Title: The Fight: It's always personal when it involves Gibbs and Tony

Summary: Gibbs and Tony have one heck of a fight. What will their talk about it reveal. SLASH

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Author's notes: This was one of my earlier stories...I'm trying to go back and correct some errors...something I'm doing when I have time.

"What the hell were you thinking?" Gibbs yelled.

"I was thinking about having your six, like I always do." the other man shouted.

"Well no one asked you to, I certainly didn't." Gibbs yelled back.

"Oh, sorry I forgot you're the omnipotent and indestructible Leroy Jethro Gibbs." The man threw his hands up. "Death can't touch you. Sure I only watched you almost die what two or three times. I'm starting to think you have a death wish. Do you?"

Gibbs growled. "Do you?" He said hands on his hips.

"I'm starting to think so, otherwise why would I always go chasing after you, into this kind of screwed up situation again."

"And again. NO ONE ASKED YOU TO. You were supposed to be back here interrogating the suspect! Wait, I should have known better than to put you in charge of that. Suspect was a good looking woman I'm sure you were more concerned with getting her number and getting laid than you were with the case.

DiNozzo shook his head and laughed. "Sorry that technique doesn't work for you anymore but it does for me. Which is how I found out you weren't going to be alone when you got to that hotel room!"

It took all of Gibbs self control not to hit him.

"So you get the information and decide you need to play hero and come barging in half cocked!"

"That's what you call half cocked? Coming in and taking out a guy who was about to shoot you. I knew what the situation was! If anyone went in half cocked it was you!" The man paused, "Let's see I think you broke at least three rules when you took off out of here, three, eight, fifteen, oh and the most important rule 51 SOMETIMES YOUR WRONG!"

"You're out of line!" Gibbs growled his finger pointed at DiNozzo's chest put not touching it.

"I don't care. Someone needs to give you a fucking wake-up call and I guess it has to be me!"

Gibbs stepped toe to toe and nose to nose with the other man. "You really think you're man enough for that DiNozzo?"

Never backing down DiNozzo spoke. "The issue isn't if I'm man. It's if your man enough to admit you screwed up."

"The only one that screwed up today DiNozzo was you. NOW GET THE HELL OUT OF MY SIGHT!" Gibbs said his eyes still locked with Tony's.

"GLADLY!" Tony grabbed his coat and backpack. Not wanting to wait for the elevator he slammed open the door to the steps.

Ziva and Tim had watched the exchange from their respective desks, unable to do anything but pray that it wouldn't deteriorate into an actual physical fight. Although a fist fight is sometimes easier to forget than words spoken in anger.


"What the hell were you thinking having that fight in the bullpen?" Direct Leon Vance's voice was just shy of yelling.

"I was disciplining one of my agents if you have a problem with that then fire me Leon." Gibbs was yelling.

"I have a problem when you and your agent decide to have a pissing contest in front of half of the staff, including the two other members of your team."

Gibbs had his hands on his hips. "Just write up the damn reprimand Leon I'll sign it. Are we done here?"

"NO we are not done. What the hell is going on Jethro I have never seen you go off on an agent like that, let alone DiNozzo." Leon knew Gibbs had a soft spot when it came to DiNozzo, hell Jethro had handpicked him.

"He screwed up Leon. He needed to be dropped down a few pegs."

"From what I hear he dropped you down a few too."

Gibbs was glaring at Leon.

Leon hadn't actually heard the fight, he had been called from MTAC just shortly before it ended. Even on the camera playback, without sound, Leon could tell it had had went too far. And after talking to those present he knew exactly how far it had went.

"Unless you are firing me this discussion is over." Gibbs said storming towards the door.

"Fix this." Leon said.

Gibbs stopped hand on the door.

Vance continued. "I won't have you two at each other's throat. If this is going to affect you two working together, I'll be forced to make the call on how to resolve it. Which means one of two things?"

Gibbs turned around and walked up to Vance, "Are you threatening my job Leon."

Vance shook his head, "No. But there are only two solutions if you can't work together. Obviously the first is I transfer DiNozzo, unless you have some reason to want a transfer."

"As far as I'm concerned there is no problem working together. Can't speak for Agent DiNozzo. You'll have to ask him."

"And I will."

"Done?" Gibbs smirked.

Vance nodded. "And I'll have your reprimand to sign on Monday."

Gibbs turned and left slamming the door on the way out.

As he made his way down the steps from the director's office neither McGee nor Ziva looked at him staying focused on their computer screens. As soon as he reached the bullpen Gibbs shouted.


The two agents glanced at each other trying to decide just what outmet.

"Go home, NOW!"

Both jumped up gathering their things getting ready to leave. Ziva took a step towards Gibbs' desk. McGee watched on afraid that Ziva would face the wrath that Tony had received earlier.

Gibbs looked up. "Something you want to say Officer David?"

"I'm sure Tony didn't mean what he said just as you don't mean everything you said." She said wanting to calm the waters between the two men.

"I met every word I said Officer David. Anything else?" Gibbs said glaring at her.

Ziva shook her head and turned to leave. McGee followed. Once inside the elevator behind closed doors McGee spoke.

"I have never seen Gibbs so pissed."

"Or Tony." Ziva paused, "This is not good."

"No not good at all."


Gibbs nodded at the bartender and she walked over with the familiar bottle. Her smile was radiating.

"Something bothering you Jethro?" She asked a look of concern replacing the smile.

"Nope, why?"

"Never known you to have more than two." She said as she pushed a stray piece of red hair behind her ear.

"Didn't know you paid that much attention to my drinking habits Claire." He smiled.

"I always pay attention to you Jethro." She grinned as she poured the drink.

"Is that a good or bad thing?" He smirked.

"Depends on you?" She put her elbow on the bar and her head in her hand.

"How's that?" he asked.

"I can be good," She smiled, "Or bad." She ran a finger up his arm. "Whatever you like."

He nodded with a smile, "I think all I can handle right now is the drink."

"I happen to know that is all he can handle right now."

Gibbs shook his head with a chuckle, already knowing who the voice belonged to.

"Usual." Claire asked.

Tobias nodded.

"Thanks Jethro?" He smiled sitting down.

"For what?" He asked taking another swig from the glass.

"I'm no longer the biggest ass in the agencies."

Gibbs chuckled, "Glad to help."

Claire came back over and gave Tobias his drink dropping a smile in Jethro's direction.

Jethro gave her a nod.

Tobias saw it shaking his head, "Seriously, what is it with you and red-heads?"

"Just lucky I guess." He replied and finished the drink.

"So what happened today?" Tobias was concerned this wasn't like Jethro, going off on an agent in the bullpen. Well at least not to this extent.

"Nothing." Gibbs said.

"Doesn't sound like nothing."

"When an agent screws up it's my job to make sure they don't do it again. Sometimes that requires yelling."

Fornell chuckled, "Hell I'm all for putting a young agent in their place but sounds like you let it get personal Jethro."

"When an agent screws up it's always personal."

"DiNozzo's a good agent." Fornell had worked with DiNozzo enough to see that. Not to mention Jethro had picked him personally.

"Never said he wasn't"

Fornell sighed, "Jethro really what the hell is this about?"

Gibbs stood up, "It's about me going home and getting some sleep."

As he turned to leave Fornell grabbed his arm, "Jethro I know how you are, especially with your agents. You'd take a bullet for any of them. They feel the same. Sounds to me like DiNozzo was doing exactly what you would have done."

"You done?" Gibbs said glancing down to where Fornell was holding his arm.

Fornell let go, "Don't let this pull your team apart Jethro. You'll regret it."

Gibbs was already walking away.


He was driving, had been since he left the NCIS building. His rage had pushed him for hours and he drove fast as if he could escape the anger and the memory. After a few hours the anger had become a low roar and he had slowed the car down. How do you forget a fight like that. It was only made worse by the fact that it was Gibbs. Had the fight been with anyone else, anyone but him, Tony could have just let it go. But it was Gibbs, the man who had always been there for him, always had his back, and the man he was in love with.

They had let it get personal. Tony regretted what he said. He was sure Gibbs didn't and that's what hurt the most. And Tony was afraid they wouldn't be able to get past it. He didn't even know if getting past it was a concern, he could very well be reassigned next week. If Gibbs didn't want him there any more, Tony would be gone. Gibbs always got what he wanted.

Tony wondered if it was about more than his decision to follow Gibbs. When a fight gets personal like that there is usually more behind it than the obvious. The idea that Gibbs believed he would let his flirting interfere with an investigation had felt like a slap in the face. Never would Tony let that happen. Hell most of the time his flirting was more to keep his feeling for Gibbs a secret than hooking up. Keeping up appearances were just part of the program since he had arrived at NCIS. People believing you are a womanizer makes any slip he may have about his feelings for Gibbs seem like nothing more than Tony's need for approval from his mentor. Like that day when Tony had slipped, asking him, wanting to know that Gibbs did care if something where to happen to him. When Gibbs had touched Tony's face it was as if the man was going to kiss him. It had taken all of Tony's resolve not to lean into Gibbs' hands. It took everything for Tony to calm his body and his emotions.

Tony turned the corner not even realizing where his drive was taking him. It wasn't until he was almost in front of Gibbs' house that he realized his subconscious had brought him there.

Damn it! He thought to himself.


Gibbs was trying to work on the boat it was the one thing that usually calmed him. Tonight however, it didn't seem to have the desired effect. Instead he was sitting in between two beams staring at the planer as if it were some foreign object he was trying to figure out how to use. He had hoped the three Bourbons would calm him, maybe quench the anger, it had only succeeded in making him angrier. He was angry at Tony, Vance, Fornell...himself. He stood up pacing the basement. Fornell was right, the fight had gotten personal. But then it always seemed like it was personal between him and Tony. Gibbs wasn't sure if it was because they were so different or too much alike, or maybe something else entirely.

Gibbs had let his personal feeling take control, had let those emotions creep into the fight with Tony, taking it to a new level. A level it never should have reached. Just like a case, a fight with an agent should never get personal. That was hard to do when it came to Tony. Tony had Gibbs off center and he did not like being off center.

"AH!" Gibbs screamed as he threw the planer across the room and it crashed against the far wall. The anger needed an outlet and it was the closest one he could find.

"I think I can assume that was because of me."

Gibbs glared up at the voice.

Tony was sitting at the top of the steps leading down to the basement.

"Get out." Gibbs said walking across the room to pick up the tool he'd thrown. His anger growing now that Tony had seen the outburst.

"I will, but I have two questions that I need answers to before I go."

Gibbs glared at him again.

"They only require a one word answer." Tony added.

When Gibbs looked away and started moving the tools around on the table Tony knew he was being allowed to ask. Tony stood up and started walking down the stairs.

"Do I still have a job with the team on Monday?"

"Yeah." Gibbs answer was short.

Tony made his way to the bottom of the stairs and folded his arms across his chest.

"Was the fight because you found out I had feelings for you?"

Gibbs' head shot up and he looked at Tony with a questioning stare.

"You're not the only one that can put two and two together."

Gibbs shook his head looking back at the tools. Maybe he had taught Tony too well.

"I'm not asking anything about your feeling. I just want to know is that what caused the fight?"

Gibbs was wiping a cloth over a tool, his back to Tony.

Tony stepped closer. He needed to know, because if Gibbs didn't trust him because of his feelings then there was no sense of Tony staying.

"Gibbs I need to know and I deserve to know." Tony took another step towards Gibbs.

He still didn't answer. Tony came to a stop behind Gibbs

Tony shook his head and chuckled. "Guess I have my answer. I'll speak to the Director tomorrow about reassignment." Tony turned to leave.

Gibbs grabbed Tony's forearm and the younger man stopped, his eyes looking first at where Gibbs' hand held him then traveling up and seeing Gibbs staring at him. "You should have told me. I shouldn't have heard it by accident." His eyes fixed on Tony's. "It should have come from you."

Tony had never heard this tone in Gibbs' voice. It was something between anger and regret.

Gibbs jerked Tony's arm pulling the man closer. "You should have trusted me."

"It wasn't about trust."

"Yes it was." Gibbs said his eyes full of anger and hurt. "You didn't trust me to be able to handle the information or the situation. Did you really think I would hate you for something like that?"

Realization struck Tony. That was how Gibbs had found out. That one statement said it all. Tony had been having a conversation late one night at the office. He had assumed everyone was gone and called a friend. It had been a long hard day and his feelings for Gibbs had pushed themselves to the surface one too many times. As they talked she asked, what his greatest fear about telling Gibbs was. His answer had been that Gibbs would hate him. And it was the truth. He could accept Gibbs' anger, accept losing his job, even accept losing their friendship, but Gibbs hating him for the way he felt would be too much.

"I was, I didn't-" Tony didn't know what to say accept. "I'm sorry."

"Yeah, me too." Gibb's released Tony's arm and again went back to the tools.


"You should go." Gibbs said as he walked passed Tony and back over to the boat.

"Yeah guess I should."

As Tony walked by Gibbs he let his fingers touch the inside of Gibbs' hand, wanted and needed to touch him in some way, just for a moment as he explained.

"I should have trusted you, but when it's your heart that is involved it's hard to trust anyone, even the person you love the most." Tony let his fingers slowly drift away.

As his fingers were about to slip away forever Tony felt Gibbs' fingers tighten around his then turned them to face each other. Gibbs blue eyes met green as he searched Tony's face for a moment before letting his lips find Tony's. The first contact was like fire, searing, uncontrollable, and all consuming. The flames pulled at Tony begging the man to give in to the sensation. Tony found his body involuntarily pressing itself against Gibbs wanting needing more contact than just their lips. The new contact between their bodies fueled the desire within Gibbs and he wrapped his arm around Tony's waist. Pulling them tighter together, Gibbs demanded that not even the air separate them from each other.

Gibbs' tongue snaked out and tasted the salty sweetness of Tony's mouth, the small exploration causing Tony's body to tremble. Tony's hand was suddenly locked in Gibbs' hair pushing urging the other man's lips hard against his. His mind reeled, pleading and begging for Tony to never let this feeling end, to never let his lips or body be parted from Gibbs. In his mind there was nothing but this moment, this kiss. Tony though if this was the only moment they would share, his mind would never again find solace.

Gibbs had forgotten the world around him, there was nothing but Tony and the feeling of his body burning against his own. Never had Gibbs felt such heat from another person and it created a hunger within him that he had never experienced. The consequences, the ramifications and the fears Gibbs had held were now gone replaced by the bliss and the passion.

Tony finally broke the kiss, his eyes still closed as he let his forehead rest against Gibbs, the raw emotions still washing over him. Tony licked his aching lips wanting to capture Gibbs' lips again and continue the exploration. The thundering beat of Gibbs' heart crashed into Tony's chest and he could feel the ragged breath against his face. Somewhere within himself, Tony found the courage to finally look up at Gibbs. He was met by those familiar blue eyes that were now almost black with desire only a thin circle of steel blue visible. For a long time all they could do was stare at each other, just letting the fire continue to blaze around them. Gibbs was the first to speak.

"Your leaving is not an option. Understood?"

Tony nodded, not really sure if Gibbs met leaving the team or leaving this spot. Although, it didn't matter either way, the answer would have been the same.

Gibbs was about to let himself again explore Tony's mouth when he felt the phone at his hip vibrate loudly. Gibbs sighed letting his head fall back.

Tony reached down to Gibbs' hip grabbing the phone, his fingers lightly brushing against the fabric of Gibbs' jeans. Involuntarily Gibbs leaned into the touch. Tony grinned and handed over the phone. Although his first thought had been to throw the offending thing across the room as Gibbs had done earlier with the planer.

Pulling his head up Gibbs smiled at Tony then opened the phone and spoke. Never releasing Tony from his grasp.

"Yeah, Gibbs."

The smile faded from Gibbs face. "Yeah on the way." He slammed the phone shut.

Tony sighed. "Let me guess dead body of the Marine or Navy variety?"

Gibbs shook his head.

Tony looked at him puzzled.



Gibbs chuckled. "Not dead, at the hospital. Broke his arm."

"And he called you?" Tony seemed surprised.

"No, Abby called me. She and Ziva are with him at the hospital and being Abby-"

"She thinks he's going to die."

"Yeah." Gibb's grinned. "And of course she thinks everyone should be there."

"Then we better go."

As Tony went to pull away, Gibbs stopped him by tightening his grip around the other man's waist.

Tony looked up.

"We'll talk about this later. I promise." Gibbs said wanting to ensure Tony that he wasn't going to kiss him and let it go at that.

"I know." Tony ran a finger gently over Gibbs' lips, knowing if he allowed himself to kiss Gibbs again they would never want to leave.

Gibbs smiled against Tony's finger, knowing exactly what Tony was thinking.

"We need to go."


Abby was sitting in the waiting room she had her head down, her knee's together legs bent out at an odd angle. She looked like a marionette that no longer had anyone controlling the strings.


Her head came up at the sound of Gibbs' voice and she ran to him.

"Gibbs." She almost knocked him down with the force of her hug.

He hugged her back. "What happened?"

She took a step back. "Well Me, Tim and Ziva were at-"

Abby stopped as Ziva walked up holding three cups of coffee in a cup holder. Gibbs nodded as she handed one to him, then to Abby. She turned to Tony.

"I have been trying to call you all night." Ziva said. "Why did you not answer?"

Tony felt for the phone at his hip, then searched his pockets, then looked up. "I don't-"

Then Tony hit his forehead with the palm of his hand, "I left it in the car, when I got to your-" He paused as he looked at Gibbs. "Left it in the car."

Gibbs shook his head, "Ziva what happened." It would be easier for her to explain than Abby.

"Tim beat up a man."

Tony and Gibbs both looked at her.

"McGee? What was he thinking? Are we sure the only thing that he broke was his arm?" Tony laughed.

Abby punched Tony in the shoulder. "Tony, Timmy was super awesome."

Gibbs looked at Abby then back to Ziva.

"Tim was surprisingly quick." Ziva stated.

Gibbs chuckled. "How did this happen exactly?"

"A man grabbed Abby's butt and then grabbed her by the arm. He wanted to dance with her." Ziva explained.

"That's when Timmy was like POW!" Abby said as she pretended to punch someone.

"So what then the guy breaks McGee's arm?" Tony asked.

"No the second guy broke McGee's arm." Ziva answered.

Tony raised an eyebrow. "Our little Timmy took on two guys. You go McGee!"

"No the second guy threw a chair. That's what broke Tim's arm." Abby said as if that explained it all.

Gibbs rubbed his forehead. "Is McGee ok?"

Ziva and Abby both started talked.

"Stop!" Gibbs said looking back and forth between the two women."Ziva."

"Yes. It is just a broken arm."

"Let me guess then the cops came right." Tony was grinning.

"Oh no Ziva threatened the bar owner and he just told us we had to leave." Abby smirked.

Gibbs was glaring at Ziva.

"I did not threaten him." She said quickly defending herself. "I simply explained to him that it might harm his establishment if it became known that federal agents had been assaulted there."

Gibbs sighed his anger finding a new outlet. How had this night gotten so out of hand?

"Hey boss can I talk to you for a minute?" Tony broke in before Gibbs could start talking again.

"Can it wait?" Gibbs said annoyed.

"No, I don't think it can." Tony said making a motion with his head towards the hallway.

Gibbs rolled his eyes.

"You're not going to fight again are you?" Abby said a sad pout on her face. She had heard firsthand about the incident earlier.

"NO!" it came out louder and harsher than Gibbs had wanted and he took a deep breath. "No Abs. It's fine." He said rubbing her arm.

She gave him a look that said she really didn't believe him.

Gibbs winked at her before following Tony down the hall out of ear shot.

"What is so important?" Gibbs asked.

"The fact that you were about to go all Bossman on Ziva and Abby that's what." Tony said

Gibbs furrowed his eyebrows, "What are you talking about?"

"Back there," Tony pointed towards the waiting room, "You were about to start yelling about letting themselves get into this situation and then you were going to tell Ziva how she's always an agent, some kind of mumbo jumbo about that."

"So what?" Gibb's said putting his hands on his hips, his back to the waiting room. "They need me to-"

"They need you to be their friend, not their boss." Tony's tone was calm and caring.

Gibbs let his hands fall from his hips.

"They didn't call you to get them out of some pinch because of who you are. They called you to the hospital to be here to support them because they are concerned about one of our friends." Tony stressed the word our.

Gibbs looked at Tony for a moment then shook his head.

"You know this is not how I wanted us to be spending this night."

Tony raised an eyebrow at him then smiled. "Mr. Robinson were you trying to seduce me in your basement?"

Gibbs gave that half smirk. "Depends."

Tony looked at him puzzle. "On what?"

Gibbs leaned in and spoke in his ear. "If it was working or not?"

Tony swallowed hard the sound of Gibbs' voice so close causing his body to react just as it had in the basement earlier.

Gibbs stepped back and turned walking back towards the waiting room.

"Gibbs." Tony called down the hall after him.

Gibbs turned around walking backwards to look at Tony.

"It was working."

Gibbs chuckled and turned back around. "Yeah I know."

Tony looked down the hall annoyed. He hated when Gibbs did that. Asked a question he knew the answer to just because he wanted you to admit something.


Abby and Ziva sat in the waiting room and watched the conversation unfold. Gibbs had his back to them and they could see Tony's face from time to time. They deciphered the conversation from body movements.

"It does not look good." Ziva said as she watched the two men talk.

"Tony looks like he is trying to calm Gibbs down." Abby said.

"Oh that is not good. Gibbs has put his hands on his hips." Ziva sighed.

"That is really not good." Abby agreed.

"Can you read Tony's lips?" Ziva asked.

Abby had her hands up and was staring intently at Tony, "I've been trying when he steps into view, but half the time I can't see him through Gibbs."

"Gibbs put his arms down."

"That's good." Abby nodded.

"Yes." Ziva sighed.

Tony's face suddenly came into view and Abby focused on watching his lips.

She cocked her head to one side then the other. Then stopped her eyes going wide.

"What?" Ziva asked.

"My lip reading must be rusty." Abby said.


"Well," Abby paused, "because it looked like Tony said were you trying to seduce me in the basement."

Ziva turned to Abby with a surprised look on her face. "I believe you are rusty."

"I wonder what Gibbs said to him in his ear."

"Tony looks flushed. Gibbs probably threatened him." Ziva smiled.

"Gibbs wouldn't do that to Tony." Abby defended him.

"You did not see them earlier today. I have never seen Gibbs so angry. And that is saying something."

"Gibbs is coming." Abby said smacking Ziva's arm as if they were two school about to get caught talking in class.


Gibbs stopped when he came to the carpet of the waiting room. His pointed at Abby then wiggled his finger for her to come over to him.

She made her way over and stood in front of him, her head down as if she was about to be scolded.

Gibbs placed a kiss on the top of her head then pulled her chin up with his finger. "You ok."

She nodded. "I'm fine. I was gonna go after the guy myself but Timmy beat me to it."

Gibbs chuckled.

Tony had walked into the waiting room and sat down next to Ziva.

"Did you two kiss and make up?" Ziva asked.

"WHAT!" Tony's eyes went wide.

Ziva looked puzzled. "Did you and Gibbs kiss and make up. I know that is the right expression"

"Ah yeah, right. Yeah we're fine." Tony said trying to cover up his concerned look.

Gibbs and Abby walked over

"So why exactly are we just waiting here?" Gibbs asked.

"The doctor came out before you arrived. They are just putting a cast on Tim's arm and then they will release him."

Gibbs nodded at Ziva.

"And Gibbs." Ziva paused. "I am sorry."

"Don't apologize."

"It's a sign of weakness." Echoed from all three of them.

Gibbs shook his head and grinned. "I was going to say there is nothing to apologize for."

Ziva and Abby exchanged looks but then just nodded.

Ziva stood up and nodded in the direction of the doors leading to the ER.

Everyone looked to see McGee walking out a cast on his arm up to his elbow. He looked a little unnerved when he saw Gibbs.

"Boss what are you doing here?" McGee asked.

"Abby called and-"

"Abby!" McGee said a little louder than intended.

"Tim." Gibbs said in a slightly scolding voice. "She was worried about you."

"I'm fine really Boss."

"Gibbs, we're not at work."

Tony got up and made his way over next to Gibbs.

"McGee what were you thinking. This wasn't some Elf lord video game." Tony grinned.

"Thanks Tony nice to see you to." McGee rolled his eyes. "Can we just go?"

Abby hugged McGee. "I'm so glad you're ok."

McGee softened. "I am really." He said hugging Abby back.

Abby stepped back. "But the next time you do something stupid like that I will kill you."

McGee nodded, "Believe me next time I will let Ziva handle it." He looked at Ziva. "I saw you take down that third guy that was coming up beside me. Reminded me of that night at The Wall."

Gibbs raised an eyebrow at her. She had left that detail out.

"It was nothing." She said with a smile

Gibbs put his hands on his hips. "Is it like this every time you all go out?"

"Well yeah." Abby

"Kinda I mean-" McGee was cut off.

"It's not our fault." Ziva chimed in.

"Remember that time at Tam Tam." Tony grinned.

"Oh that was so fun!" Abby smiled.

"Yes and they had that very hot bartender. What was his name?" Ziva asked looking at Abby.

"Oh you remember, come on Ziva."

It took a moment then Ziva snapped her fingers, "Yes you called him the golden haired fox because of our silver haired fox. Jethro, his name was-." As soon as she said it she stopped. She actually blushed.

Abby grinned. She didn't think Ziva would actually remember that part.

Hands still on his hips Gibbs was looking at Ziva, unable to hid a slight smile.

"I-Abby was the one that made me remember it that way." Ziva said pointing to Abby.

Tony was trying not to completely lose it but it was just too funny. His stomach hurt from trying not to laugh.

Gibbs turned his head to look at Tony. "Problem?"

"No." Tony smirked trying to controlling his laughter. "No problem our silver haired fox."

"I think it's time to get Tim home." Gibbs said trying to move this conversation forward.

The five of them turned and walked towards the exit.

Once McGee and Ziva were loaded safely into Abby's car, Abby came over and hugged Tony then turned to hug Gibbs.

"Thanks for being here." She smiled.

"Wouldn't be anywhere else. You know that Abs." He said hugging her back.

Then she slide into the driver's seat and waved as Gibbs and Tony walked towards Gibbs' car.

As Abby pulled away she looked over at McGee. "Anyone else notice Gibbs and Tony came in the same car?"

"How do you know?" McGee asked.

"Look." She said glancing in the rearview mirror. Ziva and McGee looked back as Gibbs and Tony both got into Gibbs' car.

"And how did Tony know to show up. His phone was in his car." Abby said recalling Tony's excuse about the phone. "He and Gibbs had to have been together."

"They were probably at Gibbs talking after that fight this morning."

Abby raised an eyebrow. "Something hinky is going on."


It was after one when Gibbs and Tony finally pulled into the driveway at Gibbs' house. Gibbs hung his coat up as they walked in. Tony was standing just inside the door. Gibbs paused as he saw Tony had not made any further movement.

"Something wrong?" Gibbs asked folding his arms across his chest.

"I should probably go it's late you probably want to get some sleep. And I should probably you know. Maybe sleep or go home and take a cold shower. I mean shower or something."

Gibbs smirked.

"Yeah, rambling. I know." Tony blew out a breath.


"Yeah that would be good." Tony answered wanting any excuse to stay.

Gibbs nodded as he made his way to the kitchen and grabbed two beers. When he turned around Tony was leaning against the wall frame leading to the kitchen.

Walking over Gibbs handed Tony one of the beers.

"Thanks." Tony took it just holding it as he continued to look at Gibbs.

Gibbs came to stand in front of Tony. Then placed his hand on Tony's hip stepping into Tony's personal space as he did it. Their faces only inches apart. Gibbs' thumb at Tony's hip made small up and down motions against the soft fabric of Tony's dress shirt. The small intimate contact making Tony's pupils dilate and his body shiver. Gibbs saw and felt the reaction and smiled.

"Really?" Gibbs paused. "That's all it takes."

Tony wanted to have some snappy come back. Wanted to tell Gibbs he was an arrogant bastard but the fact was. Just the way Gibbs was looking at him made Tony want nothing more than for them to be on the kitchen floor making love. Then add that touch something Tony had craved for years it was too much. He didn't care if Gibbs wanted nothing more than a quick fuck at this point. The desire that had been forced into confinement within Tony screamed for release.

Gibbs leaned into Tony's ear and spoke.

"I don't want a quick fuck. If I did you would already be naked and screaming in my bed."

Tony's eyes had closed and he had let his body fall slightly forward just barely touching Gibbs. How could the man always know what Tony was thinking? And why did his voice sound even sexier when he was speaking in Tony's ear.

Gibbs stepped closer letting their bodies rest easily against each other. Tony so lost in the contact pushed his groin against Gibbs. Gibbs grip on Tony's hip tightened as the motion made the fire build within him. He was trying to take this slow, to at least have a conversation with Tony about all the ramifications of what this relationship entailed, but he was losing the battle. His body ached from straining to maintain control, his head hurt from trying to not let his heart make the decisions and he was growing more uncomfortable within the confines of his jeans.

"Tony." Gibbs wanted to say it as a statement, as a word said to end the tension building, instead it came out as a growling plea.

As if in answer Tony's hands were running up the sides of Gibbs' chest then across his back. It felt to good, Gibbs thought, even through the heavy fabric of the sweatshirt Tony's touch was warm and inviting. It called to him like some wild animal and without thought Gibbs found Tony's lips and for the second time tonight feed from them.

This time it was animal need that fueled it. Gibbs had become a wild animal lost in simple instinct. He wanted Tony and he would take what he wanted. His hands were now clutching at Tony's hips thrusting them against his own. Then feeling as if it was not enough his hands cupped Tony's ass and pushed harder.

Tony had willingly given up, given in to the prey he had now become. As if surrendering, Tony let their lips part and his head drop back exposing his throat and neck to the man before him. Gibbs needed no further invitation as he let his mouth dip down to Tony's throat and devoured the tender flesh with animalistic need. Tony's hand twisted itself into Gibbs' hair, pushing demanding that Gibbs take more. The kisses against Tony's throat turned to licks then nibbles and then bites as Gibbs marked him. Tony didn't care he would let this man mark ever inch of him if that was what he wanted. He accepted the branding, demanded it, wanted everyone to know that Gibbs was the only one that would ever touch him again.

Gibbs' hands were suddenly between them ripping and tearing at Tony's shirt. Having lost the ability to behave in any way other than that of the animal Tony had released, he tore the shirt open sending buttons flying. Then his hand went around Tony's waist and he was pushing them forward, his mouth still locked at Tony's neck.

Somehow he led them to the couch before sending them both, still intertwined, down into the softness. Tony felt the weight of Gibbs above him felt the hand unwrap itself from his waist as Gibbs clung to Tony's sides. His lips traveled away from Tony's throat nipping and kissing a trail down his chest then making his way back up. Tony somehow managed to grab at Gibbs' shirt trying to push it up wanting to feel Gibbs' skin. Again knowing what Tony was thinking, Gibbs paused only long enough to pull the shirt over his head and toss it aside. Then he was back feasting on Tony's exposed upper body. Tony's hands ran up and down the skin of Gibbs' back exploring memorizing the contours of Gibbs' skin and spine. It still wasn't enough, Tony wanted more, needed so much more. His hands made their way between them and he tugged and pulled at Gibbs' belt. After tearing it free his fingers unbutton then unzipped the jeans. Before Tony could reach for his prize Gibbs pulled back looking down at Tony. Gibbs' eyes were heavy with desire, hazy as if he weren't aware of his actions. Tony just stared back his breathing shallow, he was afraid Gibbs was going to stop. What if Gibb's had decided this had went too far too fast. Instead, his stare never leaving Tony's his handed rested on the belt at Tony's waist. Tony tried not to arch into the touch as Gibbs released the belt, then the button and zipper. It was erotic seeing Gibbs never have to take his eyes off of him to complete the task as if it were something Gibbs did ever day.

Then Gibbs was ripping at the pants tearing them from Tony's body as if tearing away a layer of skin. Gibbs drank in the sight of Tony's now naked body under him.

"Beautiful." The word was barely a whisper slipping from Gibbs' lips. Before meeting Tony Gibbs had always thought it odd to call a man beautiful. But there was no other word for Tony.

Tony felt his body blush under Gibbs appraising stare.

"Please," Tony said pushing at the offending jeans that still clothed Gibbs. Twisting and pushing Gibbs removed his jeans and boxers and he felt Tony's hands immediately on his hips. Then Tony pulled him down pushing their hard cocks together. Gibbs felt himself shake from the contact. The calmness of the animal now gone replaced by the unquenchable hunger. Gibbs slide behind Tony on the couch. Tony knowing without being told, rolled on his side his back to Gibbs his ass thrusting back against Gibbs hard cock. Gibbs dug his fingers into Tony's hip afraid he was going to lose control with that single movement.

"God Tony." The words were guttural as if they physically hurt Gibbs to say them.

Tony's hand reached around and grabbed Gibbs' ass forcing them closer.

"Jethro, please, god, just- please."

The sound of Tony speaking his name in such a pleading tone had caused Gibbs to lose the last thread of sanity he had. He grabbed his cock and guided himself slowly into Tony. Tony moaned as he felt the sensation of Gibbs entering him. Gibbs somehow found the strength to be tender, to go slow. He gave Tony time to adjust to having part of his cock inside him before pushing still further inside. Tony felt the familiar twinge of pain, then felt it dissipate, then felt the pain again as Gibbs pushed deeper, again it faded. Gibbs pulled back, then waited a moment before pushing back in again. Gibbs repeated the movement letting them both enjoy the new sensation. Tony thrust back suddenly, burying Gibbs hard cock deep inside him. Foreplay was over, Tony wanted more, wanted it all.

Gibbs let his grip on Tony's hip tighten as he let himself build a steady rhythm.

"Please, more." Tony was thrusting back, meeting Gibbs every thrust forward.

Gibbs wrapped his arm around Tony's waist tugging the younger man hard against his chest and cock. Then Gibbs increased the speed and depth of his thrust.

"That's it oh God!" Tony was moaning, thrusting, arching against every one of Gibbs movement.

Gibbs was going to lose control, Tony felt to good, to warm, to tight.

Letting his hand slip down from Tony's waist, Gibbs found Tony's cock and wrapped his hand around it. Tony thrust into the new touch. As Gibbs thrust forward into Tony, Tony's cock now thrust into Gibbs' hand.

It was too much. Too much sensation to much Gibbs. Tony was losing all conscious thought lost in a world of desires finally quenched, need finally fulfilled.

"I can't hold-" Tony couldn't finish the sentence couldn't form words.

Then Gibbs was speaking in his ear.

"Do it come for me."

Gibbs' voice pushed Tony over the edge and his body contracted then tensed at his release washed over him. Gibbs felt every movement of Tony's body and he thrust harder letting himself be carried over the edge by Tony's body.

"Tony!" Rang out as Gibbs buried himself inside Tony and let everything else disappear.

Gibbs' head was resting on Tony's neck as he tried to regain some sense of balance something that would tell him up from down left from right. Nothing made sense right now except the feel of Tony against him. It was the only stability he had.

Tony fought to breath. He felt as if it was suddenly something his body could no longer voluntarily do and he was forcing air into his lung to keep from suffocating. Then he felt the first kiss against his neck, right against his pulse, and somehow as arousing as it was it also calmed him. His body seemed to realize that the feel of that kiss met he was still alive and needed to take in air. Tony felt the sharp intake of air as his lungs again took control.

Then Tony felt another kiss then heard the voice.

"You still with me?" Gibbs voice was soothing and calming.

Tony wanted to answer, but couldn't find his voice. So he nodded hoping the movement would somehow transfer to his lover.

It did and Gibbs simply held him for a few minutes before speaking again.

"I think it would be more comfortable in bed and after a shower."

Tony had finally found his voice. "I don't know, I'm pretty comfortable right here." He pushed his hips back against Gibbs.

Tony felt Gibbs tense and then shiver as his fingers dug into Tony's hip again.

"God." Gibbs felt the hunger stir again. Felt his heart that had finally calmed now skip and then thunder again.

Gibbs brought his lips to Tony's ear again.

"I can't get enough of you." It was a growl.

Tony just moaned wanting nothing more than for Gibbs to take him again.

There was a thrust of Gibbs' hips as if the man was about to fulfill Tony's unspoken statement.

Gibbs sighed. "Shower now." The boss like command had returned to Gibbs' voice.

Tony was about to argue as he felt Gibbs pushing him towards the edge of the couch, but then Tony realized how inviting the shower sounded.


Gibbs held Tony in his arms as the water washed over them the warmth soothing both of their strained muscles. Turning them both Gibbs positioned Tony's back directly under the stream. Tony moaned both from the warmth of the water and the warmth of being wrapped in Gibbs' arms. The water could have been ice cold and Tony would have never felt it. Tipping his head forward Tony started placing kisses on Gibbs' neck and shoulders. The action caused Gibbs to pull Tony tighter. Tony kissed his way back up Gibbs' neck and found his lips. First kissing Gibbs bottom lip, then the top lip before devouring both. Then Tony's hands were running over Gibbs' hips, his butt, his back and Gibbs groaned as they made their way back down the path. Tony could feel Gibbs' cock already hard again pressing again his own. It made Tony grind against him.

Gibbs grabbed Tony by the hair pulling his head slightly back as he looked deep into the green eyes of his lover.

"Feel what you do to me?"

As if needing to answer Tony let his hand slide in between them and stroke Gibbs' cock.

Gibbs breath caught at the exquisite feeling and he thrust into Tony's hand.

"Christ Tony!" Gibbs other arm shot out palm flat against the wall of the shower for support. Tony would be the death of him he was sure of it now. They would find his body somewhere completely spent, his heart having given out from spending days making love to the man. Tony aroused this unquenchable need within him and he was suddenly a sixteen year old boy walking around constantly hard.

It was Tony's turn to talk in Gibbs' ear. "I need you again. Fuck me like you're never going to stop."

Gibbs' eyes closed and he fought to keep any sense of control his body still had. He could feel Tony moving could feel the loss of contact between their bodies. When he finally found his strength Gibbs opened his eyes. Tony had turned around, his hands flat against the wall in front of them, his upper body slightly arched. The water washing down across his back and butt.

Gibbs' hands locked onto Tony's hips and he thrust into him.

"God yes." Dripped from Tony's tongue.

Then Gibbs was lost again as he thrust in and out of Tony hard and fast. Although earlier it had been about pure animalistic need, this was about raw emotional yearning. They had not had their fill and the hunger needed to be satisfied. It was about the emotion behind everything they wanted from each other, needed from each other, all the words that had yet to be spoken. It was about everything between them that had led to this. It was about past, present and future and everything it would mean to them.

"Jethro please." Tony almost screamed as he felt the wave starting to crash over him.

Gibbs thrust harder faster wanting to hear his lover scream out his name. And after a few more deep thrust Tony did just that.


Gibbs was still thrusting now deeper and harder, until he buried himself inside Tony and let his release overtake him.