If you have found this book lying around somewhere, know that this collection is not for your eyes. Do not read it.

To everyone else:

My name is Nico Di Angelo. I am a child of Hades, and as such I am alone. The ghosts speak to me and tell me their secrets, and I learn many important things, but they are things that other mortals are not meant to hear. Those who walk only in the land of the living cannot bear to hear the whispering of the dead.

Nonetheless, it is important that the stories of people long dead not be forgotten, and so I write this book, a collection of the memories of dead heroes. Hopefully my future brothers and sisters will read this and these great people will be remembered.

~Nico Di Angelo

Author's Note: just so you know what to expect, this story will be a series of one-shots. Each chapter will be from the POV of a different (dead) character. I hope you all enjoy!