Helen jerked up as she heard Ashley's panicked yell. Her daughter was at the doorway, hands dripping and a look of panic mixed with pain on her face.

"Bases counteract acids right?" Ashley asked quickly.

"Yes, why?"

But Ashley's already gone, running toward the kitchen. Helen , curious and slightly worried, follows.

Ashley is at the sink, rubbing her hands vigorously with baking soda. Suddenly Helen's not so sure she wants to know.

"What happened?" She asks, deciding to hear the story.

"Well, I was doing the dishes and dumped too much soap in, so I tried to get it out with my hands. But then my hands started to burn and I looked a the box and it said, 'Warning, do not get on skin.' So I freaked out. But then I figured if it's burning it's an acid, and bases counteract acids. But I went and asked you just in case, I wouldn't want to melt my hands off again! But I think I knocked out Henry on my way over. Anyway, it's all good now. But we are going to need more baking soda..."

"So are the dishes running?" Magnus asked, not quite knowing what to say about the rest of the story.

"You might want to sit down for that one..."

A/N And let that be a lesson kiddies. Always use the mini-vac when cleaning up soap. My hands still burn.

BTW, Ashley is about thirteen.