Reading Order Of The Phoenix

In Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry there is a very special room. Those lucky enough to have found it in Hogwarts extensive history have known it as the Room of Requirement. They know many of the wonders it can provide the user, but they don't know the extent that the room can go to when fulfilling the user's wishes. Many were about to find out.

The Room of Requirement was currently empty and set out with comfortable couches and a large coffee table. There were many doors set around the walls leading to sleeping quarters for the guests the room was expecting. Suddenly, the room was filled with a flash of light, and three teenagers known as the 'Golden Trio' were deposited in the room.

"Bloody hell! Where are we?" Ron yelled.

"I dunno, but wands out just in case." Harry warned.

"I don't think this is a Death Eater trap or anything guys. We would have been cursed by now if it was." Hermione, as rational as ever, was calmly trying to figure out the situation. Just as she finished speaking, a series of other flashes went off and the room was suddenly filled with people. Ginny, Fred, George, Mr and Mrs Weasley, Sirius, Remus and Tonks had also just been transported from Grimmauld Place. Dumbledore, Snape and McGonagall had been brought simply from within Hogwarts itself. Oddly enough, Neville, Luna and Draco had been brought from their very own homes. They all looked around shocked and the adults had their wands at the ready and regarded the room warily.

"Harry, do you have any idea why we're here?" Dumbledore inquired, carefully avoiding his eyes.

"No, sir, we were only just brought here ourselves, when all of you arrived." There was slight irritation in Harry's voice as he realised how the Headmaster was still avoiding him even in this situation.

Dumbledore was about to respond when there was another two rapid flashes and Percy and the Dursleys appeared. The Weasleys stared open-mouthed at their recently estranged son and brother while he stonily regarded them back. Harry was standing stunned at the appearance of his so-called 'family' and warily watching the rapidly purpling face of his Uncle Vernon and the soon sure to be accompanying explosion. However, he was spared the embarrassment as his Aunt Petunia placed a warning hand on her husband's arm as she and Dudley seemed to shrink back at the sight of so many wizards.

"W-what is g-going on?" Dudley stammered.

Harry, although shocked his cousin would dare utter a word in the presence of wizards, answered him nonetheless. "We're actually not sure. We were brought here just like you. We don't know why."

"Actually, Harry, there is a letter and a book on the table that could tell us why." Remus revealed.

"Ah, if you would permit me to, I shall read the letter to you all" Dumbledore said, seemingly more serene at the lack of apparent threat. He read:

Hello everyone,

You have absolutely nothing to fear from this room. It is known as the Room of Requirement and is within Hogwarts itself. Basically, it caters to the wishes of the user. There are many troublesome times ahead, and many lives will be lost in the Second War. Many feel this loss could be avoided and so I have asked this room to aid me in improving your future and therefore my past. You will be reading three books which detail to you the events of the coming years. I know some of you believe tampering with time is a mistake but when you read these books I think you will realise why I must do this. Read these books and change the future for the better. All of you magical folk here have things to learn in these books and roles to play in the war. As for the Dursleys, it is time you understand what your nephew has gone through and will go through and it is time you treat him as he deserves. I am hoping this teaches you compassion.

The first book for you to read is already on the table and the other two will appear when you are ready to read them. Also, food will be brought to you from the Hogwarts kitchens as the room cannot create it. You cannot leave here until the reading is done.

One final important note: Do not judge future actions until the very end. Cursing each other will not help you find the truth.

Good Luck.


"Well, as inadvisable as this seems, it looks as though we must read these books. The first," Dumbledore picked it up off the table, "is called Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix."

"What? I have to sit here and read about Potter?" Draco spat scornfully.

"Yes, Mr. Malfoy it would seem so. The letter indicates we all have reason to be here and as such we will all treat each other as civilly as possible, understood?" Dumbledore addressed the room at large.

The assembled witches and wizards seemed to give their assent but it seemed that Vernon could keep quiet no longer. "Why should we be here? We have no need to know of the boy and his freakishness! Do we Petunia?" His wife seemed unsure what to do when faced with the incredulous and glaring people after her husband's remark.

"D-dad? We should read, I think. The letter said we need to know these things and we can't leave before we do anyway." Dudley said unsurely.

Harry was shocked. "How are you taking this so well? It's not like you've ever cared before."

"You saved my life Harry. I know that now and I guess I should be nicer because of that." It wasn't the most impassioned speech in the world but Harry and his Aunt and Uncle were rather bewildered by this change in Dudley.

Dumbledore broke the somewhat awkward silence. "Well, shall we sit down and begin reading? No doubt we are all curious as to what these books hold."

Five minutes later they were all comfortably situated on the sofas. Percy, still unconvinced of Voldemort's return sat slightly apart from everyone else. Draco chose to stay near Snape as he was the only one he found a sense of camaraderie with. The Dursleys sat as apart from the others as they could, wary of the magical people. Everyone else sat rather comfortably amongst each other ready and slightly eager to read.

"I shall start if you don't mind." Dumbledore began to read.