Summary: Rose has had enough of Lissa's over protectiveness of Dimitri and him rejecting her. She leaves heartbroken the court to heal her wounds. But life has better plans. Takes place in Spirit Bound after Reece Tarus questioned Dimitri

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Chanter 1.


And like that, the group began dispersing, but there was wonder on some of their faces. They too were beginning to realize that if what had happened to Dimitri was real, then everything we'd ever known about Strigoi was about to change. The guardians stayed with Dimitri, of course. But instead of there normal 'Guardian face' the betrayed no emotion; they looked confused... and I guessed it was because they didn't have to do any thing to get this far...When did life start getting so easy for them?

As he and Lissa rose. I immediately moved toward them, eager to bask in our victory.

When he'd been 'knocked over' by Jonathan's tiny punch, Dimitri had given me a small smile, and my heart had leapt. I'd known then that I'd been right. He did still have feelings for me. But now, in the blink of an eye, that rapport was gone. Seeing me walk toward them, Dimitri's face grew cold and guarded again.

Rose, said Lissa through the bond. Go away now. Leave him alone.

"The hell I will," I said, both answering her aloud and addressing him.

"I just furthered your case."

"We were doing fine without you," said Dimitri stiffly.

"Oh yeah?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "You seemed pretty grateful a couple minutes ago when I thought up the idea of you helping us against Strigoi."

Dimitri turned to Lissa. His voice was low, but it carried to me. "I don't want to see her."

"You have to!" I exclaimed. A few of the departing people paused to see what the racket was about. "You can't ignore me."

"Make her go away," Dimitri growled.

"I'm not..." But I was cut of by Lissa yelling at me trough the bond.

Rose! Those piercing jade eyes stared me down. Don't you see that you are making it worse? Standing here and yelling at him is going to make him even more upset! Is that what you want? Do you want people to see that? See him get mad and yell back at you just so you don't feel invisible? You are being childish! They need to see him calm. They need to see him... normal. It's true - you did just help. But if you don't walk away right now, you could ruin everything.

I stared at them both aghast, my heart pounding. Her words had all been in my mind, but Lissa might as well have strode up to me and chewed me out aloud. My temper shot up even more. I wanted to go rant at both of them, but the truth of her words penetrated through my anger. Starting a scene would not help Dimitri. Was it fair that they were sending me away? Was it fair that the two of them were teaming up and ignoring what I'd just done? No. That's when I finally understood. I did what I could for both of them and now it's time for me to go away. I'm not needed here. My best friend found a new guardian which will be more dedicated to her than I have ever been. He won't go on a mission to free his lover from being Strigoi to another continent. He won't drag her along on suicidal trips. He won't be reckless and irresponsible as I was. Dimitri, the love of my love, wants nothing to do with me. He can't stand even seeing me, what have I done to cause this. Eddie is probably still hates me for that accident in Vegas. I probably ruined his chances of getting a better moroi to guard. I've done nothing but hurt Adrian's feelings. Four words: my life is screwed.

I just stood here with them both looking at me. I sighed. I knew than what I needed to do. I turned to go away but before I made any steps I whispered not enough for them to hear "I will leave. Have a nice life."

And with that I walked out of their life. I can feel Lissa's confused emotions through the bound; she couldn't believe that I walked away just like that, without even arguing. Agh, so much for an understanding best friend. I didn't want to hear or feel it so I just blocked her as best as I could.

The only thing I felt I could do now is cry over my broken heart...

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