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This is a sequel to my prior story, "Sexy Times at McKinley High". You do not need to read it to get the gist of it, but I suggest you do because it's fucking delicious and raunchy.

I do not own glee or the big gay musical, or its characters. This story was made in partnership with my friend Madison. She plays Puck and Chris(oc), I play Kurt.

"Really, Noah? The army?"

Two years of his life, devoted to this handsome man. Two years Kurt Hummel has been dealing with Noah Puckerman's flirty, lazy, irritating behind, and it came down to this. And of course Puck would do the dramatic thing and tell him right after graduation. As if that wasn't big enough.

"What about us? What about what I want? Did you even think of me?"

Perhaps Kurt was making it out to be more dramatic than it needed to be, but this revelation really hurt him. Puck had never once mentioned joining the army after high school. Kurt talked about their future all the time. How he wanted to move to New York, find a way to make it big like he always dreamed. Glee club only took you so far, then he'd have to make it the rest of the way himself. Puck even indulged him, talking about getting a cute little apartment that would be so small they would have to share everything.

But now that future was being torn to bits by none other than the man who he'd built it around. "I won't be an "army wife", waiting all sad and alone for you to come home for a week every six months. I am not built for that kind of waiting!" Tears were starting to well up. He should've expected this, not every relationship would last forever. But that didn't make it hurt any less.

"What about us?" He asked again, holding himself like he often did when he was upset. He hadn't even changed out of his graduation party outfit. All sparkles and vests, just how he liked it. Hopefully his makeup wouldn't run and turn this more dramatic looking then it needed to be.

This wasn't how it was supposed to be.. this wasn't how it was supposed to turn out.. Kurt was supposed to be HAPPY for them! He was going to serve the country and shit and then get shit loads of cash to pay for the apartment they would get in New York! There was no way he was being a bus boy there and all he had to do was go into some desert and shoot some shit and then come back and give Kurt everything he wanted! Puck stood there with his beer in his hand.. staring at Kurt with slight disbelief.. still wearing his tux that looked good on him.

He had been working out for this.. training just for this moment in his life and now it was circling the drain and.. there was no turning back.. he had signed the papers and staring into Kurt's eyes like that.. hearing that he wasn't going to be an 'army wife' waiting for him.. Puck felt the impending twisting fear inside of him grip hard.

"I guess.. we'll just have to work through it, babe.. I mean I already signed the papers.. I can't turn back now without going to prison." Puck said very quietly as he looked down at his shining shoes, he couldn't stand seeing Kurt like this.. crying and he gripped his beer so hard that it felt like it might break. He was scared of losing the one person who had stayed constant in his life so far.. the one person he really LOVED and.. he was scared that Kurt would leave him.

He wanted to be furious at Puck for not saying he wouldn't go... but Kurt knew he couldn't back out now. He'd gone too far. If only the man had consulted with him, maybe they could've done something.

"I don't want to work through it..."

He mumbled, as he held himself tighter. "I won't work through it. I can't, Noah. I have dreams, and if I put them off now, they may never happen. I can't stay in Lima forever. And I won't. I'm going to New York, I'm going to make it... whether I have you by my side or not." Was this really the end? Was he going to let it end like this? Graduation would never be looked at the same again.

"I love you, Noah. Maybe someday... we can try again."

He walked over and kissed him. It was nothing like their usual kisses. This one was sad and bitter, a true goodbye kiss. When it was done, he pulled away, and left. It. Was over.

Puck couldn't believe it.. staring at Kurt with his mouth slightly open as the pale boy told him that he didn't want to work through it.. his voice was small and tight like it got when he was really serious and really mad like that one time Puck had accidentally used Kurt's special face moisturizer as lube.. But this wasn't like that.. this was their relationship ending suddenly.. and he felt his heart breaking in his chest and then ripped out with a giant rusty meat hook.


Puck asked softly as he stared at Kurt like he was crazy, like maybe this was some kind of fucking graduation joke that they were all playing on him and any second now Kurt would start smiling and kiss him and everything would be okay.. but when he was kissed it was cold and small and reserved and then Kurt pulled away and walked out and.. Puck didn't follow him.. Puck stayed there and Puck.. was going to join the fucking army for all the wrong reasons now..

No looking back. It was what Kurt told himself for the next five years. Don't look back on your past, it would only hurt. So he didn't. He moved to New York, just like he said he would. He got an apartment that was actually big enough for two people, and lived alone.

He took theater classes even though he didn't need them, and participated in as many musicals as he could. Finally he was snatched up by a off-Broadway rendition of The Fantasticks, playing the main male character. That was the beginning. From there he starred in even more musicals, including a rendition of Le Jazz Hot. That was particularly hard, as he remembered singing it back in Glee. Then he stuffed the memory away and worked through it.

Now, five years later, he was a well known star in the off-broadway circuit. Kurt Hummel was a known name. Now he was playing in "The Big Gay Musical", as Eddie, a young virgin who has just come out. It was more of a comedy than anything else, but it was a main role and he got to see so many men barely dressed, how could he pass it up? Not to mention that his co-star, the man who played Paul, hadn't left him alone until he agreed to a date.

The date led to another, then another, until they were actually dating. It was the first relationship he'd had since... well, he wouldn't think about it. And it was pretty nice. At the moment, he was on stage, practicing for the first act of them playing as 'Adam and Steve' for the fake play withing the musical. A bit confusing, but fun. He was in almost nothing, his beautiful pale body almost fully on display as he held hands on stage with his 'partner' "Adam" as "GOD" talked to them. Such a strange musical.

As it went Chris hadn't found a good acting partner in this entire fucking city.. he hated every single other male he had worked with because they were always too bitchy or they were always outshining him and they never had any weak spots. Since he was little he had learned that the key to a good partner was to know all of their weaknesses and use them to become the star of the show yourself.

Chris was this kind of person. He was charming and handsome and smart and he had a wonderful apartment and lots of money.. and he was a lying cheating snake that would take you for everything you had, especially everything inside of you. The second that Kurt walked into those front doors he knew that he wanted him and he knew that he was weak. He had that nice smile that said he had a kind heart and eyes that said he didn't have a boyfriend. Chris had learned to read these things over time and that charming smile slid over his lips when he learned that Kurt was going to be acting beside him he couldn't be more happy.

After asking the pale beauty out for a date at least a few times, glad that he didn't accept on the first because that just made it all the more fun, he was taking out the man on dates on a frequent basis in no time and it made him very very pleased.. Chris stood across from Kurt on stage now.. he held the man's hands tightly in his own and had a smile on his face. He was a bit taller than Kurt.. pale smooth skin and dark, dark hair on his head, smooth chest with no tattoos, he had a.. strange pale snake kind of look to him.. like he might be dangerous but that soothing smile he could so easily achieve reassured you that he wouldn't give you a poisonous bite while you were looking away.

They went through the scene without any interruption by the director, who simply clapped when they finished and went off for a break. Kurt put on a robe one of the other actors gave him, so he didn't feel as exposed. He hadn't changed much in the past few years.

His features were still soft and delicate, and his hair short and perfectly styled. His outfits were a little more stylish, and less womanly, and he'd gained at least a couple inches of height. His voice stayed the same, or perhaps, it maybe got better. He couldn't even tell anymore. Chris never complimented him on it, so maybe it was just as usual...

He had a coffee in his hand and was reaching for a biscotti. They always had such chic snacks on set. And after all that, he was kind of hungry. That was a fine excuse, right? Then again, he shouldn't have to have an excuse to eat...

When the scene was over Chris slid into his own dark robe and tied it around his skinny waist, he talked to a few people while Kurt went off to get something before following him toward the little table with coffee. As he walked up behind the pale man he saw that hand reach for the biscotti and his pale one snaked right in there and slapped the back of Kurt's hand before stepping up with a smile on his lips. "You know how bad those things are for you.. you know that you don't need it. Before you know it you'll be eating one with every cup of coffee and lose the part, we can't have a fat lead in this play." Chris said so easily to Kurt as he kissed his cheek and side of his neck, stealing the coffee right from his hand and drinking it as he walked away to go talk to some more of his theater friends that were around, pausing to wait for Kurt expectantly so he could introduce him around, he still didn't know everyone.

He jolted a bit in surprise as his hand was slapped, and he retracted it like a naughty child afraid to get scolded. He became reserved and nodded, understanding. Chris was just trying to help him... if he got a biscotti with every coffee, he could get fat, and no one would want that. He didn't even scoff when his coffee was stolen, already used to it. Instead, he gave a shy smile and followed Chris so the man could introduce him, since he was still pretty new. He'd just get something to eat later... maybe...

Once Kurt joined up with him Chris slid his arm possessively around the man's waist and finished off his coffee and walked around talking to people, introducing Kurt as his co-star in his play, HIS play being the key there, and they did that until it was time to rehearse again and go home. Usually Chris would take Kurt out for drinks after work but the pale man didn't seem to like drinking that often so he would take him home and try to get inside.. unfortunately for Chris it wasn't so easy and he was really working hard to get into Kurt's pants.. Sure they had been on several dates but this city was fast paced and this life was fast paced and he tried to explain that to Kurt over and over again and this was going to have to happen sometime to keep their relationship going. Finally he pinned him down to a good time.. after opening night.. and Chris had never wanted to get a play over with so much in his life and soon.. it was opening night..

Kurt blushed cutely when Chris held onto him. He was distracted so much that he didn't even notice how Chris was emphasizing the play being his own. They went out for drinks once or twice, but Kurt didn't really like alcohol. So usually Chris brought him home and tried to invite himself up. Kurt wasn't going to have that. H'd barely had sex in the past five years, he'd actually become a bit of a prude. But the man kept hounding him, so he finally gave in, agreeing to 'do it' after opening night.

It made him sort of nervous, but the musical went fabulously, all the numbers were right on key, and they got a standing ovation. When it was all done, the director offered audience members a chance to meet with the cast. So Kurt sat on the edge of the stage cutely, greeting the audience and chatting about musicals. The thought of sex was far away on his mind, though he knew it was coming up.

After the show was over Chris was with his own little group of friends, sex wasn't far off in his mind but he was putting it off for the moment to bask in his glory and make sure he remembered which people told him that they'd buy him drinks later so he could take them up on it later. But there was someone else that wanted to see Kurt.. there was someone in the crowd who had seen no one but him during that play.

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