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"Gabriel. Hi"

Nikita looked up from where she was doing pushups and smiled at the man standing over her.

"Hi Nikita, how's it going?"

She groaned as she pushed her way to standing. "Well you know, can't complain... or at least I shouldn't, I have a feeling you would tell" She smiled a saccarine smile at him. Sure she liked Gabriel, but he was a little too close to Percy to be trusted. If Michael was Percy's second in command then Gabriel was the one waiting in the shadows. She wondered if she was the only who thought the biblical shadow was a bit ironic.

"Oh I would never tell on you" Gabriel smiled sweetly.

"Of course not" Nikita rolled her eyes inwardly. "So..." She prompted, trying to hurry up their conversation. Michael would arrive soon and she didn't want him to think she was being lazy, as he'd accused her of the day before. Bastard. She seethed silenlty at the thought of her trainer slash mentor slash tormentor.

"Oh I didn't mean to disturb you, just thought I should say hi"

Well then why aren't you leaving genius... "I see,well i'm waiting for Michael so..."

"Yes well, you know Nikita, I hear he's a bit hard on you, just let me know if you want to switch trainer, I could always take over your training".

Was he serious? She thought the whole point of this training was being slaved half to death, and now he said it wasn't, sneaky bastard. "I didn't know changing mentors was an option?" She raised an eyebrow. Oh please, she may be new here, but she'd been playing this game since she could walk. Gabriel had nothing on her.

"It's not" A firm voice rang out from behind her, and there he was. Her tormentor, dressed casually in all black training clothes and those calm eyes she sometimes wanted to scratch out, before beating him black and blue. She thought those green eyes looked a bit harder than they usually did as he came to stand next to her, meeting Gabriel's eyes.

Gabriel held his hands up in a show of peace and backed off with a small smile on his lips. "Just making an offer".

Now it was Michael's turn to lift an eyebrow. "Don't". He said simply, no more warning needed.

Nikita felt a chill race down her spine but shook it off. She may detest Michael most of the time, but she wasn't stupid enough to underestimate him, she knew what he could do. She'd lived on the streets long enough to know what the look in his eyes meant. Not to mention where he was and in what position. You didn't get there by asking nicely.

Nikita sat up in bed with a gasp. A few seconds passed as she willed her heart to slow down. Why had she dreamt of something that happened so long ago? She hadn't even run in to Gabriel since she went back on division's radar, didn't even know if he was still alive. A thought crossed her mind as she suddenly took notice of the cold side of the bed next to her, and she knew without a doubt that Michael was gone.


Michael and Birkhoff looked up and saw Gabriel leaning against the desk next to Birkhoff's. Michael straightened up slowly, coming to stand at his full height. Everyone around turned quiet, but still managed to look very busy, hiding the fact that they were all keeping an eye on the trio.

"Gabriel" Michael replied calmly.

"Birkhoff" Birkhoff muttered, low enough that no one heard it. He may be a bit unhappy but he wasn't suicidal.

"So... what's going on? I was on a mission, but then got called back" Gabriel took a few steps closer.

"Something is always going on here" Michael smirked a little. "I've been overseas, so I'm the wrong guy to ask right now".

Gabriel nodded, and after one last glance he left without a word.

"Well that was normal" Birkhoff quipped.

"Yeah" Michael mumbled, his eyes trained on Gabriel's retreating back.

Hey everybody do you remember this one? It was a big hit in the eighties...

Nikita turned the radio off. Something was wrong. She guessed that Michael had gone back to division. Maybe he'd been called in she mused. But if that was the case then why didn't he wake her? As the minutes passed the feeling grew stronger, the one that told her everything was about to change. She couldn't wait around anymore. She grabbed her coat and was soon walking down the street, she needed a cab, but she didn't want to catch one so close to Michael's apartment. You never knew who could be watching. She didn't stop until she reached a coffeeshop where she'd been before. It was one of her favorites, and one of the few places that she came back to regulary.

"Coffee. Black". As she ordered she glanced at the street outside, doing her routine sweep. It was so ingrained in her being that she didn't even think about it anymore. She turned back to grab her coffee with a small polite smile, but the smile slipped off her face as she noticed the phone in the guy's hand instead of coffee.

"It's for you" The young man explained, an emotionless look on his face that Nikita recogniced all too well. She took the phone without taking her eyes from his.

"Nikita. Finally. I've been waiting for you" Percy chuckled.

"And I told her I could explain the pictures, but she didn't want to listen. Women". Birkhoff finished his rant about his latest date, if you could call it that.

Michael was only listening with one ear, and not even that. He wanted to call Nikita, to check on her, make sure that she was okay, but he couldn't do that here, and he couldn't leave. He was stuck here until Percy was prepared to tell him what was going on. No sooner had the thought passed through his mind before Percy was before him, a smile on his face that made him exstremely uneasy.

"Michael, can I see you in my office?"

Michael nodded and got to his feet to follow Percy. As he stepped into his office he met Amanda's eyes. So this was big then. Amanda was never present during the small operations. Michael suspected that she deemed it beneath her intelligence.

"Do you remember this man?" Percy pushed a few buttons and face of a middleaged man appaered on the screen.

Michael's heart picked up a steady beat and the adrenaline started to flow in his body. Oh he knew that man, more than he ever wished to. The cold blue eyes were the same, as was the cruel smile. The man was Robert Bicks, and he was one of the reasons that he and Nikita had a falling out when she was a new operative. Robert had been an associate of Percy's that they were supposed to work with to gain intel into a third party. The mission had been a failure. It was the only mission they'd failed at together and Percy had been livid and Nikita furious. Because they were working with someone she had thought was a somewhat decent guy, when that fact couldn't have been further from the truth. Robert Bicks was nowhere near decent, something Michael had known all along. Their strained relationship was shaky as it was, and the lies had changed them for good. A month after that Nikita was assigned a cover op, and she met Daniel. "I do" he answered Percy's question.

"As you know Mr Bicks has been of great value to us before, something that has now changed. He's selling division secrets to the highest bidder, and that has to stop as you understand. He's been leaking upwards, and people are starting to ask questions, important people. I want you to take him out" Percy stated bluntly.

Michael nodded. "Of course. Am I going solo or is a team assigned?"

Percy smiled and Amanda took a step forward. "Since you've dealt with him before we thought it best if it was just you and another agent this time. Come on". He motioned for him to follow and he did, dread building by each step he took. Percy stopped at the entrance, and Michael could feel Birkhoff's curious eyes on them and the chill Amanda usually gave off. "This is exstremely important Michael. I know I can trust you to get it done".

Michael nodded and glanced towards the door. Percy chuckled a little. "Drastic times and all that".

Michael frowned as the unease he felt before grew stronger. Then the doors opened and his heart nearly stopped. Percy took a step forward, his hands before him in a sign of peace.

"Nikita. Glad you could make it".

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