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This was cowritten with my friend Maddie.

It was almost embarrassing, how close he was already. With Noah there he hadn't done anything... to relieve himself, in a couple days, and he could feel the pent up frustration bubbling inside. Trying to focus on the kissing, he pushed harder, being a bit more aggressive as his tongue darted out, tasting Noah's lips. In an effort to sit up a little to get a better hold, a knee brushed the other man's crotch, pressing against it as he clasped the shaved head to make the kiss even more forceful. Anything to not come yet, it couldn't end this soon, not after all this time.

Noah let out a low groan when he felt Kurt's knee brush up against his erection... the hard kisses and the warm tongue sliding over his lips were making him so hard. He could tell by the way Kurt was shaking that he was close... he wanted to make Kurt come though and he could tell that the pale man was holding back. All at once Noah pulled back and breathed, staring down at Kurt for a moment, staring into his eyes before he grinned and shifted. An idea sprung into Noah's mind, something he had been wanting to do for a real long time so before Kurt could say no or push him away he reached down, tugging at the man's pants, pulling them down and slowly leaning in to slide his tongue over Kurt's swollen tip, wrapping his fingers around his length to squeeze gently. Noah moaned softly at the taste... he had missed it and he slowly wrapped his lips around Kurt's head and started to suck like he had dreamed about for so long.

When Noah pulled away, and gazed down at him, Kurt thought he was giving him a break. One he desperately needed or he would pop at any moment. But he was wrong. That dastardly grin proved it, and it took only a half a second to realize what was going to happen. His face was already as red as it could be, as he stiffened up, and squirmed. "N-Noah! D-don't... ohh my god..." he stiffened considerably, hands flying to grasp at a non-existent mohawk. "Oh my god, Noah! I'm, cu-nnnnnnngh!" his sentence unraveled as his orgasm hit, cum filling the tanner man's mouth as Kurt unintentionally pushed him down more on his cock. His body locked up until all of his seed was spilt, and then he collapsed into the couch, a sweaty satisfied mess.

A grunt left the tanned man when he felt Kurt thrust up and suddenly come into his mouth, grasping at the couch tightly as he swallowed hard and swallowed all of it down, shivering a bit before slowly... very slowly pulling back, letting Kurt's cock slide from his lips. He remembered the way Kurt had pressed down on his head... moaned his name and it was really... really amazing. Glancing up at Kurt with a little smile on his face Noah wiped his lips and sat back, staring at the sight of Kurt all flushed and laid out like that... breathless and hot, Noah would never forget it.. "Kurt..." He whispered, thinking everything was okay, sliding his fingers over the man's flat pale stomach.

It felt so... peaceful. He could probably have fallen asleep right there if he wanted to. All of his urges were gone and in their place: bliss. His eyes had almost totally shut, until he heard that whisper. That wasn't Chris. This wasn't Chris on him. This was NOT his boyfriend. Eyes wide open and face a dark red, Kurt scrambled out from underneath Puck, shuffling to the bathroom as he muttered a variety of excuses. Holed up in the now-locked bathroom, he sunk to the floor, as his mind ran at its highest speed to put together what just happened. Hopefully he would come off as embarrassed to Puck, and not regretful. He liked what happened... it was just... he was already spoken for.

Noah blinked when Kurt suddenly opened his eyes wide and looked... scared! Terrified even and he suddenly slid out from under him and ran away telling Noah all kinds of excuses leaving the muscled man hard and breathless on the couch. Slowly he sat back and stared at the bathroom as a sudden sinking feeling filled his stomach and chest and he wasn't so keen on getting off anymore... Fuck... he had messed it all up by going too far... he could have stayed here and had more time with Kurt but not anymore... Kurt would be pissed at him and Noah rested his head on the couch with a heavy sigh trying to think what the fuck he could do to make this better..

Normally, if someone regretted cheating... they'd cry about it, right? Kurt knew it was a terrible thing to do... but the regret didn't really come. Some guilt, and self-anger, but no regrets. He... he loved doing that. It felt amazing, in every single way. In fact, he sort of wanted to go out there and finish Puck off, and maybe even go for another round. But he couldn't! He was with Chris. And sure, Chris was kind of a dick, but he was still technically Kurt's boyfriend. And Kurt cheated. Memories of only minutes ago flooded his head in an unconscious effort to make he want to go back out, and he knew if he stayed there right now it would only continue.

Forcing himself back on his feet, he washed his face, fixed his clothes and hair, and stepped out. "I... I've got to do some thinking. Please don't leave while I'm gone, okay? I'll be back soon." he called this out without really looking at Puck, and left the apartment. His body was moving on its own, and he ended up in the small bar the musical cast sometimes went to after work. Finding a seat at the bar, he ordered a Shirley Temple and fished in his jeans for his wallet.

When the door opened Noah perked up and sat up on the couch, opening his mouth to speak to Kurt but before he could even get a word out the pale man had rushed out of the house telling him that he had to leave and Noah wasn't allowed to leave and he felt... sick. Sitting back against the couch Noah breathed out and rubbed his head, deciding that he was going to take a long shower to clear his head.

Some of the cast was at the bar but only one person noticed when Kurt walked in. Chris, he had been there for a long time, brooding... pissed off and horny and now Kurt was here and a grin slid onto his face as he moved over to the bar beside his boyfriend, sliding money to pay for his drink while his other arm slid around the man's waist. "Hey. You're back. I missed you, babe..." Chris said quietly, leaning over to kiss the side of Kurt's warm neck.

Kurt practically jumped off the bar stool in surprise when Chris slid an arm around him. He hadn't expected the man to be out still, let alone in a good mood. But Chris did always seem to cool down from fights quickly. "Chris, hey... I wanted... to say I'm sorry. I forgot P...Noah was staying over, we should've gone back to your place." Guilt was building up, and it felt like he swallowed a ten pound weight, sitting heavy in his stomach.

The bartender took the money the taller man gave him and set down Kurt's drink. The short brunette sipped it and smiled gently at Chris. To be truthful he was still a little mad about how the other had talked to Puck, but right now Kurt had done the worse thing... he was in no position to be mad.

Chris sipped from his bottle of beer and the loose way his shoulders sat and the easy smile on his face meant that he was pretty buzzed, happy buzzed enough to shrug and kiss Kurt's neck again, sliding his hand over the man's warm thigh. "We still got all night, babe..." Chris whispered and leaned up, pressing a little kiss to the curve of Kurt's ear. "I'm still kind of hard... don't think I can make it home... come on... lets go to the bathroom... we can just kiss or something.." He whispered, sliding his hand up to Kurt's hip where he squeezed tightly and smiled wide.

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