Speed dial

Reid may have fought with Caleb. May have taunted him, yelled at him and hurt him. And Caleb hadn't taken it lying down. When Reid had yelled, Caleb had yelled; when Reid had thrown insults so had Caleb; when Reid had lashed out, Caleb had hit back.

And yet, through all of that, they were still brothers. All four of them together: Reid, Caleb, Pouge and Tyler, the Sons of Ipswich.

No lies or insults or hurled objects could destroy that.

So through all of it: all of the fights and arguments and battles; all of the bad feelings. Feelings of ire and anger and annoyance; they all knew none of it mattered. They were united by a brotherhood that would never and could never be broken. And every time they hurled the words 'I hate you', everyone knew it was untrue.

And the evidence of this? They still had each other on speed dial.