I´ve just started watching Nikita, the new version and I´m hooked. This is my first Nikita fic so please, be gentle, or tough, whichever you prefer ;)

The bag shook with each hit. With each hit Michael grew angrier and soon he was hitting and kicking with full force and taking out all of his frustrations on the bag. In his mind he saw Nikita as she was 4 years ago, smiling and talking. But that was before everything happened. Before she left division. Before she left him. Before Daniel. The bag rattled against it´s restraints as he hit it again and again. Tonight Nikita had caught up to them again, and as usual he had been unable to do his job, to kill her, or at least capture her. Not that he didn´t have the opportunity, he did, Nikita was one of the best, but so was he, and he had trained her. If anyone knew her moves it was him.

He had had his gun trained at her but he had let her go. Again. He knew this couldn´t continue, he knew that Percy was watching his every move, wary of what he would do. But he couldn´t kill Nikita, it just wasn´t possible. Three years apart hadn´t changed that.

Nikita slowly rinsed her hair, tonight had been a success. At least to her plan to destroy Percy. Unbidden thoughts of Michael crept into her head. He had let her go again. She had lost count of all the times now, she wondered what it meant for him, and for them. At that thought she scoffed lightly. There was no "them", it hadn´t been for a long time. If there ever was. But deep down she knew that they had had something. Had something, as in the past. When she closed her eyes it was his eyes she saw, as they had looked tonight. Dark and full of conflict. The past, yeah right, now if only she could convince herself of that.

Birkhoff entered the training area and stopped. He wanted to talk to Michael but he wasn´t in his office and one of the agents, whatever his name was, had seen him heading this way. And there he was. Birkoff watched as Michael beat the shit out of that poor bag. He wondered what had happened tonight, except Nikita sweeping in and taking over. Nikita... Michael hadn´t been the same since she vanished three years ago, and now he seemed to constantly be in a troubled mood. Birkoff could understand that, he had been at division longer than most, and knew that it had been something between Michael and Nikita. And now she was back, trying to take them down. He couldn´t really fault Michael for being in a bad mood. With a sigh he turned and walked back the way he came.

Nikita was walking swiftly down the street. From a distance a lone figure watched her as she went about her business of shopping groceries. When she was done she turned and headed down the street, the man watching following at a distance.