Chapter 1

New Beginnings

"The best part about new beginnings is the ignorance they'll never end."

"Sneaking out again?"

He didn't move, kept himself frozen halfway out the small dorm window.

"Just because you stopped moving doesn't mean I can't see you, silly." Sora leans up against their doorway, twirls the lollipop stick in his mouth and chuckles to himself. "Look, I won't tell the dorm leader you're gone if you really are leaving again."

Roxas cocks an eyebrow, turns around to face his friend. Sora, as usual, had his Breaking Benjamin shirt on, loose-fit camo jeans that sagged low enough so that he could tell the kid needed a belt. Sora had his usual sex-hair look going on, spiky and brunette in a way that just middle fingered the law of gravity. "Oh really?"

"Yeah, really. Just tell me where you're going?"

"Awful nice of you." he sits on the window ledge, balances his weight carefully so that he wouldn't fall backwards into the brush. "If you must know, I'm going to the girl's dorm."

"To visit Nami?"

"Err... yeah."


Something isn't right here; Roxas picks on Sora relentlessly, "borrows" his stuff without asking, harasses him almost every chance he gets and Sora's being nice? That's just not right. "Ah, I get it. You want something, right?"

He sighs, comes in a little closer to his roommate and smiles. "Nah."


"People can be nice without intention, ya' know. I do it all the time." Sora tosses his empty lollipop stick in their checkerboard garbage can and, slowly and slyly, sneaks toward Roxas a little closer. "Hey, while you're over there, do you mind giving Kairi a message for me?"

"Depends on the message." he smirks. "And how important it is."

"Pretty damn important."

By now Sora's standing straight in front of Roxas, staring him in the eyes. He'd kneeled on the floor to match his height. The blonde chuckles. "Fair enough. And what am I telling her?"

It was weird; one second Sora and Roxas are laughing with each other and the next they're face to face, practically devouring each other's lips. Roxas was still sitting on the ledge of the window when Sora came forward more, giving him the softest kiss he could, but when he went to stand back up he couldn't; Roxas already had his arms tight around his waist, pulling him in closer and closer for more sweet kisses. He didn't know when in their little "session" he'd cupped his cheek with one hand, but he didn't exactly care; he was too lost. Each one was more heated than the last; every time they parted it'd be for less than a second.

This part, however, was the only exception to that rule.

The blonde smirks, stares his brunette roommate down with hungry eyes and runs his thumb across Sora's bottom lip. "What, you want me to kiss her like that?" he teases. Sora blushes a little, smirks just the same and kisses the thumb that was on his lips.

"Nope. Tell her it's over."

Roxas was gone in an instant.


"N-nnaahhh..." the brunette groans, taking in a deep breath. "R-Riku stop..."

He presses his lips against the top of his head, earning a surprised yelp from Sora, who still lay in his arms as he has been for past few hours or so. Riku'd lost count of how long he's been at this with Sora; days? Hours? He didn't care. Despite what Sora's telling him, they were both having fun doing this. "It's a little too late for that. We're so close, Sora..."

The brunette lets out an angry sigh, tries his hardest to get Riku's face away from his. "Cut it out... I wanna sle-eep! WHAT DID I JUST TELL YOU? DON'T DO THAT YOU DUMBASS!"

"Shh... you need to quit making those noises; someone might hear us."

"But I c-can't... not if you won't stop doing that..." he groans.

"What if Kairi hears you?" the older of the two holds him closer, keeps doing it. Sora swats him away, giggles in protest. A finger comes over his pink lips and the older of the two gives him a calm shush. "I told you to keep quiet."

"Then stop blowing in my ear!"

Riku laughs, blows in his hear teasingly again and holds his friend tighter in his arms. "I'll stop when you stop making me carry you..."

"I'm ttiiirrreeeddd, though..." Sora looks up at him, gulps when he sees his friend's cold eyes yet... strangely warm smile. "Carry me until we get to the dorms?"

"Sora, we've been at this for hours..." he sighs. "If we were anywhere even remotely near the dorms, or even if we knew where the hell we were going , trust me, I'd dump you off there."

"Thanks...?" He blinks, a bit confused. Riku is so good at sarcasm; was he just joking? "You're kidding though, right?"

". . ."

Sora hadn't spoken the rest of the trip there.

"Welcome to Destiny Islands Academy." the front desk woman chirped just a little to enthusiastically for someone awake at 2 am. Sora and Riku had been out since 7 trying to find the school itself, and as many times as Sora insisted they ask someone for help, Riku would go on about how he 'didn't need anyone's help' and that he could 'get them there on his own'. "Oh... are you two students here?"

"Yeah. Just enrolled."

"Names, please?"

I'm not even kidding when I say that Riku dropped Sora on the floor. He completely let go of him and you could probably hear the impact of his butt against the ground from China... "Riku Kuragari."

Sora raises his head from the coldness of the tiled floor. If you looked at him from above, you could almost see the stars floating around his head..."Sora Hikari..."

"Both freshmen?"

They nod.

"Alright. One moment please." she says before stepping into the backroom behind the desk. The two boys stood there, Sora still sitting on his butt on the floor, Riku standing there in his pride. They could hear footsteps from outside, muffled laughter too. Sora turns, looks toward the glass entrance door and notices a group of kids coming in their way. One was tall, a spiky red-head with a silver eyebrow piercing he could just barely make out. He had eyes that were... green? He could hardly tell in the darkness. There was a blonde too, hair that reminded Sora of his old friend Ventus's, and eyes practically the same blue as his. He was... actually kind of handsome, but Sora shook off that thought the second it came. Then he saw two girls, one blonde and relatively short in comparison to the red-headed chick next to her.


Sora had to double-take when he saw the other girl. She was, for lack of a better word, hot. Her eyes were as blue as the Mediterranean sea, maybe even bluer, and her hair fell straight down onto her shoulders, long and ruby and... just plain elegant.' She was slender, very curvy (that being one of the first things Sora had noticed about her). The other red-head whips around and shoots Sora a glare that, if looks could kill, would totally murder him. He was guessing that was her older brother?

That group of people step into the corridor, laughing and still mingling with each other. The blonde was talking with the red headed guy, and the two girls were mingling. Despite what Sora wanted, the blonde chick was looking at him, while her red-headed friend just sat there and giggled.

"So what room did you get, Roxy?" Sora hears the older boy ask.

"Room 108, Dorm B. You?"

iNo way./iThe brunette gets up off the ground heads toward him. "Wait... room 108? I guess you're my roommate then."

"Oh, really?" he says, raising an eyebrow. "Huh. Name's Roxas."

"I'm Sora."

"Sora?" Roxas chuckles, playfully slaps him on the shoulder and gives him a wink. "Cute name. Suits you."

"Watch it, Roxas." the older man teases, wrapping an arm around his neck and pulling him close to his chest. Roxas was laughing, just as playfully trying to escape his grasp. Sora can't help but laugh a little too. "I'm Axel, and Roxas is mine, got it memorized?"

The blonde's cheeks almost immediately light on fire. "What? I most certainly am not!"

"Yeeeesss you are, we established that yesterday night."

The shade of red on his cheeks deepened about 4 tints. "Don't bring it up..."

The blonde haired girl stepped forward too, gave Sora a shy wave and with a quiet voice says, "I'm Namine, and this is my sister Kairi." she gestures toward the red head. She just gives Sora a polite smile and waves just the same as Namine had. Gosh, she was a sight...

Kairi... Music to Sora's ears...

"H-Hi." the brunette stutters. Riku gives him a slap on the back, gaining his attention to reveal the woman from the backroom.

"Sora Hikari, right?"


"Oh, and I see Roxas is already here. Please, come right this way and I'll show you to your room."

Both boys bid a quick 'bye' to their friends and follow after the woman.