A/N: This is going to be a short story, like maybe 10 chapters, about basically where I left off in my other story 'Don't Ever Look Back' with the cute little adorable children that they all had. So, here it goes, I hope you guys like it! Oh, and yes, I did name this after that one movie 'Life As We Know It' the one with Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigl because I just finished watching it before writing this chapter and I have no creativity whatsoever when it comes to names or titles. xoxo, Avril

P.S. This chapter is for Maddie and Lauren, I love you guys so much!

Chapter One: The Babysitters

"Daddy! Look, look! Don't we look like princesses?" Rachel asked and tugged on Damon's pants to make him turn around and look over at her and Santana who were all dressed up

"You both look like the most beautiful little princesses I have ever seen" Damon smiled and leaned over to kiss them both on the forehead "You girls know where Mommy is?"

"She's upstairs" Santana said "She's talking to Aunt Caroline on the phone"

"…That's usually never good" Damon sighed "Play nice for a minute girls, and stay inside" Damon said before he walked off upstairs to go find Elena

Damon walked upstairs and found Elena in Rachel and Santana's room making their beds and talking to Caroline on the phone at the same time; Damon wondered sometimes how Elena could multi-task all the time, but he figured it must be a girl thing since Caroline, Bonnie, and Jenna can all multi-task really well too. But when Elena noticed Damon in the room, she wrapped up her phone call with Damon and looked over at him.

"We're going out tonight" Elena said

It wasn't a question, but more like a statement.

"…You just decided that we are going out tonight?" Damon asked

"Yep. With Stefan and Caroline"

"Great, double date" Damon said and rolled his eyes

"Come on Damon, it'll be fun- Wait…where did you leave Santana and Rachel?" Elena asked noticing they weren't following Damon around

"…Kitchen, why?" Damon asked curiously

"You left them in the kitchen? Great" Elena sighed and walked past Damon out of the girls room and Damon followed her confused for a minute, but realized what she was talking about when they reached the kitchen and saw a very guilty Rachel and Santana eating way too many cookies.

"…I wasn't supposed to leave them in the kitchen, was I?" Damon asked Elena

"Nope" Elena sighed

"Let me see if I got all of this," Damon sighed and stood outside the bathroom door where Elena was getting ready "Stefan and Caroline and bringing Brittany and Luna over here and while we're out we're having two babysitters we have never met before coming here to watch them"

"Damon, you've met them before" Elena sighed

"…When was that?" Damon asked confused

"At the Founder's Day party last year" Elena said "You remember, Caroline's nieces?"

"Oh, right" Damon said "…I'm surprised we don't have like 10 babysitters coming to watch them"

"Damon, it's getting close to their bedtime anyway, I bet everything will go smoothly. All they have to do is put them to bed and that's it. What could go wrong?" Elena asked noticing that Damon was getting worried now

"You know, maybe we shouldn't go now. I mean, what if-"

"Damon, you're worrying way too much" Elena said and walked out of the bathroom and over to Damon now "Everything will be fine. Okay?"

"…Okay" Damon sighed

"I know you are overly protective with our little girls, but it's just one night." Elena said

"You remember five years ago. Remember all the crap that used to happen in just one night. What about when Katherine came back in town? Or when all those werewolves-"

"Damon, that was five years ago. Katherine is running off somewhere far away from here, the only werewolf left in Mystic Falls is Tyler and he locks himself up on full moons" Elena said "We have nothing to worry about anymore, all we have to worry about is you letting Rachel and Santana date when they get older"

"Which is not going to happen" Damon said

"And why is that?" Elena asked

"Because, every guy thinks exactly like me, and that's not a good thing" Damon sighed

Elena just smiled and kissed Damon on the cheek. "You worry too much" Elena said

"Says the woman who used to worry enough for the entire state of Virginia" Damon said with a smirk "What happened to the overly worried Elena Gilbert anyway?"

"She disappeared and turned into the less worried Elena Salvatore" Elena smiled and kissed Damon and suddenly they heard someone knocking on the door downstairs "That's probably Stefan and Caroline, go get it" Elena said and walked back into the bathroom and Damon walked out of the room and downstairs

And of course, it was Stefan and Caroline with their two little girls who were anything but tired and practically ran into the house when Damon opened the door and they went to go find Rachel and Santana who were up in their room watching a movie.

"Something tells me their not tired" Damon said

"You'd be right" Caroline sighed "Somone, let them have chocolate before we left the house" Caroline said and glared at Stefan before she walked in and Stefan walked in behind her and looked like a puppy that just got yelled at

"Aw, now don't you two look like the picture perfect couple" Damon said with a smirk

"I don't need your sarcasm tonight Damon" Caroline glared at him before marching upstairs to go find Elena

"Well, she's going to be a ray of sunshine tonight" Damon said

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but Damon, I'm giving you full permission to get her wasted tonight" Stefan sighed

"I'll start as soon as we get her through the door of the restaurant" Damon said and a someone knocked on the door again and Damon answered it "And you must be the babysitters-"

"Lauren and Maddie" One of them finished his sentence and walked into the house

"Right, you're Caroline's-"

"Nieces" The other finished with a smile on her face and walked into the house too

"…Okay…if we're all done playing Finish Damon's Sentence's now, the-"

"Girls are upstairs watching a movie in their room, their bedtime is at 8" Elena said and walked down the stairs to meet them

"…Is everyone going to be finishing my sentences-"

"All night?" Stefan asked with a smirk on his face

"Okay, now you're just doing that to-"

"Piss you off?" Stefan asked again, still with a smirk on his face

"…Okay, let's go before I have to kill Stefan" Damon said and walked over to Elena

"Please. Feel free to kill him" Caroline said and stormed past Stefan and out the door

"Never mind, let's go before Caroline kills him" Damon sighed and saw Stefan walk out the front door after Caroline "You finish telling them everything, I gotta go before they kill each other" Damon sighed and looked over to the girls "Good luck" Damon said and kissed them both on the cheek before walking out of the house and having to break up the budding fight between Caroline and Stefan

"Do you think they're okay?" Damon asked Elena while they were having desert at the restaurant

"I'm sure Rachel and-"

"No, I meant the babysitters, Lauren and Maddie" Damon said

"…Why are we worrying about the babysitters?" Elena asked confused

"Because you know how the girls get when their all together…and hyper" Damon said

"I'm sure the girls are fine and that Lauren and Maddie are fine. They probably crashed by now anyway and their probably safe and sound in their beds asleep with Luna and Brittany" Elena smiled

"…If you say so. But I bet it'll be the babysitters in bed passed out by the time we get there" Damon said

"Well…the house is still standing, that's a good thing" Damon said as they walked into the house and started looking around for signs of life in here "Everything's still in place and no one is passed out on the floor…"

"I told you that you were over reacting" Elena said

"My question is, where are they?" Stefan asked walking into the house behind them and Caroline was left in the car passed out from drinking too much

"Let's check upstairs" Elena said and they all walked upstairs and into the girls room hoping to find the babysitters and the girls

"Daddy!" Brittany said and bolted out of the girls room and ran up to Stefan and grabbed onto his leg like her life depended on it and she had a huge smile on her face, she didn't look tired at all

"Sweetie, where's your sister?" Stefan asked

"Shh!" Brittany said "She's putting Maddie and Lauren to sleep with Rachel and Santana" Brittany whispered

Damon, Elena, and Stefan walked into the room now and saw the three little girls tucking a passed out Lauren and Maddie into bed. They looked like they had a rough night with the girls.

"Told you" Damon said to Elena with a smirk

"I'll get them home" Stefan said

"I'll help" Damon said and went over and picked up the sleeping Maddie and Lauren with Stefan

"What did you girls do to them?" Elena asked them while Damon and Stefan carried the baby sitters out of the room

"We played all night" Luna smiled

"We played dress-up" Rachel smiled

"And had a tea party" Santana added

"…That would explain why they were wearing tiara's" Elena sighed "Why aren't you all in bed, it's way past your bedtime"

"Because we weren't sleepy" Brittany smiled

"Well, it's bedtime" Elena said "Rachel, Santana, it's time to go to bed; Luna and Brittany, you're getting in the car with your Mommy and waiting for your Daddy to come back, okay?"

"Okay" They all sighed