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Chapter 13 – Things Change

"We seem to be changing; but the strange thing is that I don't feel a thing."

"Roxas..." He starts, biting down on his lip a little as he spoke. "That's not what I meant."

"Then... what?"

Well, he couldn't avoid telling him now, could he? The young brunette sighs, trying his hardest not to look at Roxas's face. "The night you guys were fighting becauseweweredating," his hands trembled a little; why was he so nervous? All he had to do was tell Roxas the truth, and then things would be fine, right? "He... snuck into our room."

He hated the way Roxas's eyes widened. "To do... what?" Immediately following his statement, he looked down towards his...

"IT WAS NOTHING LIKE THAT!" The brunette snaps, cheeks turning red at the thought of waking up to an event like that, and just the overall thought of his roommate being naked. Oh man. Naked Roxas? Bad train of thought, Sora. REALLY bad train of thought.

It's already bad enough you still like him too. Thank GOD he can't read minds.

"Gosh, is it hot in here or what?" he chuckles nervously, jumping up from his bed and opening the window. He sighs, relieved, at the cool mid-afternoon breeze that brushed against his crimson-colored cheeks. He tried to pretend the cool air made his blush go away when he felt the heat gone. But knew it wouldn't go away no matter what. Sora could practically feelthe glare Roxas shot him again.

"Sora." His roommate reminded him, the voice sending a noticeable shiver through his body. They both tried to ignore it. But he still didn't dare turn around. Not when Roxas was staring at him like that... Even the sound of his voice made him feel like crying and his heart bled in his chest.

"R-Right, sorry." He clears his throat, calms his nerves before beginning his story. "But that night, he c-came into our room and told you that he loved you (I guess he didn't know I was awake when he did) and... and..."

He jumped when he felt Roxas's presence behind him, his heart beating a million miles a minute when arms wrapped around his small figure from behind and a pair of lips busied themselves at the back of his neck. Poor Sora had to bite down on his fist to keep the surprised sounds from coming out his lips. And it most certainly didn't help he kept kissing further and further down, until he pecked at the hemming of his shirt. "And...?"

The vibrations of his voice against his soft skin earned a muffled whimper from him. "A-And he kind of k-kissed you while you were asleep too... said all th-this stuff about being in love with you for a really long time..." With the new found strength Sora found from finally telling Roxas about it, he shyly backed away and turned to face him. When familiar blue eyes gazed down at him – scratch that, throughhim he felt his breath catch somewhere deep in his chest. He had to constantly keep his eyes moving away from the sight of those big, blue orbs staring him down. "Th-the reason I... we broke up is because of it." Every so often he glanced back up to assure him it was, in fact, Roxas he was addressing.

The blonde sighs, visibly and audibly irritated. "Sora there's nothing going on between the two of us. If anything, it's entirely one-sided and – Hey, Sora. Look at me."

He shakes his head as fast as he can, chocolate spikes flying in all directions. The last thing he wanted to do was look up into the eyes he was starting to fall for. Okay, granted 'fall for' is a pretty strong thing to say for someone he's only known for approximately about a year. But he still felt weak in the knees when Roxas looked at him like that.


D-Don't use that voice... he thinks to himself as he hesitantly looks back up towards his roommate. He immediately regrets it, of course, as he feels something brushing his lips. The all-too-familiar sensation of Roxas's lips on his caused something inside of him to burst, a cruel feeling of want slithering through his veins, freezing the words in his throat, settling in his eyes. It threatened a tear to fall each second he spent here with him. His hands came to rest on Roxas's shoulders, trying desperately to push him away. But to no avail; they trembled and shook so hard he balled them into fists and lightly pressed back.

Something about this kiss reminded him of something. He didn't know what it was, but it still did.

"I have to tell you something too." the blonde whispered in his ear as they parted. He tickled and teased his neck with warm breath and Sora stood there, lips still parted, frozen in place. He couldn't believe his eyes, or lips, rather; Roxas just kissed him. Roxas just kissedhim. "You broke up with me so I could be with Axel..." The blonde looks down at him, straight into his eyes with a sad smile. "Isn't that right?"

He couldn't speak. He couldn't breathe. He could barely nod his head in response.

"Always gotta be so nice, don't you?" His roommate sighs, turning his back to the brunette. "Then I think you deserve to know the truth about that kiss, from a couple months back."


"The... truth...?" Sora repeats, still a little breathless as his heart regained its previous pace. "What do you mean truth?"

"I wanted to tell you sooner, but..." Roxas pauses, the suspense building (not only for you, dearest reader, but for Sora too) as he crosses his arms and his voice lowered about three octaves. "...he made me promise not to, no matter what."

"Who is he? What are you talking about, Roxas?"

Turning around, he let their eyes meet for the longest, most painful moment of his life. The blood in his veins chilled and the heart beat he'd worked so hard to slow sped up again. The air grew thick with an uncomfortable feeling and something told Sora things were about to... change.

"Riku, Sora." the blonde says with a sad smile. "He was the one who kissed you; not me."

[A/N: And now, some comic relief from our good pal, Hayner~!]

I will not admit defeat. ESPECIALLY not to him.

Hayner's been pacing outside the science lab for about an hour. Why did classes have to be so long? He just wanted to talk to Olette and settle this Roxas thing straight; it wasn't that he was taking Roxas's advice (like HELL he'd admit defeat to that cocky pretty-boy) he just wanted to set the record straight with Olette that he DOESN'T like her, and he DOESN'T care that she and Roxas kissed. Even if it was an accident. So there; take THAT, Roxas!

What the hell possessed him to even think that anyways?he thinks to himself with a grimacing sigh, leaning his back up against the wall as he glanced up at the clock. 1:03. Just two more minutes to go and she'd be done with her stupid Biology class so he could talk to her. He's still surprised his study-hall warden – or I mean um... 'advisor' didn't notice he was gone for an hour. What an idiot. What kind of teacher doesn't notice his student has been "in the medic" for an hour? Better yet, who lets him take his books with him! Stupid ass teachers; Hayner lived for their stupidity.

Why would anyone like Olette, for that matter? All she does is talk about other people, and gossip like all the other friggin' chicks in this school. Big whoop.That's right; all she does is talk about "what she's wearing to the dance" or, how Roxas and Sora "were so kawaii together", or how she's such a "rebel" for wearing socks with sandals. Sure, she was pretty, and she put up with Hayner's cynicism, and even went so far as to help him pull pranks on the teachers after school...

Wait. What?

Did he just call her... pretty? Nonononononononono, Hayner does NOT date, and pretty has never and will never be a word in his vocabulary. Unless he's calling the girl pretty stupid. ...who am I kidding?he thinks with a sigh as the back of his head collided with the wall. At this point, he was trying too hard to convince himself that he didn't care at all for the girl. I mean... sure, she's one if his best friends and he's always seen her in a 'female side-character" way but... this is high school.

She's all... feminine now. Like, a... womanor whatever.

He shudders with disgust at the word. Girly girls... ick. SERIOUSLY not helping his attraction. Hayner is jolted back to reality as the dismissal bell rings. He feels his heart leap when he sees Olette, all dolled up in her feminine school-girl glory, walking out of the classroom with a cheerful looking Selphie. She immediately glances up to look at the flustered blonde, and says a quick goodbye to Selphie to strut over.

Strutting. Wow, Olette. Just wow. Honestly, who are you trying to impress?

"What's up, Hayner?" she spoke with a soft smile that made Hayner's insides melt a little. "Wait... I thought you had a study hall now. On the other side of the building...?"

He cleared his throat of unspoken words (and mind of terrible thoughts) and tried his hardest to lower his voice a couple octaves, like some cool bad-ass kid. "I ditched." He tried not to be annoyed when Olette laughed about his 'manly voice.'

"You decided you'd ditch a study hall to stand outside the biology lab...?"

"I-I uh... yeah, that's pretty much it."

She giggles, flipping her hair back (like in the movies, except less slow-mo-fied) and adjusting her bag strap over her shoulder. "Hayner, I don't get you sometimes."

That makes two of us...he thinks to himself with a scowl.

"Was there some key purpose to stalking me or are you just tooling around?" Olette chuckles, throwing a couple of 'hellos' to passing friends behind her. "Oh... your face is flushed! Geez, Hayner; if I didn't know any better I'd say you like me." Following her statement, she laughs a gentle laugh, catching the blonde off guard and forcing his breath to catch in his chest.

"Yeah... I-I do." he slips, looking away to lock his eyes on the outside window.

She glares at him, green eyes wide with shock.

...SHIT. Don't panic, Hayner; just lie your way out.

"NOT!" he laughs, obnoxiously loud to the point he nearly drew a crowd. "Why would I like some dip like you, Olette? Baka!" She scowls. By the way Olette stomped off (and on his foot, in HEELS damnit!) with a frown; he could tell his little white lie trick wasn't the best idea.

Good job, Hayner. Potential crisis avoided.

Good job, Hayner. Good job indeed.

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