning gathered around her and she shot it towards Morgan.

"That's what you think! Magus Aluminus!" Morgan shot out a hand and flashes of white lightning flew towards the dark lightning. They continued to battle like this. "Don't think I don't know what you were planning, Grinda! I've had enough games!" She mumbled something and strikes of white lightning began to shoot towards Grinda. There was an explosion and when the smoke cleared, Grinda was not there. For a second, Morgan thought she was no more, until a chilling laugh filled the air.

"Ha Ha! You really think you have defeated me? Turn around!" Morgan turned, only to see Grinda with a struggling Elizabeth in her grasp. "Now, surrender or she dies!" Elizabeth looked rather weak, cuts and scratches all over her. Morgan looked from one to the other, seeming to be deciding on what to do. At last she came to a decision.

"Alright, you win. I surrender." Elizabeth looked up.

"Morgan, no don't!", she said weakly. Grinda slapped her.

"Quiet! She has spoken! Dark Hounds, get her!" The two Dark Hounds surrounded Morgan, who made no attempt to escape. She glared at Grinda.

"Alright, you have me! Now, let Elizabeth GO!", she shouted. Grinda chuckled and gripped Elizabeth harder,

"You really thought I would? HA! This little child is the answer to world domination! As if Mordred would allow her to be set free!" She gripped Elizabeth even harder. "Now that have both of you I can... OW! What?" Grinda looked down and saw a small white unicorn jabbing its horn into her heal. "Uh! You!"

"Lorilie!", shouted Morgan. Elizabeth took this moment and snaked her leg under Grinda's, tripping her. Morgan did as well and blasted the Dark Hounds, turning them into piles of black ash. Grinda released her grip on Elizabeth who stumbled. Morgan ran up and caught her. "You okay?" Elizabeth nodded. "Then get behind me." She helped Elizabeth up and pushed her behind her as Grinda got up, snarling.

"You fool! Think you have won? Well news flash, victory is mine! Nova Alstay!" Streaks of black lightning began to snake through the sky towards Morgan and Elizabeth. Morgan used herself to cover Elizabeth, but Elizabeth pushed herself out of the way and turned to face Grinda. Morgan watched horrified.

"Elizabeth, NO!" Elizabeth brought her hands forward, just as the black lightning hit her. There was a flash of black, gold and white light and when Morgan looked again, Elizabeth stood there, the black lightning now collected into an orb the size of a baseball in her hand. The black lightning soon became white and gold as Elizabeth expertly tossed it in her hand.

"Let's play ball." She threw it at Grinda, who was too stunned to react. There was an explosion and Morgan and Elizabeth looked away. When the smoke cleared, Grinda was no longer there. Elizabeth panted hard and her knees buckled beneath her. She nearly fell over when Morgan caught her. She smiled down at her apprentice.

"Let's go home, shall we?" Elizabeth nodded weakly. Morgan helped her towards Storm. Elizabeth picked up her backpack as they walked past it. When they reached him, Storm knelt down so Elizabeth could get on. Morgan got on behind her and grabbed the reins. Storm got up and began to walk home when a flash of light made Morgan turn him back around just in time to see Grinda standing there, a smirk on her face. Elizabeth gave a little gasp, but Morgan's face remained the same. She was used to this kind of stuff.

"You really thought you had gotten rid of me? HA! Only Lord Mordred could have that kind of power! We will meet again, and when we do, no one will be able to save you! I'll make sure of that!" Grinda vanished in a cloud of black smoke. Morgan only sighed and shook her head, before heading back home.

As soon as they got to Morgan's store, Elizabeth fell asleep on the couch. Morgan watched as she slept peacefully on the couch. She had almost lost her, like she did... 'No', thought Morgan, 'don't think about them. Not now.' Morgan decided to read instead, to take her mind off things. About an hour later, Elizabeth woke up. Morgan smiled as she put her book down and came over.

"Are you feeling better?" Elizabeth nodded.

"Yeah. Thanks. Um, Morgan?"

"Yes?", she said, sitting down next to her. "I'm really sorry, for everything. I should have believed you. It's just, she had me fooled so well. I..." Morgan took her hand.

"There nothing to be sorry about. She had me fooled also. I'm sorry as well." The animals came over.

"That witch didn't have me fooled for one second", boasted David. The three others rolled their eyes.

"Oh really", said Lorilie.

"Yes, really. Why, I could see through her disguise as if it was nothing but air." Morgan and Elizabeth shared a look before nodding. Morgan held out her hand and something shimmered behind David. It was a hologram of Grinda. Lorilie smiled.

"There prove it. Look behind you." David turned around and came face to face with the image. The holographic Grinda let out an evil laugh. David looked terrified.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" He turned to run but tripped and went flying off the table. Everyone began to laugh. "Not. Funny. At. All.", he said, irritated. But even he couldn't help the smile on his face appear. Elizabeth turned to Morgan.

"But Morgan, now that Grinda's no longer Patrica, what's going to happen at school?" Morgan thought for a moment. She smiled.

"Oh, I'll think of something."


In a dark throne room, the only light was from a green fire which blazed in the center. A figure wearing a black cloak entered and removed the hood, revealing Grinda. She knelt down in front of a man sitting on a black throne, a Dark Hound lying on either side.

"My Lord, it appears Morgan and her puny apprentice are more powerful than we thought." The man snarled.

"Fool! That witch and child don't know the first thing about power! But when I get that book, I will show them first hand what real and true power is!" As he said this, more and more Dark Hounds began to enter the room. "And when I do, no one will. be. spared!" The Dark Hounds howled as thunder echoed and lightning flashed.

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"Next time on The Book of Angulais…"

(Teacher walks in front of the class)

"Class, I have good news. We are going on a field trip to Stonehenge!"

(Morgan is telling Elizabeth about Stonehenge)

"Stonehenge is a place more ancient than Camelot. More powerful than the Angulais. It is where all magic on Earth began. And it is where a clue to the book of Angulais is."

(Mordred with his two servants)

"So, little Lizze is going to Stonehenge. Well, we'll make sure this is one trip she'll never forget!"

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