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Chapter 1 - Capture

Sakrua Haruno

My feet thudded against each branch as I darted through the trees, bobbing and weaving in an uneven pattern. I gasped as a thick patch of black strings came from behind. I flipped backwards, watching as they crashed into the trunk of thick tree. They slithered out of their holes easily and shot back towards me. I could feels their tips brushed my ankles as I jumped to a higher branch, and yanked my feet from their reach.

The strands shot up from below and looped back downwards, coming straight at me from all angles. I lifted my foot and filled it with chakra before slamming it onto the thick branch beneath me. I fell down as the branch snapped like a twig beneath my strength, and the strands pierced the spot I used to stand like tiny little arrows.

I leapt to another tree once I landed on a branch below, and there was an almost blinding flash of silver as a three bladed scythe drilled through the air. I saw a few pieces of my pink locks go air born as the scythe barely scraped my hair as I dodged backwards. I could hear a string of curses from from one of my attackers as his scythe was bedded into the bark of the tree.

Jumping once more, I did a sharp twist in mid air as the string came back once more, curving through the air at my tiring figure. Some of the closer pieces tore through the side of my shirt and sank into my skin like a hot knife through butter. Once I landed I pushed a small dose of my chakra to the wound, and felt my side begin to mend and halt the blood rushing to be free.

I wildly went through different options, most being cancelled out as I kept moving to dodge my attackers and stay balanced on each branch. A hiss escaped me as the scythe once again swooped in for an attack, and I twisted my arm sharply. The scythe once again hit a tree, but with my arm trapped between two of its three blades. The blades had enough space between the tips for my arm to have enough room to move. I slipped my arm out quickly and bounded forward.

My body arched slightly, just enough to let another waves of the strings miss me by a hair, and I landed close enough to my attackers to see their faces. Both of them had discarded the black cloaks with red clouds that I had gotten a glimpse of them wearing before the battle had began. One had dark skin and odd colored eyes, pupilless with the whites of his eyes stained blood red and the middle electric green. The strings he was attacking me with were seeping from open stitches on his skin, and they seemed to be almost everywhere on his body.

The other only wore ninja pants, his extremely pale upper body exposed. A silver pendant was clutched in his hand, and his expression was that of pure anger and annoyance. His dark purple eyes stared as I leapt out of the trees, and his silver hair was untouched by the wind as it was thickly slicked back.

My foot just touched ground when the dark skinned man sent a sea of his strands towards me, and I pushed some chakra into my feet and pounced into the air. The strings curved just before they hit the ground, and followed my movements at an angle. I twisted, and it followed. Frustration built inside me, and I laced my fist with chakra as I dived towards the ground.

The tips brushed my arms, but stopped when I connected with the earth, fist first. The ground exploded around me and shook in violent tremors as my power unearthed the soil around us. A cloud of dust from the broken up ground halted the strings, for their master couldn't see where to direct them. I weaved through the dust and flew through the cloud at my attackers. As soon as I was in sight I could hear the strings flying after me.

I drew back my fist and flung it forward when I got closer. The dark haired man pulled back, dodging my fist, but didn't see the core of my plans. My feet landed on his shoulders, and I pushed off them as I flung myself at his pale companion. His purple eyes widened, before his scythe went flying through the air. I twisted, and felt the tips cut through my shorts but nothing more, and snapped out my leg.

His head clicked as my foot connected with his head, and a loud curse spilled from his lips. My other foot came down on his forehead, and I pushed myself away with that. My eyes widened as his arm snapped up, and his fingers slid over the surface of my ankle. I jerked when the clamped close, and he pulled back as his other hand wrapped around his first. He spun me around and released.

My back exploded with pain as I smashed through two thick trees, splinters flying around me and bedding themselves into my skin. I hit a third tree and it dented at the force of my impact. Copper came up from my throat, and I cough. Crimson dribbled down my chin, and I raised my head defiantly.

I rubbed my gloved hand to my chin and wiped the blood away. A small bit pooled at the corner of my mouth, and I licked it away. Copped laced my taste buds, and I resisted the urge to cough once more.

"God damn it! Why don't you just stay down?" The pale one of my two attackers growled when I darted out of the broken tree line.

The string swooped almost lazily towards me, and I knew he was slowing down because I was loosing. We all knew it, but I was determined to go out with a fight. I rolled forward, and they scraped against my shoulder in my attempt. I hissed in pain, and drew some chakra to my wound. It glimmered green, and my attackers stared at the faint glow curiously in a pause, and looked almost slightly surprised to see the wound gone when it subsided.

'I shouldn't have done that,' I thought to myself as another round of black thread rocketed my way in a sea of black, 'I need to save some chakra incase I manage to get close to them again.'

My thought pattern died away quickly as I swerved around to dodge once more, but was instantly alerted of the two terrors coming at me at once. Both the scythe and the thread were cutting through the air, and I had no time to think of a proper dodge before they came upon me. I threw my self forward, and heard the scythe hit the dirt and I almost thought that I had evaded the string as well.


Something slid around each of my arms, flexing like stirred waters, before wrapping completely around and pulling. I gasped as several more came around. Several slid around my ankles and knees, while a thick patch curved around my middle. A single thread, yet very intimidating and very threatening slithered around my throat and coiled around it a couple of times. The tip pressed into my jugular like a knife, and the thread suddenly reminded me of a furious cobra.

The strings pulled me over to my attackers, suspending me in the air upside down. I glared weakly at the both of them as blood rushed to my head, angry at the smirk curving the lips of the pale one.

The dark skinned one leaned forward, our eyes only inches away from one another. Our gazes flashed, mine full of hatred, while his looked infuriatingly bored. He drew back his arm, and his fist swung around to the back of my head. My eye sight blurred, and I felt myself fall into darkness. The last thing I saw was a red cloud surround by black when my attacker, now my kidnapper, tossed me over his shoulder.

I woke on a rotten cot in what looked like to be a very cheap hotel. The whole room was falling apart. The bed sheets were ripped and stained, the window had a thick layer of tape covering the spots where it was broken, the carpet was a disgusting shade of brown that it had obviously had not been colored originally, and the walls and ceiling were chipped.

My body tingled with icy pain as I moved into a sitting position, and something rubbed bitingly against my wrists. I looked down and saw a shimmering pair of cuffs around my wrists. Frowning, I attempted to push some chakra into my fists and break them apart. Anger flashed through me when I could only pull a tiny, useless flake of chakra from what I knew was a vast amount.

Warm air blew past my ear, and a deep voice said, "It's useless to try."

I stumbled off the bed, and spun around quickly. The pale kidnapper smirked at me from his kneeling position on the other side of the bed, and tapped his throat tauntingly.

Confused, I raised both hands to my throat. A leather choker collar was attached to my throat, and when I gave it the slightest tug a jolt of cold electricity shot into my fingers and zapped my bones. I pulled away with a gasp, and flexed my fingers in an attempt to get the feeling back into them.

The man threw his head back and laughed, "Nice try, bitch! But that little piece of jewelry is courtesy of the Akatsuki. This fucking thing makes it so you can only use about this much," He made a small gesture with his thumb and pointer finger, keeping them apart only a couple of inches, "chakra. It'll only come off if one of us say so, and I wouldn't fucking even dream of it coming off any damn time soon!"

My heart tried to escape up my throat, and I swallowed. Akatsuki. I was kidnapped by Akatsuki. There wasn't much information on these guys except the top secret stuff one could only access with a very high social status. I was the Hokage's trusted apprentice, and of course I had to handle her documents when she was to drunk to even speak coherently. The Akatsuki was an organization slowly building a horrible reputation through out the ninja lands, whispers of their killings held in top secret files.

I spun towards the cracked and dirtied full length mirror, and examined the collar. It was black, and was not as big as my neck. Both ends came around, and in the front they were chained by one link to a medium sized piece of metal in the same shape and color as the clouds that was sewn onto my two kidnappers cloaks. The flat little piece of metal was oddly cold against my neck, and never changed temperature even though the blood underneath my skin should have warmed it by now.

The door to the hotel room suddenly opened, and the dark skinned kidnapper slid in and kicked the door shut with a forceful kick. He had a bag slung over his shoulder, and it was bulging almost all over. The pale one watched him distastefully, even as the man dumped the bag open on the bed and piles of money pooled out.

The man's oddly colored red and green eyes had a very satisfied glint in them as he looked over the money, almost as if it was the only thing that brought him joy.

Angry at being ignored and without answers, I bursted out, "Who the hell are you two?"

They both looked up at me, and the pale one twirled a stray kunai in his hands, I recognized it from my own set of weapons Tsunade had given me as a birthday present, "Like I said, bitch, we're Akatsuki."

I sneered, "That's not either of your names, and stop calling me that!"

There was a short movement, and suddenly there was a pointed black thread pressing into my throat. My eyes trailed up it, and found it had slithered out of the dark skinned man's cloak.

"Know your place, woman," He said in a husky tone, "And keep quiet. I'm counting." The thread retreated from my throat and retreated up his sleeve, and the man sat on the edge of the bed before rifling through his money. I thought I saw some speckles of crimson on the surface of the currency, and I didn't want to know how he had come to obtain this money.

The pale man murmured something darkly, and I could barely catch the words, "money grubbing" and "bastard". The dark skinned one narrowed his eyes at the other, and said in a tone that screamed annoyed, "Shut up."

"Make me, stitch face!" The pale one instantly shouted back, and I had the feeling this was part of their regular routine.

I frowned at the pair as an argument settled into the air, and glanced towards the door. From what I saw, he didn't lock when he had come in and there was no distinct click when the door shut. I inched around the bed slowly, staring intently as the two as their voices raised violently. Once I came to a point, I spun on my heel and bolted. There was a noise of surprise from the pale one when he saw my sudden movement.

Thread shot at me as I opened the door, and I threw myself into the hallway. I heard the thread crash into the door, and wood splinters flew around me as I darted down the hallway. My mind panicked at the thought that I might've come to a dead end, but I found the stairs and lunged for the railing as a very familiar scythe made a loud 'THUD' as it hit the thin wall where my head would've been. An even more familiar voice cursed up a storm down the hallway.

I was halfway down the stairs when a thread wrapped around my ankle and tugged. I gasped as I tripped forward, and the last thing I felt was a great pain blooming in my forehead at the impact of hitting the edge of a stair face first.

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