Author's Note: SPOILERS for 3.11. Just an extension to 3.11, The Sorcerer's Shadow. This is a scene between the tournament and the final scenes.

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The Sorcerer's Shadow, Extended. – by AudiRox

Her duties had kept her from attending the tournament but her thoughts were on Arthur, hoping and praying that he would be safe. "Please come safely back to me Arthur," she thinks to herself as she sweeps Morgana's chambers. She had been hearing whispers around the castle about how Arthur was faring, but her duties had been so much that she hadn't the time to ask around. In fact, she was relieved she was busy because it would've killed her to witness even the slightest blow to Arthur's mortal body.

Thoughts of their last exchange makes her smile. Just before the tournament was to commence, she had snuck out to give him her most valued piece of cloth, as a token of luck and... love. As silly as it would seem, she had hoped it would keep him safe. She wished it.

She blushes as she thinks about the kiss they shared as he took the piece of cloth in his hand. It reminded her of their first kiss, almost paralleling what had happened almost three years ago.

Thoughts of Arthur are interrupted as Morgana storms into her chambers.

Gwen is startled to see Morgana so soon, with so much anger in her demeanor. "Milady!" she says with curiosity.

Initially, she wasn't aware that her servant was in her chambers, but as soon as she sees Gwen, Morgana forces a faint smile. "Gwen."

Gwen now knows her well enough not to trust her smiles. "Is everything alright?"

With no attempt to sound convincing, Morgana responds, "Yes, why wouldn't it be?" She starts to pace.

Gwen knows there's more, she panics a bit wondering if it had something to do with Arthur. "It's just that, you seem troubled..."

"I'm not. I haven't a clue what you're talking about."

Gwen nods.

"Leave me, Gwen. That'll be all." Morgana says with coldness.

Gwen looks around the chambers to see all the chores she had yet to do, but she nods and exits the chambers.

With a broom still in her hand, she closes the door behind her and sighs.

A thought suddenly fades into her mind, "Where's Arthur?" With these words, she drops the broom on the floor, hurries down the hallway and in the direction of Arthur's chambers.

She knocks on the massive doors.

"Come in." she hears.

"He sounds alive and well," she thinks as she sighs. She looks around to make sure no one is around and enters his chambers.

Still in his chainmail, Arthur is pleasantly surprised to see her, his lady. "Guinevere."

Gwen stays close to the doorway, and so Arthur has to walk up to her. As he does, he removes the violet piece of cloth from his arm and holds it delicately in his hands.

"Here you go." He says as he hands it to her. "Safe and sound."

Gwen takes the piece of cloth and holds it close to her chest. "Good, I am glad."

They share a moment of silence as they smile at each other.

Gwen knows that this cannot last as it's too risky to be in his chambers after the events that had occurred a couple of weeks ago.

"I should go, Arthur," she says as she pulls the door handle.

Arthur nods with a smile.

Scene fades on Gwen as she smiles back just before she closes the door.

The End.

End Notes: Scenes with Gwen were sorely lacking on 3.11 and we all needed a scene to make us happy again. So here it is.

Just a speculator and/or dreamer of how I'd like storylines to play out. Please let me know what you think. Thank you for reading.