Flames licked his skin but didn't burn it… yet. Golden eyes looked around him, the inferno of Touda's fire and the columns of smoke, made it difficult to see at a distance. He noticed the two shinigamis but ignored them for now. They weren't the ones he was here for.

He started walking and almost tripped over a body. He smirked when he saw the stab wound, deadly if not treated soon.

"Really" he gave a mock sigh "you still have much to learn Muraki." He glanced at the shinigamis "I have to thank you though. If not for your interference the game could have been noticed before time." His unnatural colored eyes travelled to the doctor's face. He shook his head "I suppose it wouldn't do to let you die now, would it?" He carefully lifted the injured man.

"You would be such a great Noah host…" the 14th whispered.

The ark's gate opened beside him and he walked to it, stopping to glance at the shinigamis, satisfied when he saw them being covered by a shadow. "We shall see each other soon~" he entered the ark, leaving the inferno behind him, still carrying Muraki's still form.


Hisoka stared bored at his much older partner. Tsuzuki was having fun saying the name of each desert that was on the desk… which was still a lot. The violet eyed man was ready to eat the delicious sweets (according to him anyway) when Watari's voice broke through the silence "Tsuzuki-san, boy! The chief's calling you!"

Tsuzuki groaned. "You really should have been expecting that." Commented the youngest of the pair as they walked to their chief's office.

When they entered they saw Tatsumi, Watari, the chief and the Gushoshin already sitting.

"So what is it?"

Gushoshin junior received a nod and answered "Well, Tsuzuki-san, Hisoka-san, there have been weird murders… and souls suddenly disappearing from Meifu itself."

The pair stared at the bird as if it grew another head.

"It's true. And murders in which there's only dust from the victim!" the elder said

"Don't tell me…" Tsuzuki already knew where it was heading.

"It's your area." The secretary pointed out.

"Is it a demon?" Hisoka questioned.

Watari sighed "It's probable, boya."

"These are some of the pictures taken…" Gushoshin senior put one of the pictures for all to see.

"This is all that's left from one of the victims." Continued the junior. They could only see clothes, jewelry and ashes.

They looked as more pictures appeared, always the clothes and ashes.

"And souls… disappear… with the body?"

Gushoshin senior shook his head "No, they disappear but not the ones in the victims."

The junior piped up "And every time we tried to speak with the victims souls, they can't answer us because they don't know what happened too."

Tatsumi looked at the pair "The only lead we have is that it has a human form but changes suddenly into something."

"There's not very much to go by…" muttered Hisoka.

"That's why you are going undercover with Tatsumi and Watari to one of the towns more affected by this." The chief looked at each of them, serious "The Gushoshin twins will be in contact with you, giving you all the information they can get. I want you to be on high alert. Understood?"

Everyone nodded and Tatsumi dismissed the meeting, ordering the rest to get ready for a long term mission.

The chief stayed in the room, some of the photographs in front of him. His face was thoughtful but it soon changed to a grim expression. 'It can't be…' he thought. He got up, the photos at hand.

He needed to be certain and for that, some visits would be required.

'It should be impossible.'


The figure watched the dark street below, humming a song. A smirk danced on his lips, the moonlight reflecting the white hair.

"I wonder if they noticed…" he muttered suddenly, a frown appearing on his face. He observed as a group of young men passed below him, rowdy and slightly drunk. His golden eyes absent mindedly watched their movements as he thought. 'I wonder when are they going to send him here.' He noted how one of the group went to an alley alone, complaining of something. The rest barely heard him, probably from the really high and off key song they were singing ('They should die just from butchering the song' he shook his head).

The 14th got up and followed the lonely one. Soon, he was getting out of the alley, going down the street, smirking when he heard the calls from the others who noticed their friend's disappearance.

He faintly heard a scream and a call for help as he started to hum again.

'The game's ready to start. When will the missing pieces make their appearance? I'm getting bored already.'

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